In fact, all this is his intention and

Just like the military parade, this is a powerful deterrent to deter Wu and thus give Wu an effective signalBetter not mess with me! With this in mind, he wished Wu could see them, or he wouldn’t have to go so far. After all, there are many people in the dark swamp now, and there are plenty of places to train.
But until now, I’m still too sure that Wu has received this signal. Because of Wu Gen, he hasn’t been seen yet, but one thing is certain that Wu should not show up for a short time.
It’s easy to speculate that if Wu receives the signal and doesn’t show up, then his own people will definitely not show up again until they leave. If he doesn’t receive the signal, then how can Wu Gen not show up nearby?
However, it was not direct that the flying stars suddenly ordered the team to stop, although there were enough waves.
He did this mainly because he saw the [League of Assassins]
Just in the Ghost Ridge, the number of people who train is probably the same as their current ones. The action is to look around and hide the dangers, and it seems that they are not in it.
admit grudgingly
Ghost ridge is really a good place to train. The monster is a kind of monster called evil ghost, with an average level of about 33, which is very suitable for people with level 3. The most important thing is that this area is a little higher, and there are no bare trees around Fiona Fang, and there are no dense forests and rocks to hide.
In this place, the panoramic view of the kilometer environment around the training level can definitely effectively prevent all kinds of sneak attacks and prepare before the enemy attacks.
By …
[Assassin’s League] When people came, they naturally saw [Bann Kwan Khiang Dao] people, and it was earlier than when the other party saw themselves. However, they just glanced at [Bann Kwan Khiang Dao] people and continued to work hard and didn’t make any special response.
Because the two families are now staying out of trouble, they have already told them that the Bann Kwan Khiang Dao people are just passing by.
What they need to guard against now is not [Bann Kwan Khiang Dao] but someone else …
But just because they don’t talk doesn’t mean that the stars can’t talk. Just when the team stops, he has already shouted at the assassin’s alliance. Hey! Come out a steward I have something to ask.
The other party, after all, is the president of this face or want to give it.
In a short time, a highlevel smiling man came out of the crowd of [Assassin’s League] and replied, What can I do for the president of the flying stars?
Hehe, it’s nothing special. I just want to know what a hidden killer did and why he wasn’t with you? Gherardini asked [Assassin’s League] people are also hiding dangers in the body training. There is no reason not to follow them. Sure enough, this guy is haunted. See how I expose you in front of so many people.
Hear flying stars for questioning the top face smile immediately cold a few minutes.
The faces of those who are training behind him have also become less beautiful.
Although these people don’t know how the hidden dangers died and dare not ask, the hidden dangers are indeed dead, but the fact is absolutely impossible to hide from them.
However, it is really not a glorious thing to wash one’s dirty linen in public. As long as they know it themselves, they will definitely not discuss it in person, let alone with outsiders.
At this time, the stranger, the flying stars, just grabbed this question that everyone didn’t want to discuss and asked it out. With that Gherardini expression, the irony came out. This point is to know this matter and take the opportunity to find fault! Otherwise, why laugh so badly!
[Assassin’s League] Almost everyone thinks so.
The highlevel sneer at a cold asks flying stars, chairman of the management committee is not a bit too wide? No matter what our president is doing, it seems that there is no need to report to you, the president of Flying Stars?
bold! Who are you to dare to talk to our president in such a tone? You are impatient! ?”
Even if you are here, you can’t talk to our president like this. What are you! ?”
No big or little! Is this how you are taught to hide the murder? Even if you grow up this time, you can’t be protected!
President don’t tube what alliance to make! This guy must die!
The flying stars haven’t responded yet, and the hands around him have all stared up and snapped up.
品茶论坛Disrespect for a guild president is tantamount to contempt for the whole guild, and it is absolutely impossible for a bloody person to be indifferent to it.
And [Assassin’s League] people will immediately get rid of the monster at hand and gather together to make a titfortat verbal counterattack around the top
What’s the matter with this tone? You should insult people in this way!
Yes, what’s the matter with the president? If you grow up, you can come and expose our scars? Why don’t we just wait?
I’m not afraid to tell you that we have a good tone now. If our president is here, he will directly scold your faces!
Want to start work? Come on, I am afraid of you, we are yours!
At that time, the two groups of people in Lingling were in chaos, tearing their voices and spraying each other. There was no big guild background, demeanor and temperament, just like two groups of Uzbeks.
