He strive for a big step,When it is a punch。

“Hoot……”The air seems to be exploded.,Airflow high speed,Ambiguous。
Qian Ying is not placed in the eyes.。
He believes that the strength of his own Linghai,Even afraid of summer with arms,Can also break it。
Summer reactions have never been his expectation。
I also let the group of people who are peeking out。
He does not refund,There is no gear,Don’t hesitate to welcome it.。
In the face of Qian Ying, like a hammer-like iron boxing,He is not awkward,Of the same fist。
Hard to hard!“when!”
Two fists hit in the air,First, I have passed a golden iron.,Like a thunder, it is very deafening。
Many of the military drums in the door,Brief deaf。
Next moment。
They heard a very scream,“what……”I saw Qian Yingzhi as a rocky arm,Suddenly became a soft wood——Whole arm inch。
The flesh on the arm is a meat mud that is sticky.,All over,http://www.uc-mall.cnBone anti-joint inside is broken。
He is half-air。
Unequal,Summer is like ghosts,,Lightning, the left leg。
Backhand!Qian Ying was danced by big windmills,Just like a scarecrow,Summer is in the sky。
“……”one time。
Two down。
……Everyone in the door is shocked by everything happened in front of him.。
“Grab my money?
Laozi falls you!”
In the rumble,In the shock of the ground,Summer is like a wild beast,The bite is cut, and Qian Ying is constantly being smashed.。
Everyone is stood in the same place,Changed a sculpture。
When the summer is parked,He put his leg and fell to Qian Ying in your hand.,How many roots don’t know if the bones on your body?。
His upper body is soft on the ground,That touched the head http://www.lyrxjf.cn in a hard ore ground,A large piece has been depressed。
Flesh and blood,The whole body can’t stand convulsions,Looking at the way。
People who look at the door are full of stupid people.。
To know,Qian Ying is a strong in the late late stage.,A punch is interrupted,It’s even more than being killed.。
Be wrong.。
The early days of this young man,All have been cheated。

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