Beijing fully implements the requirements of home office office in key areas

"It is necessary to comprehensively implement the requirements of home office office in key areas, standardize the situation of home office, and further reduce the rate of job; strictly at home office requirements, adhere to non -necessary non -flow; implement the responsibility of the unit’s subject, do a good job of urging employees’ homes at home. If you have any questions, you can call 12333 consultation or complaints. "On the 23rd, at the 343 press conference of the new type of coronary virus pneumonia epidemic in Beijing, the Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Municipal Government News Office, and Municipal Government Porphic People Xu Hejian notified. From 15:00 on May 22 to 15:00 on 23rd, there were 63 cases of new local new crown pneumonia virus infections, involving 7 districts, of which 5 cases were screened in society.

From April 22 to May 23, a total of 1,556 new crown pneumonia virus infections were reported in the Beijing epidemic, which involved 16 districts. Xu Hejian specifically pointed out: "It is necessary to comprehensively find out cases and discover cases, especially the risk points and risk personnel involved in cases involved in the case of unsuitable state.

"At present, several clustered epidemics and social cases that occur in Beijing are exuded by multiple points, which continues to increase the pressure of Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control.

Beijing is competing for the risks of the epidemic related risks such as the clock, concentrated power, deep excavation and the wholesale market of Yue Dizhuang, and Oriental Plaza. At the press conference, Liu Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Fangshan, Tongzhou, Changping, and Daxing have reported reports in the past 7 days. There is a certain risk of propagation in the clustering epidemic of Youyi Community, No. 32 of Fuxing Road, Fuxing Road, Dongfang Plaza, Dongfang District; the new cases of newly added cases in Fengtai District are mainly centralized isolation and sealing districts in Yuezhuang wholesale market. The epidemic has slowed down.

Individual units, enterprises, and individuals have not strictly fulfilled the "Quartet responsibility", which triggers a clustered epidemic and exacerbated the risk of epidemic dissemination. He reminded that home and office focusing on home is intended to reduce flow. During the home office, insisting on non -necessary non -flowing, non -necessary non -going out, no gathering, no door, not traveling, and not tie.

At the same time, he suggested that elderly people, children and other groups vaccinated vaccines as soon as possible, do personal protection, standardize wearing masks, reduce flow, and build a safety barrier for physical health.

"Recently, 19 consecutive positives in the friendship community in Haidian District were related to family gatherings and clustered entertainment activities.

"Xiao Dan, member of the Standing Committee of the Haidian District Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, reported that Haidian District strictly achieved" check two yards and three disinfection "in key areas of rearing control. Office, strictly abide by home epidemic prevention regulations.

At present, there are sufficient supply of living necessities such as rice noodles and oils in Haidian District.

In addition to living necessities, please minimize the frequency of shopping at supermarket restaurants, reduce online shopping, and minimize the risk of infection. Xu Hejian said: "Home is also resistant to epidemic, and persistence is victory. Community, bungalow, courtyard, and alley must strengthen duty, and epidemic prevention measures in public places are strictly implemented.

Please strictly abide by the requirements of home office epidemic prevention, be responsible for the health of yourself and his family, and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.


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