Her musical instrument plays beautiful melodies.

And a little cold
Since you just had those questions, I will answer them myself.
First, in the case of my forcing employees to death, the police also investigated that you hate me, but you don’t have to deliberately use online rumors to suppress me. I feel guilty.
The second net talk what to call gossip? Because there is no substantial evidence. If you say I am Li Shiyu’s exwife, who is Li Shiyu? The attention of the media has magnified my every move and made a lot of money. Let’s talk about it?
Chapter 23 I like to hear you scream.
The second net talk what to call gossip? Because there is no substantial evidence. As you said, I am Li Shiyu’s exwife. Who is Li Shiyu? The attention of the media has magnified my every move and made a lot of money. Let’s talk about it?
Field silence
An Muxi became the focus of the meeting for a while.
What makes people feel surprised is her indifferent attitude besides her explanation.
桑拿If someone else had been attacked like this, they would have run away crying, right?
She seems to be calm and collected, and she doesn’t want to escape. Don’t say that courage is really commendable.
Of course, when Linda grows up, some people agree with her, and naturally some people will not pay the bill.
Especially those who dream of see their families make a fool of themselves.
salsa class in the face of everyone attack you can be so calm should be practiced for a long time? After all, it’s all such a big thing. I’m afraid you wouldn’t be here today without a strong heart.
I really admire you, too. It seems surprising that a girl will fall when the wind blows.
Speaking is Gu Xuezhe’s own sister Gu Suqin, a dignified and noble woman who is narrowminded and bitter.
And his brother are so bad that they don’t seem to come from the same womb!
At the moment, what Gu Suqin wants to do is to be stimulated by Gu Zhuoyang’s attitude in the past three transgressions of five times. He is now looking for such a woman to come back. How can she not take the opportunity to retaliate?
Besides, she is also a family member. How dare he Gu Zhuoyang kill her?
With this, Gu Suqin raised her eyebrows, ignoring her husband’s secret stop and looking down at Anmuxi with a provocative gesture.
She wants to see how long she can be brave.
An Muxi faced the woman with a straight face and smiled and fell in love with the country. Madam, I’m flattered. Gossip can kill people and make them strong. It’s a pity that I belong to the latter.
Gu Suqin sneered, Yes, Miss An is so powerful now that she doesn’t mind carrying a murder case. Surely she can fall asleep at night?
As the saying goes, you don’t fear ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night.
Oh, I am afraid that even ghosts are afraid of you.
Gu Suqin, you are finding fault today, aren’t you? Zhou Xiwen put Anmuxi on the defensive before he could bear it.
Gu Suqin was first one leng, but then he was even more sarcastic. I don’t like your words, Xiwen. How can I deliberately find fault on such an important day today?
But today, while everyone is here, I made some comments on Zhuo Yang’s female companion.
This is your opinion? This point is to slander your eyes. Did you see my little Greek kill someone?
This also see? There’s no smoke without fire. Who else would be so vicious as to accuse her of murder? Xiwen, I really don’t understand what you think. You usually love noodles. How can you accept such a bad woman as a daughterinlaw? I am afraid that it will be a trouble to marry back then?
Gu Suqin glanced at AnMuXi with disdain.
Atmosphere suddenly some tense Zhou Xiwen angrily stared at Zhang Suqin, a woman who likes to sneer at her when she is fine at ordinary times. She read that she is a sister who learns philosophy, and she has to endure it again and again. Today, she has taken the opportunity to intensify it!
It is hateful!
Bullet Zhou Xiwen laughed coldly. Don’t say that Xiaoxi was wronged. Even if she is really a murderer, I like you. It’s not your turn to make irresponsible remarks about our family affairs. If you don’t like it, you won’t send it to the door!
Gu Suqin mercilessly stared at Zhou Xiwen’s angry flame, and her burning face in her chest was distorted!
His face is even more colorful.
An Muxi looked at the scene and couldn’t say the taste here. Although Zhou Xi’s words made her very moved, she couldn’t ruin the party because of her.
So she loosened Gu Zhuoyang hand and took Zhou Xiwen’s arm and lip corner to smile gently and gratefully.
Aunt Gu today is Grandpa Gu’s birthday party. Since everyone doesn’t welcome me, I’d better go home first.
Xiaoxi … Zhou Xiwen looked at her lovingly.
Don’t worry, I’m fine. I can’t ruin everyone’s interest because of me.

It is said that the original ice is completely enveloped by a huge array law, and no matter who enters it, it will be influenced by the array law, and Zhenyuan’s mind will be greatly restricted, which makes the whole ice original smell strange.

Chu Yifeng is now if the original flight consumption of ice is ten times less than usual and the temperature is much slower.
