Give me two minutes. Jing Luan blinked and felt that two minutes was enough.

Good Jiang Junyue smiled and nodded. He and Lan Jingyi wanted to have a meal in the world of two people tonight. I didn’t expect to meet Jane and extraordinary people, but his car had already stopped before I met him again. He was sure that Jing Luan didn’t see which car he was driving.
Jing Luan handed JianXiaoJing to Lai Xuxu, and they realized that there was another Lai Xuxu. She kept silent, and if she didn’t hold JianXiaoJing, she would almost forget her.
It is also at this time that Jane remembered that she looked at a bowl of rice in front of her and didn’t eat a few mouthfuls of food, not to mention that she didn’t see it caught.
So Jing Luan picked up his watch and began to check and monitor when looking for Jiang Junyue’s car. When he was bored, he put a little of all kinds of dishes on the table in Lai Xu’s plate. She stopped him but didn’t stop her. He put him in a short while and piled up food like a hill in her plate. Eat and forced Jian Xiaojing to make it convenient for her to eat
Lai continued to eat food in her arms, but she couldn’t see it. Extraordinary girls are to be spoiled, not to be trained.
Jane is very calm and clearcut, don’t say don’t eat
Lai Xuxu was wronged. She was not used to having a meal on such an occasion. When two big coffees came, they listened to several people talking and chatting, and they couldn’t eat any good food.
You know, Jiang Junyue and Jane Feili are her idols, and she will be an elite in shopping malls like them in the future.
品茶Ying shook her head and said nothing. After all, it was the first time she met Jane.
Lai continued to eat hard.
Two minutes later, Jing Luan smiled and raised his little head. Is Uncle Jiang a black Lincoln?
Jiang Junyue’s eyes suddenly lit up. You know, when Jing Luan just checked, no one talked about his car. It seems that this little thing is really based on his own business. Show me.
Jing Luan got up and went to Jiang Junyue’s side. As soon as the small watch was handed over, it was Jiang Junyue’s cool black Lincoln. Jiang Junyue touched Jing Luan’s head. It seems that you are a senior hacker. It’s really something, but how do you know this is my car?
Jing Luan suddenly felt a little embarrassed. I … I checked Uncle Jiang’s information and know that you have a Lincoln.
oh? When will it be checked?
More than a year
It’s been more than a year. Do you remember that Wynaut is a little genius?
Lan Jingyi also smiled, Why should I check your uncle Jiang?
Jing Luan then turned to look at Jane Fei Li and Ying this … this … The little guy seemed embarrassed to say it as if he had something to hide.
Go ahead, if your daddy and mommy dare to say that your uncle Jiang is the first one who won’t let you directly take you back to his home, Jiang Junyue encouraged Jianjing Luan, a big man who has been provoked by Jingluan’s small expression, and he would like to know the reason.
Mommy … Jing Luan looked at the English euphemism for advice. He understood that his mother seemed to be in a bad mood tonight, so she had to agree with him before she could say anything.
Smelly look down on what I do, you can say whatever you want, but you don’t look at me. Ying shook her head, and she was so secretive as if she had instructed her.
Chapter 122 Goufu’s Notes (23)
With the British approval, Jing Luan cleared his throat. This is a very euphemistic way. I checked everyone with Dad. Yeah, yeah, I also have information about my second uncle.
Check it yourself?
Mmhmm. At that time, I wasn’t quite sure that Daddy was my Daddy. I secretly checked. So I just asked Yiying.
You Wynaut is like a tiger, father and dog. You must have created a genius if you were not careful. Jiang Junyue laughed low.
Jane is not proud to see Britain. It’s all due to Britain. When Jing Luan was a child, it was hard for her to be a father and a mother. It was not easy in those years. Just look at her. His son has suffered so much. He will forgive her for dismissing him at this time.
If it is, he can’t wait for the horse to take her to get the license. She will hold a glamorous wedding and invite all the prominent people in the city to come over. He will let her marry him.
However, he also has his own difficulties. Yi Yuan is a hard bone there. He must take that hard bone and give her a wedding without regrets.
I hope one day she can understand that he is working hard.
He is her.
Come on, I’d rather go back to the day when Jing Luan and I were dependent on each other. So what if Ying got drunk after a few more drinks and muttered that he was together as if he were not himself?
He hasn’t married her yet.
She didn’t want to correct her when she was so old, but now she really wants to.
But he wouldn’t give it to her.
Tell her to wait, she won’t believe in this world and him. Jane can’t solve things, but she can postpone it to prevaricate her.
She doesn’t believe it.
Section 4
English ….. Jane choked him and her twice when she was away from her throat. Did she still feel his sincerity?
She still refuses to believe that he has her in his heart?
Come and drink Ying glanced at him and continued to giggle. She picked up the glass and touched Jiang Junyue. She still wanted to drink.
Mommy can’t drink too much, so she can’t have a little sister. Jing Luan also found that Ying was wrong tonight and advised carefully.
Yeah, sisterinlaw will just drink it. Well, I won’t drink it either, or my wife will keep staring at me. It’s good for us to eat and chat after this last cup is dry.
Ha ha, I’ll do it first. Ying didn’t promise not to drink. Anyway, she did this first.
Jiang Junyue also said yes, and immediately turned the target to Jing Luan. Jane is not bad from here, and my family is also good. Although she is a little older than Jing Luan, the female junior still holds the golden brick. What’s more, Qin Qin is less than three years old. Why don’t we get married?
When I heard Jiang Junyue say that Lan Jingyi had a heart attack, she was anxious before she became a mother and a father. What are you anxious about?
Jing Luan is the only talented child in this world. Can I not worry? Jiang Junyue a pair of serious expression.
Sloppy laughed alone.
Jiang Junyue’s face sank and he looked at it coldly. He kept silent until he ate Jane’s extraordinary cloth and gave her food. What are you laughing at?
Lai continued immediately with a low cough and then a serious face. I’m smiling at Xiaojing. Do you think she’s smiling at me? Lai continued how dare not say that she really couldn’t think that Jiang Junyue, the president of the evil spirit in the hexagrams news, would also have such a childish side and didn’t prevent laughter at the moment.
Well, she always smiles at you and doesn’t see when you laugh. When I say I want to order young marriage from Qinqin Jingluan, you laugh. I’ll be my soninlaw. You’re not allowed to meddle as an outsider.
Who is an outsider? Continued but I’m Jane … Aunt Jane Xiaojing, that’s our Jane family, Jing Luan, and Jane’s child. Even if she is involved, Jane should twist her head to see Jiang Junyue’s continuation. He can bully but absolutely forbid others to bully him. It’s even more important to continue.
Not even Jiang Junyue. He’s not afraid of anyone, even if Cheng Qingyang comes to support Jiang Junyue.
Yoho, Jane is extraordinary. I want my soninlaw’s family to be the main father, mother and father. What do you and Lai Xuxu object to? Jiang Junyue took another look at Jing Luan. Anyway, this soninlaw decided to catch up early, not catch up late, and then he didn’t have a chance. A girl must definitely find a firstclass soninlaw. Jian Jing Luan is not only a little genius, but also a small figure. His father, mother and mother have both good advantages, which makes sense.
Tilt … Lan Jingyi tugged at Jiang LaCrosse’s skirts to try to dissuade him, otherwise how could this scene feel out of control?
You’re a girl, I’m a girl, I’m also a girl, so I’m still in love. Jane is not to be outdone, and he has already had this idea. He thinks the children are too young to be in a hurry and didn’t say anything at the moment
You can’t do that. Both children are surnamed Jane. Isn’t that a mess? No, no, my family is the most suitable for Jingluan. Jiang Junyue shook his head. Anyway, he must be in the same phase.
It doesn’t matter if they are surnamed Jane, but they are not related by blood. Jane continued to refute and insist.

But I don’t want this situation to be possessed by him! He is passionate about her. How can he be passionate about her? They shouldn’t be from the same world! Never was!

Crazy in love acme when she raised my hand and grabbed his short hair for fear that his hot kiss would leave her.
Her off-the-shoulder dress is hanging at the moment with bare shoulders and deep skin marks.
When Han Cheng Li kissed emotionally, she felt a tingling sensation in her scalp. As she moved her eyes, she looked at a woman with ambiguous spring scenery with red eyes.
Stop it! Han Cheng Li, don’t let me underestimate you! She hides her emotions very well.
按摩Force yourself to be calm. cool thin said in a tone, I’ve washed my hands of it. You don’t need to insult me in this way!
Han Cheng Li frown deeply tone in anger how all can’t hide insult? You think I’m insulting you !”
I doubt that she dared him. He was really annoyed by this sentence.
yes! Your behavior seems to me to be insulting! After some entanglement, her head woke up and she spoke neatly.
The man looked at her with a hurt and painful look under his eyes. Xu Ran, do you have a heart after all?
Almost without thinking, she replied, No, never for you! I gave all my true feelings and enthusiasm to Shen Yi and you?
Xu Ran looked at him and smiled contemptuously. What is it?
The man looked at her mouth with dark and deep eyes, raised sarcasm and murmured the words What am I?
Her heart was faint, but she still looked at him stubbornly and said, You and I are nothing here …
But I love you! Han Cheng Li almost uncontrolled roar out!
The man lost control, held her face deep as the sea, looked at her and repeated I love you over and over again.
Chen said yes, he was deeply devoted and unrepentant. He said he shouldn’t have refused to listen to him and insisted on going to Lan Club that day. If he hadn’t gone, he might not have met such a woman, a woman who attracted him like poison!
But now he wants to tell him how much he regrets meeting her so late!
If they had met earlier, if he had shown up, would everything have been different on that embarrassing night three years ago? !
He grabbed her by the shoulder and clasped her in his arms. His tone was out of control and he choked. If I can, I would like to change your worries for three years in ten years …
The living room was silent as if nothing had happened just now.
But Xu Ran knows what’s wrong with her heart and collapses.
She hung down and shook hands, but she couldn’t help but want to hug the person in front of her, but she had all the courage to think of that unbearable past.
vanish like smoke and disperse like clouds—completely vanish
Life is like a joke. A woman like her will never be loved again, but there is such a fool who throws a moth into the fire.
She wanted to go crazy with him at all costs, but she couldn’t.
Fate has already deprive her of all desperate opportunities.
Take a deep breath. She pushed him away and said flatly, Go to sleep. I’m tired.
Han Cheng Li buckle her shoulder deep calm eyes looked at her is looking at her.
Even if she doesn’t go to see it, she can’t ignore his grievances.
She didn’t dare to look, let alone think, because Li hung her head and stared at the ground.
One minute and two minutes later …
The man’s voice rang again in her ear, I can do anything, I don’t get married, I don’t have children, I don’t just walk straight on, so I can go to a place where no one knows us and be anonymous.
A layer of water mist suddenly appeared in her eyes, and when she looked up at him, her eyes pretended to be calm and indifferent, but she couldn’t find it back.
How stupid
Han Cheng Li chuckled, I’m willing to be stupid this time in my life.
Xu Ran smiled and cried with a smile.
Then she hooked his neck and looked up and kissed his lips.
After the man’s body froze violently, he picked up the person and warmly responded to her kiss.
He threw her skirt on the sofa before she knew it.
Lying in a mess, his shirt, pants and belts …
Hanging in the living room with each other’s ambiguous and twisted breath
From the corner to the sofa and back to the bedroom.
They have always enjoyed tossing each other.
He trapped her in a rice bed with plain sheets in her room.
Looking at her eyes deeply and unfamiliar feet made him excited to crazy.
After a short rest, he raised his hand and brushed away her forehead and neck sweat. He asked in a low hoarse voice, Where did I put the condom here last time?
The woman frowned slightly and said I threw it away in a weak and tired voice.
The words fell on her body, and then she was completely attacked by that man.
Ear to ecstatic voice I believe
He was so violent and crazy that he stayed up almost all night.
He finally stopped at ten in the morning, but Xu Ran couldn’t sleep at all.
She handed him a glass of water and the man fell asleep after drinking it.
She looked sideways at the man’s mouth and smiled like a child. The corners of her mouth could not help but evoke a smile together, but it was a wry smile.
She got up and went to the sanitation with her clothes.
He was so tired last night that he fell asleep.
Xu Ran packed his things and came out of the bedroom, but he was still aware of it.
Taxi, she rummaged through her mobile phone to find a destination.
Then turn on the phone, but I don’t know where to go in an instant.
Looking through the address book, she sent a message to Lin Ya.
At that time, Lin Yazheng was cooking soup in the kitchen, and the man in Muchuan had already gone out early in the morning.
Looking at the mobile phone to show that she was a little surprised and laughing, she said, It’s rare for you to get up so early?

