Datong: Let "green" become productive

  In recent years, Datong City has adhered to the ecological land, and increased its efforts to restore nature vegetation, continuously expand the green area, and transform them into productive forces while building beautiful, continuously moving towards beautiful and rich happiness. In 2019, the new green area of ??Datong City was 10,000 square meters and the green coverage rate was%, and the per capita park has a square meter.

In addition, Datong City passed the ancient capital, Chenglong International Film Week, Yunang Tourism Festival and other large-scale cultural tourism activities, to visit the tourists to show "green development", which also allows the beautiful ecological environment to become the competitiveness of this city. The person in charge of the Datong City Forestry Bureau said that by building a large forestry ecological film area, forming a unique "Datong Green", not only helps to improve the dust and soil erosion of the Datong, and the soil loss is serious, but also for Beijing-Tianjin The ecological security in the district has built a solid barrier.

  Beautiful ecological environments not only attract more and more tourists, but also become an important advantage of attracting many major projects, good projects settled. It is understood that Qinhuai Data Group is one of them. In 2018, the company officially signed the construction of the Capital Taihang Energy Information Technology Industry Base Project in Shanxi Province, and settled in Lingqiu County.

  The founder and chief executive official of Qinhuai Data Group said that relying on the new energy and ecological advantages of Lingqiu County, the company has successfully converted wind power and photoelectric conversion to efficient calculation capacity.

In the past year, Qinhuai Data Lingqiu Company has provided more than 400 jobs in the surrounding area, and hundreds of thousands of interest payment taxes.

  Not long ago, Datong City was connected to the Beijing Zhongguancun Digital Industry Cluster, Beijing Zhongchuang Hongxing Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Beijing Zhongchuang Hongxing Investment Management Co., Ltd.. After completing production of these projects, these projects will help to accelerate the integration of large data and physical economic depth to promote the construction of Datong Smart City.

  At present, Datong City has successfully built a comprehensive industrial chain in accordance with the Green Development Idea.

(Ma Jingbo).

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