“it is good,it is good,it is good!”Tang Xi Shen looked at this north goddea look excited:“Lin Feng thank you!”

“Please be worshiped by http://www.dingchengsm.cn me.。”The knife king went up to Lin Fengquan,Lin Feng’s appearance not only let the two people come out from Tianlun.,I also applied for this task to the main hall of the Shentou Temple.,Then instead of the two people to complete this task。
Thoroughly get rid of the Tianlun Temple of the Sheeord Temple。
This is something that the two people don’t dare to imagine.,The excitement of the two people can think about it。
“Knife king,The ancestor said this.。”Lin Feng hurriedly blessed the two people:“I should congratulate two.,This is just starting.,The road is long,I will look for opportunities to wash your grievances.,This is completely getting rid of!”
This is a Tang Dynasty and the knife king.,The level involved in this thing is probably higher,In particular, Tang’s case。
If it is for the two,This is http://www.zgcydh.cn not a heart to play some faces of the Arctic Temple.,These people are probably united to deal with Lin Feng,Lin Feng’s situation is probably a critical。
This is not the two people want to see.。
Less things can be less,Everything is the matter of Lin Feng。
“You can rest assured,I will not act。”Lin Feng looked at the two people:“Afterwards,I see how the temple handles this thing.,Humph,The prison of these years,Who will take this responsibility?!”
“Hey,Really don’t have to be,My case is probably letting the emperor take some,He is the owner of the temple。”Knife king sighs。
“do not worry,I am talking about the owner of the Temple.。”Lin Feng looked at the knife:“The temple must make huge compensation for both the old age.!”
“Maple,I have this heart, I will be content.。”Tang Xiu looks at Lin Feng Road:“Past things in the past,remember,Hey,We are very happy to come to this step.,Your three sings brothers personally go to the family.,The ranking of the family now gradually rise in the milay。”
“The family will rise in your hand.!”King looked at Lin Feng smile:“Nowadays have a signs of Daxing。”
“Not prosperous,Is slowly strengthen,stronger,Until deterrence!”Lin Feng said with a smile:“Let the people become the aristocrats of all days!”
“it is good,it is good!”
Tang Diwu and the knife king’s eyes have exposed a strong color,This is afraid of the gods,Also to help Lin Feng,This is the hope of the family.。
Now Lin Feng,Tang Dik,The knife king three people go,Next to the temple of the Arctic Temple,A village is coming out,The top construction of the country is extremely beautiful,Scenery,pleasant weather。
Several highly beautiful women walk in the country trail。
These women are T6 Yao Yao,Sichuan Luo Sakuo,Willows,Oriental,Night Qingfang five women,Among them, Dongfang is tall with big belly.,Standing next to Lin Yu,Lin Ting’s two brothers did not,Lin Yu is a tour guide with a female tour.。
It turned out that Lin Yu and the land gods went back from the black hole.,Just directly receive a girl.,Lin Feng’s family is completely relocated from the lower bound.,Including all older people,Beninde,Zu Qinglong,Black and white hand。
They also want to take a look at the legendary gods,Lin Feng’s parents and other relatives also came up.。
“Small feather,Your big brother??”Tang Yinyao can’t help but ask。
“Mother,My big brother is going to practice.,Hey-hey,Come to the above pressure。”Lin Yu smiled and said:“Do not worry。”
“Hey,Your big brother is really。”Tang Yao sigh。
“Young people must have exercise,It is estimated that he heard that he is the main hall of the temple.,So I have worked hard.,Give him the pressure too big.。”Sichuan Luo Sakura laughed。
“Too。”Dongfang Yinnan also nodded:“correct,Small feather,The ground god should receive you,Why do you not do?”
“Yes,He is the old man in the fire,It is also your father.。”Tang Yao Yaoqi took a silkwright:“This is a good opportunity。”
“Don’t want to make a teacher,I am talking to him, I am talking about each other.。”Lin Yu lazy:“I still want to go to the three Master.,Hey,You see that they are now in the gods.。”
“you dare!”
Sichuan Luo Sakuo is white, Lin Yu, one eye:“The old man is really good at the temple.。”
“Yes,Mother!”Lin Yu laughs:“mother,Take you with you at night,A home of the temple,It is my red confidant.。”
Talking between Lin Yu’s arm with Saw Island Luo Sakura。
“elder brother,You said that。”Lin Ting looked at Lin Yu。
“Stinky boy,Itchy,You can’t open your joke.,so rude。”Sichuan Luo Yaku is holding Lin Yu’s eard。

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