What do you want to tell me? And what are you three doing? I don’t know when to go outside. Gondor looked at three people being held in her arms by Zhao Yi. Slak leaned against Zhao Yi’s back. It was very quiet and elegy. She always felt that these two positions were positions that she admired very much … and what they said also made Gondor care very much.

See Gondor to Zhao Yi this just slowly put Slak hand and let elegy sit aside Gondor, you go, they all call me, I have advantages and important things to say today.
It’s no joke to see Zhao Yi with a serious face. Gondor obediently calls the daughters Zhao Yi. She looks at Slak with a face of pity. Where is Slak now and when she was in Diablo Reef, she was sinister and cunning, and she loved and obeyed Zhao Yi.
I’ve called Zhao Yi. Just say what you want to say. Gondor called a group of women and came in.
Why? Zhao Yi, do you have anything important to say? Ymir asked 1
Zhao Yi took turns to watch the daughters Geely Ymir Gondor Rizlak, and for a long time she didn’t let her real name shout invisible assassin. Every woman is quite beautiful, so Zhao Yi doesn’t know how they will react after hearing these words. She is a little uneasy.
Ahem Zhao Yiqing cleared his throat and held Slak in his arms. He looked at the girls and said with a curious look.
Actually, Slak and I have already done it, and we are married. The daughters seem to have stirred up. In order not to let you have any barriers, I told you that this means that the partners are honest.
A group of women seem to think that they have heard wrong. But after mutual confirmation …
What? ! ! !”
One hundred and thirty guards of Meng Guang!
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What? ! ! ! !” When I heard Zhao Yi’s words, all the women were naturally shocked. Everyone’s face also had different expressions, including envy and jealousy. However, even Rizlak, who has always said little about facial paralysis, showed a surprised look. I have to say that this matter still has a great influence on all the women …
Ladies and gentlemen … I’m sorry that I took Zhao Yi for the first time. If you want to rob her, please hurry! Slak said also smiled Zhao Yi is a face of nai.
Don’t listen to Slak. I hope you don’t have barriers.
Er … this thing is so shocking that I can digest it … Ymir ran to the other side and sat down.
Zhao Yi Rizlak came to Zhao Yi. Do you like each other?
桑拿论坛Zhao Yi nodded his head.
Do you think I can live in peace with Slak?
But what’s the matter?
When I heard this, Rezlak jumped directly into Zhao Yi’s arms with a happy face. So I want to be with Zhao Yi forever, okay? Look at rizrak’s watery eyes, Zhao Yi doesn’t know what to say.
Slak, on the other hand, is showing off with Gondor and the invisible assassin. It seems that she doesn’t care how Zhao Yi will answer Rizlak. No, it seems that she really doesn’t care …
how about it? You have to move quickly! Otherwise, there will be no chance if you are too far away! Slak said this and went to cooing with Ymir on the other side, while Gondor looked at the invisible assassin beside Rizlak in Zhao Yi’s arms with envy. He summoned up his face and was a little unhappy. After seeing her, Zhao Yi turned away with a cold hum.
Mr. Zhao Yi, what did you promise me not to promise sister Rizlak? Elegy aside, God assists Zhao Yi, but he sees Slak’s face is indifferent and his heart is dark and cool. Of course, dark and cool is dark and cool, but Zhao Yi is more worried that the daughters can’t live in harmony …
Uh, well, Rezlak, if you and Slak can get along harmoniously, then there’s no problem? He looked at Slackrak doubtfully, but nodded with a happy face. Why are you so happy? Zhao Yi didn’t see the white …
Well, I will! Say that finish ritz, also directly tackled Zhao Yi and arms elegy into a ball … Alas, three little girls … Zhao Yi a nai really let yourself incarnate lolicon rhythm …?
Oh, well, well, get up. We have to find the light guard today. Don’t forget the business, okay? After saying this, Zhao Yi felt that all the women were staring at herself … eh? Did I say something wrong? However, they are still quickly sorted out, and there is no problem on the surface.
Zhao Yi, I hope you can give me a statement when things are settled. Ymir secretly told Zhao Yi when no one was around.
eh? What do you say? You tricked me into coming here, and now you won’t give me a statement? You still ask me? Ymir stared at MengMeng’s big eyes and looked at Zhao Yi, which made Zhao Yi feel a little scared. Although Ymir usually seems to like to keep eating and gawk, she also went back to thinking about many things and gradually she felt different. Even so, it was not bad. After all, there was a guanfan and a guanfan man, both in character and appearance. Although he was a little funny at ordinary times, this was the only man in mainland China who deserved himself.
If you don’t mind Slak, you can follow me.
It’s not as simple as simply following you! Ymir looked at Zhao Yi quite seriously. You have to coax me to cook for me, help me buy equipment and accompany me. You can’t make me angry. The most important thing is that you have to meet all my requirements! Hearing Zhao Yi’s cold sweat, isn’t that what some women on earth want from men … but Ymir should still be easier to send off because she just likes to eat …
Nod nod.
Forget it, let’s go to the mage tower to find the light guard first. How dare you bother my man … when you hum, you should humiliate her!
Shall I humiliate you or let you? Zhao Yi holding a joke mentality asked 1.
eh? Yes! Let you come! Show her some of you! See if she dares to bully you! Ymir’s righteous words say that Zhao Yi is a language. I guess Ymir didn’t listen to this humiliation or that humiliation …
Let’s go Zhao Yi took one look at the door and all the women thought that they would finally get rid of this guy. In fact, Zhao Yi was always afraid that there would be something that didn’t kill the assassin before, but Zhao Yi was relieved when he came here. Now that he has come to the other camp, there is nothing to be afraid of, right? Hem, light guard, wait for me!
By the way, the original Zhao Yi didn’t want to go with an elegy, because this time he might have to fight badly, but his elegy ability was not enough, but this request was strongly protested by an elegy … Then he thought about it. Anyway, there is not much selfprotection ability on his side, so let’s go together, and none of them can fall!
At the same time, the highest level of the mage tower
The light guard is still riding a white horse and holding his own circleshaped northern light staff. This halim staff is combined with independent equipment and has the effect of enhancing her ultimate skills. She doesn’t seem to shine milky all the time, and even her hip horse shines as brightly as she does. At this time, the light guard is at the top of the mage tower. The disc has not been rotated. She can almost see the residents of the mage tower, among them there are naturally, with a bunch of younger sisters Zhao Yi and others. Of course, no one knows if she really saw her and looked forward.
After a flash of light and a flash of magic circle, a woman in a mage’s robe appeared behind the light guard and knelt down to salute the light guard’s adult! You said that the wanted man is here! And it seems that with a lot of people … Do you want to …
The light guard didn’t look back. Don’t let him come to me. I think he’s quite angry in his heart, but it’s also hehe. She chuckled at the woman who didn’t understand the light guard.
I really don’t understand why he is looking for so many heroes?
Light guard adult … you said he was surrounded by heroes? Do you want us to guard against them It seems that the man also … The woman didn’t say that because the light guard didn’t tell them Zhao Yi’s identity, they didn’t understand why a man’s light guard would care so much and there are so many heroes around him. This is the number that even a country can subvert!
No, he’s not here to get into trouble. You know, since this man can make so many heroic conditions follow him, it must be because of his own strength … hum, I’d like to see if he’s really as powerful as I said, is it really powerful enough to affect the balance of the whole continent? Even now, I’m afraid it’s hard for me to do it, but strength is different from strength and we are different from him … hahahahaha! The light guard laughed. She said a series of words that the female root couldn’t understand behind her, but one thing she understood was that this man was not that simple. The light guard also had many things to choose and let him enter the mage tower? What exactly does this choice mean …
Light guard adult … you …
Nothing The light guard knows what the woman wants to say. She is not abnormal. She seems to understand the reason why Zhao Yi can affect the balance of the mainland after receiving the bounty hunter and the invisible assassin. But obviously, the light guard himself can’t have such a powerful force to be affected. After all, it is these ordinary people or heroes … not the whole continent … If his ambition is big enough, the light guard doubts what Zhao Yi always flashes in his mind to change everything … or is it true that the reality is as he predicted?
It’s the first time that the light guard has had such doubts. Maybe it’s not the first time … but the memory is so long ago that she can’t remember it clearly herself.
The light guard was not a hero, or even a rule or power. She was born as long as the universe. It’s hard to imagine that such a girl is the same age in the universe, but if you look at her from the outside, you are wrong. She broke free from the shackles of the original harmony and other ancient forces. She seems to have consciousness, and then she turned into various images in various universes. She has been looking for her chaos. She holds high the glow stick of light power and runs around in various universes at the same time. It’s still the same. Every time she avoids chaos, she can detect it, but every time she can help herself to leave it behind. But she doesn’t know how long it will take. She gradually feels tired. She doesn’t want to escape any more, so she stays in the Knife Tower and establishes the Mage Tower. If chaos comes again, she decides to destroy each other by her own strength.
Because the original harmonic light broke free from the shackles, all those other forces disappeared except chaos. They all fled and hid somewhere, but what puzzled the light guards was that chaos was still in pursuit, perhaps because it was the sworn enemy in the original harmonic law …

"…" Yu Wen gave her a look and said after a while, "I can take it to the police."

