China can continue to enter French Business School

China’s sustainable fashion makes the French audience amazed. People’s Daily reporter Li Yongshun photo people network Paris December 9 (Reporter Li Yongqun) On December 9 "Fashion show and batik workshops.

This other is the whole process of organizing, from the entire process of organization to the display, is praised by French teachers and students. They have only experienced the efforts of Chinese companies in the field of sustainable development, and experienced the traditional charm of Chinese ecological silk fashion and batik. Yang Yuping, the Chinese Dean of the Novo Business Confucius Institute, said that the college is the Confucius Institute, which is a French University and Nankai University, and is the first in the world, the seventh "Business Confucius". Novo Business Confucius Institute provides Chinese teaching, cultural activities, business training, etc. in Paris, Rouen, and Lans. Its goal is to use its own expertise in accordance with the needs of enterprises in China, using its own expertise, providing a tailor-made series of training, including cross-cultural training, immersive business Chinese training, workshop, etc.

The number of participants has increased year by year, and nearly 9,000 people in 2019, 1700 people participated in vocational training.

"Tianyi silk" fashion designer Liang Zi said that "silk" as a national intangible cultural heritage, and its production is hand-stained with silk as a raw material, with natural plants "potato" juice, all from nature.

This strange ancient law produced is favored in the Paris fashion industry, and the fashion is also loved by young people.

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