We used to Huo Jiujian held Qin Xiao in one hand and Jun Qian’s collar in the other, and they quickly withdrew to Jun Kuang’s side.

I don’t know the opponent’s situation, so it’s safer to retreat to Junkuang early.
Didn’t you protect us just now? Qin Xiao asked. Can you do it again?
But we can’t stay here all the time. Jun Kuang shook his head lightly. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will take a lot of time at the entrance.
Chapter nine hundred and ten The Great Escape at the Temple Entrance 6
These Yin soldiers are well-trained. The black pike with the handle was so elusive that it didn’t look like a natural situation to form Yin soldiers.
I don’t know what strange method is used to refine it. Huo Jiujian guessed.
The so-called weird method is similar to the direct refining of the living. First, the soul of the living is sealed and then the consciousness is removed, so that you can completely follow orders and perform some simple perception and mobility. Then, you can seal the still or soldiers together with the horses that have been fighting together in a big tank, so that the unconscious soldiers and horses are drowned in the liquid medicine for a while, and then you can transport the tank to the extremely dark place for a period of time, and then refining can be successful.
The probability of success depends on the quality of soldiers and war horses, and of course it also depends on the ability of medicine and refiners
Even if it is very successful, it is about half of the output.
Yu Huo’s nine swords have such a guess, which is very obvious. It is this family’s hot thing that burns fire. There is a king’s tomb in the temple, and there are thousands of tapestries in the cenotaph, which are woven by God’s burning and fading feathers. Besides, how can the feather family palace be built in a very dark place?
桑拿会所What’s more, both the God Burn and the Feathers are somewhat shy about repairing the ghost. How can they put Yin soldiers to burn around the temple? Even the ordinary Yin soldiers don’t come out or the root is this period before they enter the temple.
How else can you explain that managers, including the gatekeeper family, are completely ignorant of this?
Considering from this aspect, these Yin soldiers must have been successfully refined elsewhere, but they will be subjected to some subtle suppression methods to give full play to the strength of the Ministry. It is not difficult to understand why Yin soldiers will collide when four people are together, and when Huo Jiujian and Qin Xiao hold their breath, Jun Qian will be noticed.
Yin soldiers feel very slow because of the overall influence of the temple of burning fire.
He, in turn, thought that even Jun Kuang had already thought of this before he would attract the attention of Yin soldiers and warn them not to get close to the shadows easily.
This old fox Huo Jiujian couldn’t help but take a crazy look at you. His heart has turned over the flowers and despised you for several times. He even turned it out to the black history and changed his mind.
What are you doing? Jun Kuang also noticed that it was not friendly or jealous, and stared back at Huo Jiujian.
Nothing to see you beautiful Huo Jiujian casually cope with.
Xiaoji poked his head out of his arms and looked around.
Yin soldiers appear again, but they don’t seem to intend to continue the original path. Even if there are half left, there are still hundreds of them at a glance. Instead of taking the straight road, they quickly besieged the city in a circle and surrounded the four people.
Xiao Ji emerged from Huo Jiujian’s arms and flew higher. He looked at the three layers inside and outside are very tight and he couldn’t hide in the ground. There was a way to go. I can fly you out.
If we really go, you’ll get hurt. Jun pointed to the halberd in the hands of the Yin soldiers.
Yin soldiers have been holding up the halberd since they knew that it was flying. This posture seems to be ready to be thrown at any time.
This is no joke. If the halberd dares to get bigger or there is any attack, I believe it will be attacked by a large number of halberds soon, regardless of whether it will cause harm. Just looking at this dark halberd, I feel stressed.
What’s worse, it’s the fish in the pool that get hit by them.
I’m sorry, Xiao Ji fell, and Huo Jiujian put it in his arms again.
Small halberd lovely you also want to us Huo Jiujian reward SAO small halberd turned to ask you crazy don’t you worry at all
In this case, there is even a way to kill out.
And the crazy expression doesn’t look like a fight.
A string of horseshoes from far to near sounds slow and there are more than four ways.
Huo Jiujian took a closer look and found that there were doors leading to several directions in the hall, some of which were open and some of which did not know when.
Open the door, there are four corridors on both sides, and now you can choose the direction. At least six horseshoes come out of the four open doors, and they are close at hand, but you can’t hear anyone. It’s very strange.
How Huo Jiujian poked Jun Kuangyi.
Jun shook his head at him, and his face was quite close, which surprised Huo Jiujian a little. Jun shook his head slightly less than he wondered if he was mistaken.
It’s rare for you to have a nervous expression. Huo Jiujian also dare not neglect to pull Qin Xiao and Jun Qian to his side and give Jun Qian a wink.
Nebula diffuse to come over, three people shrouded in left you crazy, a man outside as if a statue can’t feel a little breath, Jun Qian gave him a strange look and didn’t dare to ask more.
Suddenly, you’re crazy.