In order to prevent the real yuan from consuming too much, Chu Yifeng and others decided to walk there. It is strange to say that when they were on the ice sheet, there was nothing wrong with it except that kind of pressure, but that kind of pressure always haunted Chu Yifeng’s heart.
The deeper you walk into the ice sheet, the greater the pressure. Chu Yifeng can’t help but inject more truth into the shield. At this moment, Miao Yuxi suddenly said, Brother Xiang, something is wrong?
Huh? Li Yuanxiang frowning slightly seems to have a bad feeling.
On the other hand, Jun Moxian also said, I also feel something is wrong. We have been to this ice field once or twice. Although I felt depressed before, I have never been so heavy like this.
Yes, I feel it, too, Miao Yuxi replied.
What’s the matter? Brother ChuYifeng looked at three people don’t understand and asked.
Do you feel a kind of pressure? You don’t idle looked around and asked ChuYifeng.
I felt it as soon as I entered the ice sheet.
But this time the pressure seems to be different. Let’s walk slowly and be careful, said Jun Mo.
So the four men propped up three shields and moved forward very slowly, looking around carefully while walking, always paying attention to the surrounding movements.
However, there was no abnormality along the way, but the shape pressure was getting bigger and bigger. Chu Yifeng’s shield had started flashing from time to time.
Everyone is nervous, even those who fix the truth in the fitting period can’t stand it. When people are tired, a bright light suddenly lights up in front of them. Chu Yifeng’s sight is so white that his eyes can’t be opened and closed, but when he wants to explore the gods, he can hardly spread out and reach the front four or five meters.
The strong light passed quickly. Chu Yifeng slowly opened his eyes and saw a crystal tower with a height of 10,000 meters. In the line of sight, the whole tower was made of translucent crystals. Perhaps it was too high. The crystal tower was not thick, but it looked a little thin like a pike piercing the sky, while the top of the crystal tower was flashing with dazzling light from a distance. At this time, the dazzling light of the tower reflected the whole tower as colorful as a fairyland.
The light at the top of the tower reflects the ice sheet and forms an aperture, which covers the whole tower like a conical enchantment. Just now, the strong light was circled by this light.
The best sign of leaving Thorn Star here is that it is transparent, but it is less conspicuous.
This is the Crystal Pavilion? ChuYifeng asked lightly
Yes, this is the Crystal Pavilion. Jun Mo sighed with emotion.
Then let’s go in, said Chu Yifeng. He was going to the Crystal Pavilion, but Jun Moxian and Li and Miao did not follow him.
ChuYifeng don’t understand looking back and asked brother, what’s wrong with you? Why not go?
Chu brothers are forbidden to fight privately in the Crystal Pavilion. Even if they know that you are here, they dare not do anything to you. You won’t be in danger. We won’t go in. Jun Mo said slowly with a smile.
Brother, you … Chu Yifeng also wanted to say something, but when he thought that Jun Mo was idle, all the good mountain people were opposed to Watchcity, how could he go back to Beiguxing with him? At the same time, it meant that Chu Yifeng’s face suddenly showed a little desert when he broke up with them.
Brother Chu, I’ll ask you one last time, are you willing to enter the pupil mountain? You don’t idle face than solemnly like the last spy.
品茶This ….. Chu Yifeng was embarrassed to refuse directly, but the look of indecision in his eyes was white and told you that he had decided.
Well, it’s not hard for you. Maybe you can’t make a decision yet, but after you know the truth about the fixtrue boundary that day, if you want to enter the good mountain of the pupil, you can come to the cool star to find me. This is my news jade slip. Said Jun Mo, don’t spare your jade slip to Chu Yifeng.
Chu Yifeng is a bit callous. He can’t say a word about the breath of jade slips. He knows that you must have something very important when you enter Thorn Star, but in order to send yourself away, he takes two fit masters to send this friendship together for thousands of miles. Chu Yifeng is faintly moved in his heart.
However, it’s not Chu Yifeng who is not idle and old. The wrinkles on his face seem to be deeper, but he still smiles and says, Brother Chu, I believe we will meet again. Remember, I’m not talking as you seem.
Brother, you can rest assured that I will be careful.
Chu brothers take care! Jun Moxian and Li and Miao said goodbye to Chu Yifeng respectively and then left along the original road.
Once again, people parted from Chu Yifeng’s heart. He didn’t like loneliness, but he always parted from his relatives, left Master, and his friends soared. It was never a taste to think about it when Feng Wanying was far away.
Alas ….. With a sigh of loneliness, Chu Yifeng stepped into the aperture to form an enchantment.
The enchantment seems that all the cold is blocked from the outside enchantment. Although it is also a world of ice and snow, it feels warm and harmonious, but that kind of pressure can’t be waved away and there is a growing feeling.
