The blood paladin looked at Chen Mo with a slight sneer and ignored the glorious God of War.

At the door, Chen Mo glanced at the Russian roulette props and threw a white marble in his hand into the roulette.
The white marble whirled rapidly in the roulette track and then stopped slowly in the crowd’s eyes.
Red equipment, gray props, silver skills …
The direction of the marbles made the onlookers look askance.
Although the guards did not give a detailed classification of the colors of the equipment props inside, they did not think much about roulette. Different colors also represent the rarity.
Just like gold, gold equipment, skills and props are the rarest in people’s consciousness.
The first evidence is that the number of gold props in Russian roulette is the least!
But watching the marbles turn, Chen Mo is keenly aware that there are almost as few things except gold and black!
The first is to be continued.
约茶Chapter four hundred and twentythree Ten strange mounts
Gold equipment?
As everyone watched, the white marbles fell into a compartment with golden equipment.
Suddenly, many people are envious.
However, the marble bounced out in the golden equipment and fell to the black skill next to it.
Those people were relieved to see each other.
However, Chen Mo, the lottery winner, did not show disappointment but looked at the front.
Show that you have acquired the skill Phantom!
Phantom gains skills through special ways. After trading and learning, the ability to avoid is limited.
Class skills?
Chen Mo spirit a flap!
Sure enough, black is no less rare than gold!
My turn! My turn!
After the Chen Mo lottery, the little soldier jumped to the Russian roulette happily.
There’s another one?
They actually have so much material?
I really regret not doing it!
It’s even more regrettable to see that even a little soldier can draw a few teams of players.
Some of them are unmoved, and the team on the sidelines is also moving.
This is fifteen level 5 materials. There are so many teams present, but few teams can come up with it!
The little soldier’s white marble shot soon stopped at Russian roulette.
However, before the little soldier threw the white marble, Chen Mo was keenly aware that it was fiftytwo squares of Russian roulette. After he drew a black skill, the black skill grid disappeared from Russian roulette.
Obviously, the people who can come here to draw the lottery are probably just some people in front, and then come later, even if there are enough materials, it is still a way to continue the lottery
Little soldier marbles stopped falling to a silver skill.

It was the first time I saw Emperor Jue’s supermarket buy so many things. An Cheng had the impression that the boss was talking about what he needed, and if he wanted to be alive and secret, he wouldn’t go out on his own.

Some time ago, I repeatedly doubted whether the night sheng sheng would completely break up with the emperor Jue. Today, it is estimated that there is still a long time to break up.
Emperor Jue, how can he know so much? Night Sheng picked up a can of whipped cream and casually asked.
The manager knew that we had gone to the supermarket and came out to meet us specially, introduced us carefully and selected some good ones.
Night sheng sheng imagined a picture in the emperor’s supermarket in my mind, and my heart was suddenly covered with heat.
Can he always do things that others can’t imagine, or because of her?
Is the Emperor very busy recently? Ye Sheng Sheng tried to ask by the way.
Ancheng nodded. Because I just took over several companies, I will be a little busy. There are still several big companies that must come in person.
Then watch him, don’t let him not eat and don’t let him drink so much coffee.
Ancheng froze and almost suspected that the person in front of him was really a night sheng?
Yesheng Sheng is a man who understands others, but not a man who will take the initiative. He has known Yesheng Sheng honestly for three years, and everyone is like a stranger for one year.
Now, like the woman behind her, she will find someone else to take care of the Emperor.
Why? Night Sheng Sheng picked up a glove and left to see right to see Ancheng didn’t speak.
I’ll go without you having a good rest.
Be careful on the road
Ancheng was scared again. Tonight, Sheng Sheng is too gentle and really doesn’t suit her.
When Ancheng left, she also made sure that nothing happened to Sheng Sheng at night. She was curious about the oven and a lot of things. She didn’t say goodbye even after she left, but that careful road was enough.
In front of the kitchen, at night, Sheng Sheng, the other one was not injured and messed up. Pick it up and have a look at this one, and then take another one.
It doesn’t stop at all. The more you watch it, the more excited you are and the more you indulge in your own world.
Even when the Emperor came out of the shower, she didn’t notice that he had deliberately put a ring around her waist from behind her, and she was still holding a can of whipped cream in her hand.
Ah night sheng sheng screamed one is scared.
The emperor pressed her back to let her look at her at the table and began to bend her head to study things again. She pinned her bangs behind her ears and kissed her white and tender cheek.
Why are you suddenly interested in baking? Dijue asked softly as she chewed on her collarbone.
Night Sheng Sheng immediately excited Yang Yang’s whipped cream. Do you know that this can make Portuguese egg tarts and cakes?
I don’t know, said the Emperor very seriously. Actually, he knew it was hard to expose her occasionally pretending not to know.
It’s amazing that eggs can make so many things.
Are you going to take a long vacation now? Have you been approved by the boss? The Emperor picked his eyebrows and was about to release her.
He grabbed his hand when he was sheng sheng at night, and just pressed his hand on the dining table, and the other hand could not move because of injury.
品茶论坛Every time this is too much for the emperor, it is simply a refusal.
My hand is hurt. Night Sheng Yang Yang himself tied with gauze hands.
This is not a workrelated injury, is it?
Of course, forget it. I was in the conference room at that time.
The Emperor reached out his hand to the fundus, and the spoil was about to overflow. He rubbed his hair at night, Go to bed early and study it later.
I picked her up before the night sheng sheng spoke. I was a little tired during this period, and I had to watch things in the company and worry about the night sheng sheng.
He walked steadily step by step, holding the night sheng sheng into the room, and squeezed the little bed that was barely packed for two with her.
But it’s extremely satisfying. The mattress is exceptionally soft. It’s 39 soft. He likes it.
Night sheng sheng is very good every night, but he dare not touch his arms. He patted her back with one hand and coaxed her to sleep.
Did you really quarrel with Li Shenji? Ye Shengsheng hesitated for a moment and still could not help but ask.
He seems to have gone to Yuan Jiecheng’s office today.
You know again
Anyway, I just know.
Night sheng sheng won’t tell him that it was Tong Jie who said that she saw Li Shenji coming out of Yuan Jiecheng’s office when she went to the hospital to see a cold.
Your home receives messages so fast. The Emperor pinched her cheek.
I’m not angry, but I’m a little upset.
Leave him alone and go to sleep quickly.
The emperor’s face was tired and exposed for a few minutes. When he looked at it at night, he felt distressed. He had planned to have a good chat with him. Why can’t he bear to torture him now?
You can do whatever you like at home, even if you sleep all day, no one will stop you, but the emperor is different. He still has very important things to do.
There are many ways to feel sorry for a person, but Ye Sheng Sheng clearly knows that he should take care of himself, and that is the best help for the Emperor.
Tong Jie woke her up several times in the short message, and she was considerate of the Emperor. She also told her everything about the Emperor’s specially flying back from abroad. At that time, Ye Sheng Sheng still didn’t believe it.
I wrote later because Sister Tong never lied to her.