When he raised his hand, he grabbed a dark pike and kicked another pike by your modest body. He kicked the pike and flew in the other direction. The pike collided and both bounced off and landed, and soon disappeared.
You crazy a flip hand was previously he grabbed pike to throw is hitting the fourth handle pike micro-end pike was forcefully changed direction, wiping you crazy alongside of.seem flew over you crazy don’t hide not flash show know this gun can’t hurt yourself again.
Beautiful Jun Qian has never seen anyone with such a beautiful skill today. He can’t help clapping and applauding. He was rewarded with a chestnut by Huo Jiujian and quietly wronged.
You are amazing Qin Xiao sincerely lamented.
It’s not just that the gap between the realms is so fast that you can’t see clearly, and you can see and detect the subtle gap between the four, so you can handle it beautifully. This is not as simple as realm detection.
Four pike handles landed successively, and soon the guns came from and who threw them. The three men looked at each other and listened to what he had to say.
Jun crazy seems to have no response. Looking at the front coldly, squinting slightly is a bit dangerous.
The encirclement formed by the Yin soldiers has been reduced from three layers to four layers, and the halberd has also fallen neatly, with a sense of deterrence.
Run, Jun said crazily. Go to the opposite corridor.
Didn’t you say not to stay in a narrow place to prevent being collided by Yin soldiers? Jun Qian asked.
He didn’t find fault, he wanted to ask a question. After all, there is a choice, and it’s not that there is such a direction here.
Chapter nine hundred and nineteen The temple entrance escape 7
Huo Jiujian slapped him on the back Is it stupid?
In the past, the Yin soldiers took a road, and the other door also meant that we were not surrounded or attacked by them. There was no company commander halberd in their hands. Naturally, we should find an open space. Qin Xiao explained, Now the Yin soldiers have been taken away by you, and half of them have surrounded us. In addition, there are still sneak attacks from four doors. Naturally, we have to move.
That’s not being shadowed.
Junkuang didn’t have the patience to listen to him and directly interrupted him. When will you be surrounded when you are a live target? He snorted. When the encirclement is smaller, the other side will have the advantage of riding a horse and holding a halberd. How do you think you can guard against sneak attack when you are dealing with successive enemies?

Former Chen Mo has given him a different feeling, and he wants to get rid of Chen Mo.

The rest of the dozens of players immediately looked at Chen Mo after listening to Tu Rong’s words.
Tu Rong’s words don’t make sense. It’s a bit suspicious that Chen Mo can do what others can’t do
Gee, you have to make it seem that you are just so. Chen Mo hey hey smiled and lit up an eternal bracelet equipment attribute, but the equipment attribute he flashed out the eternal light attribute and the rest of the attributes were covered up by him.
Secondary artifact!
Dozens of people are looking at Chen Mo with a change of face, and their eyes are suddenly different.
They are all very thoughtful about the artifact, but it is not stupid that they can come alive.
People are not worried about showing off the artifact equipment, so they are not afraid of robbing them. Of course they won’t start work if they don’t have great confidence.
My suspicion can be lifted, but no matter what you say about your suspicion, it’s great to tell you the truth that several people around me are from the same blood clan as this guy named Tu Rong. As soon as they think Tu Rong is acting strangely, they stay out of the crowd and finally escape their lives. It’s very likely that Tu Rong colluded with the night clan. If you don’t mind, I don’t think you need to find any evidence. We don’t need to kill him at all because we think he is suspicious. Anyway, there are so many people dead here, not many of them, nor many of them.
Chen Mo put away the eternal bracelet and looked at Tu Rong. Hey hey smiled and said to a group of players.
The second is more to be continued.
Chapter five hundred and sixtyfour Oneonone hit night clan
After hearing what Chen Mo said, dozens of players around him suddenly looked at Tu Rong with poor eyes.
You calm ten million don’t be incited by him! He has no evidence. It’s nonsense. He just wants you to kill me! I had a grudge against him before, and he wanted to take the opportunity to lend you hands to get rid of me!
Tu Rong said in a hurry.
He didn’t expect this guy Chen Mo to be so ashamed to encourage players around him to kill him without evidence.
We didn’t we don’t mind! However, your suspicion is really the biggest, and we suspect you most, but you haven’t given us an explanation that we really want to kill you. He’s right. We don’t really need a reason at all. Since we suspect you, let’s just kill you and say that we won’t kill you. How unhappy we are!
One of them looked at Turong with a ferocious look and said
The most suspicious thing at the scene is that if Tu Rong is in reality, they have no evidence to let Tu Rong go and can’t take Tu Rongru.
But this is a game. What do you need evidence for? If it weren’t for Tu Rong, they killed Tu Rong, but they just killed one person by mistake.
For the players present, who hasn’t killed dozens of people in the game and killed one by mistake?
And if Tu Rong really betrayed them and colluded with the night clan, and they let Tu Rong leave, it will definitely upset them when they think about it.
It’s not difficult to compare how they are going to do it.
