Do a good job in the "Sensing Sense", build a communication force – North Physical Party history learning education to play new media communication advantages to promote publicity

Since the development of party history, the Party Committee of the Beijing Institute of Technology has attached great importance to the promotion of the new media communication, follow the law of new media communication, based on quality content creation, and do a good job in the "resonance" of teachers and students, and cultivate a batch. Party history learning education "explosive models" work, and strongly promote party history education and education in the hearts of people, achieve good results. Do a good job in dissemination, play the advantage of communication, and give full play to the advantages of new media to spread "wide". The school party committee fully plays a wide range of communication advantages, based on the 100-year-old party history and red school history, focusing model typical, timely reporting dynamics, reflecting the first line of the grassroots, summarizing the experience in the new media matrix, organized various colleges, colleges The sectoral new media platform sounds together, vividly presented, and forms promotion.

The second is to give full play to the advantages of new media creation "Spirit". The school party committee gives full play to the flexible creation advantage of new media production, and carefully creates the "fingertips" party history education platform, with a colorful form, vivid and fresh content, and actively carry out publicity work of party history education. The school party committee will "North Science and Technology Micro Theory" public number as the main theoretical publicity position, open the party history of Tiantian, Party history, the capital million teachers and students with the top party, party and class recommendation, etc., expand the content and model of learning education Deepen learning effect, improve learning quality, insist on daily voice, deeply stimulating the enthusiasm of teachers and students. The third is to give full play to the advantages of "new" in the form of new media. The school party committee gives full play to new media forms, organizational grassroots units and young students, actively carry out various forms of micro-video, WeChat graphic, original songs, comics, H5 and other forms, organize "100 people hundred years of 100 people" Work collection activities, collect more than 200 new media works.

During the study of party history, a large number of new media works in a large number of forms, high quality, and gathering teachers and students, vividly telling the story of party history school, effectively promoting the study of party history education.

Grasping the "Resonance Sense", build strong "communication power" one is to seize the history of the red school "to resonate", and build a hundred years to ignite "explosion". Since the study of party history, the school has been facing the party for a hundred years, fully exploiting the red gene of the first founded University of China, and grasping the "resonance point" of the history of red school history and glorious party history. People emotions "resonance points", carefully planned, deeply excavated, focus on investment, create a historic thickness and high school history feature film "First" "First" "Xu Tic" "Red Education Road" . On the day of "July 1", the school launched the original song MV "of the new media matrix" in the new media matrix "just a hundred years of beautiful style", causing a strong response.

The second is to seize the teacher and students to satisfy the "Sensing Sense", and create a new pragmatic ignite "explosion".

During the study of party history, Beijing University of Science and Technology has always focused on promoting various work. In practical work, I have continuously explored innovation, especially the "I am doing practical things for the masses", and teachers and students’ satisfaction as work goals, in-depth advancement, And carefully planned efforts to convert "satisfaction" into "resonance", which effectively enhances the results of new media propagation. On the eve of 2021, the school party committee seized the key node, special deployment, with a point, through organizational strength, more than 32,000 "Northern Workers Customized" Mid-Autumn Mooncake, distributed academic students, combined with youth students, innovate set up "red gene "Paper mold box, build highlights, triggered strong attention in the school." At the same time, organize all units in the whole school to focus on the Care Student activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival and create a good atmosphere. (Contributed: Wang Zhengqing Yuhan, the Party Committee of the Beijing Institute of Technology.

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