Words fall JiCancan Huo Ran looked up and she stared at Shen Sixun’s eyes and lips slightly parted. Now she is a little afraid of Shen Sixun. He is too calm to JiCancan. They really don’t have a gap.

I wish I could go back alone, and you are too busy to accompany me.
Shen Sixun evoked a lip angle and smiled a little closer. He leaned over and gently encircled JiCancan.
Do you blame me for not going to the hospital with you?
He seems to feel JiCancan’s resistance, but he doesn’t know it. It’s a strange feeling. The more he wants to stay away, the more he can’t help approaching.
Have you taken care of the construction site? The families of the injured
Yeah, almost.
Before JiCancan could finish his words, Shen Sixun interrupted her.
Let Shen Sixun bury her head in her neck, but she couldn’t see his expression. She heard a very light little smile and Shen Sixun said faintly
I won’t forgive you for hurting you.
He put her waist and fingers tightened suddenly.
You won’t get this knife for nothing.
This sentence is very meaningful, and there is no anger in the tone. His fiery breath sprays her skin and somehow itches.
JiCancan hung her eyes and held Shen Sixun for a long time. She raised her hand and attached his cold back.
At this time, words are the best. He doesn’t ask, she doesn’t tell.
Shen Sixun wanted to accompany Ji Cancan back to Tang Zhai, but Ji Cancan refused. Today happens to be the weekend. Tang Jingyun must be sure.
JiCancan entered Tang Zhai with a heavy heart and was particularly tired.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
The way to Tang Jingyun’s villa is to open the door of Tang Zhai’s recreation room. Several ladies in Liu Huiru sit inside and rub mahjong. Her voice is small enough not to attract their attention
However, she thinks too much
Liu Huiru saw JiCancan with sharp eyes, and she picked her eyebrows with sarcasm.
Yo, look who’s back.
The ladies turned their eyes to JiCancan when they heard the news, and their faces obviously looked good.
JiCancan crustily skin of head said hello to the door and turned to leave, but how can Liu Huiru let JiCancan go so easily? It seems that her life needs JiCancan’s soft bag for seasoning.
It’s really a long time. I’ve been away from home for just a few months and I have children.
Liu Huiru eyes staring at JiCancan belly darkly.
Three months ago, who swore frankly that he was willing to listen to the family’s arrangement and get married casually? No wonder he dared to shamelessly learn that Rui had found the Lord.
JiCancan lowered his head and pressed his lips tightly without saying a word.
But her resignation has further encouraged Liu Huiru’s arrogance.
Why don’t you tell me how you hooked up with Shenyang?
Every word of Liu Huiru is not sarcasm.
A lady teased and looked at JiCancan with a chuckle.
Men all like beauty. If they are coquettish, can’t they be trapped?
When the words fell, there was a boring laugh.
It’s also true, but if you have a big face, you won’t get pregnant before marriage.
The ladies covered their mouths and smiled with disdain in their eyes.
Hui Ru, it’s wrong for you to say that. You are family at any rate. She is a serious Tang family.
Don’t talk nonsense. My Ji Yanke never admitted that he had a sister.
Liu Huiru is telling the truth. Longterm foreign branches of Tang Jiyan rarely return to Tang Zhai. Even when they come back, they turn a blind eye to the bright lights, but much better than Liu Huiru. She has never been abusive in name.
After they teased for a while, the more they found that they were silent and interesting, and they also watched her continue to rub mahjong.
JiCancan saw him and left quietly.
夜生活See, even if the surface is noble and elegant, women will have a vicious heart. They think highly of others because of their superior birth. They can trample on Qi Cancan’s selfesteem and stomp on her mercilessly.

"Su Lixia, you and I will be afraid of you." Qin Ran shouted falsely, "I will never let go. I will definitely fight you to the end."

