Shanghai City North High-tech Service Center

The Shanghai Northern High-tech Service Center was established in August 1992. As an important part of Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the city North High-tech Park is in the past 25 years, under the kindness of the superior government, continuous development, innovation, transformation Upgrade, the appearance of the park, the industrial energy level, the total economic volume, the supporting function, brand effects, etc. have a comprehensive improvement of comprehensive strength: the comprehensive development index of the park has ranked first in the 5 square kilometers of the city in many years; The unit land tax output intensity ranks second in the city development zone. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the city North High-tech Park has done the construction of Shanghai Global Science and Technology Center, and creating a key period of high-energy innovation engine in the central city. The "one-axis three-band" development strategy proposed around Jing’an District, the city of Northern High-tech Park as the core carrying area of ??"Central two-wing production city integration development gathering" will play a leading role, highlight "innovation and creative, production city integration" characteristics, Strive to become a new highlight of the "park economy" in the central city of Shanghai.

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