Shen Xuan couldn’t help but shouted。

“Lick……” Xiao Huang said two times,It seems very grievable。
Think about it,It is just a small minor wolf,How can I be a adult tiger?,And still the opponent of the Tiger?
Just caught up,Already have a great courage!
“Xiao Huang is already very good.,How can I?!”
“I thought it was a battle.,result,Has been over yet!”
“Xiao Huang does try,Can’t blame it!”
The lives between the live broadcasts are also a sigh.,I think that I can see that Xiaohuang is like a God.,Save Xuan Ge?。
“I am fighting with you.!”
When the watermare is sluggish,Suddenly Shen Xuan called,I don’t know where to come.,I waved the tiger on my fists.。
Shen Xuan himself does not know how much fist,Anyway, he is completely tired.!
The breath of the big mouth!
The tiger is also a bit forced by Shen Xuan’s combination.,I can’t understand Shen Xuan,Probably,How did this human beings suddenly like a crazy?,So strong?
“come,You are afraid of you,Isn’t it a tiger?,What can you have a cow??”
Shen Xuan looked at the tiger,No good luck。
This tone,As a result of the god,Who is it?!
“666,Xuan brother rises!”
“Xuan Ge,Rush,Kill him!”
“Xuan Ge, is this a blood?,Just still die!”
“咚……User lemon super sweet gift an aircraft!”
“咚……User old girl, give an astorian a rocket!”
A shout in the live broadcast6the sound of,certainly,airplane、Various gifts such as rockets also brushed up!
Just just and tigerpkSo long,Shen Xuan Guangzhi gift has received five or six million!
“Ding……Congratulations to host reaching 7,000 payments,Reward draw once!”
“Ding……Congratulations to host reaching eight thousand concerns,Reward draw once!”
“Ding……Congratulations to host achievement of 140,000 heat achievements,Reward draw once!”
“Ding……Congratulations to host achievement of fifteen thousand heat achievements,Reward draw once!”

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