Chang Huan Yan "poof"
It was really thunderous.
However, it will take a long time for him to get well anyway, and it will definitely take some days to hear from the doctor that it may affect the re-examination of basic exercises.
Chang Huan Yan thought I looked at his left hand.
At the moment, you can’t see the injury without talking, but if you really can’t recover after thinking about it … She pursed her lips and said, "Let’s wait until you get well."
Yu met "well" with a big hand and touched the root number three times.
Get the double luck of the host and the hostess. The root number Sanshu squinted and kept putting his mouth into their legs. He was still excited by the hot air.
At noon, Mrs. Yu and her entourage returned from Baota Temple.
"Come on, come on, this is for me to ask for a chain for Mohe and Shengxiao to bless my great-grandchildren and great-granddaughters to be healthy and healthy, and they will all be promising in the future." Old lady Yu held two red chains to wear wrists for the two little guys respectively.
There is a little golden bell on the red chain, and the bell will sound crisp at every move.
Xiao Sheng Xiao kept waving his little hands with his eyes wide open like glass, so I don’t know if it was because of curiosity or happiness.
Compared with my sister, Xiaomo will be much calmer. Anyway, my sister rings the bell to give herself as one pleases music and squints there to rest.
Yang Xi looked at the two little guys and walked over and said, "Mo’s character is as quiet as when he was a child."
Words just say that finish next to the YuJin deep "wow" a cry.
Han Minxia cried with a sad face, "Husband, husband, come to Jin Shen quickly. He cried again."
There is no way for Yu Chengyan to talk in the main room. When he heard this, he immediately rushed out with his mobile phone and picked up his son. He walked there and coaxed him.
"Is Mom Jin Shen’s personality the same as that of his second brother when he was a child?" Yu Yuting decisively fell into the well.
Yang Xi "…"
Yu Chengyan "Hehe"-"You were no better than me when you were a child. Fortunately, I was alone, but there were three."
Yu Yuting "…"
You Xiaoqiao is also a corner of his mouth.
Is it because she loves to make noise when she has three children?
Facts have proved that … some things are doomed to be inviolable.
Of course, these are another story.
At noon, Song Xiaoshou finally got a message.
But there is no good news.
"Huan Yan, this yellow soft address is hard to find. Huang Bo is quite protective of this sister. I can’t ask too directly. People will definitely doubt me."
Chang Huan Yan nai turned supercilious look "really not! It’s almost three days, and you can’t get an address? "
"Hey, hey, although I didn’t get the address, I have a better suggestion. Do you want to listen to it?" Song Xiao said with a grin.
"If you have something to say, say it quickly." Chang Huanyan is a little impatient.
The plan came out by herself, but so far there has been no progress at all. To tell the truth, she is in a hurry, especially when she is going to report the working day to the company.
"I think since you also said that readers of your magazine are mainly women, is it better to start with men? What’s the point of that yellow softness? Digging again is nothing more than being kept or hidden rules … This kind of thing is too much to explode and it’s not attractive at all. "
"I’d like to find small fresh meat. Isn’t there no way?"
"Who said no? I think it’s meaningless that all these star artists have been touched. Do you know what everyone is most concerned about now?"
"Of course, it’s a real life in the giant circle. For example, if you interview a brother-in-law, do you think it will be more attractive? Now, all the small fresh meat is white-cut chicken, and there is nothing manly like my brother-in-law. He has such a good figure and muscles, plus his parents and Interpol status. I want you to take some photos of him wearing police. That’s the * * naked temptation. Otherwise, he will wear boxers with a larger scale. Lulu’s abdominal muscles will definitely be enough for women to spray nosebleeds when he puts them in magazines … "
Nosebleed …
When I heard these three words, I couldn’t help but think of a terrible cough last night. She spat at the other end and said, "Get out of my husband’s mind."
"What do you mean! I am your advice and wronged good people! " Song Xiao kept yelling at that end.
"Don’t, I don’t know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it just that I’m afraid that I’ll burst the yellow soft material and delay you from getting the dividend at the end of the year from Huang Bo?" Chang Huan-yan hit the nail on the head.
Really think she’s stupid?
"Ahem, ahem" It’s Song Xiaoshou’s turn to be embarrassed. "You know, it’s hard not to tear it down."
"…" Chang Huanyan smiled smugly. "But your advice is not bad. Thanks to your bad idea, I have an idea now."
"Really? What do you think? " Song Xiaoshou asked
桑拿会所"I won’t tell you!" Chang Huan Yan finished and hung up directly.
Then she quickly called Qiao Jinyu.
"Oh, Huanyan, you finally called me. What’s the progress? If you don’t call, I’m embarrassed to rush you." As soon as Qiao Jinyu was connected, he finally asked.
Chang Huan Yan smiled and said with confidence, "Jin Yu, I was just about to talk to you about this matter. I have already decided to make a special topic on’ Your Male’. You and the two of us in our group said that you will continue to be responsible for the previous manuscript for a week. Oh, and for the long-term development of our group, you and Editor Bai should apply for a continuous recruitment. Remember that this time you must recruit men, preferably younger and with good physical quality."
"Uh, what do you mean? What expensive male? And … what do you want to recruit men for? " Qiao Jinyu is not white.
Chang Huanyan said with a smile, "It’s not convenient to elaborate in words, so you will naturally know when I go to the company for a meeting in the afternoon."
Section 63
"All right, then."
After hanging up, I often smile. The whole person is already a little eager.
I haven’t felt so energetic and excited for a long time.
She opened her notes and opened a word document, and her face began to crack.
It took me more than two hours to finish the "Guigong" project.
When I saw my eyes, I got up and went upstairs to find my husband!
As a result, I found no one in the villa, and finally I found the man who was walking the dog at the back of the yard.
When I saw her, the root number three gave a loud howl. It was very strong, and I wanted to rush at her. As a result, the neck chain was pulled by Yu Yu and failed.
Chang Huan Yan smiled and trotted over at once.

"Mom, I’m back!" Night Xi Han Ying!

"You don’t say anything before you come back!"
"Mom wants to surprise you and dad!" Night Xi Han Xiao
The night mother looked at Muling Tiandao. "It’s amazing!"
"You sit mom to prepare dinner!" Although angry with him, the night mother is still happy.
"Mom, I’ll help you!"
"yes! Mom just has something to tell you! "
Night city han saw MuLingTian followed night mother went to the kitchen, not for a while night father is called MuLingTian followed him to the room.
The night mother in the kitchen said, "Why didn’t you come and say anything? Just really scared me! "
"it was his idea!"
"Real mom is very hated him! I didn’t give him a face just now, but I looked at you! "
Section 291
"Mom, he proposed to me!"
"really?" Night mother is a little excited.
"hmm!" Night Xihan nodded and reached over.
"It’s really thoughtful of you to be small. This ring really matches my daughter!" Night mother smiled and said, "Look at this ring. It won’t be too difficult for mom for a while."
Night Xihan laughed, "Mom, I think this ring is so exaggerated! A little too big … "
"Exaggerated? Then you have to buy the best and the biggest to get my daughter! "
She suddenly opened her eyes gently and her eyes were slightly wet. "Mom, thank you …"
"Silly child … parents are looking forward to your happiness in this life!"
"Mom, I didn’t expect this day!" Yexihan is close to the shoulder of the night mother.
"Xihan, when are you going to tell the children?"
"I don’t know! A little worried that children can’t accept it … "
"Look at two children is not generally like him! I think it’s unnecessary for you to worry about this! "
"Mom, I am also very strange!"
"This mix is really a blessing!"
Mother and daughter laugh from time to time in the kitchen, but the room is serious.
Night father sighed, "Mr. Mu, if you don’t really care about my daughter, please don’t hit my daughter’s idea as soon as possible!"
Mu Lingtian looked at the night father and said firmly, "Uncle, I am serious this time!"
"Mr. Mu, you cheated my daughter so badly in the past. This child’s heart is easy to soften. You can coax her in a few words, but we parents are different and we won’t let you cheat again and again!"
品茶"Uncle, I’m sorry for the past, but please believe me again. I will cherish Xihan this time!"
Night father there for a long time didn’t speak.
Night Xihan came out of the kitchen and saw two children playing on the sofa, but he didn’t see Mu Lingtian and Night Father.
She was surprised that when she walked over and didn’t open her mouth, the two children compared the room position. "Uncle Mom was recruited by my grandfather to talk!"
"Talk?" Night Xihan looked at the closed door of the room and the heart tightened.
Night Xihan and night mother cook and cook together, and it takes almost forty minutes to get it done.
When I came out of the kitchen again, night father and Mu Lingtian had already sat on the sofa and started chatting.
Ye Xihan was surprised to see that they seemed to be chatting well! And I don’t know what Mulingtian said. Father laughed happily at night.

Magic defense? ? ?

Moving speed 2~4
A series of data screens appeared in front of Chen Mo.
The light curtain contains almost all the data of Karp.
Chen Mo knew the scroll for the first time, but he still saw at a glance that there was something wrong with Karp’s attribute data
Up to 100 million health points, physical and magical defenses are all methods to detect question marks.
100 million health value Chen Mo also has it, but it is caused by the changeable nature of the blue angel wings.
Karp know what equipment and skills scrolls are also explored and displayed in front of Chen Mo.
Chen Mo once again confirmed his guess at a glance.
Karp’s equipment and skills are gorgeous. Only Chen Mo can be better than him in the game.
However, even if the properties of those equipment are multiplied tenfold, they can’t get 100 million blood, let alone detect defense.
Did you modify the character data?
The silence looked at Karp.
This guy cheated again and modified the character data!
However, in addition to health and defense, the attack power is still normal. It seems that he can’t modify the attack power. If his attack power is also turned into a method of detection, I am afraid that Chen Mo’s 100 million blood will be useless.
Ha ha ha! Isn’t it great? I’m not as fast as you, and my attack power is not as high as yours. I can’t kill you, but you can’t kill me! I am invincible in this battle!
Karp laughed and didn’t directly answer that he was looking at Chen Mo with great interest. More than half a month ago, Chen Mo almost killed him, but now even his defense can’t break the gap. Although it can’t kill Chen Mo, it also makes him feel better than Shu Shuang.
Caden! Life wheel!
Karp didn’t answer, but Chen Mo already knew what was going on.
When he went to assassinate Caden Karp and his agent, he found Caden first and learned from him that he didn’t know the news.
Karp relied on the black caterpillar to destroy the game data, but he never modified the character data limit.
In the game, you can modify the character data, and you can modify a small part of the law department. Where you modify it, there is the wheel of life in Kaiton’s letters, which is the game console.
Karp suspected that he had found the life wheel and the code corresponding to his role, and made some modifications, which changed the health value and defense ability to the variable value.
Hey, I didn’t expect you to know that place, so I won’t hide it from you. Yes, I modified the character data there, but it took me a long time to do it. But since I can modify the health and defense, it doesn’t take much time to modify the attack power and other attribute data. Now I can’t kill you, but soon you will be defeated by me and can’t even bear a move!
Karp proudly admitted that his mouth was full of banter.
He can’t wait to see Chen Mo being hunted all over the map.
Don’t talk big until you do it!
Chen Mo body move mercilessly to Karp.
Several lightfilled Karp Chen Mo attacks can hit Karp with 1 point of damage, but the silence is to insult Karp. The attacks are all to greet Karp in various embarrassing parts. Karp is so attacked by Chen Mo that he soon becomes furious.
But in addition to the defense ability, his attributes are still far from the silence. Finally, he was humiliated by Chen Mo and couldn’t stand to escape by force.
Damn it! I want the horse to modify the attack power and speed and humiliate this guy!
Karp was completely angered by Chen Mo, and his body turned in a certain direction and flew past.
When they arrived, Chen Mo and Kaka were still hunting the players at last.
Due to the players’ drastic reduction and collapse every six hours, the land area is getting bigger and bigger.
After half a month, the number of players who are finally alive is less than 10 thousand.
And because the final area is very small, the effect of Chen Mo’s hunting operation is getting bigger and bigger.
Many people want to avoid the line, but the system also further stimulates competition. It is stipulated that each player must be online for three hours every day. If this requirement is not met, he will be automatically expelled from the system.
Finally, the number of remaining players decreased sharply.
In the past week, the last remaining area was the size of 30 football fields.
Chen Mo’s ability in the size of 30 football fields can be seen in the sky.
Chen Mo flew to Tianfang, but there were no players except Kaka and others.
Finally, all players seem to be expelled from Chen Mo.
But Chen Mo knew that there was obviously a net, because the game was not over yet, and the number of live players was still one hundred.
There must be no players in Chen Mo in the visual range.
But Chen Mo thought of a possibility.
Now the only lucky ancient city.
The city should have special abilities that he doesn’t know can be hidden in the end so that he can’t find them.
Cheng Karp and his agents hid more than 100 people in it.
Karp said a long time ago that he was invincible. Now Chen Mo knows the meaning of this sentence.
桑拿会所In the end, the game will not end if the number of players is not less than one hundred. It is also not enough for Chen Mo and others to have more death points.

