The competition project is unique, the masses are happy

On the day of the game, the rain was soft. On the basketball court in Li Ping, the audience didn’t turn his eyes, and he watched the gyro competition.

The rules of the gyro match are the first to rotate the gyro. The attackers will then throw their own gyro strikes the gyro. For many people, the gyroscope is unforgettable, and it is a variety of gameplay, and is deeply loved by the people of China Miao, Yi people. "Seeing the gyro is included in the State 10 Games, I am very happy. Because this reflects the traditional characteristics of our nationality, it is also possible to strengthen exchanges between minority compaments, and promote national unity.

"The Yue Taijiang, watching the war.

Not far away, it is holding a male single and women’s singles.

I saw a square in a square surface of a length of 10 meters, and the ball was divided into two colors of red blue. The participants looked touched the ball. Take a little bit, the ball is straight to the opponent’s ball.

On the game, athletes, you come to me, attack and defense and interchange, it is not lively. "I brought a good head to everyone, I am very happy.

I hope that there is a better way in the second round. "Wu Zi Bin, the delegation of the Yunjiang County delegation, said in winning the first game.

It is understood that the ball originated in the Qing Dynasty kick ball is a form of ancient ancient my country. At the first minority traditional sports meeting in our state, it was listed as a formal competition project.

At present, the ball has become the advantage of our state, and the Southeastern Southern Sanzhou Tversion has achieved good results in the province’s traditional sports meeting in the province.

This emphasizes the attention of the relevant departments, the threshold of the ball is low, and it is easy to promote the big association. "As long as you choose a flat place, put the four balls, you can exercise the ball. Elderly people in the age of 6 or 7, can participate in this movement.

"The National Traditional Traditional Project of the State 10 Games, Changhu Yulan said. (Meng Hydrogen, Peng Wei, Luo District Card) Source: (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see recommendation read.

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