Datong Great Wall Eight View Selection Results officially released

  Shanxi Evening News (Reporter Liu Junqing) "Hualian Agricultural Cup" Datong Great Wall Eight View Awards Ceremony was held in Datong Museum, and the results of high-profile Datong Great Wall eight view results were officially released. After the Great Wall experts, tourists photographers, citizen representatives and media persons, and finally determine the Eight views of Datong Great Wall.

It is reported that Datong "Great Wall Eight View" is a winning element, Guardou Xiyun, Momerodi, Yunkang Van Jing, Li Di "wrong" wall, red flat, new, Zhenchuan Taipier.

  The winning group, refers to the Great Wall of the Great Wall, and is the first military fort in Datong Town, Ming Dynasty. It is located in NATO, Datong City, Northern Northern 2.

The famous "Long Qing and the" "Lund Festival" in history was held here. From this war, Ming Meng and the city opened, and the horses are full.

  Guardou Xingyun refers to the Great Wall Tutorban section, and Guardou is located in Yanggao County. It has been named by a narrow mountain mouth. It is known as "Yanmenkou" and Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall of Guardou City is walking in the mountains, and the ancient roads on both sides of the monkey mountains, Tiger Mountain Pier, and the mouth.

Spring, Guigukou is like a charming picture. There is a wood in the mountain, the apricot flower is a fairy of the spring, the thin powder is red, and the feelings are shallow, and it seems to have a spring.

Apricot, mountain, wilderness, Great Wall, good arocation scenery. Guardou Apricot rhyme has become the most beautiful tag in the spring.

  Momerling four, Taiwan

The Great Wall of the architecture in Xuanmeng Virgin District, the prehistoric geological civilization landscape and the history of artificial architectural arts are ingenious, and it is a must-have of Momoing. The second; the Great Wall will never have the eight big monasaka churches to be three; the unique moon, the monthly pool, the moonburst, is four. Momoing Great Wall culture, multi-cultural, put grassland civilization, farming civilization, and Western civilization with the Eastern civilization.

  Yunkang Vo-kit refers to Yunkangbao, located on the 30 martiluts in Datong City, and it is in the main road of Inner Mongolia.

During the Jiajing period in the Ming Dynasty, the rise of Mongolia and the rise of sweat, often through this channel to plug the Great Wall. Yunngang is a Buddhist culture of the Great Wall, and the Great Wall Culture and the Circulation of the Grottoes are integrated, and they have completed, and they are spectacular. Li Er "Wrong" The wall refers to the Great Wall section of Tinyou County, located 11 kilometers north of Tiangtian County, the shape is like a "y" word, the main line is straight along the Erlang Mountain, the wall is coherent, the strength, majestic, and Shocking, it can be "the Danal City", the high construction quality is in Shanxi. Li Sikou has made the first village for the development of ancient Great Wall, and now the old appearance is new, becoming a casual, entertainment, and dining integrated network.

  The red flat, the flat is related to the junction of Lingqiu County and the Fanza County, which is one of the nine major names in the Ming Dynasty.

Pingpei-North Wu Bei has Hengshan like a screen high, and there are five mountains in the south to tower, become an important privilege of the west of Ming Dynasty. The flat Guanjie site is listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit, and the flat Guanjie Memorial is determined by the Central Propaganda Department as a national patriotic education demonstration base.

  Xinping, Xinpingbao is located in the junction of Jin, Yan, Inner Mongolia, the so-called "chicken to listen to the three provinces", which has always been a strong place in the frontier.

For thousands of years, Han nationality and ethnic minorities come here from the battle to integrate, peace, one road, Tong Jin, Yan, Inner Mongolia, three provinces; a wall is not open to the nation. The town of Town, Town, Town, Town is an important gateway in the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. The town of Zhenchuan is going to the west, the Great Wall is put into Fangshan, in the mountains of Shengshan, the Great Wall stretches for dozens of miles, the pier is standing, the momentum is magnificent. (Editor: Li Lin).

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