People’s Daily Deputy Majesty Telling Qingdao Story: Spring Fish

The sky faintly flashed a few scattered stars, and the earth was dark, and there was a silence.

Looking far away, the energy-saving lamp hanging on the pole of the fishing terminal is being flashing with a weak shining. Just in the morning. Lao Li and the village have hit the flashlight toward the pier.

There are their fishing boats, a colorful "big horsepower", which is only available in these two years.

In April, it is a special day today – the opening of "Squid Festival". Lao Li wants to pick up with his guys, on the one hand, fresh squid can sell a good price, on the one hand, I want to catch big fish, win a "squid king" to show off.

The spring is warm, the wind waves also give face, more than 20 oysters, two hours.

The net, drifting, thousands of streams of streams, rolling into the sea, rolling round floating drifting in the night, flashing white light, accompanied by rushing up and down. Didn’t you have time, Lao Li lives to return.

April is the best season of Qingdao’s local fish, the fish is particularly active, sometimes, a few hundred pounds of a net, if you are lucky, you are also possible. Lao Li’s luck is good. This is an estimate of this online.

Receiving the net, immediately gotting the return home, catching up with the "Squid Festival" opening, just not delay. The dock is already a gongs and drums, and the mountains are sea. The song sounded, dance jumped, and the joyful crowd met into a piece, the vendors were more shed, and the sized squid was placed on the booth, and they were selling. Lao Li and his guys just lifted the squid on the shore, "Hula", got up. "Is it a local squid?" "How much is a pound?" Someone asked. There are also two people shout directly: "How much? Cheap points, all inclusive!" "The big forty, small thirty." Lao Li is very negotiated on board, the price is not high, Set a conscience price. At this time, I came to a fisherman and greeted Lao Li: "Is it a big fish?" Lao Li shook his head.

"Come and try again.

This year ‘sfish king’ is not bad, twenty-two pounds, one meter long, long than the previous year. "The other party comforted Lao Li, and then said the" squid king "this year.

"More than 300 pounds ” giant" seems to catch it.

"Lao Li said with a regret. Lao Li said the" giant Mac "is four years ago. At that time, fishermen armed a two-meter-long big fish, creating the highest records of history.

"Things are people. Who can think of this fish can become a fish of a fisherman, who can think of the original custom can become today’s holiday?" The fisherman looked at the lively population, if they thought. Squid is a fish growing in the ocean, and is known as "blue point horse." Its body is beautiful, the shape is shaped, the back is blue and black, there are many blue spots, the abdomen is silver gray.

The body of the squid streamline is extremely fast.

Although there is no scales, the smooth body will "scales" shine when leap out of the water. Before the 1960s, the squid is not the main fishing species.

At that time, the fishermen caught the fish in the sea, and they were more "unintentional willows", and they were unexpected.

Later, because other fish species gradually decreased, the squid began a large-scale fishing, which also brought a rich harvest to fishermen.

In the sandy mouth of Qingdao, there has been a custom of sending fish. Every spring, the son-in-law will give the father-in-law to send squid – "squid jumping, laughing".

Later, this custom covered throughout Qingdao.

The scope of the fish is also further expanded, which is not only given to the father-in-law, but also relatives and friends, even friends.

Now in April, the streets of Qingdao can be seen everywhere, and people who have a foam or plastic bag. A piece of packaging is tightened, but also through the express delivery company, from the pier, fish booth, and ice storage to all parts of the country.

The squid became a link between affection, friendship. The wind of the squid, let the fishermen get a lot of affordable. Qingdao’s local fish is only a short month fishing period, but for hardworking fishermen, this month’s gains can sell for a year. The price of these years is accompanied by the market, but overall is increasingly high, from the beginning of more than 40 yuan to now more than fifty yuan or even a pound, the fishermen’s pockets are of course getting more and more drums. Especially online sales, business is a red fire.

How many days didn’t live in April this year, and the sand has sold more than 100,000 kilograms of fish.

The squid became the "Fu Fish" that fishermen rushed to sweet life. Nowadays, Qingdao will rise to the customs of the fish to the higher level, but the fish is not only to express a filial piety, but more is to advocate the old love of the old love. Seeing the squid in the basket is almost the same, Lao Li is busy playing the way: "Do not sell, don’t sell it.

"The person next to him asked:" Don’t sell yourself? "Lao Li smiled and said:" It’s really going to be used, but it is not us to eat, it is the old man who gave the welfare.

"These years, the spring of the sand is listed, first of all, I will give the elderly to the welfare home to taste. This has become a habit, and a new inheritance and supplement of" squid folk ".

"Spring is coming, filial piety.

"Every year, Lao Li and his guys may forget that the old man who gives the welfare home will send a fish, they are in mind. Every year, the opening ceremony of" Squid Festival "is also Recognizing on excellent "filial piety" villagers and citizens.

Some have been a bureaucrat to get a prize, and immediately carry the old man who just bought the fish to visit the elderly in the Welfare Institute.

Such a move is really moving.

It is also an early morning, Lao Li and the guys will go out again.

Welcome the warm sea breeze, look at the blue waves, and Lao Li’s mood is extravagant. Today is another good trend, and harvest will definitely won’t pay. This day is really getting more and better! "People’s Daily" (20th edition, April 26, 2021) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Xing Manhua).

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