When Tu Rong saw the look of the players around him, he knew that everything he said was gone. These people were determined to kill him and vent their anger.
The broken blade and the wind are both ashamed. They never thought that the silence was such a way to deal with Tu Rong. He didn’t deal with Tu Ronggen himself, but he killed Tu Rong after saying a few words.
You are waiting for me and you!
Tu Rong hated looking at Chen Mo instead of Chen Mo and said those words. He was extremely sure that he could get away without starting work.
Be careful, he wants to run away. Stop him and don’t let him escape!
The silence knew that Tu Rong was going to run away.
The fighting capacity of dozens of players who have escaped is extremely amazing. Tu Rong and several blood clan experts around him can’t be opponents even if they are fierce. They want to survive and the only way to escape.
Intercept us? I’d like to see who dares to intercept you!
Tu Rong said that he and several people around him suddenly awakened the blood clan talent.
A few people’s bodies quickly become a blood person. Before everyone reacts, several blood people quickly merge together to form a blood giant!
The blood giant rushed out of the crowd as soon as he moved!
So fast!
Master players around are surprised to see this.
Tu Rong and others turned into blood giants at a speed close to twice their speed!
Everyone felt that a bloody figure flashed past their eyes, and Tu Rong had already broken through their encirclement and rushed out of the crowd to leave far away.
grass! Let him run away!
It must be that he did good deeds and had to kill him for revenge!
No one can catch up with the speed of the blood giant, even Chen Mo.
So fast!
Broken blade and wind fluttering face a change.
Seeing Tu Rong and others become blood giants, they solved their questions in the forbidden area of blood clan.
桑拿论坛At this speed, the shadow toad root next to the bloodpoisoned fruit tree can’t catch them. They can pick the bloodpoisoned fruit and set an eternal magic trap before leaving.
Chen Mo didn’t expect Tu Rong’s speed to be so amazing, even if he wanted to intercept it before.

"I said, can’t you be serious?" Jun sighed in his heart. "Then again, you made a special trip to send this thing." What do you think of this? It’s like a fruit fork.

He said that he wanted to pinch it with his hand.
"Don’t" the little golden statuette kicked his finger away "I can tell you that there is an array at the bottom of the box to take out. If you don’t believe it, you can try it." He finally accepted the teasing idea and said to the two men, "There are fifteen numbers here that are enough. Didn’t I just say that every time you remove one, please move the spiritual heaven again, the crisis will be stronger than before. The fifteenth root may directly damage the spiritual world. You can weigh it in half."
You gasped and almost threw the box away. "Are you kidding me? It’s such a dangerous thing."
"The spiritual world has been burned by you for about thirty-one times before, and now it has not been restored. You carefully consider the power of this thing." The golden statuette said that a golden light flashed and disappeared, leaving Jun crazy and Qin Xiao with small eyes at each other.
"The" Mi Jiang Zhan Jun "borrowed Heaven to burn thirty-one points, and the fire of Heaven was able to" Qin Xiao calculated carefully that "these fifteen roots will never come back"
I am afraid to think about such power.
You crazy jade box cover carefully income bracelet "just don’t" as far as possible and if there is such a big danger even heaven old partner wouldn’t just give it to him.
If these tokens are powerful, he doesn’t think that what Heaven says is very exaggerated, even if there is something wrong with them, but at the same time, he is also white and powerful, which doesn’t mean that he will destroy anything, so that even if he is afraid, he won’t pose much threat.
However, what is the number?
I can’t understand things. Jun Kuang decided to put them aside for a while.
He glanced at Qin Xiao with a smile. "Are you still playing?"
夜生活"No, no, no, no" Qin Xiao blushed and rushed away from your crazy body.
It’s really embarrassing that they were seen by Heaven in that way before. She had forgotten Heaven and his Six Realms Avenue all the time, and there was probably nothing they didn’t know.
What’s worse, it’s an object of interest.
It seems that if you want to make fun of it later, you need to find a place to avoid people’s eyes and ears. She blushed and pulled your crazy sleeve. "Let’s go home."
"Remember what I said earlier" Jun Kuang nodded slightly.
Two people returned to the abode of fairies and immortals and they immediately surrounded to ask about the situation.
The most urgent thing is Liu Yuenan’s "I wonder if the school sisters have left safely"
"Sister Liu, don’t worry first." Qin Xiao evaded the key and easily confessed that she could speak first.
"That means they are willing to have been picked up by the college people." Ling Susu picked his eyebrows. Now that the college knows the delivery position, it must have already sent someone to station in the aristocratic clan again. It is also easy to intervene so that her plan is possible.
Qin Xiao had already made a draft earlier, and the thief smiled nervously and said to Ling Susu, "Sister Ling doesn’t have to worry about Yuanfeng College, but he doesn’t have to be in the third hospital, even the people in our third hospital may not necessarily unite and fight inevitably; Yuanfeng College’s principle or interest, local means and friendship have probably never been seriously considered. "She smiled and leered at Ling Susu.