Muchuan pondered over the answer and really should explain that the old man was worried and followed suit.

Hang up. Tang Wan has come from the building.
After a night’s rest, her feet are a little flexible.
After eating, Muchuan told her about it.
Tang Wan didn’t reject going back with him as much as before, considering that the old lady and master really shouldn’t worry about her at this age.
Muchuan took her out, and Tang Wan could not help but say, "Sorry to have caused you a lot of trouble."
She seems to owe him too much, and they have always been involved since that night.
The man glanced at the woman beside him, frowning, and didn’t like her polite attitude.
Mu Chuan couldn’t help but wake up when the bus was approaching the destination. "The old lady doesn’t know that you don’t want to get engaged."
Tang Wan turned to look at him and knew that he wanted to cooperate with him.
按摩After a moment’s hesitation, he said, "I know."
However, it was Qin Xuan before Tang Wan and Muchuan.
Qin Mu’s two families used to be neighbors, and they were still close. She often came to see the old lady and master from time to time.
Mu Jia’s parents know that she also had the idea of fixing Mu Chuan’s mind, but that’s too stubborn! Later, I didn’t think about it.
Thinking about Sichuan and Tang Wan coming over today, I’m afraid that the girl’s face is unnatural.
I was wondering what reason to send people away, and Mrs. Mu came over, which was different from the cold attitude.
Today, she actually asked Qin Xuan to stay for dinner.
It’s not polite for the old lady to admire some nai’s, and it’s not good for her to say that it’s too polite to let people go back when they eat.
The old lady knows better than anyone what her daughter-in-law thinks. In the past, she felt that this Qin girl was not worthy of Sichuan’s indifference. Now, by contrast, she feels that Qin Xuan is better than Tang Wan’s enthusiasm.
The old lady sighed secretly and went to the room to find the master.
Qin Xuan sat on the sofa and chatted with Mrs. Mu and learned that Muchuan was coming back with Tang Wan. His face changed and his words seemed to recognize that Mrs. Mu had no good impression on Tang Wan and his heart was slightly balanced.
"I’m going to make a message."
Qin Xuan went out holding the words for about ten minutes before he came back in.
At that time, the roads in Muchuan and Tang Wan were somewhat blocked, and it took almost half an hour to get to Taohuajian.
Before they got to the bus, they saw a group of reporters swarming in!
Mu Chuan consciously protected the woman next to him. The reporter repeatedly asked, "Mr. Mu, what do you think of yesterday’s news?"
"Miss Tang, are you really stepping on more than one boat as reported?"
"Miss Tang, what do you think of your comments on easy virtue?"
One, everyone is sharp and aggressive!
Muchuan cold face denounced "enough? Is this the function of the media? Is it sirs’ accomplishment to exaggerate the truth without investigating it? !”
There was a short silence at the scene for a moment, and you still had the cheek to give up. "Mr. Mu, this is a sign that you are so excited at the moment. Does it mean that the report is true? !”
Word games reverse black and white. Mu Chuan thinks he is inferior to these people!
Tang Wan even knew that it was not their opponent who simply didn’t open his mouth and sneer. He took the microphone from the male reporter who had just spoken.
"Did your wife cheat? I think it must have been an affair. Otherwise, how can you be so clear about this after-the-fact behavior? And impose your ideas on others! This kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder generally has experienced people to do this! "
Section 17
The male reporter pointed at her nose and said, "You are talking nonsense!"
Clear a sneer from the topic to "see you don’t become angry from embarrassment? ! So your wife is definitely derailed! "
The man was blocked by her speechless, and Tang Wan added, "This is your absurd logic just now. How are you happy? Excited? What do you think of your wife’s cheating news! "
A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, she will be disdainful in the past!
The girl glanced at the group sarcastically and asked coldly, "What else do you want to say and know? ! Or do you still want to sneak over and ask questions like him and go back to take care of your wife and husband! "
That man was smashed by Tang Wan for the first time, and now he won’t stop there.
"Tang’s daughter’s quality turned out to be like this, regardless of shame, going to the hotel to seduce men and being rough with reporters. I’m really knowledgeable! Day I will make you a headline … "
Before he finished speaking, Tang Wan "biu"-
The microphone in the girl’s hand hit his cheek by mistake, and suddenly bright red blood flowed!
At the scene, everyone was stunned and then criticized.
Tang Wan roared in the noise, "I didn’t waste your money to give me these unwarranted charges!"

"Mom, it’s almost the New Year, and I’ll let someone pick you up and go back to Hou Fu. Our family of three will have a reunion year, okay?" Shuiyunjin wants to comfort Mrs. Shui, who is sad now

Mrs. Shui nodded. "Go back and live a good life with Lao Er. Niang can see that Lao Er regards you as a pearl. It is not easy for a woman to find a man who loves you so much. Don’t be too spontaneous."
Shuiyunjin nodded, "Mom and Dad should take care of themselves."
No matter how hard you give up, you will eventually separate.
Shuiyunjin saw Huangfuda accompany her parents when she got into the carriage. After a while, the carriage finally left.
I finally returned to Beijing in the evening after two days without stopping.
"Miss, are we going back to Hou Fu or not?" The carriage was only filled with Shuiyun Park and Zi Xia Zi Xia, and the sound was not lowered. Outsiders could hear it clearly.
"Back to Houfu" Shuiyunjin faint sound.
Riding a horse Huangfuda didn’t say what is the eyes looked at LingXiaoYao deeply.
LingXiaoYao didn’t seem to hear the general complexion as usual.
So a line of people back to Hou Fu Huangfuda will certainly follow to the water cloud hibiscus doesn’t even have a silk surprise.
LingXiaoYao just returned to Hou Fu when he was taken into the palace, saying that LingGuoLai people.
It was dark, and Huangfu Kun came in a hurry, but Shuiyun Park knew exactly what he would say, so she said something casually, and it made no sense to say it again.
Imperial palace imperial house
"The emperor’s coming here is to serve my emperor’s will. I hope that the emperor can grant the marriage decree as soon as possible. I hope that Princess Hibiscus can go to Lingguo as soon as possible. If the emperor agrees, I want to invite Princess Hibiscus back to Lingguo to welcome the New Year." The minister of Lingguo was in the hall.
Now the emperor’s face is a little heavy, and now this matter has risen to the top priority of the two countries, so he can’t refuse, and he can’t just promise that Youshui Yunjin is safe for the whole next year in Yangcheng. How can he force her not to do anything? But now Ling Guohuang is so anxious that he can’t think of a good way to refuse. If he refuses, the two countries will definitely be at war again. If he agrees, he will be an emperor like goodbye to old Wang Shuhe Huangfuda.
Ling Xiaoyao sat on a big chair and never spoke. It took him a long time to listen to his gentle and light voice, "I discussed this matter with Hibiscus."
The emperor’s eyes narrowed. "Then Ting Yun Hibiscus means it. I will support her whatever decision she makes."
This has been said very white, and the result depends on the attitude of Shuiyun Park.
Minister Ling Guo was reluctant at once, but he didn’t dare to refute them, so he put up with it.
LingXiaoYao nodded and then went out of the imperial room with the minister of Lingguo.
"You have done so much in the temple to welcome Princess Yunjin back to Lingguo." Minister Lingguo was puzzled.
"What does father want to do?" LingXiaoYao sound a little heavy.
When the minister looked tight, he sighed that he still knew their emperor in Taidian. "Back to the temple, the emperor already knew the identity of Princess Yunjin and that she was Lan."
约茶"That’s like" LingXiaoYao interrupt.
"The emperor really flew into a rage and said that you were too expensive for Ling Guotai. A married woman lost Ling Guoyan’s face in front of heaven and man, and asked you to return to China immediately. If you really value this hibiscus princess, the emperor understands your sex and says that he can promise to let you take her back to China, which is a toffee’s name."
After all, the minister is awkward. The emperor loves the Tai Temple. If it were changed, the emperor would have done such a big wrong. I’m afraid the emperor would have been punished.
"I’m too good at marrying my own woman, and it must be a toffee’s mind. I’ll let my father do it at his own will. If he doesn’t agree, please ask him to set up another wife." Lingxiaoyao’s voice is still light but it serves to show anger
"Think twice about the temple" How can the minister easily export such words as "The temple must not act impulsively"? You are the emperor’s most proud son, and Ling Guo thinks that you are too dressed in a stable country. You must not be arrogant. The temple has this intention. The emperor has already guessed "
Ling Xiaoyao didn’t say anything. If he knew his father, he knew that man best. Tonight, both of them tried to see who could hold their breath better.
The minister looked up at Ling Xiaoyao and said, "The emperor finally said that if the temple had to go against his will, it would do something that satisfied him, and he also said that the temple should return to China immediately."
LingXiaoYao feet abrupt paused his obsidian black eyes staring at the night didn’t say anything for a long time, he finally moved is still unhurried.
The minister watched LingXiaoYao leave and hurriedly wiped his forehead. He knew that this was already agreed. The imposing manner of their ancestral temple was by no means acceptable to ordinary people.
The next morning, the marriage between the two countries in the palace and outside the palace was decided, and Shuiyunjin was leaving Changyong and so on.
Huangfuda’s face looks pale to the extreme since he got the news. People dare to approach him three feet away for fear of freezing to death.
Shuiyunjin smiled when she heard it, but she didn’t feel at ease.
"Where is Ling Xiaoyao?"
"Ling Tai entered the palace early in the morning and should be back soon," Zi Xia answered.
Shuiyunjin looked at the pond in the courtyard and the water became deeper and deeper.
Half an hour later, Ling Xiaoyao came, looking different in the past. I can see that he has come to talk to her.
Until LingXiaoYao stone bench sitting opposite two people who also didn’t speak.
"Why don’t you ask me when I will return home?" LingXiaoYao smiled at Shuiyunjin.
"Now it’s only a few days before the Chinese New Year. You can still catch the reunion night if you go back now." Shuiyunjin also smiled at him.
Ling Xiaoyao suddenly raised an eyebrow. "There are some words that I don’t say you already have an idea, not that you know me, but that you know what you want."
Shui Yunjin blinked. If Ling Xiaoyao had to say so, she would have said many things that she couldn’t control. The only thing she could do was to control herself:
Chapter 14 ShuiYunJin mind
"I’m leaving today. Take care of yourself. I want to stay here with you all the time, but I know it will be difficult for you. Yunjin, I’ll deal with it when I give it to you. Maybe you think all this is so-called that you have your own plans, but I also said that I won’t let you leave me. There are some things you can’t control about life and death. I never thought about letting go and I won’t give you another chance to back down."
Ling Xiaoyao’s eyes are very clear when he looks at Shuiyunjin, but no one can hear the momentum in his words. The persistence and strength in it are desperate and predatory.
Shuiyunjin looked as usual with a smile until Ling Xiaoyao left Shuiyunjin’s face and smile gradually dissipated. She had warned that this day would begin when he suddenly appeared like a patron saint that night, but now he told her in vain that he would not let go.
In her words, Bai Ling Xiaoyao meant that if the marriage between the two countries was a proper plan at the beginning, it is now an established fact, and it is not up to her to say that it has changed a little carelessly, that is, the two countries are at war again.
But at that time, she couldn’t refuse Ling Xiaoyao Cong, but she wasn’t stupid either. If she didn’t agree at that time, Ling Xiaoyao could attack Yangcheng the next year, and it was as easy to force the marriage between the two countries. At that time, there would be no refusal. Maybe Changyong could be her, and she would never be sitting here like this.
But she never thought about going to Lingguo, and she never thought about his toffee status. If she was forced to abandon Huangfuda at that time, she would rather be forced to endure everything, and she wouldn’t let the emperor be implicated in Huangfuda, Wangfu, and she wouldn’t see her last appearance. She wouldn’t give Lingxiaoyao a chance to threaten her again.
It’s been almost a year since she came here so suddenly. This year has changed so fast that she has been working hard all the time, but it is impossible to spend the rest of her life with Huangfuda safely.
"Miss Ling Taitai" Zi Xiayin interrupted Shuiyunjin’s thoughts, and when she looked up again, she saw that it was Huangfuda’s light face. She looked at him and Tsinghua frowned slightly, and the corners of her mouth suddenly raised "I won’t go to Lingguo to rest assured."
"I know, but my heart is still very uncomfortable." Huangfuda’s tone is not so good.
Shuiyunjin’s mouth is smiling. How can a proud and overbearing man like Huangfuda endure his own woman to marry into someone else’s toffee? No matter whether it’s rumors in Beijing or Ling Xiaoyao, it’s unbearable for him to appear under his nose every day, but maybe he really loves himself too much. Maybe for such a long time, he has been trying to resolve the marriage between the two countries, such as letting her return to Lanwangfu to be the former princess of the county and now the princess of Rong.
She knew that it was difficult for him, but it also gave him a big problem. This problem not only trapped her, trapped Ling Xiaoyao, but also bound him to break free. He endured until the right time and was desperate
"I have never blamed you for fighting in Chang Yonglan Palace. You gave me the burden of Beijing and put me in danger. I have never blamed you. I am afraid that I will bear your great trust. All kinds of decisions are made by me. No one forced me to resolve the crisis in Beijing and bring peace to the border between the two countries. I am also a Lanwangfu person, just like you thought. All the grandchildren of Huangfu family should stop talking about you and me. Everyone should have their own responsibilities. You are me, too."
"I won’t give you up, never. I’ll think of a way. You don’t have to worry. You have to think about following me closely." Huangfuda Shuiyunjin squatted in front of her like a jade hand and caressed Shuiyunjin’s cheeks as white as porcelain.
Shuiyunjin nodded heavily. At this moment, she really wanted to follow him and not think about anything.
Huangfuda embraced Shuiyunjin in her arms, and it was rare for them to be calm and peaceful.
I don’t know how long it took to see the steward coming from the outside. "Miss Huang invites you into the palace."
ShuiYunJin should suspection.i da also released her.

