JankosIt is gave up this choice for rehabilitation.,Select directly to the middle road to catch a wave。

But I realized the crisis.rookie,Even the flashes are not paid,This wave is successfully avoided with a healthy blood volume.gank。
And when Zhao Xin rushed to his blueBUFFIn the wild,ngI have already brushed out his blueBUFF蟆。
Hereed,Two rhythms,Beginning。
InrookieGet Jess,Mid-circuit sword demon,The situation of this pair is naturally not to say more.。
5Minute time,Jester directly pressed the sword19Knife,This data,Even if he isrookie,At this time, it seems to be slightly exaggerated.。
http://www.sshack.cn 6minute,theshySeize the opportunity,Almost one wavewunderSwitz single kill。
But after Switz is handed over to the big trick,Energy is almost exhausted Akari,I have to give up the intention of the continued pursuit.。
after all,In small map,The sword demon has begun to go up.。
In fact, the original Akali and Switz,It’s all known to play.,The previous pair is very bad。
buttheshy,But hard to live in their personal ability,Petices,Penang pair。
even,Almost seize the opportunity,Way to line,Transition into an advantage。
This isIGThis year is so powerful and biggest support,Each road,Have a poor to become a balance,Ability to make balance。
7minute,rookieDirectly manipulate Jess’s set of swordsman,But because the distance is too far,SubsequentlyngThere is no chance to find chasing。
Sword magic back to the city,And this http://www.skinami.cn way,IGThe familiar rhythm of the two people in the city is coming again.。
Jess and the emperor directly invadedG2BlueBUFFwild area,Only the only Ino’s Zhao Xin naturally can’t grab it.。
Can only be remoteOBa bit,Look at your blueBUFFquiltIGBoat。
Tight followed,Laid down blueBUFFofIGNiko,Direct andbaonCome together to the middle。
then,They are the flash of the two people in the wild auxiliary.,Directly grab the sword magic in the middle。
Sole,The situation is directly inserted.IGRhythm。
certainly,G2Naturally, it cannot tolerate this happening.。But other roads,They have been hard to open the situation at this time.。
then,They turned their attention to9Minute,I haven’t buoyed several battles yet.,Don’t say the way to the head。
Lower line,Palace Qing Wen Lu Zi’an,Already came91Knife,And the opposition,Be72Knife。
http://www.0730cn.cn Xiville is in this disadvantage,I am reluctant to maintain the situation。Look,This is also what they can rest assured.ADCThe reason for the start of the player。
Don’t say anything else,This person is resistant to compressible capacity。
9Minute30second,Zhao Xin came to the road,Ready to startgank。
At this timeng,Already reached the location of the road。
In your owngankAfter the exposure,Zhao Xin’s operation suddenly became fierce。
baonOriginally wanted to throwQ,Blocking the footsteps of Zhao Xin chased。

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