That’s right’ Ling Susu was enlightened’ Those guys outside even wish to be impeded, so it would be nice if they were bundled and sent to the aristocratic clan; It’s a good thing that the school sisters of Lingcheng College can leave before. "
Qin Xiao nodded and exchanged a glance with Jun Kuang, then he saw Jun Qian squatting with a dignified face.
What happened to Junqian’s brother? She cast a curious look.
Is the fact really as you said? Jun Qian squinted at the two men from head to toe, and no matter how idealistic the "fact" Qin Xiao said, it seemed that he had made a draft of this speech seriously before. He just heard the fact and had great doubts at the first time.
Qin Xiao’s face is pale with a smile, and the number of female students in Lingcheng College has fallen into the hands of aristocratic families and clans. I still don’t know if they are persecuted and abused. If aristocratic families want to intervene in the four colleges, there is no struggle for a few people. What’s worse, most of them are branches of aristocratic families, and their younger brothers dare not stop those who can really be masters.
It is said that if the family and the clan hostages threaten us, we have no countermeasures. Jun Qian gave you a crazy look suspiciously.
Jun looked down at Qin Xiao and joined their conversation. Where were you?
Speaking of the hostage threat countermeasures Qin Xiao explained
We have already made countermeasures for this matter, but I don’t think you can accept Jun Qian’s crazy face. Looking at Jun Qian calmly, you can’t see what his mood is.
May you look up at him even if you are crazy.
Chapter seven hundred and thirteen mulling three ways
Zhen Chen has a strong sense of justice, and neither of them knows the situation. If there is no guarantee that Shangsiyuan will receive someone; Liu Yuenan is from Lingcheng College, so I’m going to exclude them. Besides Ling Susu and Lengmi, I’ll also find opportunities to arrange to go to their side. Our own people act alone, and your crazy eyes are getting dark.
Jun Qian nodded slightly, apparently agreeing with them, but he sighed in his heart.
He didn’t feel anything wrong with the fact that you are crazy to do things by hook or by crook. It has always been his belief in the code of conduct. Qin Xiao didn’t discourage this kind of excessive behavior. He didn’t know what proper reason to find
Whether you are crazy about Qin Xiao or Qin Xiao is also infiltrated by elite thoughts, but whoever is sure to be cumbersome will be eliminated.
With such doubts, Jun Qian still shared the secret, and he was not afraid of losing his lips and teeth. After all, Jun Kuang said that "family" is the most important thing, and he was glad of his scope.
I really like to think about him and laugh at himself.
No matter what kind of strategy is used, it has nothing to do with him. He is actually one
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Then will his 39yearold mother find many reporters to shoot?

Madam’s hospitalization news has been blocked and can’t be exposed. Ancheng explained patiently.
Night sheng sheng sighed again, or followed Ancheng for a car, actually thinking, Oh, I feel like I can’t see the sun.
You can’t tell the emperor, but at least you can tell the night ink Ran and them, so Cong Ye Sheng Sheng sent a text message to the night ink Ran, and you should send a text message to her from time to time, otherwise remember to save her.
I didn’t say a word to Ancheng at night, and Ancheng also concentrated on driving seriously.
The car soon stopped in front of the hospital gate, and Ancheng and Night Sheng went in together. Ancheng came with Night Sheng Sheng behind her and knew that the ward didn’t need to lead the way.
What’s more, as soon as she came in, she saw Ancheng followed by two bodyguards, which was obviously afraid that she was halfway.
When she saw this appearance, she regretted it even more. She wanted to call the Emperor and ask him to protect herself.
As soon as the ladder door was opened, there were two bodyguards inside, and there were four before and after. There were six people staying inside.
Night sheng sheng is not particularly panic, always feel cold behind the goose bumps. She has never had such a tense moment, even if she quarrels with the emperor.
Why did she provoke the emperor’s family? No, no, no
Outside the ladder to the top floor, Yuan Jiecheng looked at the night, and the face of reluctance immediately turned white.
Ha ha, will it be the last time to see you tonight? Yuan Jiecheng was hit by a night sheng sheng bag in a joke.
crow’s mouth
The emperor didn’t accompany you to be afraid, right? You know how good the emperor is. Yuan Jiecheng said that Ye Sheng gave him a hard stare.
Yuan Jiecheng is also very fond of teasing people at night, especially watching them feel a little uncomfortable, but when he can’t do anything, he will be happier.
Hum is better than you.
Yuan Jiecheng also smiled and didn’t speak again.
Night Sheng Sheng and Ancheng must have important things to do, such as meeting with the Emperor’s mother, Yuan Jiecheng will certainly not delay.
Ann remember to send night sheng sheng back later Yuan Jiecheng this as usual.
However, it is suggested that Ancheng remembers to distinguish between the light and the heavy. The sudden change of the Emperor’s mother will naturally make people worry, so I don’t know if I can fake it for everyone to see.
After Yuan Jiecheng left, Sheng Sheng returned to that restless night.