Lu Wenbin said, "Do you have any suggestions?"

Lu Chongxin paused for a moment and then said, "You know I am an old fan of Inter Milan. After losing to Hoffenheim in the Champions League final, Inter Milan once again lost the chance to touch the Champions League trophy. Do you think it is possible to consider moving to Inter Milan and try to help them win a Champions League? Moratti and us old fans will help Inter Milan win a Champions League dream, and I won’t interfere after your transfer?"
Lu Wenbin turned a positive tunnel in his mind. "Dad, don’t say that. I am also a small fan of Inter Milan. I like football. You took me to watch Serie A and watch the start of Inter Milan. Then I will transfer to Inter Milan this year and try to help Inter Milan win a Champions League."
Lu Chongxin immediately happy way "thank you"
桑拿按摩After hanging up with his father, Lu Wenbin called Mendes about the horse and told him that he was ready to move to Inter Milan.
Schmendez hopes that Lu Wenbin will move to Real Madrid. After all, Real Madrid has a bigger name and more successful commercial development.
But it is still Lu Wenbin’s main Mendes who dare not interfere too much.
Now Lu Wenbin is his cash cow, and he won’t go against Lu Wenbin.
Therefore, Mendesma agreed to come and then began to contact the general manager of Inter Milan, Ernesto paolillo, about the specific transfer and signing.
After several days of discussion, Inter Milan, Hoffenheim and Lu Wenbin completed the negotiation on the transfer of Lu Wenbin.
On May 5th, 21st, Inter Milan held a press conference to announce that Lu Wenbin, winner of European Golden Boot, Champions League Golden Boot and Triple Crown, officially transferred from Bundesliga Hoffenheim to Serie A Inter Milan for 100 million euros.
In fact, this 100 million euros is the liquidated damages of Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim.
The transfer of 100 million euros surpassed last year’s transfer of 940,000 euros from Romania to Real Madrid, officially becoming the world’s first football player and the first player to transfer over 100 million euros.
At the same time, although Inter Milan did not announce it, Lu Wenbin’s annual salary was also dug up by the media and exposed.
The annual salary of 160,000 euros far exceeds Romania’s 120,000, making it the highest salary in world football.
As soon as the news broke out, it immediately sensationalized the world. Even the report that Spain won the World Cup gave way to Lu Wenbin.
Of course, it is also because the heat of the World Cup has decreased a lot with the passage of time.
However, how to say that the first football transfer worth over 100 million yuan, the world’s first annual salary in football and so on all made Lu Wenbin full of news.
The world sports media, newspapers, internet and radio have all reported for a long time, and they are almost the headlines.
Lu Wenbin’s transfer of 100 million euros to Inter Milan became the first price in football.
The first transfer of world football has exceeded 100 million yuan from Lu Wenbin.
European football officially entered the transfer of 100 million yuan.
Segmented reading 17
Lu Wenbin transferred 100 million euros to Inter Milan to become a real 100 million euros sir.
Lu Wenbin’s annual salary of 160,000 euros is far ahead of that of Mr. Golden Ball. Can Luo, Messi and Kaka Moratti get a return on their investment?
The head of Moratti’s family said that this was the last time that Moratti was funded by a family consortium to help him buy a superstar.
Moratti finally gambled on whether the first salary in football can bring Inter Milan a Champions League.
Ordinary fans can look up and marvel at this transfer, but Inter Milan and Hoffenheim fans are two worlds apart.
Although Lu Wenbin had a premonition that he would leave the Bundesliga, Hoffenheim fans were still very sad when the day came.
Several people poured into Hoffenheim official website to express their anger at the club and questioned whether the club had left Lu Wenbin.
There are also radical fans who burn Lu Wenbin’s jerseys at the entrance of the club and outside his residence in Rheinkar County to vent their anger.
Less than an hour after the news broke out, Hoffenheim official website was crowded into Hoffenheim fans and collapsed.
But no matter how they do it, the transfer is irreversible.
Lu Wenbin published a thank-you letter through the media, thanking dietmar Hope for his kindness, thanking Ralph for his kindness, and thanking Hoffenheim fans for their support in recent years.
Finally, he wished Hoffenheim a healthy development into a real giant in the Bundesliga in the day after tomorrow.
Chapter 395 Abnormal hiding
On June 6th, dozens of media witnessed Lu Wenbin’s completion of the physical examination and officially became a member of Inter Milan’s jersey number 6.
Lu Wenbin completed the unification from the club number to the national team number to the personal nickname.
And he also hired a professional manager, China, and registered the "666" personal brand and trademark with many economically developed or populous countries.
Some countries have been registered by others and tried to buy trademarks.
One step, Lu Wenbin will set up his own personal brand company and start to invest. The first step is to get a sports brand in China.
After all, China is the nickname of Lu Wenbin’s Camp 666, which was first shouted by China fans and became popular.
Lu Wenbin’s 666 personal card China is the most recognized.
China opened its market before entering overseas.
Of course, Lu Wenbin’s main energy is to hand over the personal brand company to the professional manager to take care of Kate Lu Wenbin’s financial supervision on behalf of the company’s deputy general manager.
For Lu Wenbin, he pays more attention to completing the medical examination and officially joining Inter Milan.
21 Italian Super Cup champion
Asked to lead Inter Milan to win the 21-year Italian Super Cup.
Reward 50,000 experience and 5 skill points
22 Italian Cup champion
Asked to lead Inter Milan to win the Italian Football Association Cup in 21211.
Reward 50,000 experience and 5 skill points
23 Serie A champion
Asked to lead Inter Milan to win the Italian Serie A championship in 21211 season.
Reward 10,000 experience and 1 skill point.
24 champions league champion
Asked to lead Inter Milan to win the 21211 Champions League.
Reward 30,000 experience and 3 skill points
25 quadruple crown
It is required to complete 21, 22, 23 and 24 at the same time to automatically complete the quadruple.
Reward 3 skill points for opening the hidden skill "long shot"
These awards are almost the same as the Bundesliga awards. There is nothing special about them.
To Lu Wenbin’s surprise, when he completed his medical examination and officially joined Inter Milan, in addition to these routines and rewards, he also generated an original hidden "club main line" and displayed it at the top.
According to the unified explanation, this hidden main line will only appear when certain conditions are met.
Because the conditions are not met and there are no hidden conflicts, it is certain that one item will be completed by the law.
Only when Lu Wenbin chooses to meet certain conditions will it be opened.

Su Mo cold hum a don’t want to let Du Li too complacent thinking to walk from the rooftop, but at this time Su Mo heard a woman melody nowadays "Luo Shao, please be gentle … I can’t stand it."