Quiet! !”
Flying in the sky and yelling at the stars, the momentum of the president of the second largest guild in China was revealed, which shocked the scene in an instant.
No one dares to make a tinkle again.

Don’t you know who I am?

Oh, two people Gherardini, isn’t it too late to beg for mercy at this time? Didn’t you think about today when you were puffed up before?
But Chu Yun continued, I am a person who cherishes my life very much, and I really want to beg for mercy to let my two predecessors leave me alone, but I can tell from the expressions of my two predecessors that it is wishful thinking, so I can be a scumbag again.
Listen to him, Sakata returned to the market, and two people had a bad feeling in their hearts.
A hunch will come true soon.
See Chu Yun and took out the jade pendant carefully holding hands to reveal the expression of the villain’s success. Now I will give you a multiplechoice question, either I will take the key myself to open the secret storage or you will kill me.
But I will definitely destroy this key before killing me.
He looked at the two men’s livid faces with profound meaning and continued, Kindly remind you two that if you choose the second answer, your heart will be happier, but everything in the purple cache will be lost to the two predecessors. As you can see, if you don’t kill the murderer, everything here can’t be taken away. The only thing you can get here is that the predecessors said you need a key to open the cache.
Now, please tell me the answer: Do you want to kill me with an open mind, or do something that adults should do and live to achieve their goals before turning against each other?
Chapter 122 Shut up
Two people looking at Chu Yun that little success face really feel life has never been wronged.
Mom, even if you threaten once or twice, you’re addicted to threats
Is it because you are so threatening that you have no brains that we dare to turn against you because we can be sure that you can’t threaten in this way?
This idea not only can’t make two people angry, but makes them more angry.
Being provoked by a natural villain is more irritating than being provoked by a person of equal strength.
Holding back a mouthful of anger, I took a look at Sakata’s return to the market. Zi Shixiong clenched his fists and said word by word, Although I really want to kill you directly, you are such a villain that makes me very unhappy, so I still want to tell you a cruel thing before I kill you.
Sanhe people, there is really no way for the outside world to stop you from damaging the jade pendant. Although there is still no way to stop your thoughts here, it is easy to manipulate the aura by means to prevent the jade pendant from being damaged so quickly.
So I can tell you that your laziness is completely ineffective from now on.
Hey, are you angry? Do you feel flustered?
I’m telling you, I have long disliked you.
If you don’t have the strength, you will die faster if you rely on it a little.
Zi Shixiong now has a desire to limit his speech. He has been depressed by a person below his own level for a long time, and Chu Yun is still his own competitor. He really wants to see his bad luck.
Now he wants to say his words freely, which makes Chu Yun sincerely regret his sharp irony.
He looked at Chu Yun’s mouth and gushed, saying that Sakata returned to the market next to him and saw his one eye in amazement. He also looked at Chu Yun.
Chu Yun, however, when Zixiong first said that his threat was invalid, he did look a little ugly, but as Zixiong kept saying that his face changed from the initial rain or shine to indifference.
In the end, it was even more like a smile.
This Sakata Guihui and Zi Shixiong were blinded by his expression. This little boy won’t be scared crazy. Although I think this guess is incredible, it’s the closest to the fact guess. Otherwise, who knows what this little boy is doing? It’s not unusual to know that people are afraid of death and do things that run counter to each other.
To say whether Chu Yun is bluffing, through some exaggeration, makes two people misunderstand and sing a play out of town, which makes two people afraid to start work. If they know that Chu Yun has this idea, they will say that if Chu Yun really thinks so, they must be really crazy.
Whether Chu Yun is bluffing or not, both of them will begin to conclude that the reality is not a drama plan, which can not scare people.
And Chu Yun, at this time, there is really no imaginary potential.
When Zixiong kept threatening, he finally heard the good news.
Taoist Kuidao has joined the array spirit.
More importantly, the array spirit told Taoist Kui that the array spirit had been paying attention since Chu Yun came in.
Chu Yun doesn’t know the situation. He’s got absolute guarantee.
According to the array spirit, Chu Yun has a purple family bloodline, so he will be under special protection. The level of protection is also purple male, the now purple family patriarch.
Chu Yun was glad after hearing Taoist Kui’s statement, but he also felt that the diaphragm should panic.