Walking side by side with Ancheng, she turned to look at Ancheng when she became the ward door of the ward protected by all.
Ancheng just wanted to say something when the ward door was suddenly pulled open from the room. It was Didechang.
Emperor Dechang didn’t talk to the night sheng sheng, but nodded and said hello. Instead, the more he spent the night, Sheng Sheng looked behind her and Ancheng smiled and nodded.
That there are two white hints that moving night sheng sheng looks a little uncomfortable.
When Didechang walked out of Ancheng, he held down the door and looked at him at night. Then he took a deep breath in the ward and took his steps to go in.
Tell yourself to be steady at every step. You are not the same as before.
Now oneself even more can’t panic before Liu Yijuan.
Night Sheng Sheng walked in and saw a sick bed 39, turning over a magazine Liu Yijuan. She looked up and saw that it was night Sheng Sheng and immediately smiled brightly.
Are you tired after a day’s work? Is your cold better? Liu Yijuan asked the heart tone, and a little bit of it seeped into the heart of the night sheng sheng.
Night sheng sheng gave a shudder and couldn’t tell whether it was because she was scared by her sudden heart or because she was too scared.
The Emperor really didn’t take good care of you.
He took good care of me. Night Sheng Sheng’s tone was slightly cold, and Liu Yijuan didn’t mind at all.
Sit down. I don’t think you’re going that fast.
Night sheng sheng pulled a chair aside and deliberately pulled a little distance after being watched by Ancheng and Liu Yijuan. This move is obviously an escape.
According to the usual situation, how could Liu Yijuan be so accommodating? After pulling the chair like that, he should lose his temper and drive away the night sheng sheng.
Don’t be afraid that Ancheng will always hear everything I say to you. Liu Yijuan turned over a page of the magazine.
Night sheng sheng nodded well
Do you still adapt to work? Do you prefer here or new york?
桑拿按摩This way night sheng sheng barely smiled Liu Yijuan cheng maintained a gentle smile.
Like an ordinary mother, I put away the essence and sharpness of the former, which made Ye Sheng feel puzzled.
Even if people suddenly accept such changes as Lu Yijuan, it is estimated that they will be more afraid than happy
I heard from the Emperor that he was going to marry you. Do you know that he should have proposed to you?
Night sheng sheng didn’t answer, but I really don’t know if the answer is good, or whether she will remain vigilant.
Liu Yijuan immediately burst out laughing. I didn’t expect that night Sheng Sheng was heavier than before. Those two years still made her change and know how to prevent people.
I’m just curious whether he has done these things. Of course, I always believe that women must have a serious proposal and a grand wedding ceremony.
We have talked about this topic, replied Yesheng Sheng.
I may have done something to you that made you hate, but I won’t say I’m sorry and I don’t regret it. That’s what I should do.

It’s a pity that chicken is so good.

Before Han Jingjing walked over, Lingyu ran away, crying and leaving her. Lingyu watched her leave disconsolately behind her.
After a long time
She looked at the door of the north house again, and he didn’t even bother to look at the most beautiful jade in the village. So if it was her, she would be humiliated and laughed at, right?
Jing-jing han preoccupied with low head.
In this encounter, Han Jingjing was the first to be tempted. Although Gao Ze’s personality was a little bad, he was really filial to her and grandpa. Han Jingjing had never tasted being cherished since she was a child, but Gao Ze cherished her, which made her heart that had never throbbed jump slightly.
But she also knows that she is not worthy of him. He is so beautiful and rich that she can’t afford everyone in her generation.
After Lingyu left, Han Jingjing was never happy. She sat on the swing in the courtyard to bask in the sun. This swing was built by Gao Ze cutting wood himself. It was said that it would add some fun to her life. Han Jingjing gently swung on the swing, from frugality to extravagance, and from extravagance to extravagance. After Gao Ze came here, their lives improved a lot. She wondered what they would do if Grandpa spent 50 thousand. You can’t be attached to Takazawa forever, can you? He will leave one day.
Han Jingjing thought for a long time. Finally, if she wants to quit school, she should go to work early. The 50,000 yuan will be left to grandpa to see a doctor and provide for her old age. She has hands and feet and must be able to support herself.
Takazawa gets up at one o’clock in the afternoon.
He sat in the pit for a long time, his head was in a mess, and then he got dressed in bed and wore slippers to wash in the yard.
When Han Jingjing saw him coming out, she gave him a well, leaned over to him and told him her thoughts.
Gao Ze toothbrush to a half stopped twist a head to see her incredibly twisted eyebrows "what did you say? Want to drop out of school to work? "
His mouth is full of foam and his face is terrible.
Jing-jing han got a fright and gently nodded "well"
"Say it once" Gao Ze looks at her steadily, and her eyes are getting colder and colder. But he regards Han Jingjing as his own sister. His sister is going to drop out of school to work. Can he agree?
