Guangdong Longhua District uses the "National Security Education Day" to carry out anti -cult publicity and education activities

In order to effectively enhance the national security awareness of the whole people and improve the ability of the masses to consciousness, prevention, and anti -evil, when the seventh "National Security Education Day" is approaching, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province uses this opportunity to carry out extensive development A variety of anti -cult propaganda activities have attracted a large number of people’s attention and participation.

Dalang Street carried out publicity activities in the balcony forest park and Dalang Business Center.

At the event site, the staff issued the "National Security Law", "Anti -Terrorism Law", anti -cult manual, anti -telecommunications fraud manual and other related laws and manuals to the past. , Carry out the Popularity Propaganda. The staff patiently explained the harm of cults to family and society for the masses, educated and guided the masses to consciously participate in anti -cult struggles, actively reported illegal clues, and set up the concept of life to be good and healthy. National Security Education Day Carrypting Anti -Cult Propaganda Campaign Promotion to the masses to propagate anti -evil knowledge. "Through face -to -face propaganda and grounding, let us understand the harm of cults more clearly. See, do not pass, report quickly.

This year we also have to be an anti -cult propaganda to promote the knowledge of preventing evil from the masses. "The masses Wang said.

Dalang Street carried out anti -cult preaching activities for National Security Day in Langkou and Tongsheng Community.

During the preaching, the staff helped everyone strengthen the cultivation capabilities and prevention capabilities of cult organizations from five aspects of the definition of cult organizations, the harm of cults, the development of anti -cult work, the essence of cults and the characteristics of anti -cult. Students carry out national security and anti -cult preaching activities.

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