I’m a pure Chinese man. What’s the matter with the purple blood family? Instantly, like a witch’s guess, Chu Yun began to doubt whether the purple is true. This person really doesn’t like an island person to make that kind of change. The Chinese people have the boldness of vision, plus the original purple family’s most powerful God, Taoist Kui, is also Chinese. He really feels that this purple is really Chinese.
Of course, even if he feels this way in his heart, he won’t say it. He always feels like he has become a Chinese island country, a neighboring country and a cosmonaut. That wonderful country has nothing to hide from others and wants others to be good. It must be them. Their textual research shows that the middle hole is them and the Dragon Boat Festival is them.
My mind drifted a little far, comparing the differences between the islanders and the cosmonauts. Chu Yun secretly pouted that the islanders were really mean people. Sometimes, they felt more acceptable than the pseudomonarch of the cosmonauts. Maybe it shouldn’t be said that the pseudomonarch of the cosmonauts didn’t even pretend to be ashamed.
Hey, shaking his head hard, Chu Yun secretly blamed himself for being distracted. At this time, he was really able to support the wonderful work. When he was in danger of his life, he actually commented on the other two countries in his heart
Well, it’s because my own safety is guaranteed.
After laughing, Chu Yun tutted two weird chuckles and said to Zixiong, Are you finished?
Zi Shixiong’s face was livid. You’ll regret killing you if you sing the city plan, but now I’ve decided to torture you to death.
In fact, according to Zi Shixiong’s view, Chu Yun’s singing the city plan is to treat the two as fools.
桑拿论坛  title=It seems that he will Chu Yun debunk, and this little one will definitely have eyes to dodge and look pale. I didn’t expect Chu Yun’s face to look at it and actually there was a little encouraging smile.
Listening to Chu Yun’s smile and applause, It’s said that the islanders are rigid, but it’s still biased to see you now. At least you are quite imaginative.

The card is very powerful when it is pinned down. Lin Tian is out of the essence of the card. Even if the other party has a big dragon buff, it will be pinned down by our team. Now, if Lin Tian and others can play better and bring some IQ, we will have a good chance of winning if we don’t play hard with each other. Meng Fan also shook his fist when winning

The fifth set was unexpectedly glued.
Chapter one hundred and twentythree LPL here we come
After a yellow card was taken out, Lin Tian immediately threw a v d at the other demon Ji.
Ding Yi demon Ji was immediately dizzy.
Come on, if you just vegetarian food, then R will knock out a lot of blood in Lin Tian if you hit it.
Even if you can’t kill Lin Tian’s card, Lin Tian probably doesn’t dare to stay.
But those two skills are amazing!
R direct vegetarian food himself was dizzy to Lin Tian, and a Q skill was thrown directly in the past. The demon Ji was beaten passively. Ye Han knew which one was directly connected to several flat A! Immediately kill the vegetarian demon Ji directly.
A Q in the late card can really kill the crispy skin, especially the fragile witch.
Vegetarian roots didn’t expect Lin Tian to hide himself so easily at that time, and R itself was also one of the leng.
I met many opponents in this genius, but I didn’t have much skill to hide from him. At that moment, I was already seconds away.
The vegetarian witch Ji died in battle, and there is no obstacle in Lin Tian!
Come to vegetarian food and go back to the A team. Everyone is very at ease. I feel that the genius of vegetarian food can definitely block Lin Tianka.
But I didn’t expect vegetarian dishes to be seriously affected! Directly by the second!
What is this?
Team a is in a hurry to return to the city. If it doesn’t return to the city, it is estimated that the family will be removed by the card!
But the A team can’t go back to the Z team. Others seem to have become mad dogs. It’s really a mad dog that pounces on the A team.
No one in Team A can come back!
I finished my card every day. blade master feels I’m serious. I think the king of heaven is suitable for a hero like blade master and Zhao Xin. herring said seriously
It is true that Z team actually has a lot of games that are stolen and won. It is really …
This game may not be stolen by the king. If there is a returning king across the street, it will not be removed, and the king will have to clear an opponent, otherwise the super soldier will not be able to resist two towers. At this time, the beach is more rational
Zhou Shiyun is not rational at all.
She knew that this wave would be the winner.
This wave will decide whether the A team wins or the Z team wins.
Zhou Shiyun was so nervous that he forgot to breathe without saying a word.
At this time, it is better than Zhou Shiyun. I hope the Z team can win.
Lin Tianka played a Q skill against the opponent’s front teeth and triggered his lich disaster, followed by a flat A.