Luo Shao? Why does this name sound familiar? Su Mo frowned and walked over. Su Mo felt a little sick when he saw a man and a woman hugging together.
Is this man sick? You wouldn’t get a room? Still think this rooftop scenery is good? Su Mozhen hates this kind of man with a long brain, which is why Su Mo is willing to marry Mo Sina because Su Mo thinks Mo Sina has stronger self-control than ordinary men.
Simply from rejecting the naked Du Li, Su Mo can give full marks to Mo Sina.
Of course, this is also because Su Mo doesn’t like Du Li in his heart, but this man in front of him … Su Mo doesn’t like it more. How can he be a poor man if he really comes here? You can’t help it, just get a room! What the hell is going on on the rooftop?
Su Mo was about to leave when he was about to leave with a sad breath, only to see the man raise his head and wipe his mouth with a bad smile.
Luo Ruixi! What a narrow way to go!
"Remember that mom doesn’t want to listen to her aunt, go to bed late and go to bed early, don’t eat too much food, don’t watch too many tablets, it’s not good for her eyes …" Wen Ya is just like telling her own funeral, and her attitude is a little long-winded now.
"Knowing mom," Ozawa was not impatient and even comforted his mother. "Mom, does your business trip mean that your position has risen?"
Wen Ya didn’t dare to tell her son that she was going to a remote town to do a data survey, because Ozawa was young but he was still very sensitive. Wenya was afraid to tell her son the truth and she would be worried.
"Well should be! It won’t be long before my mother can move to a big house with Ozawa. "Wen Ya still takes care of his emotions when he speaks.
Ozawa frowned and looked a little skeptical. "No, I don’t want a big room. I want my mother to be able to be with me anywhere."
Wen Ya’s heart ached when she heard her son say this, and her tears almost fell for so many years. If Ozawa hadn’t accompanied her, she would probably have insisted on not coming. Ozawa was not a drag on her, but a significance for her to live.
Wen Ya took a deep breath and comforted her son with a smile. "Don’t worry, everything will be fine, but mom doesn’t. You must remember to listen to your aunt these days." Aunt Wen Ya asked to take care of Aunt Ozawa because she was always at home and worried that she couldn’t take care of Ozawa.
Although she spends a lot of money every month, she doesn’t want Ozawa to feel lonely at home alone
When Wen Ya told Ozawa, Wen Ya’s words rang. She took a look at it to show that she didn’t want to answer the call from Mo Sina so late. Why?
Wenze has always been very good at observing words and feelings. At this time, when he saw that his mother looked wrong, Ozawa must have asked, "Is that uncle?"
"The uncle?" Because Ozawa’s tone is too positive, Wen Ya is a little dumbfounded
"It’s the handsome uncle who helped us out and bought me a lot of toys. It’s a good uncle." Ozawa really wants to be the uncle who looks like himself, but in his mother’s words, his father has gone to be a hero
"Are you a good uncle because you bought a lot of toys?" Wen Ya felt vaguely amused at his own theory.
Ozawa shook his head. "It’s not just like this, mom. I don’t know what it is to see that uncle feel inexplicable and trustworthy." That’s true. Ozawa always has a feeling of nostalgia when he sees Mo Sina.
Wen Ya leng a look embarrassed, so it sounds like Ozawa is ink Sina child, but it’s a pity that it’s over, right?
"Mom, that uncle called again. Oh, don’t you answer it? Mom, are you running from this uncle? Is this uncle after your mother that you won’t answer the phone? Before those who want to pursue the mother’s uncle called, my mother didn’t pick up any of them. "Ozawa’s little devil saw through Wen Ya’s mind at a glance.
Wen Ya some shan shan "is not the pursuit of department …"
"Why doesn’t that mother answer the phone?" Ozawa seems to be a real question. Wen Ya didn’t know that Ozawa had silently said, "Uncle, I can help you here."
Wen Ya saw that if she kept escaping, she would let her son continue to suspect that Wen Ya didn’t want her son to be too entangled with Mo Sina anyway … But she had already said that if she escaped again … Wen Ya Nai could walk aside and pick up the words "hello".
Ozawa looked at his mother and had something to say behind her back, but he couldn’t help laughing. Today, Ozawa watched a TV play and saw what was said in it, that fathers knew each other by their looks.
Ozawa was a little suspicious, and it happened that it was broadcast to the news of ink Sina again. Ozawa stared at ink Sina for a long time and wondered if he was a child of ink Sina.
Because they are somewhat similar in appearance.
But he remembered that his mother said that his father was a hero … Well, he was a hero, wasn’t he? There is one thing Ozawa can’t understand, that is, how could such a good uncle lose them?
Section 1
品茶论坛"Why did you answer the phone so late?" Ink Sina tone is somewhat dissatisfied and doesn’t feel that talking now is disturbing Wen Ya.
Wen Ya frowned. "This is what I do in class. I don’t need to explain to you, do I?" Ink Sina now seems to be getting wider and wider.
Chapter 40 I can accept him as my father
Ink SiNa choked by Wen Ya words some shan shan, he wanted to ask if there is a man around … But this assumption he thought about all feel uncomfortable! Thinking of Wen Ya and other men … No, he can’t think about going again.
"Mr. Mo, it’s so late. What’s the matter with your call?" This is her private number class, and it’s her own time. Isn’t this too reckless? Or ink Sina heart and thought of what torture Wen Ya move? This moment Wen Ya felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart.
Even though the two of them have broken up, but in the end … Once mutual affection is still? What ink Sina attitude to her can be so rude?
Is it a lie to say that business is not righteous?
Wen Ya frowned but heard Mo Sina’s so-called attitude. "I’m checking whether you have enough vigilance. Can’t I be a member after work?"
This reason ….. I really don’t know how ink Sina said it. Why is he so naive now? Wen Ya frowned but didn’t say much. "If you are all right, I’ll hang up first and I’ll put Ozawa to sleep." She has hinted that ink Sina hopes that it will converge when it is private.
Can let Wen Ya feel a little consternation is when ink Sina heard that she was going to coax Ozawa to sleep, there was some depressing atmosphere, but it was transient. Some ink Sina smiled and said, "I won’t bother you if I want to coax Ozawa to sleep well." Ink Sina hung up directly without Wen Ya’s consent.
Wen Ya hold mobile phone face expression very language really Wen Ya don’t know much about ink Sina exactly what meaning or is this simply a harassment?
After ink Sina hangs up, it’s a face of satisfaction. How can he tell Wen Ya that he wants to talk to Wen Ya? Some are eager to hear Wen Yayin. Ink Sina is not good at saying such melodramatic words, but he doesn’t confess. The whole person’s behavior looks a little silly.
Wen Ya hesitated for a moment and shook his head, but Wen Ya turned around and saw Ozawa’s look. "Is it work for uncle to find you so late?"
People are little kids! Ozawa guessed what his mother would say and deliberately asked.
Wen Ya’s face was a little hot. She was embarrassed to give a hand. "Yes, it’s work. Uncle means going on a business trip tomorrow …" Wen Ya chose to lie, otherwise she wouldn’t let it go.
"Really?" Ozawa nodded his head a little. "But why do I feel that my uncle is like a very caring mother?"
Uh, it’s all an illusion! Do you know what that beast did to your mother? That’s how you suffer at your age! Mom didn’t tell you because mom was protecting you.
Wen Ya made up a lot of brain after watching Ozawa speak again. "He is the director of Ozawa."

It’s a pity that chicken is so good.

Before Han Jingjing walked over, Lingyu ran away, crying and leaving her. Lingyu watched her leave disconsolately behind her.
After a long time
She looked at the door of the north house again, and he didn’t even bother to look at the most beautiful jade in the village. So if it was her, she would be humiliated and laughed at, right?
Jing-jing han preoccupied with low head.
In this encounter, Han Jingjing was the first to be tempted. Although Gao Ze’s personality was a little bad, he was really filial to her and grandpa. Han Jingjing had never tasted being cherished since she was a child, but Gao Ze cherished her, which made her heart that had never throbbed jump slightly.
But she also knows that she is not worthy of him. He is so beautiful and rich that she can’t afford everyone in her generation.
After Lingyu left, Han Jingjing was never happy. She sat on the swing in the courtyard to bask in the sun. This swing was built by Gao Ze cutting wood himself. It was said that it would add some fun to her life. Han Jingjing gently swung on the swing, from frugality to extravagance, and from extravagance to extravagance. After Gao Ze came here, their lives improved a lot. She wondered what they would do if Grandpa spent 50 thousand. You can’t be attached to Takazawa forever, can you? He will leave one day.
Han Jingjing thought for a long time. Finally, if she wants to quit school, she should go to work early. The 50,000 yuan will be left to grandpa to see a doctor and provide for her old age. She has hands and feet and must be able to support herself.
Takazawa gets up at one o’clock in the afternoon.
He sat in the pit for a long time, his head was in a mess, and then he got dressed in bed and wore slippers to wash in the yard.
When Han Jingjing saw him coming out, she gave him a well, leaned over to him and told him her thoughts.
Gao Ze toothbrush to a half stopped twist a head to see her incredibly twisted eyebrows "what did you say? Want to drop out of school to work? "
His mouth is full of foam and his face is terrible.
Jing-jing han got a fright and gently nodded "well"
"Say it once" Gao Ze looks at her steadily, and her eyes are getting colder and colder. But he regards Han Jingjing as his own sister. His sister is going to drop out of school to work. Can he agree?
"I think so. Grandpa is old now. Leave the money to grandpa for retirement. I am still young and have hands and feet to support myself." She moved her eyelashes and dared not look up.
"Hehe, I can’t." The overhead sound is cold and there is no temperature
Jing-jing han zheng terrier neck "what? Aren’t you leaving us sooner or later? We’ll be different then. Should we work hard? I just want to be early. It’s my decision. "
"What’s wrong with your generation?" Gao Ze was holding a toothbrush and the sun couldn’t shine into his eyes. He said coldly, "Don’t drop out of school. Grandpa hopes that you will be all right. You have to finish high school and enter a good university to show your face to Grandpa. If you don’t worry about studying, you will have to pay one million yuan a year."
"We’re not real brothers and sisters. You must be so kind to us?"
"Because I have regarded you as my relatives, you are my sister in my eyes, and I forbid you to drop out of school. If you regard me as your brother, listen to me."
He is so overbearing that no one disobeys a word.
He never gives you the time to leave, but when you don’t leave, you are absolutely desperate. Han Jingjing stares at his face and she can’t say a word. She dare not say that she likes him. She dare not say that she is immersed in his tenderness because she doesn’t deserve it.
Jing-Jing Han didn’t say a word. She slammed the door and left with a cold expression.
She ran to the mountain alone and sat in granite with a stabbing pain in her heart.
burning sun
She doesn’t know what to think about, and she is full of boundless space.
No one has ever been so kind to her. She can’t resist his kindness. She likes him, but at the same time she knows that she doesn’t deserve it. She dare not tell him. But the cruelest answer is that I regard you as my own sister. Han Jingjing can’t accept this sentence. She doesn’t want to be his sister. Maybe she is ugly, maybe she is poor, but she also has dignity.
half an hour later
Dressed up, Gao Zeshan came to see her. He took a bag of boiled eggs in his hand and slowly approached Han Jingjing and handed them over. "Grandpa and Zhang Ma don’t know how to cook, so I got some boiled eggs for you to eat. Aren’t you villagers hungry when you are right? It’s a little past one now. Don’t be hungry. "
Jing-Jing Han ignored him and looked at the scenery stubbornly.
Gao Ze sighed and sat next to her. The sound was light. "I will tell you that you and grandpa have planned for you in the future. When I get back to Beijing, I will try to take you over and let you live in the city. Then we can learn together."
夜生活As soon as Han Jingjing’s back froze, tears came up unwillingly.
Gao Ze took out a card and handed it to her. "There are 900,000 in this card, which I kept for you. This money is for your life after you arrive in Beijing. I dare not tell Grandpa because I know that Grandpa will definitely not want it. I intend to put it here for you to keep."
Han Jingjing looked up with a shock. "I don’t want it!"
She pushed away his hand and shook her head.
Take it, this is my investment in you, and you have to repay me. Read hard and don’t let me down.
"No, I can make my own money. I can support myself."
"How many years do you have to work on your own? The years will never come back. You gave up this opportunity today, and you will be able to live in the future. The bottom of society is far behind everything you want. "
Jing-Jing Han didn’t speak.
for a long time
She asked faintly, "Don’t look forward to it?"
"It’s hopeless that you don’t accept my funding. It’s conceivable that you will find some low-level jobs after dropping out of school, work so hard forever, marry a man with almost ordinary wealth, and then live like this all the time. There is no end and no way out, and if you accept my funding, maybe you will be changed and enter a different world. You will be excellent and beautiful, and marry a rich elite for a happy life."
"Happy life?" Han Jingjing looked at him stupefied. "Do you think I can be happy all my life?"
"Don’t give up the chance to change your destiny, maybe you will get a completely different life."
Jing-jing han apex with a shudder.
What will different lives be like? She is also very curious …
Han Jingjing accepted his card that day. If she can really change her life, she will repay Gao Ze for the next generation …
Recall here
Han Jingjing blinked gently and said to Yin, "He has changed everything in my life. Even if he doesn’t love me, I am willing to protect him all my life."
Without Takazawa, there would be no Han Jingjing today.
Look at Yin and sigh with emotion. "I didn’t expect you to have such a relationship."

