Toned,Also,“If you want to kill you,It’s really easy.。But he didn’t move you.,Or say,Can’t really kill you,But once a time, I will force you to the desperate situation.,Thus getting the information he wants to know in you……That is,What is your father left for you?,These years,We are in your body with each other.,He has almost touched your father’s backhand.。This is the first reason。”

“Second reason,It is the continuous improvement of your strength.,It has already made the trend that the Jun is from him.……If you are not promoted to the Sheng,Maybe he will not deal with you so quickly.,But you are out of his expectation,Still promotion to holy……Therefore, it consumes his patience.,Promote him to make a decision。After all, you are showing talents and potential,If it continues to grow,It is definitely a great threat to him.。But!”
Dry clouds,Finally said the key points,“But before dealing with you,Need to take off your last card,That card is Liu Qingqing……It can also be said that Changan Li Jia。”
The expression on the summer face is curious and puzzled,Early ear listening。
“That year……”
Dry cloud’s look is quite complicated,God has also become deeply awkward,“The world is around you mother……Changan Li Jia once made strong……”
He smiles,Sway,“Not as simple as you think,In fact, it is very complicated inside.,As long as you understand,Changan Li Jia did not shoot for your mother.,Reverse,There is more helpful in secret。”
Toned,Also,“But look from the surface,Changan Li Jia did strong,At that time, there was no two,Even many people asked the old man to go to the guardian alliance,But Li’s father refused,Not only refused,Changan Li family is not from so hidden。”
He looked at the summer,Say,“Most importantly,The grandfather of Li and the last guards of the last guards are the exchange of eight worship.,Li Jia has so much meritorious,So get a token。”
“What token!”Summer can’t help but ask。
“It is some role that is similar to those who die.。”
Dry cloud,“This token can not only save,And you can make the guardian alliance do three things,As long as you don’t violate morality and fundamentals,Even if it is, it is not possible to violate it.。And these years,Li Jia has already used three token.,Now there is only one to save one。”
Summer looks more complicated。
He is not a stupid man。
Almost a moment, I understand the meaning of the dry cloud.。
“This is the purpose of Jun?”
Dry cloud,“You first destroy two major giants in Hong Kong,And it is seen by the Jun to see,Let him catch the handle,Now you have killed the deputy of the guardian alliance……The impact of these two things is too big.,Even if we know, it is his calculation.,But I can only look at it.,This is a positive。”
He deeply comfortably,“In public,The two major giants of Hong Kong were destroyed,It will definitely cause considerable impact,The Guardian Alliance has a reason for you。Private,You kill the deputy owner alpine,Both sides completely torn face,Jun Lin will not let you go……At the beginning, you killed seven hegemonic strong in the ninth mountain.,There is a sound in China,Don’t let you return home,Because your own threat is too big,This is also the way。”
“At that time he gone,If you dare to make trouble in China,Must not be in love,I want to come now.,This is the pavement for today.。”
Dry clouds directly,“If I guess a good thing,Jun Lin will soon find me,I will also inform Chang’an Li Jia,And Changan Li Jia will definitely take the token for you.。”
“But it is only the life of life.!Do you understand??”
Dry clouds look at the browful summer,“Say your life,But you will lose freedom,Whether Hong Kong City,Still alpine,The impact is too bad。”
He reached out a finger,“The current situation is,Mr. Lee will never let you send it.,Inevitably use token,Since then,There is no longer let the king can be a card.。Then you have only three options now.,First,Just like my little aunt,Your aunt,Jun to imprison,At that time you all,Nine 阳 荡 魔,The supreme ring will become his thing。”
He reached out the second finger,“Second,You go abroad,Back to your site,And the guardian is full of war,But I think this road has not passed.,From the moment you killed the mountain,He can’t let you leave easily.,So there is only the last road left。”
Extending the third finger head,“You a person and the entire guardian alliance officer,At the time,Regardless of the name or secret,No one will help you,Me,Changan Li Jia,Including your father left behind,Can’t shoot,Because the Jun is already firmly occupied and the truth,Once we shot,He can take all all everything to sweep everything.,But……Can we watch you kill you by him??Cannot。”
Dry clouds between the looks,“We will inevitably shoot,I am afraid that this is also what I want to see.……”
Not finished,Look cold,Drink,“Whoever!”
Summer is also looked at the door。
After the two left the old home,Neither go home,Nothing to go to Tiantian Headquarters。
Instead, I came to a tea building.,Have a box。
At this time, there is a unlucky footsteps.,Pounted at the door of the box。
With the sound,The box door is pushed open,Take one person。
Well-fit,Long hair of a black and white clamp,Face like a knife,Eyebrow sword,Ruo Rang,It’s full of majestic majesty.。

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