The speed of card dismantling tower is really not slow.
A hero like Kapai Jiaoyue is one of the best in dismantling the tower in the middle list.
Of course, it’s not a single in A.
The first front tooth was removed in a moment.
He cleared a pair of Fang Xiaobing so that his super soldiers could well block the laser emitted by the second front teeth!
Lin Tian cut the card and continued to face the second defensive tower Ping A. When he dismantled the tower, he cut the blue card. The blood volume of the second incisor immediately dropped a lot.
But at this time, the Z team has already seen someone killed.
It’s not easy to kill the blind monk in the wild with one person missing from the Z team in that main battlefield.
The other party pulled out, but there was still no way to return to the city.
Why didn’t Team A take a hero like Lady Tan Pig and Sister Huang now? They all control points, and they can’t control three people together. If they can’t control them, several other people in Team Z will harass Team A!
At this time, the Z team is really desperate.
In that earphone is their roar.
Fat way don’t want to go back! If you want to go back, you will pass the fat man first!
品茶All dead!
Several people heard Lin Tian’s ear, but Lin Tian didn’t speak. His attention was on the second front tooth!
Finally, the second front tooth has been removed! The other side left a base!
There is really one base left!
Team a is in a hurry.
Tian Ning shouted, Hurry back to one!
Can’t go back? Shan couldn’t help but say that she really can’t go back.
What shall we do? Tian Ning’s cold sweat is coming. Team Z is confident if he plays hardball, but Team Z won’t play hardball with them.
There are so many routines like Lin Tian.
Moreover, there are many Han Xiao routines in the Z team. Han Xiao Jialintian is a tactical routine, and Lin Tianze is a drill. There will be many routines when the team is in danger.
He told many heroes to steal their homes. It turned out that the mouse stole their homes and brought the Z team into the semifinals of the city hegemony competition.
At this time, this hand card is also full of routines!
Tianwang has torn down half of the A team, and no one can go back to my God! Herring doesn’t know what to say.
And the beach says, That’s ridiculous. That’s ridiculous.
Tianwang has to be demolished. At this time, the Z team has all been killed, and the poor Tianwang A team can finally go back! At this time, Zhou Shiyun finally came to his senses and said the game!
I saw the screen Lin Tianka facing the base A, and the other three people went back to the city and stepped on the home guards, just shouting a knife to keep people!
But at this time, Ye Han Q got the lich curse effect and then headed for the base A.
Finally, the base exploded!
Bang! Team A’s base exploded into ruins!
The audience immediately got excited, and Z team fans immediately waved Z team cards and cheered.

This man just can’t talk well!

She pinched his waist gently and trotted into the back room.
Meng Yichen lips slightly satisfied smile.
In the room
Meng Yijie sat on the sofa and saw Meng Yichen come in with a smile on her face and handed him the hair dryer.
Meng Yichen some nai looked at her and walked beside her and took the hair dryer.
Meng Yijieshu enjoyed "Brother, it is most comfortable for you to blow Xiao Jie’s hair"
Meng Yichen smiled, "What’s wrong with you today? You don’t need me to blow your hair on weekdays."
She pursed her lips and looked at him. "I just thought that when I saw my brother blowing her hair for Xiaoran’s sister today, I suddenly remembered that my former brother often blew her hair for Xiaojie."
Meng Yijie is the youngest in the family, and everyone loves her since childhood, and Meng Yichen is no exception. Not only Meng Fu Meng Mu regards her as the palm of her hand, but also Meng Yichen.
After blowing her hair, Meng Yijie waved her head and looked at Meng Yichen with a smile. "Ok, brother, go back to accompany Sister Xiaoran."
"Well, you go to bed early, too. You have classes."
"Well, I know!"
When Meng Yichen returned to her room, she saw the little man holding a magazine.
Say it’s reading a magazine, but if you take a closer look, the little people’s eyelashes quiver and their eyes twinkle, as if they were going to sleep but holding on.
Meng Yichen walked over and raised my hand and pulled out the magazine in her hand and put it aside.
Yin Anran didn’t really fall asleep. Even though it was light, she was still awake and looked at him with misty eyes. "You’re back."
She was so lovely that Meng Yichen leaned over and kissed her without saying anything.
"Well …"
The sudden kiss made Yin An wake up instantly.
He has the skill to kiss her, and after a while, she surrendered, and a pair of small hands tightly hugged his neck and responded to his kiss.