What is their reality? It’s not that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, but a pure contract. She is his one-year contract lover.

How can you tell his mother the truth like this?
See Yin Anran didn’t want to answer, and Meng Yijie didn’t continue to ask, "Forget it. Anyway, I can’t understand you and my brother."
"I’m full, Xiaojie. You eat slowly." She said for a while and left the table.
Not long after she returned to her room, she received a message from Gu Jingyan, which was an email account.
She opened her mind and adjusted the photos taken yesterday.
Gu Jingyan doesn’t really need much post-processing for this photo. His face is the biggest advantage.
Yin Anran simply adjusted the color and thought it was ok, then sent it to Gu Jingyan according to the email address.
桑拿按摩Gu Qingshuang slowly opened her eyes and her body ached as if she had been run over by a car. She turned her head and saw the handsome face.
Bo Xiao is still asleep.
She picked up her mobile phone and happened to see the news that Yin An had dyed her hair.
She replied with a chuckle.
After chatting with Yin Anran for a while, she just put down her mobile phone and got ready to get up, when her waist suddenly gained a force.
She was crushed back to the soft big bed.
"Where to?"
The tip of his nose spray her face against her warm breath.
Gu Qingshuang stretched out his hand and pushed him to reveal a sarcastic smile. "It is natural to leave when you are done."
Bo Xiao’s brow flicked together because of her words, but it was only a few seconds. He returned the same smile and raised his hand to stroke her cheek. "Finished?" Gu Qingshuang who finished with you! "
Gu Qingshuang gave him a white look. "Thin gentleman, aren’t you enough?"
"What do you think?" He chuckled and started talking, but she kept moving and lighting a fire.
Gu Qingshuang bit his lip and couldn’t refuse him to touch her. "It seems that being thin and less common sense is still lacking. I know that you are physically strong, but have you ever heard of the words?" She laughed.
Thin night looked at her this smiling face heart suddenly move.
His delicate lip angle is slightly raised, which directly covers her little lip and keeps rubbing and biting.
Every time he kissed, Gu Qingshuang almost gasped, and he didn’t let go until her little face turned red.
Thin night hand, she is on fire.
"Bo Xiao, let go!" She protested
She was developed by him, and he is the most sensitive person who knows her.
Gu Qingshuang’s small hands clung to the sheets, and she hated it, but she didn’t want to feel it, but her body was provoked by him.
He provoked her to "kill everyone"? Ah … you know you have this thing. If Gu Qingshuang really dies, what’s in your body? "
As soon as he spoke, his strong desire was overwhelming and he possessed her.
Gu Qingshuang’s little face turned pale with pain.
But regardless of her feelings, Gu Qingshuang felt terrible.
It’s like this every time. It’s more like a disaster than love! Less for Gu Qingshuang.
After everything was over, Xiao Xiao got up and went straight into the bathroom.
Gu Qingshuang waited for her to come out before she went into the bathroom to clean.
When she came out of the bathroom, the big room had already disappeared, and she looked at the bed and saw a check on the remote control of the bedside table.
She went over and picked up the check and glanced at the figures.
There was a sarcastic smile on her lips, and her hand was pinched out of shape.
Chapter 69 His shirt
Yin Anran entered the drugstore after thinking about it at the door.
"Miss, what do you need?" The clerk asked with a smile.
Yin Anran is the first time to come to the drugstore to buy this "forehead contraceptive"

Yu Xiaoye Jin has been asking me to hold her from the car to the bag.

Ye Wen laughed. "Second, Xiao Jin seems to like Ding Jie very much. He has always been a little cool baby and doesn’t talk much."
Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes fell on me like "hmm"
I "…"
Actually, I think it’s amazing, too. It seems that I hit it off with Xiao Yejin for the first time, and Xiao Yejin stuck to me so much, but I’m not a kid, but I just like him.
Ye Wen teased Xiao Ye Jin, "Do you like this aunt?"
Xiao Ye Jin nodded. "She will be my aunt."
I "…"
What does this mean?
Ye Wen seems to be surprised and turns to Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan wiped Ye Jin’s mouth, and the soup was quiet and said, "Eat."
I have a big wave in my heart, but I don’t ask much in front of Ye Wen and the children.
It’s already two o’clock in the afternoon after dinner. Xiao Ye Jin fell asleep in her arms when she took a nap.
Ye Xiangyuan held his face and could not say how soft it was.
I thought about it and decided to break such a beautiful thing. "Although I am very grateful for that … I still hope you will stay out of it …"
Ye Xiangyuan looked at Ye Wen.
Ye Wen took out an envelope and handed it to me. "This is Er Shao. Let me search for something that may be useful to you."
品茶When I opened it, the information in it was impressively what I was looking for, and it was even more detailed than what I had collected during this period.
I can’t help seeing Ye Xiangyuan.
He still looks calm and can’t see what his mood is.
Ye Wen said, "Actually, it’s just a word from my family …"
I quickly shook my head and interrupted him "Don’t bother to thank you"
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly looked at me and "marry me"
No one dares to touch you after chapter 26.
Section 22
I’m completely stunned.
Look at Ye Wen in an instant. He is more shocked than me.
Is it because Ye Xiangyuan listened to Xiao Ye Jin’s words that he improvised?
Ye Jia Er Shao, the most prominent person in the imperial city, proposed to me, but I was not surprised at all. I had an idea in my heart that I would politely refuse his proposal without causing him dissatisfaction.
I thought for a moment and said, "I don’t want to get married yet …"
Ye Xiangyuan directly interrupted me, "Think again and don’t rush to give an answer."
He was unhurried as if I refused what he expected, and he didn’t care whether I promised or not, as if he was sure that I would promise him eventually.
I bit my lip tightly.
He glanced at me and said, "No one dares to touch you after becoming my wife."
I gently droop my eyelids.
Of course, no one dares to bother me, but who can guarantee it privately? Just like Xiaoyan said that she has several ways to make me disappear.
Ye Xiangyuan, however, has no feelings for me because he thinks I am suitable to get married. In the future, if I am in danger, he may not be able to save me.
If something really happens to me, he will probably look for another shield.
I can’t help thinking about the girl who is truly beautiful. Why doesn’t Ye Xiangyuan marry her?
But now is not a good time to explore. I was silent for a while and sincerely said, "Professor Ye will definitely marry a wife who is more in your heart."
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t say anything more, holding the sleeping little Ye Jin up and saying, "Let’s go."
I’m not sure whether he was told by me or whether he didn’t want to listen to my excuses any more.

"What are you going to continue to be Qin Miaomiao?"