"I’m always ready" long summer from responding to her.
Looking at long summer far away as if with sarcasm and contempt for pretty figure, Qin Ran couldn’t help but clench his fist, and the hatred flame in his eyes grew stronger and stronger. "Su Lixia, I’m not finished with you. If Yu Enze is destined not to be me, I’d rather be with you."
桑拿论坛The night is deep, quiet and depressing.
After returning to the residence, long summer has been frowning and silent in front of the French window
"long summer, don’t worry." Seeing long summer’s worries, Yu Enze walked over and gently took long summer into his arms. "Qin Ran made things so bad that I won’t work with her again. I’ll let Qin Ran take the initiative to submit his resignation."
"That’s not what I’m worried about." long summer turned and looked at Yu Enze with a melancholy expression. "Qin Ran has become obsessed with love and hate and completely lost her mind. I’m worried that she will do something even more outrageous. Is she really hopeless?"
"We all tried our best, but she didn’t want to face the reality." Yu Enzenai sighed. "If she won’t save herself, who can save her?"
"It’s hard to reward the bees, but it’s hard to understand people’s sufferings. Yan Er doesn’t understand that people’s old feelings can’t go away. How long will it take to rest now?" long summer couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.
Yu Enze said that he would call Qin Ran to his office as soon as he arrived at the company the next day. Because of the feelings of his colleagues for many years, Yu Enze did not let the administrative department dismiss him, but asked her to resign voluntarily. Considering that she had achieved fruitful results in Yu’s real estate, Yu Enze promised to give her an extra pension, which was enough for her to live a luxurious life.
As if Qin Ran’s natural law was accepted by her from a bolt from the blue, Yu Enze suddenly decided that she didn’t expect Yu Enze to be so rude. Just because she liked him, he left behind the fact that they had worked together to create the bit by bit department of Yu Jiangshan, taking it for granted that money would easily sweep her out of the house.
"Yu Enze, do you really want to kick me out?" Qin Ran looked at Yu Enze in disbelief, and his heart ached like a drop of blood.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
"I’m not trying to get rid of you, but I’ve tried to work with you now." Yu Enze locked Qin Ran’s reddish eyes and his tone was cold and hard
Qin Ran was disappointed to see Yu Enze’s resentment and tears streaming down. "A sly rabbit is a dead stooge, and you cooked Yu Enze. That Su Lixia did such a thing to me."
Yu Enze’s calm voice restored calm. "You have been carried away by love and hate. If you go on like this, you will harm yourself sooner or later. It’s only good for you, me and long summer to let you leave Yu."
"Are you willing to part with or use Yu Enze?" Tears streaming down her face, Qin Ran still looked at Yu Enze intently, and she questioned him. "Do you know that once I leave Yu’s real estate, I will inevitably lose 30% of the shares? This is not a small number. How much shock will its absence cause to Yu’s real estate? You are not unclear. Are you really willing to part with or use it?"
"The only thing I can’t give up is long summer," Yu Enze told Qin Ran with certainty.
This sentence returned to Qin Ran’s heartbreak. She collapsed on the cold floor and giggled. "For so many years, all my youth has been dedicated to Yu’s real estate because of you. In the end, I am not as good as a nothing. You have paid Su Lixia Qin Ran, Qin Ran. You lost after all. You lost."
"Qin Ran, let’s accept the reality. The last thing you can do in this world is feelings. Even if your computer doesn’t belong to you, it won’t belong to you." Yu Enze walked over to help Qin Ran, who was crying, advised her to be dead.
"Enze, I finally want to ask you a question." Qin Ran always calmed down. She stared at Yu Enze with tearful eyes, and there was a last glimmer of hope in her affectionate eyes. "If you hadn’t met Su Lixia, would you like me?"
"No" Yu Enze answered simply.
"Tell me what" A heart has been broken beyond recognition, but she still doesn’t want to believe that he really doesn’t like her for so many years. She needs to know why.
"If you don’t like it, it’s nothing." Yu Enze answered truthfully and calmly.
At this moment, Qin Ran finally determined that there was no place for Yu Enze in her heart from beginning to end, and there was nothing at all. It was just her wishful thinking, that she lived by herself, that she couldn’t stop weaving the illusion of love, and that it was still herself.
"Ok, I promise you." It took Qin Ran a long time to hear his pale voice. "From today on, I will leave Yu’s real estate and will never appear in front of you."
"Take care of Qin Ran" At this time, Yu Enze can also say this sentence to Qin Ran.
"After the session", Qin Ran turned around and walked out of Yu Enze’s office without looking back.
Looking at Qin Ran’s sad figure gradually disappearing, Yu Enze left a sigh in the bustling crowd.
It’s over, but Qin Ran still refuses to let it go. No one expected that she would finally push long summer into the abyss of perdition.