Who can remain calm when being kissed by a beloved woman?
Meng Yichen all reason instantaneous collapse a reflexive directly to her body.
He held her lips violently again.
A hearty and joyful love, two people’s body and mind have got the perfect fit.
Royal bar
Deafening music
Chu Ting was sitting alone. She had just finished drinking a glass of wine and gave her a second glass of wine when she saw a figure.
按摩The man happened to see her, too
Walking towards her with a smile on her face.
"How to find me to this bar? Good noisy "ChuTing eyebrows a slight frown.
The man smiled. "Aren’t all bars very noisy?"
"But this is more special."
The man chuckled and ordered two glasses of wine and glanced at Chuting’s heart. When Chuting’s heart was about to be delivered to his mouth, he reached out and took the glass away.
Chuting heart looked at him "what are you doing"
"Heart, this wine is not suitable for you."
I don’t know how this sentence touched Chu Ting’s heart. Chu Ting’s heart curled his lips. "What wine do you think is suitable for me, Shen Yanting?"
At this time, the wine was just ordered by Shen Yanting.
Shen Yanting picked up a cup and handed it to Chuting’s heart. "This cup is gentle and suitable for you."
Chu Tingxin took a look at the wine he handed me and suddenly smiled, "Is gentleness suitable for me?"
Shen Yanting knew that she was in a bad mood. "The last time you asked me to check things, I found some photos, but they were all photos of two people going in and out of restaurants and shops together. I felt no problem."
Shen Yanting put a brown paper bag on the table.
Chuting heart picked it up and took out the photos inside and looked at it.
It’s true that there are pictures of two people going in and out of restaurants and shops, but …
Chuting heart suddenly chuckled, "It seems that there is no problem, but even if it belongs to this restaurant, the number of times of going in and out of the store is not frequent."

Sister Luo smiled, "Maybe this is your fate."

"Fate detoxifies and pays attention to fate." Shui Yunjin is puzzled.
"You don’t ask, then you will know that you take good care of yourself." Sister Luo got up and walked out of the room.
Shuiyunjin just sat there motionless, and her heart suddenly gave birth to some uneasiness, but it was not white.
Another day, Shuiyanhui and his wife came to Beijing to meet the mother and daughter out of the city in person. Naturally, Mrs. Shuiyanhui was so happy that she looked at Shuiyunjin and smiled from ear to ear.
I came to Shuiyun Park to arrange for my parents to live in Hou Fu. The old prince personally sent someone to pick me up. It is more lively to live together. I am afraid that Shuiyun Park will also live in Hou Fu.
The weather is getting hotter and hotter, but in Yunge Waterfront, it is like spring all the year round, with green lake, bamboo forest, peach blossom forest, towering ancient trees, cool breeze and fragrant vegetation and fruit.
On this day, the general’s family came to Lanwangfu, Shuiyanhui and General Gu, the dozens of brothers who had never seen each other. Naturally, there were endless words, and Mrs. Shuiyunjinshui and others all sat in the waterside pavilion to have tea and chat.
Not long after, I saw Ji Qing coming from the suspension bridge. "The princess report is back and there is still half an hour to enter the city."
Shui Yunjin smiled, "I know we are all waiting for him."
JiQing looked up at "the report said"
"What did he say? It’s not that he wants me to go out of the city to meet him personally." Shuiyunjin tunnel at will.
Ji Qing’s face was pleased. "The princess’s report is indeed a heart-to-heart. That’s what the report said. If you enter the city, you can see the princess. He will wake up laughing when he sleeps."
Shui Yun Jin suddenly said, "This is his exact words."
"Back to the princess is really can’t say such a thing" JiQing nodded.
Sitting on one side, Mrs. Shui and Gu Chenxi couldn’t help laughing. Even Zi Xia and those maids like Qin couldn’t help laughing. This pendulum is to want to see Shuiyunjin earlier, so it’s really amazing that a big man has such a heart.
Shuiyunjin listened to the smiles and blushed slightly, thinking that the man is really getting more and more beautiful. Forget it.
"Yunjin will go quickly, so as not to sleep at night." Gu Chenxi quipped.
"It’s melodramatic to leave home for so long, but let him come back quickly." Shuiyun Park reprimanded him.
JiQing suddenly little dream a quiver comely yan some twist with "princess this is dare not"
"Well, you can pick up Da ‘er. You must miss him for so long." Mrs. Water smiled with relief, suspection.i Da meant that her daughter was the happiest.