As soon as Chu Yifeng stepped into the aperture, he suddenly felt something move in the ring, but his heart flashed a little unclear, and he didn’t feel as if there was a person calling for others in front of the crystal pavilion!

1 snooping
There was no one around the Crystal Pavilion who seemed unusually quiet. After entering the ice, Chu Yifeng had not seen others, and it was no surprise. Now, after all, there is still one month before the end of the promotion examination, others generally will not come to the Crystal Pavilion so early.
Coming to the Crystal Pavilion, Chu Yifeng feels more like coming to the ice sculpture. Everything is glittering and translucent, flashing with color, but he turned around the Crystal Pavilion, but Chu Yifeng didn’t enter the gate of the Crystal Pavilion now, but when he wanted to explore the gods, he was bounced back as soon as he got close to the Crystal Pavilion.
Chu Yifeng made a slight move in his heart and took out three pieces of jade cards. When he sank into it, he already knew how to make jade cards and how to enter the Crystal Pavilion.
Seeing that Chu Yifeng put three jade cards of heaven, earth and man in place, he dropped three drops of Jingxue respectively, and Jingxue merged into the middle. In an instant, three jade cards suddenly lit up with a bright red light, and then three jade cards flew up and rotated with each other. Then Chu Yifeng injected a real yuan into the middle, and the three jade cards made a light sound Ding! Three jade cards were combined to form a triangular jade slip.

"Mom, I’m back!" Night Xi Han Ying!

"You don’t say anything before you come back!"
"Mom wants to surprise you and dad!" Night Xi Han Xiao
The night mother looked at Muling Tiandao. "It’s amazing!"
"You sit mom to prepare dinner!" Although angry with him, the night mother is still happy.
"Mom, I’ll help you!"
"yes! Mom just has something to tell you! "
Night city han saw MuLingTian followed night mother went to the kitchen, not for a while night father is called MuLingTian followed him to the room.
The night mother in the kitchen said, "Why didn’t you come and say anything? Just really scared me! "
"it was his idea!"
"Real mom is very hated him! I didn’t give him a face just now, but I looked at you! "
Section 291
"Mom, he proposed to me!"
"really?" Night mother is a little excited.
"hmm!" Night Xihan nodded and reached over.
"It’s really thoughtful of you to be small. This ring really matches my daughter!" Night mother smiled and said, "Look at this ring. It won’t be too difficult for mom for a while."
Night Xihan laughed, "Mom, I think this ring is so exaggerated! A little too big … "
"Exaggerated? Then you have to buy the best and the biggest to get my daughter! "
She suddenly opened her eyes gently and her eyes were slightly wet. "Mom, thank you …"
"Silly child … parents are looking forward to your happiness in this life!"
"Mom, I didn’t expect this day!" Yexihan is close to the shoulder of the night mother.
"Xihan, when are you going to tell the children?"
"I don’t know! A little worried that children can’t accept it … "
"Look at two children is not generally like him! I think it’s unnecessary for you to worry about this! "
"Mom, I am also very strange!"
"This mix is really a blessing!"
Mother and daughter laugh from time to time in the kitchen, but the room is serious.
Night father sighed, "Mr. Mu, if you don’t really care about my daughter, please don’t hit my daughter’s idea as soon as possible!"
Mu Lingtian looked at the night father and said firmly, "Uncle, I am serious this time!"
"Mr. Mu, you cheated my daughter so badly in the past. This child’s heart is easy to soften. You can coax her in a few words, but we parents are different and we won’t let you cheat again and again!"
品茶"Uncle, I’m sorry for the past, but please believe me again. I will cherish Xihan this time!"
Night father there for a long time didn’t speak.
Night Xihan came out of the kitchen and saw two children playing on the sofa, but he didn’t see Mu Lingtian and Night Father.
She was surprised that when she walked over and didn’t open her mouth, the two children compared the room position. "Uncle Mom was recruited by my grandfather to talk!"
"Talk?" Night Xihan looked at the closed door of the room and the heart tightened.
Night Xihan and night mother cook and cook together, and it takes almost forty minutes to get it done.
When I came out of the kitchen again, night father and Mu Lingtian had already sat on the sofa and started chatting.
Ye Xihan was surprised to see that they seemed to be chatting well! And I don’t know what Mulingtian said. Father laughed happily at night.

Come back early! Yin Hang felt awkward, but he also felt it was a good opportunity to get along with Ding Liang alone.

good! You two take care of the children! Cao Aihua told me when she left. It’s really a mother’s concept
I want to go to the toilet! Ding dang got up from his position. Don’t worry, I’m going to squat for a while!
It’s so good that two fathers laughed and sprayed the child’s taboo directly!
Go ahead! Yin Hang sent a sentence. Ding Liang rubbed his little head and waved his hand. Ding dang ran to the toilet.