Jiang Yushi is going back to Africa. One morning, long summer and Ouyang went to the airport to see her off. On the way back to the workshop, a coffee shop in long summer stopped and bought a cappuccino to take back to the workshop. She came out of the store with coffee and was going to the parking lot not far ahead. When driving, a yellow sports car suddenly rushed towards her.
Qin Ran was completely blinded by hatred. She wanted to let long summer die. She drove the speed to the limit.
Long summer root didn’t have a chance to dodge. He was hit by Qin Ran and flew to the side of the road. The bright red blood flowed out continuously and almost dyed long summer’s body red. She was already unconscious.
As for Qin Ran’s own success, long summer disappeared from this world forever because she was complacent. She ignored her sports car and drove to a big truck on the opposite side of the retrograde road. By the time Qin Ran reacted, it was too late. Her speed had reached the limit and she lost control. Inevitably, another terrible car accident happened.
Yu Enze rushed to the hospital immediately after receiving the news of Xiaowa.
Five hours have passed, and long summer and his injured people are still undergoing surgery inside.
Yu Enze kept walking back and forth in the hospital corridor in fear and trembling.
"Sister long summer, the boss of Yu, will she be all right? I’m really worried about Sister long summer after such a long time." When Xiaowa saw it, the doctor still didn’t come out of the operating room, and her heart became more and more nervous.
"long summer, she is blessed and deadly, she will be fine." Yu Enze clenched Xiaowa’s shoulder and forced her not to have an unknown expectation
At this time, the lights went out in the operating room and the doctors came out from it one after another.
"Doctor, doctor, please tell me if long summer is okay." Yu Enze rushed forward to ask about long summer.
The 40th chapter with sighs
"I have made it clear to her that you have to say something to her again. Listen to me. The horse will come with me." Yu Enze did not listen and still took long summer to the door.
Long summer insisted on his position: "Enze, I told Qin Ran that I wanted to talk to her, so you go out first."
Yu Enze ao however long summer stubborn a person and went out.
See the house at this time left himself and long summer Qin Ran became more presumptuous. "Su Lixia, if you don’t quit, I will definitely die in front of you." Qin Ran said as she quickly pulled out her hand and infused her carotid artery.
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Long summer corners of the mouth suddenly raised a mocking and charming smile with unquestionable confidence. She leaned over and slowly bullied her face. Qin Ran’s nose was about to meet her. Her quiet black eyes locked her cold sound. "Qin Ran is enough. Don’t you think you’ve gone too far in acting?" With her, she snatched the infusion needle from Qin Ran’s hand and threw it aside directly.
Long summer gently lifted Qin Ranba’s mouth with a sarcastic smile. "If you really want to die, you will have to work so hard to send self-portrait photos to me and Enze. I can’t see that you pay great attention to the shooting angle and deliberately make the photos into a scene."
Qin Ran stupefied looking at the calm long summer accident, she vaguely aware that everything seems to be slowly escaping from her control.
Long summer walked slowly to the window. She turned her back on Qin Ran and exposed the intrigues of Qin Ran one by one. "You naturally know that Enze will definitely come immediately after seeing the photos and then take you to the hospital for emergency treatment as soon as possible.
Normally, Enze’s residence is ten minutes’ drive from your home, and the hospital is five minutes’ drive from your home. But today, the whole process from Enze’s arrival at your home to sending you to the hospital takes no more than fifteen minutes.
In less than 15 minutes, your consciousness has not disappeared, which is just the right time for the doctor to save you adequately, and your life will not be threatened at all. Look, you have calculated everything accurately, but your acting skills are too poor. "
Long summer’s caution, subtlety, keen insight, and hidden wisdom made Qin Ran startled. She felt a chill in her back. It turned out that Su Lixia was really not simple.
Long summer went to Qin Ran’s bedside, and she came close to her again. Her eyes flashed with cold light. "Qin Ran, you can threaten me by playing a bitter plan, crying, making two noises and hanging three plays. You are so naive to tell you that if I fight back, you are doomed to lose."
"Su Lixia, you and I will be afraid of you." Qin Ran shouted falsely, "I will never let go. I will definitely fight you to the end."
"I’m always ready" long summer from responding to her.
Looking at long summer far away as if with sarcasm and contempt for pretty figure, Qin Ran couldn’t help but clench his fist, and the hatred flame in his eyes grew stronger and stronger. "Su Lixia, I’m not finished with you. If Yu Enze is destined not to be me, I’d rather be with you."
The night is deep, quiet and depressing.

