Concentrate on "Construction Power" China Construction Sixth Bureau Project First-line Fortress

China Construction Sixth Bureau 2021 Part Construction Brand Promotion Association was held in Tianjin Metro Line 7 Cancer Station.

China Construction Sixth Bureau for the map of Tianjin October 29 on October 28, China Construction Sixth Bureau 2021 Part Construction Brand Promotion Association was held in Tianjin Metro Line 7 Cancer Hospital Station. The conference is the subject of "Concentrate ‘Consulate". Chen Hengbin, Secondary Cang, Second Class of Tianjin Housing and Construction, Zhou Li, Director of the Party Construction Office of the Party Construction Office of Zhongjian Group, Ding Wenlong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman Zhang Aimin, Chairman of the Chairman of the Communist Party Committee, Wang Jianghai, chairman of the Trade Union Attend the meeting, and the Secretary of the Second Party Committee of the China Construction Committee presided over the meeting.

China Construction Sixth Bureau actively implemented the "JianDe Certificate of Jian Division, Red Cornerstone", "Construction Cards, Red Pioneer", "Construction Cards, Red Pioneer", create and continuously deepen the "Heart" party building characteristics, created and continued to build grassroots party organizations "Four Fortress": Create a rush, fight, production and operation "attacking the fortress"; create a "effective fortress" in place for good management, accounting, cost management; create political, dare to take, highlight the Yangtze Central enterprise "Image Fortress"; "honest fortification" to create a rule, obsession, and wind and gas. Established 85 "Heartual Power" party members, deepening 45 "four fortress" party branch demonstration benchmarks, realizing the mutual progress of party building and production operations and interaction with the same frequency. "The characteristic party building brand of China Construction Sixth Bureau plays a good demonstration leading role in the construction system, which is the model and benchmark of the party building work in the residential construction system.

"Chen Hengbin said that China Construction Sixth Bureau took four years in Zhenjin, participated in the key project projects that were attracted by a large number of national planned people’s livelihoods such as enterprising, Eastern suburbs, cultural centers and many expressways, subway, bridges. The economic and social development of Tianjin has made a prominent contribution. I hope that China Construction Sixth Bureau will further promote the practice activities of "I am doing practical" for the people to ensure that the party history is fully covered, and the basic party organization political function and organizational power is continuously improved. To give full play to its own advantages, put more resources into the Tianjin market, and build new work in the new journey of the socialist modernization in Tianjin. Cui Jingshan is controlled by China Sixth Bureau in corporate governance, engineering performance, technological innovation, technical control The long-term progress and results of the grassroots party construction have fully affirmed the theme of "Strengthening the Party ‘s Construction, Leading the High Quality Development". I hope that China Construction Sixth Bureau will continue to deepen the regular understanding of party building work, and build grassroots party organizations. Become a strong battle fortress, build a high-quality grassroots party construction team, in-depth promotion of party history education, consolidate the effectiveness of the party building work, and condense the strength of the "one creation" strategic objective in China.

Zhang Aimin said that in order to improve the political station, take the initiative to act as a comprehensive protection of the party building brand building, further improve the standardization, standardization, scientific level of the party’s characteristic brand creation, and comprehensively enhance the political function of grassroots party organizations and History, condense the strength of the company’s unity and struggle, contributing to the Sixth Bureau in the service country and Tianjin economic and social development.

Wang Jianghai, deputy secretary of the party committee of China Construction, "Deepening the Party ‘s Construction Brand to Guard the World First – class" High Quality Party Construction Leading Enterprise High Quality Development "Party Construction Characteristic Brand Construction Work Theme Report. Zhao Peihua, Minister of the Party Construction Work Department of China Construction, the Minister of Culture.

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