It seems that children get along well with you! Ding Liang took the initiative to open his mouth.
It’s all because of Aiwa. She is very patient with this child and the child treats her as a mother. I am marginalized a lot! Yin Hang didn’t flatter himself. Your position as a father is quite stable!
Aren’t you going to tell Ding Dang Liao Huan something? Ding Liang frowned slightly.
The child is still too young. We don’t want his childhood to be too complicated. He certainly can’t accept the fact that Liao Huan’s actions and my actions are cruel to him! Yin Hang didn’t shy away from his idea.
But what do you think is fair to Liao Huan? Ding Liangyin had a little excitement.
The most important thing for Liao Huan is not to be fair to herself. If she meant this, she wouldn’t have quietly retired in the past. She meant that it must be the most important thing for the child to grow up and how to benefit the child’s growth in the future! Yin Hang admitted that these words sounded cruel to Liao Huan and Ding Liang, but men often think rationally.
The fragrant chicken wings have nothing to do with the pixel potato grid! The waiter’s delivery voice interrupted the men’s conversation.
Shi Dingdang is lucky. He has two fathers who love him and three mothers who love him. This is a great spiritual wealth. Liao Huan bravely and personally endowed him with all this. I hope we can raise him together and cultivate him! Yin Hang raised his fist at the man, expecting some kind of response.
Ding Liang breathed a sigh of relief and felt that his thinking was a little melodramatic. Will a person who has been away for seven years have to influence the lives of the living again? What is more important than being happy now?
It’s really a smile to hook your lips slightly, which means that Ding Liang punched Yin Hang.
Are you bigger than a fist? Ding dang came running in a good mood.
Little classmate, did you wash your hands when you came out of the toilet? Watching his hands dry, Yin Hang picked his eyebrows and began to check.
I forgot! Ding dang vomitted to stick out his tongue naughty.
Let’s go. Dad will take you to wash! Yin Hang got up and took her son to health.
Looking at the happy back of the father and son, Ding Liang finally let go of many worries in his heart. Maybe it’s just like the little woman said. These are all Liao Huan’s knowing and making arrangements to enjoy life. Finally, their son is a satisfactory result!
Two old people in Cao Aihua and Li Jing shopping malls each bought a suit, and the bright colors were also festive.
Ai Huajie, I have never bought anything for Ding Liang’s parents! Li Jing wondered whether a daughterinlaw like her would be very unlovable.
You don’t have a job yet, and no one will care. Just pay attention to courtesy at ordinary times! Cao Aihua handed the packed clothes to Li Jing. Gifts and tinkling are all please!
You’re welcome! Li Jing took Cao Aihua’s arm. Are you used to going to the market with you?
It’s cold in winter there, and there’s no heating in the room, so be annoyed! Cao Aihua paused and said what he thought. What I insisted on bringing Dingdang there was to give us a new start. Although my parentsinlaw also like Dingdang very much, it’s hard for old people to say anything. I don’t want our feelings to be affected.
It’s really good. I think it’s most important for children to be with their parents. If children can adapt to you, there’s really no need to turn back and wait until the children are older! Li Jing felt that Cao Aihua did not ignore the problem after considering it.
It depends. I haven’t discussed this issue with Miao. The development of Yin Hangye is not bad. We are also discussing it!
How nice! Li Jing envies this kind of husband and wife going hand in hand, feeling that there will be endless common language.
On that day, we talked about a lot of trivial things in life, which seemed to be the feeling of living, but the feelings of the two families were obviously involved. Ding Liang seemed to have no hostility to Yin Hang, and many things could be discussed objectively.
After dinner, everyone watched a movie with Ding Dang. Li Jing and Ding Liang left the team to watch a romantic movie, which was still sweet.
Mom, do you think mom and dad can get married? Looking at the advanced field, Ding Liang and Li Jing Xiaodingdang began to think about it. This is what he has been worried about.
It should be no problem! Cao Aihua active wide heart have you seen the static aunt hand ring? Mom also has it! Cao Aihua said, putting up his left hand and giving the finger ring to his son. This was given to my mother when my father proposed marriage. Does it mean that you agree?
Is that what the little mother’s ring means? Ding dang is a little excited.
Of course, don’t believe you can interrogate your dad tonight! Cao Aihua understood Ding Dang’s careful thoughts.
The child always thinks that he has delayed his father’s life, and he is also very considerate of Ding Liang’s hard work. He is eager to find a sweetheart for Ding Liang so that his heart will feel better.
After the film, Yin Hang still sent Li Jing back to the family and sent Li Jing to the door.
There can be a wedding candle or something!
yuck! Li Jing blushed.

"What’s your command?" It sounded like a piano outside.

"Where’s Ms. Park?" Huangfuda asked.