Maybe at first, he was annoying and dreamy, but after a long time, he liked the sound, and sometimes he listened attentively to her recite something. If he recited it wrong, he would secretly hide his lips and laugh.

Her spirit infected him, which made him afraid to relax his lessons. He was not as good as her, but he was an indispensable talent.
Everything in life has returned to normal. The two students are still studying separately, but a little different has happened on campus. The school knows that she is Helian Yin’s sister, and the students in the 36-degree reversal class are kind enough to greet her in a friendly way.
She remained indifferent and watched from her seat.
Yi Chen dare not provoke her again. As He Lianyin said, Yi Chen can’t afford to offend He Lianyin. He shouldered all the blame and was remembered by the teacher once, and removed from the duties of the Sports Commission.
In order to live a stable campus life, Yi Chen and Jiang Wu also wrote an apology letter to He Lianyin. It is said that this is an order of He Lianyin, or it will be done or things will not end.
Yi Chen and Jiang Wu read the crooked apology letter and made HeLianYin laugh. She bowed her head and gave birth to flowers on her colorful lips.
She is the younger sister of He Lianyin. After two days of sensation on campus, it was covered by a shocking news story. The news client was her deskmate Xia Jinren.
Xia Jin lost her diary!
Section 13
Xia Jin’s diary was found by tangsic!
Then Xia Jin’s diary was spilled out
It is said that there are several diaries like this. Xia Jin’s diary repeatedly wrote-
Diary 1: What are you arguing about? Mom, please don’t say it’s me! Divorce if you want. I have long wanted to leave this house!
Diary 2 Please keep your words! Stop torturing me and leave me alone.
Diary 3 Mom and Dad, why don’t you get divorced? What’s giving birth to me? If you didn’t love each other, there wouldn’t be me in this world.
Chapter 2 enemies of the school
However, these diaries are not the worst!
The most serious-
It was her puppy love.
According to the national education point of view, if you have a dark crush on loved one during the semester and want to be found out, it is called puppy love, whether you are four or five years old or fourteen or five years old.
Xia Jin likes her classmate in grade one, who has all the advantages that girls love, excellent, tall, handsome, elegant, humorous and can play basketball, which is simply the male god in all girls’ minds.
This male student is Han Luoxiao, a good brother of He Lianyin.
Xia Jin wrote in her diary that in her junior high school, boys often stuck their feet out of her desk to trip her up because of a run on her. Sometimes she got up to answer questions, and the boys would secretly move her chair and let her fall to the ground.
For a long time, she developed a sense of fear for boys, and she dared not touch boys or talk to them. Every time she passed the aisle, if a boy blocked her, she waited quietly until the boy noticed that she dared not let the boy borrow her.
桑拿会所Until that winter, when the fog gathered up, she was blocked by a fat classmate, who was talking with Han Luoxiao several people without realizing Xia Jin.
Suddenly Han Luoxiao, who was laughing and laughing, kicked the fat ass. Get out of the way if you want to feed others!
It was the first time that someone gave her a helping hand. Although it was such a trivial sentence, Xia Jin touched her heart and felt warm. She also felt that this boy was very reliable and safe.
After the fat ducked, Xia Jin bowed her head and walked to her position for a while before she dared to raise her head. She silently looked at the elegant figure of the man and mixed it with the crowd.
I forgot to thank you, she thought to herself
It may take just one second for one person to project an image into another’s mind.
In the days to come, she couldn’t help but pay attention to his eyes. He seemed to be doing the happiest thing every day.
She secretly watched him and listened to the female classmates talking about him sitting on the court. He cheered silently, and every move and word was not reflected in her eyes and engraved in her heart.
Who doesn’t stir in youth?
Although Xia Jin feels inferior, there will be ripples in the minds of teenagers, but she knows that she is an inconspicuous green leaf and will not indulge in it. A humble girl like her is not worthy of liking him. She has not shown any difference in her studies and has no influence.
But the throbbing age is beyond her control. She misses him so much that she always thinks that even if he smiles at her, his boring study life can be embellished from now on.
Youth is turbulent, not asking why, not asking right or wrong, because of casual dripping. From then on, my heart secretly promised that wind and rain would not change.
That man is so charming in her heart that even the tip of her eyes is full of pride that she can’t take her eyes off. She has to pin everything on her diary.
She is confused and hopes to share this beautiful secret, but she has no friends, teachers and even less likely to be scolded by her family.
At this time, Xia Jin is sensitive, fragile, sweet and sad. She didn’t want a result and wanted a place to talk. It’s good to like it secretly.
But Xia Jin didn’t think that her diary was lost or not lost, but was stolen by tangsic.
Her diary caused an uproar in the campus. tangsic also gave her diary to the teacher. She was invited. In her diary, she cursed her parents for getting divorced quickly, and Xia Jin’s mother saw it.
Mom slapped Xia Jin in the face in the teaching department!
Xia Jin was as pale as a dead man as if he had been struck by a huge lightning strike.
Mom threw the diary on Xia Jin’s chest. This shabby diary was filled with too much pain and lamented.
I dragged you up so hard that you cursed me for divorcing your father! You are shameless and enterprising! I told you to study hard and repay your parents in the future, not to hate your parents and watch men around! Do you know how to write the word reserved? Are you shameless? Do you know? The most important thing for a girl is a face. How can you be so …
Mom speaks in an orderly way, like a cold knife with a handle. All the teachers and classmates watched Xia Jin’s bloody wound being stripped of sunshine and sprinkled with sea salt.

Mrs. Ling looked at Ling Mo’s cold mouth and smiled. The whole person was even more stunned. She didn’t know that her son’s face would have this kind of smile for many years. She had never seen him smile like this.

