“fool,You can find Yao Yao,Find a cold。”Belle Road。

“Shedy。”Lin Feng soft:“I miss you,Not wanting to be intimate with you,I miss you……”
“Flutter!”Bei Xueyin heard a smile:“Kidding,fool,This lady is now practicing,Strict interference,So you are free.。”
“Ok,I don’t delay the big lady.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Are you OK?Millennium Conference http://www.zgcydh.cn also has a fairy?”Bee Snowy。
“I am fine.,A helper dog。”Lin Feng said with a smile。
“husband,do not worry,I will work hard to protect you.。”Belle Road。
“I protect you,This life is the same.,Do not,Born world will stand on you。”Lin Feng Jingjing:“Because you are my wife。”
The phone is quiet,Caido Belle’s whispering sound。
“I am fine.,It’s too touched.,Did you recover??”Bei Xue Yin laughs。
“She has recovered some,Just in a fake state,Her soul is very weak,Need yourself practice,Slowly nourish,Strong soul,Maybe a certain day will wake up。”Lin Feng explained the things of Liu Hao.。
“That’s good,Finally, there is hope.。”Bei Xue Yin laughs:“You also take care of yourself.,I have to travel for a long time.。”
“fine。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Help me take care of your http://www.epkn.cn parents,And my brother。”Bechang。
“Still not worried about me??”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Your loved ones is my loved ones.。”
“husband,I want to ask you a question.。”Becue suddenly asked:“You have to answer my question carefully.。”
“Say。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“If I have a thing of the people a day,Will you forgive me??”Bechang, suddenly asked in a secluded。
NS652chapter Ten years
“Will not!”Lin Feng went to smile。
Bei Xueyin heard the silence,After a long time, I sighed.:“Ok,Thank you Lin Feng,You have given me too much.。”Because of the sigh of the sigh with a dessert and sad。
“Do you know why I won’t??”Lin Feng suddenly。
“Why?”I don’t know why I don’t know.,There are some cold chills.,Like the Arctic cold wind。
“fool,Because I am joking。”Lin Feng listened to the voice of Bei Xue Yin:“Wife,You http://www.kingwoody.cn listen to it.,I am born to guard you.,Even with this world,I am also willing,Because you are my wife,There is also trouble, don’t ask such an idiot,So stupid problem。”
“thanks……husband……”The phone came from the cry of Bechang and Yin.。
“Wife is back to me.,Are we together??”Lin Feng deeply breathed a soft tract:“I miss you,do not Cry。”
I heard the cry of Beckham,Lin Fengxin is like a knife,Uncompromising。
He wants to greet the old man fucking,Why is your own woman suffer such suffering?。
“I know……do not worry,I will take care of myself outside.,The family is working hard.,I allow you to find her woman,You can find。”Belle Road:“Don’t say that I am willing,Looking for a woman with money to help you,I have listed a list to give Yao Yao.。”

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