"Isn’t Princess Princess the room?" Ruqin was surprised.
I heard Huangfuda’s ear, but it made his mind tense. Suddenly, he lifted the bed and didn’t even come to wear shoes. The wardrobe was still neatly lined with clothes of Shuiyunfu, but she didn’t see the one she wore yesterday. Huangfuda knew that Shuiyunfu had the habit of changing clothes every day.
Huangfuda walked out of the door like a piano in three steps and two steps, wondering what was going on inside. Suddenly, when Huangfuda came out barefoot, she felt that the event was not good.
Huangfu Lida’s courtyard swept a circle of waterside pavilions. On weekdays, few people came in and covered the courtyard with snow. There was almost no trace of stepping on it. This snow lasted for nearly two hours. That is to say, Shuiyun Hibiscus had left his mind before the snow fell. He just thought of a stabbing pain in his heart. His thin and tall body was very obviously shaken, and he didn’t feel cold.
"Report" JiQing also sen appeared to think that Huangfuda looked scary, and their report was sure that the princess had a princess. Shouldn’t it be in the house? What happened again?
喝茶约茶"Princess?" Huangfuda’s voice sank badly.
The "Princess" two people were so frightened that they immediately knelt in the snow regardless of anything. "I have never seen the princess before, and I don’t know."
"I don’t know when the princess disappeared. The king wants you." Huangfuda was furious. He blamed not only Ji Qing and Sen, but also himself. He couldn’t see that Yunjin came back last night. It turned out that he was safe. He left him while he was relaxed.
Her temperature and breath are still, and he refers to her beauty and softness, and her whispers and lingering feelings are still ringing in his ears, but he can’t catch anything, even his heart leaves with that cruel and heartless woman.
"It’s a damn thing to find" JiQing also sen two people hurriedly got up and called wangfu dark who spread out in all directions.
Huangfuda was motionless, and the snow fell on his shoulders, and his hair quickly solidified into ice. Those bottomless eyes froze in one place. How could that woman throw him anything again? Even if there were no amount of self-denial and pros and cons, she shouldn’t leave him. Didn’t it ever occur to her that he would be unbearable? Does she know that his heart would be very painful?
Can she really walk so freely? Does she really care about him?
As he thought, no one in Houfu knew where Shuiyunjin had gone, and there was no Shuiyunjin shadow in the whole capital, and I don’t know when she left the city.
Although people went to Qulan town, he also knew that it was only the last bit of hope in his heart. Did she want to leave his life so badly when she left?
But no matter whether the sky were to fall or the ends of the earth, he would find that heartless woman, just as he said that no matter what she did, he would never let her go. He gave her all his love and died.
Shuiyunjin, you wait until I find you. When I find you, even if you are tied up, you will never leave me again.
At the same time LingXiaoYao there also got the news.
"The temple guards the dark guards around the princess to report that the princess has lost track of her, and now she is missing, so please punish the temple." Joe disguised himself as a sin.
"huangfuda over there" lingxiaoyao didn’t say anything severe punishment is his eyebrows.
"It seems that almost all the dark guards of Princess Luolan Wangfu are out," replied Joe.
Ling Xiaoyao is too elegant to play with his waist. The piece of black Yu Pei, one black and one white, is beautiful. "It is not surprising that even he was deceived by Hibiscus."
Joe nodded. "Does the temple let the dark guard come back or continue to look for the princess?"
"They can’t find Yunjin’s clever mind, but she is inconvenient outside. You should go to Beijin in person. If you find her trace, don’t disturb her to come back quickly." Ling Xiaoyao ordered.
Joe immediately asked, "The temple means Princess Beijin."
"She won’t leave sex, you go." Ling Xiaoyao’s eyes are deep, no matter how clever Shuiyun Park is, human nature can’t stop her thinking too much, and she won’t just let everything disappear.
"Yes, leave at once." Qiao Gongshen left.
LingXiaoYao sitting there is still playing with black Yu Pei and moving too much, even the eyes become light. "Yunjin, you are smart and intelligent, and you don’t lose me. How can I let you go?"
Shuiyunjin and his party finally arrived outside Beijincheng at dusk this day.
"Sister, you really don’t have to say that if I hadn’t watched you change from a woman to a man with my own eyes, I really wouldn’t recognize you." Li Chen stared at Shuiyunjin’s face in surprise.
"You know I’m a man, so I’m called my sister." Shui Yunjin corrected.
Li Chen had a quick laugh and gave a big gift "Brother Yun is polite"
Shuiyunjin bowed her hand according to the male ceremony, "Chen Di is polite."
"Sister, it’s strange that you might as well just call my name." Li Chen twisted his face.
"Also call elder sister the mouth" ShuiYun ms white his one eye.
"Sister read smoothly, besides, we haven’t entered the city yet." It would be good to despise myself in my heart if I left Chen.