"Mom, he did it on purpose." Shuiyun Hibiscus pie mouth
"Niang certainly knows that it’s also a matter of love between Lao Er and his wife." Mrs. Shui said, and she lifted Shuiyunjin up and pushed her to go outside.
Anyway, her mother has long been confused by the face and mouth of Huangfuda.
JiQing suddenly laughed at this face. It’s okay. It’s finally a job to report.
"The princess’s carriage is ready and waiting outside the house."
夜生活Shuiyunjin raised his eyebrows and saw his one eye. It’s true that Huangfudi’s close friend has a master and a servant.
It was less than two cups of tea when Shuiyunjin drove the city gate in a carriage.
"The princess is about five miles away," said Ji Qing beside the carriage.
Inside, Shuiyunjin didn’t say anything for a moment. A tender white hand opened the curtain. "I’ll wait for him, so he’d better see it at a glance."
Ji Qing snickered, "It turns out that Wang Hao is also very distressed by Wang Ye."
ShuiYunJin eyes a stare "you are really your prince intimate little cotton-padded jacket"
JiQing immediately silent hanging his head don’t say anything.
Shuiyunjin drove the carriage with Zi Xia’s strength. At this time, it was the evening sunset, and the sunset glow lit up half the sky.
Shuiyunjin looked at the lush outside the city and slowly walked towards the outside.
However, when a column of incense smells like hooves ringing in the distance, it seems that many people are coming.
Shuiyunjin raised her eyebrows and heard the sound of "Sister Sister" before she saw the figure.
Shuiyunjin knew earlier that Huangfuda had gone to Beijin, and when he came back, he would leave Chenchen. Otherwise, he would definitely follow.

He doesn’t have a scroll in his hand, but the scroll doesn’t recognize the owner’s things. If you can get the younger brothers without them, the scroll can leave successfully. With this in mind, he began to look around and find the best path.

It was he who never thought of his little mind, and everyone was unclear. He was kicked back when he rushed to the body of a teacher younger brother. Without thinking, he turned to another body and was forced back by a burst of hot anger. He looked up and saw that the body was like a hill and the flame behemoth was staring at him for a moment.
If he couldn’t pick up the scroll, he still had a chance to escape, so he pounced on Junkuang with several extremely thin knives and chased Junkuang alongside him, while others planned to bypass Junkuang directly.
Junkuang raised his hand and brushed away the knife, conveniently grabbed the man by the collar and picked him up. "You can calculate."
"how can you see through my crazy gait?"
"But it’s just a little faster and a little weirder. I’ve seen more weird footwork than this. It’s no big deal." Jun laughed at the man and threw him back to his original place.
The green evil spirit slips down from the neckline of the monarch’s madness and turns into a human body. The beautiful woman smiles and turns up this person in a snake’s tail to prevent him from running again. She swims lightly to the ancient tree and throws the former monarch to the knife and pulls it out.
The towering giant tree shook, its branches withered and its leaves fell off one after another. The whole giant tree began to crumble and collapse little by little from the gap left by the knife, but it didn’t fall down until the whole branch cadre turned into debris and left uneven stumps.
"So do you still think you can get into the master’s place?" Qing Shaqi rubbed the knife into a ball in the palm of his hand and threw it in front of this person. "The master said that you were punished by being picked up." She raised her hand and planted a seal on this person’s forehead. "Now it’s not too late for you to go back and find someone to repent. Don’t wait for us to expose your crime. If you want to retaliate against the master, you say that you are casual, but I hope you can afford the consequences."
"I repent, I repent." This person touched his forehead, and Lingyin ran away with rolling and crawling. It was a big disaster for him. Yushao Forest can also be transformed into a human-shaped spirit beast. How hard it is to cultivate this group of people, let alone revenge. Let’s first review what our fortune is so bad.
"Green evil spirit elder sister, what kind of seal do you have on his forehead?" Qin Xiao asked curiously, it’s a bit funny to see the man frightened out of my wits.
"Well, it’s not an ordinary mark," said the green evil spirit. "Isn’t it true that some prisoners or slaves have tattoos on their faces?"
"I understand that." Qin Xiao was a little curious. After all, she couldn’t understand the words "What is the word on the face of Green Evil Sister?"