"I think so. Grandpa is old now. Leave the money to grandpa for retirement. I am still young and have hands and feet to support myself." She moved her eyelashes and dared not look up.
"Hehe, I can’t." The overhead sound is cold and there is no temperature
Jing-jing han zheng terrier neck "what? Aren’t you leaving us sooner or later? We’ll be different then. Should we work hard? I just want to be early. It’s my decision. "
"What’s wrong with your generation?" Gao Ze was holding a toothbrush and the sun couldn’t shine into his eyes. He said coldly, "Don’t drop out of school. Grandpa hopes that you will be all right. You have to finish high school and enter a good university to show your face to Grandpa. If you don’t worry about studying, you will have to pay one million yuan a year."
"We’re not real brothers and sisters. You must be so kind to us?"
"Because I have regarded you as my relatives, you are my sister in my eyes, and I forbid you to drop out of school. If you regard me as your brother, listen to me."
He is so overbearing that no one disobeys a word.
He never gives you the time to leave, but when you don’t leave, you are absolutely desperate. Han Jingjing stares at his face and she can’t say a word. She dare not say that she likes him. She dare not say that she is immersed in his tenderness because she doesn’t deserve it.
Jing-Jing Han didn’t say a word. She slammed the door and left with a cold expression.
She ran to the mountain alone and sat in granite with a stabbing pain in her heart.
burning sun
She doesn’t know what to think about, and she is full of boundless space.
No one has ever been so kind to her. She can’t resist his kindness. She likes him, but at the same time she knows that she doesn’t deserve it. She dare not tell him. But the cruelest answer is that I regard you as my own sister. Han Jingjing can’t accept this sentence. She doesn’t want to be his sister. Maybe she is ugly, maybe she is poor, but she also has dignity.
half an hour later
Dressed up, Gao Zeshan came to see her. He took a bag of boiled eggs in his hand and slowly approached Han Jingjing and handed them over. "Grandpa and Zhang Ma don’t know how to cook, so I got some boiled eggs for you to eat. Aren’t you villagers hungry when you are right? It’s a little past one now. Don’t be hungry. "
Jing-Jing Han ignored him and looked at the scenery stubbornly.
Gao Ze sighed and sat next to her. The sound was light. "I will tell you that you and grandpa have planned for you in the future. When I get back to Beijing, I will try to take you over and let you live in the city. Then we can learn together."
夜生活As soon as Han Jingjing’s back froze, tears came up unwillingly.
Gao Ze took out a card and handed it to her. "There are 900,000 in this card, which I kept for you. This money is for your life after you arrive in Beijing. I dare not tell Grandpa because I know that Grandpa will definitely not want it. I intend to put it here for you to keep."
Han Jingjing looked up with a shock. "I don’t want it!"
She pushed away his hand and shook her head.
Take it, this is my investment in you, and you have to repay me. Read hard and don’t let me down.
"No, I can make my own money. I can support myself."
"How many years do you have to work on your own? The years will never come back. You gave up this opportunity today, and you will be able to live in the future. The bottom of society is far behind everything you want. "
Jing-Jing Han didn’t speak.
for a long time
She asked faintly, "Don’t look forward to it?"
"It’s hopeless that you don’t accept my funding. It’s conceivable that you will find some low-level jobs after dropping out of school, work so hard forever, marry a man with almost ordinary wealth, and then live like this all the time. There is no end and no way out, and if you accept my funding, maybe you will be changed and enter a different world. You will be excellent and beautiful, and marry a rich elite for a happy life."
"Happy life?" Han Jingjing looked at him stupefied. "Do you think I can be happy all my life?"
"Don’t give up the chance to change your destiny, maybe you will get a completely different life."
Jing-jing han apex with a shudder.
What will different lives be like? She is also very curious …
Han Jingjing accepted his card that day. If she can really change her life, she will repay Gao Ze for the next generation …
Recall here
Han Jingjing blinked gently and said to Yin, "He has changed everything in my life. Even if he doesn’t love me, I am willing to protect him all my life."
Without Takazawa, there would be no Han Jingjing today.
Look at Yin and sigh with emotion. "I didn’t expect you to have such a relationship."

Che Chenghao handed Jimuyao the dirty armani handbag.

Jimu Yao has dried his tears, with a messy long hair face and several ferocious mouths and forehead. The wound has been bloody and kept looking outside at the blood. It’s really shocking.
She took out the cosmetic mirror in her bag and opened it to look at her face.
桑拿按摩After screaming, she suddenly threw the cosmetic mirror out. "Damn woman, she ruined my face!" "
"Be quiet!" Ji Chenghao looked at her grumpily. "It’s just some skin injuries. It’ll be all right once you go to the hospital."
"…" Jimu Yao looked up and looked a little calm, but soon tears came out of her eyes again, pathetic and said, "Eldest brother, go to Feng ‘an Hospital."