"Remember that you must never read smoothly again and come out." Shuiyun Park was seriously awake.
"Well, I dare not forget the non-stop journey again. Brother Yun worked hard. Let’s find a place to stay and someone will pick us up after night." Li Chen promised.
Shuiyunjin nodded and a group of people switched to Huangchengbian Inn.
This time, Shuiyun Park not only changed her appearance, but also changed Zi Xia’s face for men’s wear. Even Lin Han, the iceberg wood, finally took off her red dress and made Shuiyun Park drool.
After nightfall, a person said that it was a confidant sent by Lord Xu to find Li Chen, saying that after nightfall, it was the change of the garrison, and that the garrison general was credible, so he should leave Chen and follow him into the city immediately.
Before it’s too late, a group of people followed the confidant to the gate, and sure enough, the guarding city man let a few people in.
At this time, it was already late at night, and the people had already rested in the city. It was very quiet, and the people successfully came to the adult’s mansion without attracting attention.
With a large population, there is a palace banquet in the palace. He will try to take a few people into the palace to see the Emperor of the Northern Jin Dynasty first, and then Shuiyunjin and others will temporarily stay in the house.
The next evening, the palace banquet began.
There are many people in the palace, and people come and go. I didn’t notice that an outsider had passed through the palace, and the grown-up seems to have secretly contacted many people. It seems that Tianhong is really unpopular now.
The remote Qiushui Temple, the Northern Jin Emperor, was trapped here.
"Father, father, father, son is back." As soon as several people walked into the temple, not many people looked at an elderly old man, and the Northern Jin Emperor lay in a big bed and slept very hard. I didn’t know that he would really fall asleep.
"Report, report, how did you come back? If you let people find out, it would be terrible." The old man seems to be the people around the Northern Jin Emperor who looked at him with a face of concern.
"Celebrate my father-in-law to rest assured that everyone outside has already done a good job. This time, the king came back. First, the father. Second, the theory of the Northern Jin Dynasty, such as the king, should do its best at all costs." From the Chen eyes, the color gradually deepened and firmly tunnel.
"That’s good, that’s good. The Northern Jin Dynasty is saved. I’m afraid the emperor’s illness is getting worse."
Everyone’s eyes are on the bed. The emperors of the Northern Jin Dynasty are all within a few years of age, but look at the emperor of the Northern Jin Dynasty, who is already in a state of decline. I think he should have suffered a lot in recent years
From Chen’s eyes, he glanced at Shuiyun Park and Shuiyun Park, and poisoned the pulse for the Northern Jin Emperor even if he had solved the poison.
However, Shuiyunjin didn’t say it. Now that he is back from the processing, the ministers of the Northern Jin Dynasty are waiting for the emperor to wake up and hope that the emperor will be in his place. At this time, the emperor must be fine.

"What are you going to continue to be Qin Miaomiao?"

"Of course not."
Shirley from catching her had more tight some folded way
"Can you really accept being a stranger’s wife and living with him?"
Qin Miao Miao was a heavy cold way
"You are wrong. Lu Qing is not a stranger. He is my husband and my lover."
Li Li sneered, "How long have you loved him? Can you guarantee that he is not the second Chu Yunhao? Don’t forget that he is much more terrible than Chu Yunhao."
Qin Miao Miao hard to hand back light way
"He’s not blind to me once, and he’ll never be blind again. I’m not that stupid."
Shirley from looking at her face hand gradually tighten sink a way
"No matter what, I have no chance, right?"
"Sorry, Aly"
Shirley stood up and stared at her face for half a ring. "Don’t say sorry to me. Go."
He wants something, even if he means it, he will fight for it. No, others have said sorry to him.
"Goodbye, Aly, if we can still be friends?"
Shirley shook her head "no"
He’s been a friend for too long. He wants to be a friend:
Chapter 29 Nine lords win this game
Back in Liyuan, Lu Qingzheng and Uncle Jiu played chess and were eaten to death. The situation was very good.
Nine ye drink a mouthful of puer slightly meaning way
"Give up, Xiao."
"Uncle Jiu, if I win this game, I will take Simon home."
Nine masters sneered at "try winning a game without shame"
Lu Qing, holding a white bone joint with a slight warmth, immediately fell to the corner of the chessboard and the whole game came to life immediately.
桑拿会所"Nine uncle will continue?"
Nine ye sneer at ha ha two "originally you already even if good, you are careful enough"
"Be polite. Can I pick Simon up and go home?"
At Lu Qing, Master Jiu gave him a slight dislike. "Pick it up. It’s annoying to look at you every day."
Qin Miao Miao looked at the bickering at the door. Two people unconsciously lifted their corners of the mouth and felt warm in their chest.
