A punch,That is like a hill。

Even afraid of it very far,Nearby tables, guests can feel the boxing face。
Surrounded by everyone,But it is really wrong。
I only see the number of people in summer.,His fist,But it was softly buckled in the palm of it.。
Summer two is shocked,Unconvident。
Summer is still steady, sitting there,The corner of the mouth hooked a smile,“What happened to Xia Xia?
Is the surname summer be so overbearing??”
Fall into the voice,Buckle the arm of the other party,Take the back,A shock。
Da da da。
Summer is less than。
Not waiting for him to stand firm,A flower。
Summer two less pupils。
I want to avoid flashing late.。
http://www.zzafbbs.cn Screaming。
His face came to the pasta,Has been tied to realize a loud big slash。
“You……You dare to hit me?”
Xia Er Shaoqi Daren I believe,Anger to the extreme,Big yelling in summer。
“How do you hit you?。”
Summer is in order to make trouble,Cold channel,“What are you doing in my eyes?!”
Another big slap,狠 甩 二。
Summer is less than the room for avoiding。
“you wanna die——Ah!”
However, Xia Qi has been stunned by anger.,I don’t realize the gap between them.。
Two-mentioned ear blood is cracked by the blood vessels of his face。
He is the young master of the second summer home,The entire Sansha City is full of existence,He once received this。
Ornament is him,Never dare to move him。
He roaring,Hurry,Single foot,Stigma,Five fingers,Handle。
Stick to the wrist,Summer neck。
Another crisp。
Unhappy,He was pulled out by a slap.,The shape is like a gyro,Heavy land。

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