Xia Yuyao looked shocked at the corner of the stairs. She was willing to eavesdrop. She just bought Ling Mohan a hand warmer Paula sofa for her. She wanted to get it, but she heard the shocking news.
She always thought that she had been drunk with Ling Mohan, but she didn’t expect that she was drugged at that time. If Ling Mohan didn’t tell her mother today, she wouldn’t know.
At the beginning, they were several good friends who had dinner together, the wine table and the people who had dinner together were all familiar. Who would give her the medicine?
Thought of here, she felt the whole person was cold, and she didn’t want to believe that people around her would harm one of her own. She didn’t want to believe it.
"No … No …" She kept shaking her head in her heart and couldn’t accept the truth.
☆ Chapter 113 Discovery
Ling mo cold floor when he saw Xia Yuyao just sitting, he was so scared that he hurriedly picked her up.
Section 119
"What’s the matter with Yaoyao?" Ling Mohan was frightened by her actions. What happened in this short time? What did she hear again? But he just had a good chat with his mother, and her mother agreed to let them get married. He was just coming to share the good news with her, but she sat on the floor alone.
Xia Yuyao was stunned. She looked at Ling Mohan and was shocked. "Mohan, did you just say that I was drugged?"
Oh, my God. How did this happen? When she woke up, she was lying in a hotel bed, but she didn’t know anything about the drunken aftermath the night before, as if she had slept and had a nightmare.
Ling Mohan was also surprised. "You don’t know that you were drugged?"
Xia Yu Yaoyaoyaotou "I was drunk because I didn’t remember anything about that night when I woke up the next day. I should have been in a coma. I was too drunk to know anything."
Ling Mohan took her into the room and put her in bed before she was surprised. "I didn’t know you were so convinced. At that time, you were really unconscious. Besides being drugged, you were also given another medicine."
"Another medicine?" Xia Yuyao leng one, she doesn’t want to know what another medicine is said by Ling Mohan, which is probably an aphrodisiac.
Ling mo cold nodded "yes"
"How did that happen? How can this be? " Xia Yuyao couldn’t help crying when she thought of the scene at that time.
Ling Mohan lovingly took her into her arms. Judo "Well, I’m sorry that you know the situation. Over the years, I’ve been trying to find out who gave you the medicine at the beginning, but I didn’t know your name at that time, and Xiangyun Hotel closed its doors shortly after that incident. After I found you, I wanted to ask you personally and worried about opening your wound again. I thought that I would slowly heal your wound and ask about it later, but I didn’t expect that you were drunk."
Ling Mohan lovingly wiped away her tears and whispered, "Well, don’t cry. I won’t let anyone hurt you from now on."
约茶  title=Xia Yuyao buried her face in his arms and gradually stopped crying.
"F, you tell me who you were drinking with? How did you get so drunk? " Since she thought she was drunk, she was really drunk.
That memory was painful for Xia Yuyao, and she had to open the scar to recall it when she found out who had harmed her in those years.
"At that time, in order to celebrate our graduation, our dormitory and Qiao Zexi’s dormitory people met to drink together. At that time, there were a total of three roommates of Qiao Zexi and my roommate, Qian Xue Su Ling, and another girl, wu si wu si, who was a foreigner and went back to her hometown after graduation. We have never contacted wu si for so many years. We seldom communicate after school except the study room, which is a bubble museum. She should not hurt me."
"And Qiao Zexi, who was my boyfriend at that time, was even less likely to hurt me, and the three boys in his dormitory were all foreigners. After graduation, they went back to their hometowns. I really can’t find their motives for hurting me."
"Qianxue is even more impossible. The best person in this world is Qianxue. When I gave birth to a child, I had no income. It was Qianxue. Her salary subsidized me. Otherwise, I couldn’t get through that difficult time. Su Ling saved me. I don’t know …"
Xia Yuyao doesn’t know how to say that Su Ling will harm her, but she really can’t find Su Ling’s motive to harm her.
"What about the next day? Who was the first person you saw when you woke up the next day? " Ling mo cold asked
Xia Yuyao thought, "I woke up alone in the hotel and was scared. The first person to call Xue was scared when Xue received my words. She was also a little drunk when she left. She left before me. After all, I had Qiao Zexi at that time, so she was not worried that no one would take me back to school."
Xia Yuyao thought for a moment and added, "At that time, a group of us all drank a lot. Everyone was very happy because we graduated. Plus, at that time, Qiao Zexi proposed to me. For Zexi and I, it was a double happiness. Everyone booed and drank the two of us. At that time, we didn’t delay drinking. When the snow left, Zexi had an emergency at home. He left before and asked Su Ling to send me back to school. Su Ling and Qiao Zexi knew each other since childhood. What’s more, she and I were still good friends, so she readily agreed."
"After the incident, I went to Su Ling, Su Ling, and said that it was too late. She was worried that the two girls would be upset when they went back and she was drunk, so she opened a room for me at Xiangyun Hotel. She slept next door to me that night. She had no idea that someone would go into my room and do that to me."
Ling Mohan listened quietly when he heard that Qiao Zexi had proposed to Xia Yuyao. His heart was sour. If it hadn’t been for that, would Xia Yuyao have married Qiao Zexi?
If it weren’t for the man who harmed Xia Yuyao, it is estimated that he would never have made friends with Xia Yuyao in this generation. Why would he want to thank the culprit?
But no matter who hurt his woman, he must find out clearly and make him pay the price. Thinking about this, his eyes are getting cold.
He holds Xia Yuyao’s hand in judo. "I’ll get to the bottom of Yaoyao’s matter."
Xia Yuyao nodded "Good to you"
Although she made friends with Ling Mohan because of that incident and made her happy today, how much she was hurt by that incident at that time was not a personal experience.
