Not exaggerated,Information about the big family in Suzhou, Suzhou,Those top people trend,Even if they have said something,If the Thunder is willing,Can be easily known。

Yesterday morning,Summer makes the Thunder to investigate the trend of Bai Shasha。
Her one moves,All in the control。
White Shasha has been engaged from Goldao Rong,I rarely return to the door。
Most of the cases,Both Jin You Rongcheng double into the various occasions。
And White Salsa uses Jino Rong’s resources,A company has also established in Su Hang。
Beautiful name, what is going to start a business。
but in fact,She rarely go to the company。
Even if you don’t be together,Will also contact the lady in Suhang Shangfu circle to eat and drink together,Can be described as a fairy day。
Summer came to Su Hang,Got the first hand。
At this moment, Bai Shasha is the body’s girlfriend in a single grade.。
Summer is not anxious at all,Just waiting for the outside。
Near noon,I finally saw the figure of Bai Shasha.。
Her body is tall,Wearing a fashionable woman,A beautiful face,No matter from temperament、figure、Still,Bai Salsa calculates a beautiful woman。
She talks with a woman who is worthy of temperament.,Finally, I took the respective car left this place.。
Soon I come to Suhang, a high-grade hotel。
Or until two o’clock in the afternoon,A group of talents leave the hotel,Also go to a private club。
Summer is not unauthorized,Because there is no need。
He only needs to stare at the White Shasha’s car.。
At 6 o’clock in the evening,White Shasha reopened。
This time,They finally separated。
Summer has been secretly followed by。
Finally, I came to one of the most famous rich people in Suhang.,Rose Park Villa Community。
All the way,White Shasha finally entered a villa in a geographical location。
Summer is also quietly sneaking into it。
When he is silent, he will go to the third floor.,I heard a room came to the rumor.。
Obvious,She seems to be bath。
Summer is not anxious,Just sit on the living room of the sofa,Pick up a magazine to look at it。
After an hour after a foot,With the footsteps,Summer is faint。
Sound,“Miss Miss,excuse me,Don’t be seen。”
White Salsa, who is soft and singing, was shocked,Some exclamation。
She didn’t find someone on the sofa at all.。
Fortunately, she is not ordinary people.,Forced pressure,“Who are you……Uh!”
Not finished,Stop。
Summer sitting on the sofa,Also slowly turning。
The eyes of the two meet in the air。

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