Take measures to promote party members and cadres

Dare to take care of our party, whether it is the era of revolutionary war, or the socialist construction and reform and opening up, dare to take advantage of the distinctive characteristics and excellent quality of the Chinese Communists, always is the responsibility of party members and cadres, mission . At present, standing in the "two-year hundred years" historical intersection, building a socialist modern country has opened, requiring dare to take party members and cadres; realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, more need to dare to take the party members and cadres. Party members and cadres are dare to take care of themselves, and do their own obligations to fulfill their own obligations. It is a revolutionary fearless spirit that meets the risk, overcoming difficulties, not afraid. It is in front of the big year, consciously practice the awareness, overall consciousness, core consciousness, and consciousness, maintaining a high degree of highness with the Party Central Committee; in front of the reform, driving the economic and social development, courageous, dare to make dare; in front of difficulties Be brave enough to attack the hardship, the charge is trapped.

It is first to strengthen ideological education. We must in depth in the party members and cadres, the atrial self-confidence, the system is self-confident, and cultural self-confidence, strengthen the purpose of the people’s services, strengthen the party regulations and national laws and regulations education, strengthen socialist core values ??education, and use party science Theoretical armed party members and cadres, guiding work practice, promoting the majority of party members and cadres, "the world’s worries, the world is happy", stimulating party members and cadres dare to take, courageous, be helpful, happy, and clean officers. Promote party members and cadres to work, and the key to improve the ability of party members and cadres. It is necessary to continuously improve the learning ability of party members and cadres, strengthen the learning of theoretical knowledge and expertise, and adhere to the use of new skills to solve problems in practice. To continuously improve the innovation capabilities of party members and cadres, be good at analyzing problems and solve problems using Marxist position, opinions and methods, and constantly emancipate their minds, use new ideas to develop, and use new initiatives. To continuously improve the execution force, find the superior policy and the actual entry point, fit point and power point in the region of this region, and ensure that the superior decision-making will be implemented without unclocking. The party members and cadres have pursued, and we must also improve the mechanism of fault error correction of party members and cadres. Party members and cadres are the backbone of the development of the party and the people’s career.

Incentive Party Members and Cadres will dare to make good work, improve their enthusiasm, party organizations at all levels must improve the fault error correction mechanism, and provide a broader space for party members and cadres who want to do business.

Adhere to the "three distracted", forming allowing reforms may have a mistake, first try to have negligence, the banner is clear to the cadres who dare to take care of the cadres, constantly motivate party members and cadres to take new mission, show new as a new Create new glory. (Wang Min).

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