As its name implies, Feng ‘an Hospital belongs to the private general hospital in Fengjia, D. Feng ‘an Hospital not only has a good reputation, but also has many famous doctors and advanced equipment. All major cities in Qi have opened chain hospitals one after another. The most important thing is that hospitals pay attention to patients. * * Many celebrities and even celebrities like to go there for medical treatment.
If Feng Jia is also a doctor’s family, he has been a doctor for generations. If it weren’t for Jimu Yao’s many broken things, Qi Jia originally planned to fix her up and seal the boss.
When Ji Chenghao thought about it, he looked pale and told the doctor to drive the car to Feng ‘an Hospital, then he said, "Don’t go to the company for a while, take a good look at yourself."
"Good" Jimuyao also dare not refuse to promise.
After all, her face is ruined, and she doesn’t want to go to the company again.
"Big Brother," she began cautiously, "What are you going to do with that woman?"
"…" Qi Chenghao gave her a faint look. "What do you want to do?"
Jimu Yao blinked and said lightly, "eldest brother, can you not tell your parents about this?" And that woman is not as good as … Just let her go. "
"…" JiChengHao looked at her not to talk.
Jimu Yao was a little stressed by his eyes and bowed his head and gently explained, "Anyway, this matter is also because of me. You may not know that Qian Jiangchao came to see me and said that he wanted me to give him 50,000 yuan in compensation because I didn’t promise this Jiang Mengyi. They just wanted some money to compensate me, so I also thought about it. I’ll give them all the money when I turn around. Just don’t bother me again after this 50,000 yuan is bought as a peace of mind …"
"Do you want money?" Qi Chenghao couldn’t help interrupting her. "It’s like you’ve been beaten and injured now. Won’t your parents be sad when they know?"
"…" Jimu Yao wait for a while looked at him at a loss.
Didn’t Jiang Chao and Jiang Mengyi just look for her if they wanted money?
"Mu Yao, you are not young now. When will you be mature?" Qi Chenghao looked at her angrily. "Do you know that because of your bad words and deeds, a couple broke up and a five-month-old baby died, and a man was reared his head in front of all D city people! Put yourself in your shoes and think about what your parents will think if this happens to you. I believe … what they can do then will definitely be even worse than what Jiang Mengyi did today! "
Jimu Yao "…"
She turned pale, bit her lip and gradually clenched her hands for a long time before she said in a low voice, "I was wrong, big brother. I shouldn’t have said that."
Ji Chenghao heaved a sigh and twisted his eyebrows to look out of the window.
Finally, I arrived at the gate of Fengan Hospital and drove in, then I saw Fengchen wearing it from a distance.
Far away, I saw Feng Chen ‘an dressed in a white coat, tall and handsome, and in front of the outpatient building, there was a little nurse with a red face.
Ji Chenghao shook his head with Jimu Yao’s car.
The little nurse soon took Jimu Yao in to deal with the wound, and when the two figures disappeared, Feng Chen ‘an asked with a low divination, "Hao Ge, what’s wrong with this?" Hurt so badly. "
Ji Chenghao frowned and didn’t want to wash his dirty linen in public.
Who knows …
"The hair is so messy and there are so many crossings that it should be a woman’s fault …" Feng Chen ‘an wrinkled two eyebrows and thought a little, then clapped his hands. "I know, is it time Pu and her?"
Qi Chenghao "…"
"No, no, Time Pu just had a miscarriage. It hasn’t been a month yet …" Feng Chenan said to himself.
"…" Qi Chenghao looked at him in an impatient tone. "Come on, don’t guess it’s Gu Bei’s mother."
"psst!" Feng Chen’ an suddenly stare big clear eyes and a pink mouth with a look of surprise.
Qi Chenghao’s eyes disliked "a fly flew in"
"Well," Feng Chen-an was so frightened that he stretched out his hand over his mouth.
"Chat" JiChengHao threw this two word directly turned around and lifted his feet and walked towards the building.
Ji Chenghao also came in after the doctor treated Ji Muyao’s face and forehead wounds.
"The forehead wound is a little deep," the doctor said, pointing to Jimu Yao’s forehead.
Qi Muyao’s face has been cleaned except for those wounds on his cheeks, and his forehead has been covered with gauze because it is too serious. As soon as she heard the doctor’s words, she quickly asked, "Will you leave a scar, doctor?"
The doctor nodded. "Well, you may leave a scar on his place when the time comes …"
"What? So serious! " Jimuyao turned white with fear.
"It’s just a little bit, and you’ll be fine when your hair is covered," the doctor reassured.
"How much is a little?" Jimu Yao chased and asked
The doctor’s hand is about the size of a fingernail.

Lu Xishan went to get the teacup and looked up at his niece.

The word’ Hengyuan’ sounded like thunder on the ground.
Lu Xishan, of course, denied that Song Qingcheng was in love with Hengyuan’s small staff, not to mention this famous watch at the present table and the luxury car parked outside Lujiamen that evening when he came back from the family birthday party. Song Qingcheng also said,’ Didn’t uncle already meet him tonight?’
