A British woman was attacked by a giant owl while jogging

  According to the British "Mirror" reported on March 9, a shocked woman Hattieatkinsonsmith described her experience that she was attacked by a giant owl during a jog. The owl bit her ponytail and "trying to eat her "". Hattie said that at 6:10 in the morning, when she joged near the Kano Road Stadium in Norwich City Football Club, she felt a "hand" in the back of her head. But when she turned around, she was frightened that a "huge bird" was attacking her head. Hattie quickly threw it away, and then "sprinted" to a safe place. According to Hattie, this huge beast wings exhibition is about meter wide. Hattie said, "My hair is tied into a ponytail, so I think it may be used as a rodent or something else, and wants to eat me.

It is too big, this is the most terrible. I have never seen such a big bird in the wild, nor in the zoo! I ran away quickly because I was afraid that it would come again. Hattie recalled: "I see very clearly, so when I finished the step, I started searching this bird online. I am sure it is a raptor, because it is too big, and there are things like hook -shaped beaks. Its feathers are two kinds of dark brown, and the feathers above their eyes are like this.

Judging from the online pictures, I think it is a carving.

But I found that it was not in the UK. I think someone must have raised it. "Hattie hasn’t contacted the owner of the bird yet. Although she suffered suffering, she was fortunate that it was not humans who attacked her. This owl has been hovering on the streets near Novic. This owl, people call it "golden bird".

This owl is the largest in the same type, native to parts of Europe, Asia and North Africa, so it is likely to escape from the cage.

(Compilation report of China Youth Network).

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