The so-called Tathagata,In Buddhism, it means awakening wisdom。

Tathagata’s eyes are deep,There seems to be cause and effect in the eyes,Look to the void。
“I don’t know if Venerable Fuhu can come back alive this time,Return to the Three Realms,Too much influence。。I can only improve my strength as much as possible。”
“Dao Men’s Background,Also higher than our Buddhism,My strength is also much weaker than Sanqing。”
“If you can find some ways or treasures to improve your strength in the chaos,Not just to deal with the return of Wujianmen,My Buddhism will also be stronger。”
Fireworks World。
The Suiren clan is preaching to countless people。
Compared to Taoism and Buddhism,He advances and retreats more freely。
Three human leaders,Even the leaders of Taoism and Buddhism,It also broke through after being reincarnated as a human。
Terran,Is truly worthy of the first force in the Three Realms。
Unparalleled stability。
Chaos Demon?The four leaders of Chaos Gods and Demons today,All reincarnated,The rest is a group of old guys who can’t keep up with the times。
Yaozu?Yaozu doesn’t even have a leader,Relying on the top Daozu to linger。
but,His desire for some secrets in the chaos is not low。
“Zhuan Xu,His detection and life-saving are very strong,Plus the treasure I gave him,Should be able to come back alive。”
“unfortunately,Infinite return,Reincarnation of Senior Candle Dragon,Conflict broke out with Wujianmen,I still have to sit in the Three Realms。”
“in case,Senior Candle Dragon,Like Fuxi back then, we were drawn into my human race,If you are in the Three Realms,I can travel the chaos freely。”A trace of desire flashed in Suiren’s eyes。
Inside the door,The Lord of Wind Demon opened his eyes。
He is cold and withdrawn,Don’t care about fighting for hegemony,But the ancestor demon of the heart was forced into heaven by Nuwa,He can only shoulder the responsibility of indefinitely。
“Hengmu guy,Wholeheartedly hope to fully integrate into the Three Realms。but,But not every practitioner has his charm。Although these three realms also have parts of our endless chaotic world,But the heavenly ways that my infernal practitioners realized back then are different from the heavenly ways of the Three Realms,Integration is not easy。”

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