Gu Lao’s birthday party can be attended by prominent figures in Nancheng.
Lu Xishan flashed a person in his mind and felt that it was impossible, both in age and in terms of it, even if Song Qingcheng had a good face.
The most important thing in this world is beautiful women.
But I don’t know if I’m in the mood to look at that watch again, but I feel that I saw the man wearing it far away.
What step do men and women have to take to leave their personal belongings with each other …
Song Qingcheng has a sip of water and a faint tunnel. "Come and think about it, wait and wait until it is completely stable, and then tell your uncle how to say it. It’s both two things. I’m not good at advocating my uncle alone, don’t you think?"
Lu Xishan pondered for a moment and said his own guess, "Is the person who borrowed your suit that night Hengyuan boss Yu Tingchuan?"
Song Qingcheng smiles in disguise by default.
It took Lu Xishan a long time to ask, "How do you know Yu Tingchuan?"
"He is my classmate’s elder"
Song Qingcheng looked at Lu Xishan quickly. "Uncle doesn’t want it to be him?"
Lu Xishan’s heart was full of twists and turns, but he was more relieved. He slowly laughed. "Be good to you, no matter who your uncle is, you don’t object."
Song Qingcheng heard a faint smile on his lips. "He is very kind to me, uncle. Don’t worry, I won’t let go easily this time. After all, I take care of my man like him. I’m afraid I won’t meet him again."
Song Qingcheng went back to the inpatient department alone after lunch.
Grandma is knitting with reading glasses by the bedside. The old man is much better these days. When she hears the door opening, she looks behind Song Qingcheng. "Is your uncle back?"
"Well" Song Qingcheng backhand gently closed the door "Uncle just got the message and went back to the company first"
The old man put the needle and thread on the bedside table and sat by the bed of Song Qingcheng. He looked at it carefully and smiled kindly and asked, "Have you been seeing someone recently?"
☆, Chapter 64 The importance of the right door.
Song Qingcheng turned her cheeks and eyes with both hands and jokingly asked, "Is it that obvious?"
"Don’t joke with me." The old man criticised and stretched out his hand and smoothed his hair, which was wet with sweat, and said, "I always dream about you these days."
Song Qingcheng held the old man’s hand and said, "You just think too much. I am only a few years old now, and I am not married at the age of 30 in big cities."
"I didn’t ask you to get married immediately and find a boyfriend first." The old man took a step back. "After the year, you will be 23 years old, which is not too young. Learning is to seize lifelong events and can’t delay grandma. She is not an old fogey and won’t let you fall in love after graduating from college. At that time, good boys have long been robbed."
"…" Song whole heart white old man what would be in such a hurry.
At my age, I should be graduating from college, not a sophomore.
No matter what she does now, she is one step behind others
The old man said, "This floor is cleaned. Aunt Xu asked me yesterday if the little girl who often comes to see you is your granddaughter. I said that it was my granddaughter. She asked the little girl if she had a date. I said no, what happened? She said that her family had a nephew who graduated from college at the age of 24 and didn’t find a girlfriend. She was worried at home."
Grandma took out a photo from the pillow, which seems to be ready.
"This is a photo that Aunt Xu gave to the young man. A mechanical equipment factory has a monthly salary of more than 4,000. It is estimated that he will be transferred to the company after this year, and the salary will be pulled out."
Song city took the photo but glanced at it roughly.
The old man has been observing her, seeing her lack of interest and earnest words. "Grandma won’t harm you. You are young and don’t know the importance of proper name. People like Aunt Xu are ordinary. Maybe you can’t live a luxurious life, but at least you won’t be angry when you get married."
Hearing this, the whole Song Dynasty looked at the photos again and didn’t know what to think.
A moment later, she looked up and said to the old man, "Then ask that aunt Xu. I can do it at any time."
"See you in the same opinion?" Grandma asked
Song city light smile to nod should be a.
The old man was very efficient, so he called that night to explain the place where he met.
The next day, Song Qingcheng was transferred to work with others and went out late to date.
When Yu Jing called, Song Qingcheng tried to go out in front of the mirror to meet Yi Yujing. It was a surprise to learn that Song Qingcheng was going on a blind date. "Your family is too anxious. What business marriage do you want?"
Song Qingcheng changed her mobile phone from her right hand to her left hand, picked up a sleeve shirt and compared it with "knowing more friends when we meet normally"
"If you see the right eye, are you going to associate?" Yujing divination to ask again.
Song city thought for a few seconds and smiled. "After all, this plan is for my grandmother to see Chinese and foreign grandsons."
After the phone call, she threw her cell phone back into bed.
At the same time, I also chose a quietly elegant dress.
Song Qingcheng is the kind of beauty that makes people feel amazing at the first sight. Her skin is very white, ivory white. Before going out at night, she put on a light makeup, tied her long hair into a pill head, revealing a full and clean forehead sleeve chiffon shirt and dress with light blue floral A-line skirt or those white shoes look light and simple.