Hebei: Industry collaboration has promoted the acceleration of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei coordinated development

Hebei CNC Machine Tool Enterprise Production Workshop.

Wang Yangyang Photo People’s Network Shijiazhuang, March 28 (Lin Fusheng) Bei San County (Sanhe City, Da Fang Hui Autonomous County, Xianghe County) in Beisan County, Langfang City signed 82 Beijing cooperation projects with a total investment of 87.7 billion yuan. The Langfang Langfang Economic Zone in Hebei revolves around the construction of the "1+2+3" industrial system, signed 55 projects of more than 50 million yuan, and a number of high -quality projects such as Sinopharm Group and Huaxin Infinite Airlines have been launched one after another … … In the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, industrial coordinated development, as a physical content, provides important support for the high -quality development of Hebei Province.

In recent years, Hebei Province has taken industrial coordinated development as an important point, in an orderly manner to undertake industrial transfer, and uses the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei. engine. At the moment, the non -capital functions are underestimated. The main structure of the Hebei Provincial Hebei Province, a key project in Hebei Province, which is located in the Yanjiao High -tech Zone of Hebei Province, has been capped, and the interior decoration work is undergoing in an orderly manner. According to reports, the project’s key construction of the four major science and technology platforms, including the China Metallurgical Rail Transit headquarters base, the National Steel Structure Engineering Technology Research Center, the National Steel Structure Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the World Skills Contest Welding Project Training Center. The pattern of a headquarters base. "After the completion of the project, it plays an important role in promoting the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei and undertaking Beijing’s industrial transfer.

Jiao Furong, general manager of Sanhe Company of Zhongye Real Estate Group.

In Yunshang Clothing Plaza in the second phase of Yunshang Town, Yongqing County, Hebei Province, there are many types of popular clothing, providing consumers with another place of clothing. "In January this year, our project was officially put into operation.

At present, more than 2,000 companies and merchants have settled in.

In Yunshang’s boutique clothing area, more than 600 Beijing brand clothing merchants have settled in. Zhao Xiaodong, president of Yun Chang Town, said.

The benchmark is to see Qi Beijing’s urban deputy center and actively serve the Beijing Urban Sub -center.

This year, Langfang City, Hebei Province clearly focused on the establishment of integrated high -quality development demonstration zone with Tongzhou District, focused on the focus and direction of 6 non -capital functions such as Beijing -central enterprises and scientific research institutes, formulated and introduced the work plan to undertake the work, improve the investment promotion of the industrial chain List of target enterprise.

At the same time, during the 14th Five -Year Plan period, the three counties of Langfang strived to form a new generation of information technology and high -end equipment manufacturing 2 30 billion -level leading industries.

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