Green evil spirit Qiu but smile not language gave you crazy expression of eyes "such as
Reading in sections 131
Master, I did a good job. "
"Well, it’s quite nice to have you back, so I’ll make a sacred agreement with you." Jun nodded with satisfaction. He didn’t expect that the green evil spirit would collapse the whole tree by drawing out a sword at that moment. This situation is definitely more shocking than he expected.
It’s good that he can crack the trunk a little.
Is it really okay to destroy trees?
It’s broken anyway, or they can claim compensation.
"This black banner really looks like a forest map." Bao hasn’t said much. The Ministry has been paying attention to studying the black banner map. "We are not far from the forest center."
"That’s true."
Jun Qian started with a word and saw two women in white running towards them. They looked back carefully as they ran, as if to avoid being chased by someone.
"What’s the matter?" Qin Xiao threw out two charms of cutting, hiding their figure and making them hide in the bushes at the same time.
"We are Lingcheng College. Thank you for your help." One of them was panting. "If you want to go to the central auction of the forest, please be careful. Many people are eyeing this year’s freshmen to wait for opportunities to rob nearby."
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two It may be a good idea to rob and make money.
Lingcheng College is one of the four colleges in the spiritual world, which is unique in that the college has always stopped recruiting female students by men, and even if it is a female qualification, it has no background and no hope of being admitted.
This is the so-called your daughter’s college. Lingcheng College has trained many powerful female practitioners, all of whom are lofty flowers, but dare not talk casually. Some students do have a very high family status, so although the female practitioners in Lingcheng College are beautiful, few people dare to provoke them.
Even if it’s robbery, there are few people in Lingcheng College. After all, I don’t know when I will really get into a big family. The endless pursuit is really exhausting.
These guys who are ambushing in the central area of the forest even dare to touch the people in Lingcheng College. They think that they are either crazy or have reached the point where their brains are unclear, or they are afraid that someone behind them can keep them.
"Those people don’t seem to be coming." When there are more than a dozen interest rates, if the other party wants to chase at least, it’s time to pass by here, so Jun Kuang gave Qin Xiao a wink in this judgment.
"Who dares to fight with you big ladies?" Qin Xiao asked.
The two men shook their heads one after another. "There is a layer of black fog around them, and they are all wrapped in black fog. They can’t see faces and can’t tell which college is too fast to see what kind of achievement method."
"I don’t think it’s our Qian Shan College." Jun thought about it and asked "Is there a large number?" After all, most people in Qian Shan College have been eliminated, and Miao and others can’t make such a three-pronged approach.
"A lot, about a dozen people are scattered in all directions. Once they have a new goal, they will inform each other and people nearby will arrive one after another." One of them gracefully thanked Jun Kuang and others. "Thank you, our sister is Ruan Shi’s consort, my name is Fei Xue, and this is my sister Fei Shuang."
A round of the crazy eyes of "Ruan Jia" immediately made an "appraisal" for two people, and it was with Ruan HongLing.
"Then you have something with Sister Nguyen." Qin Xiao has asked out of the mouth one step earlier. "I said it was Sister Nguyen of HongLing."
"Exactly" Fei Shuang seems to be quite timid around strangers. He has been keeping his head down and his ears and neck are red. He can’t wait to shrink himself into a ball. "But we are sidelined and can’t compare with the owner."
After all, Ruan HongLing also gave them a lot of help and gave them a nice gift when they got married. You are crazy to think that it is better to take the two sisters with those "obstacles" anyway, which is also a little favor.
"Since you are an acquaintance of Ruan’s sister, we might as well give it a hand." At Qin Xiao with laughter, Jun turned his attention to Fei Xue and Fei Shuang. "Let’s just drop by."
"Why don’t you owe us nothing? You don’t have to be so restrained." Jun laughed wildly. "I am helping you to see the family of Lord Ruan, and this favor was paid by Miss Ruan HongLing earlier."
"Deposit" Qin Xiao looked at you curiously, and it was embezzled into the small vault. Why didn’t I know?
"Don’t look at my deposit, haven’t you already eaten it?" You crazy fingers scratched a Qin Xiao bridge of the nose.
Qin Xiao didn’t react this way. The so-called deposit is just an excuse. Can she calculate the deposit if she eats so many sugar-coated haws?
However, she is too lazy to argue with him when she feels comfortable with this statement.
"hinder, hinder the goods to a suspect is not much so one or two" jun modest ha ha laugh.