Those cruel and dark past will finally be released. From then on, she is no longer Su Jin who is full of resentment. She is Qin Miaomiao, and there are many people who love her.
The years are quiet, and she wants to cherish it.
"What’s Xiao Brocade doing at the door to accompany Jiu Shu for a game?"
Qin Miao Miao came up behind nine ye single-handedly kneading his shoulder light way
"I can’t beat my legs and shoulders in chess, but I can."
"Your hand is healed."
"No, I’m still good at it."
Nine ye patted her hand and smiled faintly. "No, I don’t bully the wounded. Forget it. Just go back with the little one, but I’ll tell you that you bully others outside. Anyone who bullies you is giving me a hard time, understand?"
Qin Miaomiao put his head on his shoulder and put his hands around him. He murmured, "It’s good to know that Uncle Jiu loves Uncle Jiu."
Lu Qing got up and carried her collar to her arms. Her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and she was very dissatisfied. She looked at her and said, "Hold another man in front of me when I am dead."
Nine ye also got up and pulled the cuffs with a sneer.
"My little Brocade is close to me, and you dare to take care of your life."
Lu Qing sneered, "Why do you want to make gestures? Who’s afraid of who?"
Come on, this time, she can’t stop it, and she’s not going to stop it.
After 300 rounds of the two men’s war, Master Jiu won by a narrow margin. This time, it’s still a matter of time. From the face of it, it’s not hard.
Master Jiu looked smug. "You lost."
Although his ribs hurt a little, why is the skin so thick and painful? I can’t do it. I have to hold on in front of Brocade, and I must not reveal it.
"Let’s have another game."
The old man was so skillful that he made a mistake. If he had known, he should not have taken it lightly.
Nine Ye sneered, "If you want to make a comeback, you have to get out of here when it gets dark."
One more game and he’ll lose. His ribs hurt. This bastard will take care of him next time.
Looking at two people walking out of the door, Nine Ye suddenly felt a little overwhelmed, clutching his chest and thinking about whether it was necessary to find some masters to cure him.
"The housekeeper brought me a bottle of battered wine."
"Nine ye, you are hurt."
Nonsense, how could I get hurt? I’m a mosquito;
Chapter 29 Someone is secretly black
The reincarnation shooting entered the end and entered the tense post-production. This is the director’s editing. Qin Miao Miao did not participate, but released a trailer to the network, which immediately attracted many fans, especially Lan Fan. In addition, the director’s appeal is beyond doubt
After all, he is an Oscar-winning director, but many people question that reincarnation is not a general literary film or a purely commercial film. This kind of criminal theme is not easy to shoot, and it is even more rare to shoot new ideas.
Moreover, the appearance of this haze as an anti-angle has also caused many people to question it.
"I don’t feel good after watching the trailer. The tone is very dull and unsightly."
"How can the film emperor take this kind of play? Is it because he ran out of money and made a mountain? The company seems to be average. It is still a new company and feels that it is very likely that the play will be successful?"
"Isn’t the company that is about to go bankrupt and finally turned to the film and television investment system because of the capital injection of Longting Group? The boss is still a woman. How good can a woman have?"
"It’s a pity that the director Gao Hu has had such a good fight with the film winner, but it is possible to make a bad film."
"Nonsense, we film winners never make bad movies."

"Did you buy me a present?" Lin Mochen had the cheek to ask for it.

He didn’t receive the credit card cancellation record today and wanted to know something about her.
"…" Lu sorrow telling the truth "no, today is Su Man’s credit card"
"Remember to buy me a copy after shopping." Lin Mochen told her that she was afraid that she would not give up money. "Then I won’t bother you to rest. You can rest and see you tomorrow."
"See you every day …" Lu Sorrow also responded smoothly.
She lay in bed staring at the ceiling.
It’s Chi Yiming’s engagement ceremony, and she will do well.
Come on, Lu you!
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It’s the engagement ceremony. Living up to expectations must be scum abuse that won’t let us worry about it.
☆ 5 It’s the first time I saw this gift.
Chi Jia and Song Jia are both famous giants in Baijing City. This marriage is suspected to be a powerful combination.
Chi Yiming and Song Yabei chose the romantic seaside Fuli Hotel in a quiet suburb as the wedding venue, which belongs to the city hotel giant Fuli Tuanqi.
Look at the vast fairyland of heaven and man at a glance
Outside the hotel, all kinds of luxury cars are parked. At the entrance, there are dozens of meters of red carpets and beautiful wedding photos of Chi Yiming and Song Yabei. In the photos, they are in a fairyland-like forest, and their faces are full of happiness, smiles and envy others.
The entrance is dressed in black, and the scene is rigorous. It is a law to enter without an invitation.
Lu You didn’t drive today, but took a taxi.