At this moment, she really wants to know who killed her in those days. If she finds out the real murderer, she will definitely make the other party pay.
Xia Yuyao clenched his fist tightly and his eyes were full of firm light.
"Mo Han, did your mother go back?" Xia Yuyao remembered that it seemed too long for their building. She had been immersed in her thoughts just now and didn’t pay attention to listening to the car.
Ling Mohan nodded. "Well, I went back to Yaoyao. Although my mouth didn’t say anything, my mother has accepted you. She asked us to have a wedding. I want to give you a grand wedding."
Xia Yuyao said, "I don’t want to be too grand, just really."
"What?" Shouldn’t all women like to have a grand wedding? Just like a cloud of snow, Anchen gave her a prosperous wedding. He also wanted to give his woman a spectacular wedding like that.
"I don’t want to be famous." Xia Yuyao smiled. "Qianxue said that she always felt looked at when she was walking down the street. Those passers-by could not help but look at her more."
Ling Mohan laughed. "Well, Chen is a little high-profile, but online celebrity didn’t succeed because of this kind of thing. online celebrity is also happy. People in online celebrity will envy them."
Xia Yuyao sighed, "Chen Shao really loves Qianxue and can’t wait to give her the world."
"Baby, I want to be so good to you, and I can’t wait to give you the whole world." He looked at her and spoke affectionately.
Xia Yuyao nodded. "Yeah, I know, but I still like to keep a low profile. It’s really tiring to get married. Don’t bother me. Plus, my mother’s family has kicked me out of the house. I don’t have a normal wedding except snow."
Ling Mohan looked at her and asked softly, "Yaoyao, did your family drive you out of the house because of having a baby?"
It turned out that he had brought her so much suffering. If only he had found her earlier.
Xia Yuyao’s eyes flashed a trace of bitterness. She whispered, "Not really. My mother died when I was a few years old. Later, my father married his present wife, which is my stepmother. My stepmother gave birth to two sons for my father. My father was so happy that he couldn’t give her the whole world. When I was a child, my father was always busy doing business and didn’t accompany me. Our father and daughter didn’t have a good relationship. My stepmother often abused me secretly after she got married, but every time I complained to my father, my stepmother said that I didn’t like her. She said that I didn’t like Stepmother, so my dad believed me, and he was too busy to take care of me. He gave me to his stepmother to take care of me. When he came home, he saw that I didn’t have any wounds, so he was surprised. My stepmother often liked things that wouldn’t hurt my flesh to hit me. My dad didn’t believe me when I spoke, and he always said that I didn’t listen to my stepmother. "
"At that time, my life was really painful. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t come to this world and that home. Every day was a torment for me. Later, I went to junior high school and stayed in school. My father gave money to my stepmother every month to give me a life, but my stepmother often deducted my life and told my father that I spent too much behind my back because she always bought me clothes secretly and then put those new clothes in my closet. My father saw that there were many new clothes in my closet, and he suspected that I was taking my life to buy clothes, so he believed everything my stepmother said."
"Later, I went back to high school only once a month, and my stepmother gave me a living root, which was not enough for me to eat enough. At that time, it was very difficult for me to eat a meal. I was also laughed at by my classmates. They all said that I was stingy and dressed in famous brands, but God knows how much I hated those famous brands, but I couldn’t help dressing because all my clothes were bought by that woman. She just wanted me to wear those famous brands to learn, and then she wouldn’t let me eat enough. It’s really cruel to know that a person has to fill his stomach and wear good clothes. That woman is very good at acting in front of my dad. When she was in front of my dad, she bought me those famous brands and clothes. She was reluctant to buy them for her two sons. My dad naturally liked her more and more when he saw that she was so kind to me. Every time I complained, he said that I didn’t understand, so I stopped complaining afterwards. No one believed me. "
"I studied hard and tried hard to get into a university far away from home. Later, I got into a university and finally got away from home. When I went to college, I had to rely on my part-time job to barely eat."
"After college, I can say that I got rid of that family. Although it is a bit bitter, it is also self-reliant and I don’t know how many times stronger than that family."
"I was going to keep out of touch with them, and I didn’t go home after graduation. Later, four months after graduation, my dad felt strange when he saw that I hadn’t been home. The woman who came to the city to see me personally came with him. The woman’s eyes were poisonous. She saw at a glance that I was pregnant, and then she cried in front of my dad and said that she didn’t discipline me well."
"My dad was so angry that he had to pull me to abort the child. At that time, the child was formed. How can I be willing to abort? I resolutely refused to bite and scold my father at the doctor, saying that if I didn’t abort the baby, I would cut off my father and daughter. I and his father and daughter had already lost me. Of course, the so-called "they went home angrily" and we have never been connected since then. "
Ling Mohan listened to Xia Yuyao’s experience and felt that her heart was going to be broken. How much did this woman suffer from me?
He didn’t expect that there would be such an insidious and cunning woman in this world who bought her a famous brand but didn’t give her enough food. How vicious was her mind to think of such a way to abuse a child? If it’s not illegal to kill people, he must find that woman at once and wring her neck directly. It’s too much.
He lovingly took her into his arms and judo "I will be doubly good to you after Yaoyao"