Before he finished laughing, his brain got a "is it cheap and cheap that no one can tidy up you?"
"How dare I?" Jun Qian shrugged his shoulders and removed the ban. "You said they must have a lot of good goods when they rob people."
"You didn’t just experience it." You picked your eyebrows wildly. After all, they just got some benefits from the "senior brother" of Yuanfeng College.
It’s true that they knocked three people from Yuanfeng College before, but the trader has let them go yet. Jun Kuang is not worried about their default. He told Xuanzong’s master to guard them unless these people don’t leave the college and don’t enter the prestigious clan after graduation from the college.
If they want to enter the big and small clans smoothly or hope that they will suffer less after doing business, they will have to spit it out twice after they default; Besides, you crazy don’t recognize Yuanfeng college people will default.
A group of two sisters, Fei Xue and Fei Shuang, removed the ban and headed for the middle of the forest.
"We are ambushed about 100 meters away from here, please be more vigilant." Fei Shuang said, pointing to the front.
"It’s okay, they can’t stand us." Qin Xiao patted her back to comfort her.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Don’t understand amorous feelings
桑拿按摩Qin Xiao didn’t think that the two sisters, Fei Xue and Fei Shuang, would believe what she said, but the realm was obvious. If she said this, the two sisters would feel at ease a lot.
"Is there any clan that can wrap up the body in the dark fog?" You crazy somehow feel that it seems a little familiar.

"Ahem …"

She coughed desperately, clutching her neck.
However, before she could breathe more fresh air, he kissed her passionately.
Yin Anran consciousness to push him but there is no place.
A passionate kiss lingers on …
He possessed her at all costs.
"Dye dye … don’t leave me, don’t love me … please …"
Kiss her lips finely
Yin Anran’s hands were forced to buckle tightly with him.
桑拿  title=Fingers clenched …
This is the method of shaking hands with loved ones …
She couldn’t help crying, and he kissed her.
"Dye me dye …"
Thin night and Meng Yichen video call when I saw his face tired "what is this? How long has it been since I video with you? How did you become like this? "
Meng Yichen looks very tired, and Xiao Xiao can’t figure it out. It’s reasonable to say that Meng Yichen is popular in business. If something really happens, Xiao Xiao can’t be ignorant here.
Love is rare, but they are very sweet.
He looked at Meng Yichen this kind of some elusive.
Meng Yichen rubbed his eyebrows. "When will you come back?"
"I can’t come back for a short time. Her mother’s operation has not been completely finished. Even if she is finished, she will have to observe it again." Bo Xiao said, "I said, what the hell happened to Chen?"
Meng Yichen took a sip of his lip and simply said things and thin night during this period.
Thin night slightly raised an eyebrow and nodded his head.
He knew that he was a little surprised when he met Yin Anran for the first time. To be honest, he also felt that Achen had found a woman who looked like rebeccalu, but he was just playing for more than two months and would be tired of it. After all, people are not like that person after all.
However, I didn’t expect that Meng Yichen and Yin Anran were far beyond his expectation, and Meng Yichen’s attitude towards Yin Anran made Bo Xiao gradually feel that maybe Chen really loved Yin Anran instead of just Yin Anran looking for a beautiful shadow.
"So she knows? Want to leave you? Are you so upset? "
Meng Yichen lightly replied, "I won’t let her leave me!"
Bo Xiao squinted slightly and had a bad feeling, "Chen, what did you do to her?"
Meng Yichen didn’t speak, but Xiao Xiao guessed something …
"Chen, you can’t do this. The more you do this to her, the more resistant she is," said Bo Xiao.
He frowned. "What did I do to her? !”
"Uh-huh, what do you say? !”
Bo Xiao is a bold guess, but … Look at Chen’s reaction, the more he feels that his guess is right.
"You can’t be hard on a woman. If you are hard on her, she will be afraid of you and the more she wants to escape from you. It may be much better if you are a little soft on her."
Meng Yichen looked at Bo Xiao as if he were a love expert, as if he were good at handling this emotional matter.
"Light said I you? I think you seem to be very hard on your woman, too. "
"I am not the same as you!"
"What’s the difference? Don’t tell me you don’t like her? Don’t like her. Did you make her mother run around sick? Still accompanying you to England? "
Like being debunked, Xiao Xiao touched his nose. "Who said I like it! I … Enough is interest! It’s normal for me to help her when I’m still interested in her! "

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!