Ruikang Hospital held the fourth issue of "Xiaolan Zhong" experience Chinese medicine cultural science theme activities

In order to promote the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine culture, the primary school students understand Chinese medicine, like Chinese medicine, spread Chinese medicine.

On the morning of October 23, more than 20 students and parents of Nanning Municipal Normal Schools and parents launched the fourth issue of "Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture". The primary school incarnation of this event is divided into two batches of national medical halls, hospital history pavilions, and treatment center, Zhengbia massage physiotherapy museum, acupuncture hall and Chinese medicine museum, experience Chinese medicine culture, feel traditional Chinese medicine Culture and special charm. In the event, each department’s explanator introduced some of the common Chinese medicine knowledge in life, let the children walk into the clinic, close-up to see the ginger moxibustion, children, traction, acupuncture, moxibustion and other special Chinese medicine practitioners therapy.

In the Chinese Medicine Museum, "Xiaolan" listened to the plumber’s deer skin specimen, a famous doctor statue, and hundreds of Chinese herbal specimens and drink pieces, the pharmacists also adopted the cultivation of health medicine tea, formulated health medicine and other interactions, It has greatly stimulated children’s interest in traditional Chinese medicine culture.

This scientific activity is strictly controlled by the number of people admitted to visit in accordance with the prevention and control of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic. Through this event, "Xiao Lang" not only learns vivid Chinese medicine knowledge, but also feels traditional Chinese medicine culture, understands the connotation of Chinese medicine, which is conducive to the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the future, Ruikang Hospital will continue to rely on the national Chinese medicine cultural publicity and education base to further do a good job in the publicity and education of Chinese medicine culture. (Huang Zhaoxin) Source: Official Website, Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Zhou Yule) Share let more people see.

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