South Korea Samsung Electronics launched 6G test in the United States to seize the opportunity, on November 16, according to Korean Media, the 15th report, recently, South Korea Samsung Electronics conducted sixth generation mobile communication (6G) test in the United States.Samsung Electronics Program that confirms if you can use 6G smartphone with the base station to remotely communicate.

  According to the 15th news, recently, Samsung American Research Center (SRA) is licensed to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) application test frequency, and is passed.

  The report pointed out that Samsung Electronics will use 133-148 giga bandwidth radio waves to conduct tests in a US laboratory in Texas, USA.

  In July 2020, Samsung Electronics issued 6G white paper, and strive to be 6G technology that is considered a new generation of mobile communication technology faster than competitors, and seizes the opportunity.

To this end, Samsungresearch has a new generation of communications research centers to explore 6G technology.

  →→ Edate: Shen Yuhuan, Wu Sanhai).

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