God,Don’t you engage in me?!I am not easy to adapt to no mobile phone.,No network day。I haven’t made money to build a big house for my grandparents.!

I am reluctant to tiger and big brothers.,There is also a mother,Grandmother。Also reluctant to take the mountain behind the house,Also worst the grass in front of the house,I am watering it every morning.,Although it is just a wild grass
I don’t know if I am gone, my mother will miss me.,Will someone still remember me?,Will there be no one else to enjoy the good family
Say,I am also a counterfeit goods.,Occupied people’s body
Niu Niu’s heart is full of sadness waiting to be completely fainted
what!Why is it yet?!Niu Niu slowly swallowed his eyes,Nothing at all?My family’s broken roof??
This is not true!Is this also crossing??Isn’t there no signs??
Niu Niu quickly closed his eyes,I feel that I have a look.。Ideological struggle for a long time,Only quietly, I opened an eye.,Observe the surrounding environment。
Still nothing!Ate!
I have a disease.,Don’t be so worried!Directly!Don’t I see my grandmother??I still have a good year, I didn’t spend.!
There is no reaction to lying on the ground for a long time.,One posture is lying for a little uncomfortable,Niu Niu intends to turn over,I hit a big stone with a head.。
my God!Is this painful?!Niu Niu quickly rub his forehead with his hand,It hurts!I have been bullied in this way.!Be too wronged!
Niu Niu, a squid, sitting straight,Staring at the big stone in front of you,The heart keeps curse
This big stone is not rule,There is a place in the center.,There is a small Wang Qingquan。From the end of the spring, take one or two small bubbles from time to time.,Looking at it, I want to think about it.。
Niu Niu stared at this Qingquan into God
“Aunt,Did you get a good night??”
Before dawn,Tihu fails to wait to ran to Niu Niu’s room,Sucking on the side。
Because of care nuisance,The relatively late Waiting is not very late.,I found that she completely fate.,I dare to sleep at my heart.。This will come to the tiger to come over, I still feel some surprised.。
“Tiger,How did you start so early?!do not worry,Niu Niu is much better!”
“I want to go to school.,I have to get up so early in the future.。Niu Niu is good,I will play with her at night.!”
“Going to school so early.!Had breakfast?I will do it for you.,Don’t be hungry!”
Zhou is struggling to sit up from 炕,This time I should also get up at this time.,Today, it’s a breakfast.!
“My mother has made us,She also said that I don’t want to wake you.,I am worried about Niu Niu.,Steal!Aunt,Don’t tell me my mother.!Otherwise, I have to say me again.!”
“Know it!Then you have to eat.,Don’t mistaken the time to go to the school!”
“I know,I will leave.!Big Brother is still waiting for me?!”
Tiger, I want to see a girl,Helpless is too harder,Sleepy in the position。Just see a small bag,Tiger, afraid to wake her,Earnest!
Zhou looked at the tiger’s favorite,Hurry up and wear clothes,Run to the kitchen。
Big Mother is already busy with my family’s breakfast.,It’s another fire and it is。Because of the tiger, they are in a hurry,So they are made alone,Can take it on the road。
“How did you get up?,I think you can sleep more.!Niu Niu is better.,The child is sick and old torture.。”
“However, Niu Niu also obedient,I didn’t hear her alarm last night.。If http://www.zzplot.cn Tihu,It is estimated that the roof has to be opened by him.。”
The big mother looked up and saw Zhou Hao standing on the door.,Some surprises。
“I sweaty,I have a lot of things.,I was not hot yesterday.。Big,I will help you.!”
“Niu Niu!Children are sick and confused,Wake to wake up, I am sure to find someone。I am almost the same.,You go back to accompany her.,Solve her waiting,Just, you can also sleep again.。”
Zhou is standing at the door.,Hurried out。The big name is satisfied with her away.,Then the live busy board。
“Oy~~How come you come back again!No sound,Scared personal!”
“Niu Niu, I let the mother look at it.,Big,Let’s work together!Waiting for them, they will come back from the ground.,Waiting for a meal?!”
Zhou’s hand directly came to the hand of the big master,Looking at the big mother and not http://www.zbqqgjk.cn laughing,I can only let the position will give her one step.。
“I am very happy.!look at you,Unfinished!”
“Two people are faster together!”
Daurother is not as good as,妯娌 妯娌 妯娌 安 安 干 干 干。

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