The nomination of the nomination of the city’s national civilized city nominees creating work promotion meeting

  On November 18th, Guo Qiang, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and the Ministry of Propaganda Department, invested in the establishment of civilization in Huainan, and held the nomination of the nomination of the nomination of the north of the country. And the spirit of the 11th Party Congress, enhanced the sense of responsibility of the courage, and the urgency of my life, loyalty, truly, strive to promote the creation of civilized cities across the country. The meeting pointed out that creating a national civilized city is an important cause of improving urban image, empowering social governance, and gathering together. It is necessary to attach great importance to it. The top is promoted, and there is awareness, leadership, goals, intensity, investment, There is a way, there is a participation, there is a reward punishment. To anchor the goal, twist the problem, dare to meet the difficulties, the dynamism is hard, strengthen the unintended to report, then enter the appointment, the assessment accountability, do not solve the problem, do not let go.

We must insist on the creation of the people, stimulate the activeness of the masses, enhance the accuracy of volunteer service, and play the capabilities of the industry to create a civilized city, and build a strong atmosphere of the beautiful home. It is necessary to focus on the normal performance, adhere to the "one hand", "one foot" measure, "integration" advancement, integrate civilization into the daily, arrested, and dry in normal, long-term improvement of civilization, improve civilization .

(Reporter Bai Song).

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