She just arrived and received Su Man’s words "Little Worry, have you arrived?"
"I just arrived at the hotel door. What can I do for you?" Lu sorrow watching from passing by are big shots.
"Little worry about me, sign-in desk. Come in and I’ll wait for you." There was a little excitement in Su Man’s tone.
"Good" Lu You put away your mobile phone but go inside.
Pass by the door and make sure that she delivers the invitation in her hand and goes in smoothly.
Lu sorrow to sign-in desk in the hall.
Sue diffuse first saw her and went over to hold her to the corner.
Su Man is wearing a big red one-shoulder gift today, which makes her white and snowy, and her skirt is like a rose flower in full bloom. She outlines her elegant and exquisite figure, and her wavy curly hair hangs down at will. Every strand reveals that women are hot and hot.
Lu sorrow not white Sue diffuse pulled her aside to do "long you a person? What about Mr. Gu? "
She didn’t come with Gu Na. Why didn’t she stay with Manager Gu? She was alone.
"He was talked around by those people and ignored me." Su Man looked around and no one spoke, and then lowered his voice. "Little Worry today is Chi Yiming’s engagement day in love rat. He hurt you so much that I can laugh it off. I said I would not let him feel better. I must get him back from the shame department. Today is a good time. Little Worry must give him an unforgettable engagement memory."
Lu sorrow listened but didn’t speak.
"Little worry, don’t you want to be cruel to him?" Su Man stared at the silent sorrow of Lu.
"It’s not what you think, but I don’t think it’s necessary to get entangled with him anymore." Lu You doesn’t want to get into trouble again
"Little worry, this is not an entanglement, but a little evil drama." Su Man, otherwise, "didn’t they give you an invitation just to invite you to see their happiness? This is to show off to you. You have to hit them in the face! Don’t make men and women feel better about dogs! Also let them know that you are not a good bully! "
Lu sorrow thought of Chi Yiming’s callousness to him, and Song Yabei’s hypocrisy made her feel a little willing.
"You have a good idea?"
Sue diffuse a smile and then leaned over to raise my hand against her ear with red lips.
The smile in her eyes rippled away like ripples.
Lu sorrow listening to the beautiful eyes wide open, she turned to look at has been very happy with laughter Su Man "long so good? Kui you want to come out such a point "
"Of course, I didn’t think of this method until I asked a lot of friends. It’s neither rude nor rude, and it can make them hold their breath! I feel Japanese when I think about that picture! " Su Man gritted his teeth. "How about a little worry?"
Lu sorrow smiled and gave her a thumbs-up sign.
They say action is action. When Su Man spoke, a driver-like man brought a bag over and respectfully said "Miss Su"
"Well, let’s go." Su Man painted a bright red mouth and lips like a burning flame. It was beautiful and attractive.
She took care of Lu and comforted her. "Don’t be afraid that I have it. I won’t let you suffer. Even if I can’t help you, Gu always pays him back. Anyone will sell him a few points."
"I’m not afraid of them." Lu Youwei stood up and looked straight at the preface.
She saw sign-in desk greet the guests, Chi Yiming and Song Yabei, both dressed in white gifts and wedding dresses, with handsome men and delicate women.
As soon as the guests came to congratulate them, they smiled and smiled back.
桑拿会所Thought landing sorrow and Su Man have reached the front of Chi Yiming and Song Yabei.
Chi Yiming looked at Lu’s sad and handsome face before him, and the original smile gradually gathered his eyes. The light was slightly cold, and there was a wave shaking at the bottom of the pool. He stared at her tightly and frowned lightly. It didn’t seem that he was satisfied to see her coming.
Song Yabei felt uncomfortable when she saw that Chi Yiming had behaved differently in front of Lu’s sorrow, but today is their big day, and she still wants to keep her elegance.
She took Chi Yiming affectionately and said, "Yi Ming, don’t mention it when you see that Miss Lu is an old friend."
"Naturally, you’re welcome. A little ceremony will not pay tribute." Lu Sorrow ignored Chi Yiming’s complicated eyes and smiled. "Congratulations on the engagement between Chi Er Shao and Miss Song Er! A hundred years of harmony! "
Su Man winked at the driver behind him. The driver put his hands in his pockets in the previous step.
The receptionist reached out and took the bag. The other person didn’t expect it to be too heavy. The whole person bent down and almost missed him. His face was a little embarrassed.
They looked at all curious about Lu sorrow with what gift.
"I think you should count well." Su Man also smiled. "The number is very auspicious."
Su Man said, reaching out to push the bag, the mouth of the bag tilted, and dimes rolled out from the inside and fell to the table …
Chi Yiming and Song Yabei didn’t expect Lu You to change the gift money into coins and it was a dime. It was just a deliberate embarrassment to them!
All one leng and feel funny.