"Of course not."
Shirley from catching her had more tight some folded way
"Can you really accept being a stranger’s wife and living with him?"
Qin Miao Miao was a heavy cold way
"You are wrong. Lu Qing is not a stranger. He is my husband and my lover."
Li Li sneered, "How long have you loved him? Can you guarantee that he is not the second Chu Yunhao? Don’t forget that he is much more terrible than Chu Yunhao."
Qin Miao Miao hard to hand back light way
"He’s not blind to me once, and he’ll never be blind again. I’m not that stupid."
Shirley from looking at her face hand gradually tighten sink a way
"No matter what, I have no chance, right?"
"Sorry, Aly"
Shirley stood up and stared at her face for half a ring. "Don’t say sorry to me. Go."
He wants something, even if he means it, he will fight for it. No, others have said sorry to him.
"Goodbye, Aly, if we can still be friends?"
Shirley shook her head "no"
He’s been a friend for too long. He wants to be a friend:
Chapter 29 Nine lords win this game
Back in Liyuan, Lu Qingzheng and Uncle Jiu played chess and were eaten to death. The situation was very good.
Nine ye drink a mouthful of puer slightly meaning way
"Give up, Xiao."
"Uncle Jiu, if I win this game, I will take Simon home."
Nine masters sneered at "try winning a game without shame"
Lu Qing, holding a white bone joint with a slight warmth, immediately fell to the corner of the chessboard and the whole game came to life immediately.
桑拿会所"Nine uncle will continue?"
Nine ye sneer at ha ha two "originally you already even if good, you are careful enough"
"Be polite. Can I pick Simon up and go home?"
At Lu Qing, Master Jiu gave him a slight dislike. "Pick it up. It’s annoying to look at you every day."
Qin Miao Miao looked at the bickering at the door. Two people unconsciously lifted their corners of the mouth and felt warm in their chest.
Those cruel and dark past will finally be released. From then on, she is no longer Su Jin who is full of resentment. She is Qin Miaomiao, and there are many people who love her.
The years are quiet, and she wants to cherish it.
"What’s Xiao Brocade doing at the door to accompany Jiu Shu for a game?"
Qin Miao Miao came up behind nine ye single-handedly kneading his shoulder light way
"I can’t beat my legs and shoulders in chess, but I can."
"Your hand is healed."
"No, I’m still good at it."
Nine ye patted her hand and smiled faintly. "No, I don’t bully the wounded. Forget it. Just go back with the little one, but I’ll tell you that you bully others outside. Anyone who bullies you is giving me a hard time, understand?"
Qin Miaomiao put his head on his shoulder and put his hands around him. He murmured, "It’s good to know that Uncle Jiu loves Uncle Jiu."
Lu Qing got up and carried her collar to her arms. Her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and she was very dissatisfied. She looked at her and said, "Hold another man in front of me when I am dead."
Nine ye also got up and pulled the cuffs with a sneer.
"My little Brocade is close to me, and you dare to take care of your life."
Lu Qing sneered, "Why do you want to make gestures? Who’s afraid of who?"
Come on, this time, she can’t stop it, and she’s not going to stop it.
After 300 rounds of the two men’s war, Master Jiu won by a narrow margin. This time, it’s still a matter of time. From the face of it, it’s not hard.
Master Jiu looked smug. "You lost."
Although his ribs hurt a little, why is the skin so thick and painful? I can’t do it. I have to hold on in front of Brocade, and I must not reveal it.
"Let’s have another game."
The old man was so skillful that he made a mistake. If he had known, he should not have taken it lightly.
Nine Ye sneered, "If you want to make a comeback, you have to get out of here when it gets dark."
One more game and he’ll lose. His ribs hurt. This bastard will take care of him next time.
Looking at two people walking out of the door, Nine Ye suddenly felt a little overwhelmed, clutching his chest and thinking about whether it was necessary to find some masters to cure him.
"The housekeeper brought me a bottle of battered wine."
"Nine ye, you are hurt."
Nonsense, how could I get hurt? I’m a mosquito;
Chapter 29 Someone is secretly black
The reincarnation shooting entered the end and entered the tense post-production. This is the director’s editing. Qin Miao Miao did not participate, but released a trailer to the network, which immediately attracted many fans, especially Lan Fan. In addition, the director’s appeal is beyond doubt
After all, he is an Oscar-winning director, but many people question that reincarnation is not a general literary film or a purely commercial film. This kind of criminal theme is not easy to shoot, and it is even more rare to shoot new ideas.
Moreover, the appearance of this haze as an anti-angle has also caused many people to question it.
"I don’t feel good after watching the trailer. The tone is very dull and unsightly."
"How can the film emperor take this kind of play? Is it because he ran out of money and made a mountain? The company seems to be average. It is still a new company and feels that it is very likely that the play will be successful?"
"Isn’t the company that is about to go bankrupt and finally turned to the film and television investment system because of the capital injection of Longting Group? The boss is still a woman. How good can a woman have?"
"It’s a pity that the director Gao Hu has had such a good fight with the film winner, but it is possible to make a bad film."
"Nonsense, we film winners never make bad movies."

There are two people walking lightly across the winding corridor in the whole palace.

I went straight back to Yunge Shuiyun Hibiscus, and hurriedly bought it back with a huge amount of money. Baby was careful. My wrist was almost broken all the way. Looking at the table, I suddenly thought of something. Looking at sitting at the table and drinking tea calmly, Huangfuda really lingered on. She still remembers that everyone helped him early and she said that she would throw all his things into the opposite lake.
But only one day later, she even lost her first kiss, and she knew more about his thoughts and feelings.
"It’s so late to have tea. Do you want to sit here all night?" Shuiyun Park went to the table and complained discontentedly. She just didn’t like him, so she was carefree and could think of anything.
桑拿按摩  title="I’m hungry." Huangfuda raised her eyebrows and smiled picturesque, and her eyebrows were moist and jade-like.
Shuiyunjin suddenly turned supercilious look. She doesn’t seem to be such a big child.
"It’s so late, where can I find you something to eat?"
Huangfuda said nothing, but smiled and the eyes of Mo Yu were sparkling.
"What are you laughing at? I’m not as big as you, so I can change it." Shuiyun Park frowned.
"I know that when I was in the teahouse, I was afraid that you would eat less when you were hungry. Now it’s very late. You can go to bed regardless of me." Huangfuda smiled gently
Nima Shuiyunjin suddenly wanted to hit the wall. This is an ancestor.
A chapter can appear in Adai’s noodles.
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Normal heart facing persistent heart Who likes this sentence as much as I do:
Chapter 67 Adai and Noodles (beg)
If he is hungry, let’s see what he says. If she can sleep, she will really be heartless and ungrateful. Is he acting so pathetic?
I really want to stun him with a punch. Forget it. I secretly scolded him. I’ll get you something to eat. Don’t abuse you like I can’t finish it. I want you to look good.
Huangfuda’s thin lips smiled and looked at Shuiyunjin’s angry and uneven back. The eyes of Moyu seemed to be dyed with the glow of the glow.
"Sit as a big ye, don’t hurry to follow the thugs." Shuiyun Park turned around and saw a smiling suspection.i da grumpily dismissed.
Huangfuda raised her eyebrows slightly and followed Shuiyunjin towards the front yard dining room.
The faint light, Shuiyunjin, looked through the food available in the kitchen and thought that it was too late to eat too greasy. I thought it was the fastest and most convenient to cook noodles.
"Wash your hands"
Huang Fuda, who just stepped in, smiled and went to wash her hands according to her words.
"Come and mix noodles" Shuiyunjin orders Huangfudan.
Huangfuda couldn’t help frowning at the good noodles and water in the basin after cleaning her hands, which really stumped him.
"I won’t"
"If you can’t learn from Lan Wangfu Gong, you can make a living." Shui Yunxi taught that he stretched out his hand and rolled up his sleeves and elbows to raise his eyebrows, indicating that Huangfuda would start work quickly.
"No man wants to learn to knead dough." Huangfuda smiled wryly, clinging to the person in front of her eyes with a motionless gesture, becoming more and more lazy.
Shuiyunjin otherwise hummed, "What’s the big deal about a man with a big man’s accent? If you live like this, you will be killed sooner or later."
Huangfu Lida smiled naively. When did he become a "mother society"?
"Don’t talk nonsense. It’s not good for you to know too much. A man should get out of the kitchen, get out of the hall and get into the bedroom. After my man washes and cooks, cleans up the house and takes care of the children, he must be proficient in everything and sell him if he can’t do it."
Shuiyunjin solemnly said that he couldn’t see where his little mind was whisking away from his arms.
Huangfuda suddenly smiled bitterly. It was the first time he had heard that women sold men, but he agreed with her that especially the sentence that she got into the bedroom and was interested in the one in front of him. She just liked him to learn, and she didn’t find it difficult to knead dough. Anyway, she could knead it together.
Shuiyunjin was relieved to see that he agreed with his point of view, and he didn’t care about his rusty hands. He picked up some vegetables and mushrooms left over from cooking during the day and washed them together.
Outside, Yesen and Jiqing carefully sneaked into the room and watched his family go into the dining room to knead dough. It’s just that the sun can scare people to death when it comes out from the west.
Behind them, they hurried. Looking back, they were like a harp. Presumably, they heard the noise and came to serve, but they were stopped by Jiqing before saying anything.
In the room, Shuiyunjin taught Huangfuda to roll noodles and cut noodles. Fortunately, this disciple is not stupid. It will save her a lot of effort.
In the past, Shuiyunjin also liked to eat noodles because it was quick and easy. This life’s craftsmanship was good, and the taste was not bad. I tasted a mouthful of satisfaction and nodded. I found a bowl with a big bowl on the ground and turned to look at Huangfudi behind me. "Eat and remember to eat."
Huangfuda raised her eyebrows. That’s a soup pot. Does this little woman want him to eat this meal for three days?
"You want me to eat here and take it to my room."
Words fall turned and walked out of the house.
Shuiyunjin’s language is dragged like an uncle and treats her like a maid. I can’t finish eating it before I want him to look good. Just after I left the house, I saw three pairs of eyes staring at myself.
"I still want to eat in the pot."
"Mrs. Xie, you’re welcome." JiQing smiled from ear to ear. He really wanted to taste what it was like to knead the noodles.
"Little lady handmaiden to end" such as piano ready and way.
"No, you can go to sleep after eating and packing." Shuiyun Park smiled.
Slowly, I went to the drawing room and saw my eyes leisurely. Since Huangfuda grumpily sniffed, it was indeed your husband who suddenly put the pot in front of him a few steps ago and sat next to him. She wanted to watch him finish eating.
"Look at you, how can I swallow like a man-eater?" Huangfuda smiled shallowly. Where did he think that the watertight hibiscus was deliberately written with a little thought?
"It’s going to be bright if things are delayed any longer." Shuiyun Park replied that it was a bit relaxed.
Huangfuda picked up chopsticks slowly and gracefully, stirred up two noodles slowly, and watched Shuiyunjin want to get angry. He ate like this and went to a pot to eat until the sun mountain tossed for a day and a night. At this time, he felt really sleepy when he sat down and climbed the table to support him. His eyes were still open.
I don’t know how long it took, but Shuiyunjin couldn’t bear being sleepy any longer. After blinking a few times, she climbed the table and slept. She could hear clearly with a slight breath.
Huangfuda also put chopsticks at this time, looked at the eyes and fell asleep. Shuiyunjin looked at the eyes and left half a basin. He raised his eyebrows and smiled, and sure enough, no matter how delicious things are, they have to be in moderation.
Got up and tasikmalaya picked up Shuiyunjin and walked towards the room.
Early the next day, the emperor flew into a furious rage and rebuked the Beijing guards and Jing Zhaoyin for five days to find the people behind the scenes, or else they were dismissed and severely punished, and ordered the Pingnan general Gu Qingan to station his troops to search outside the capital day and night. Once suspicious people were found, princes, ministers and civilians should be reported on the spot.
Who can bear the consequences of this edict that shocked the ruling and opposition parties and angered the emperor, and let Gu Chengjing deal with it? It’s a hard nut to crack. Even the emperor can’t get something from him, but it’s harder than going to heaven.
After all, which government didn’t raise eleven dead people for nursing home, but suddenly such a big accident is bound to be implicated. I hope this storm will pass quickly and never wave to my head.
Huangfuyu’s face was gloomy at the palace gate. He couldn’t imagine that such a thorough plan would fall. He made arrangements for everything. He wanted to quietly carry out Qingyuan Mountain’s strength, but he couldn’t escape from his palm. Who wanted to lose nearly a hundred confidants and almost lost his life? Now even the bodies are closely guarded, which makes my father even more angry. It’s really a mistake to find out what went wrong behind the scenes.
The middle-aged man behind him also looked solemn. "The temple must also worry that although the plan failed, fortunately, there was a thrilling honing report, and it was equally successful."
Huangfuyu cold hum a "he won’t put the palace in the eyes of his father’s pet over the years. His ambition is that if he gets it this time, it will be great."
"The temple said that some things should be planned early." The middle-aged man’s face was heavy
"Now the palace is most worried about those bodies. Last night, you couldn’t make moves before Jingzhaoyin found the bodies." Huangfuyu sink a tone and show more reprimand. How dare those people in Jingzhaoyin stop today’s Chu report?
"When the old minister received the tip-off, he immediately took the government guard to go, but it was too late. So many pairs of eyes stared at the outcry in Beijing, and even if he wanted to hide it, he counted." The middle-aged man looked calm and didn’t see any embarrassment