What is their reality? It’s not that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, but a pure contract. She is his one-year contract lover.

How can you tell his mother the truth like this?
See Yin Anran didn’t want to answer, and Meng Yijie didn’t continue to ask, "Forget it. Anyway, I can’t understand you and my brother."
"I’m full, Xiaojie. You eat slowly." She said for a while and left the table.
Not long after she returned to her room, she received a message from Gu Jingyan, which was an email account.
She opened her mind and adjusted the photos taken yesterday.
Gu Jingyan doesn’t really need much post-processing for this photo. His face is the biggest advantage.
Yin Anran simply adjusted the color and thought it was ok, then sent it to Gu Jingyan according to the email address.
桑拿按摩Gu Qingshuang slowly opened her eyes and her body ached as if she had been run over by a car. She turned her head and saw the handsome face.
Bo Xiao is still asleep.
She picked up her mobile phone and happened to see the news that Yin An had dyed her hair.
She replied with a chuckle.
After chatting with Yin Anran for a while, she just put down her mobile phone and got ready to get up, when her waist suddenly gained a force.
She was crushed back to the soft big bed.
"Where to?"
The tip of his nose spray her face against her warm breath.
Gu Qingshuang stretched out his hand and pushed him to reveal a sarcastic smile. "It is natural to leave when you are done."
Bo Xiao’s brow flicked together because of her words, but it was only a few seconds. He returned the same smile and raised his hand to stroke her cheek. "Finished?" Gu Qingshuang who finished with you! "
Gu Qingshuang gave him a white look. "Thin gentleman, aren’t you enough?"
"What do you think?" He chuckled and started talking, but she kept moving and lighting a fire.
Gu Qingshuang bit his lip and couldn’t refuse him to touch her. "It seems that being thin and less common sense is still lacking. I know that you are physically strong, but have you ever heard of the words?" She laughed.
Thin night looked at her this smiling face heart suddenly move.
His delicate lip angle is slightly raised, which directly covers her little lip and keeps rubbing and biting.
Every time he kissed, Gu Qingshuang almost gasped, and he didn’t let go until her little face turned red.
Thin night hand, she is on fire.
"Bo Xiao, let go!" She protested
She was developed by him, and he is the most sensitive person who knows her.
Gu Qingshuang’s small hands clung to the sheets, and she hated it, but she didn’t want to feel it, but her body was provoked by him.
He provoked her to "kill everyone"? Ah … you know you have this thing. If Gu Qingshuang really dies, what’s in your body? "
As soon as he spoke, his strong desire was overwhelming and he possessed her.
Gu Qingshuang’s little face turned pale with pain.
But regardless of her feelings, Gu Qingshuang felt terrible.
It’s like this every time. It’s more like a disaster than love! Less for Gu Qingshuang.
After everything was over, Xiao Xiao got up and went straight into the bathroom.
Gu Qingshuang waited for her to come out before she went into the bathroom to clean.
When she came out of the bathroom, the big room had already disappeared, and she looked at the bed and saw a check on the remote control of the bedside table.
She went over and picked up the check and glanced at the figures.
There was a sarcastic smile on her lips, and her hand was pinched out of shape.
Chapter 69 His shirt
Yin Anran entered the drugstore after thinking about it at the door.
"Miss, what do you need?" The clerk asked with a smile.
Yin Anran is the first time to come to the drugstore to buy this "forehead contraceptive"

She sat without saying a word, biting her teeth and enduring the pain, hanging her eyes and not knowing where her eyes fell.

Lin Mo squatted down to check her injury, pushed aside her forehead hair, and the forehead injury was not serious. Then she wiped her leg and straightened it, and she felt cold sweat on her forehead.
"Ink minister, I am in pain …" Tang poetry bit his lip that lost color.
"Do you dare to rush in front of the car when you know the pain?" Lin Mochen severely scolded her, "Do you do this and I will be soft-hearted? Don’t be naive about Tang poetry. I’m married. Please don’t bother me or her. "
"I didn’t. I just wanted to see you." Tang poetry piteously sipped his lips and his eyes were full of moisture. "I haven’t been able to sleep since I returned to China. I don’t know where I’m going, but I haven’t seen you go in here once. I didn’t expect you to come back today. Even if you get married, can’t I see you?"
It’s not far from Tang Villa to Mo Garden, but it’s not too close. It takes half an hour to walk, and it’s really rare for a delicate lady like Tang Poetry to walk like this.
"There are some things in Tang poetry that you know in your heart. I don’t want to discover it. I want to leave you a trace of dignity. There are some things in Tang poetry that don’t play with me!" Lin Mo Chen got up and reached for his mobile phone. "I called Mo Yang and asked him to take you to the hospital."
Tang poetry saw that he took out his mobile phone to call Lin Moyang. She was so anxious that she couldn’t take care of her leg pain. She strengthened her car with one hand and then reached out and "snapped" his mobile phone. In the anger of Tang poetry, some of her strength was unguarded, and Lin Mochen’s mobile phone hit the enclave.
"I don’t want you to call Moyang!" Tang poetry roared, "I am injured and Moyang is not at all. Will you trouble him? You’re the one who hit me and sent me to the hospital, and it should be you! But it’s better to let the blood bleed to death than to live in such pain. I will never see you so indifferent to me again! "
品茶论坛Section 9
Tang poetry turned and left.
She gritted her teeth and tiptoed away. It was very inconvenient to move, and she couldn’t balance her body. The whole person fell down and felt full of pain, but she just stubbornly refused to lose, got up again, staggered and continued to want to move forward.
Lin Mo-chen has a face of nai. He picked up the mobile phone screen and it is intact, but no matter how you press it, it is a black screen.
It seems that Fa called Lin Moyang.
He put his mobile phone into his pocket and hurried to chase Tang poetry. Tang poetry held the car body and reached the rear of the car. Lin Mochen grabbed her wrist. "Tang poetry, don’t move if you don’t want that leg to be ruined! I’ll take you to the hospital. "
Looking at the wounded and bleeding Tang poetry, Lin Mo-chen couldn’t abandon it.
He can’t watch her bleed all the time. Blood has dripped from her small bar, and her beige dress is dyed red.
Lin Mochen held the Tang poetry and she did not move.
"If you still want to be beautiful, don’t be stubborn." Lin Mochen pulled open the door and helped her sit in.
It’s good for Tang poetry to reject Lin Mo-chen, even if his heart is not sincere, she feels that it’s good for her to surge in her heart.
Lin Mo-chen put on a seat belt for her, and then she backed the car out, went through the gate and drove to the hospital.
When I got to the hospital, the Tang poetry may have been dizzy and unstable because of excessive blood loss.
Lin Mochen picked her up horizontally and sent her to the emergency department.
Just today, Chuheng Hospital saw Lin Mochen rushing in with a woman in her arms.
His face also changed a little, and he hurried to see that the woman in his arms was a Tang poem. "What happened to Tang poetry?"
"Hit by a car, hurry and see" Lin Mo Chen’s heavy eyebrows are slightly twisted.
Chu Heng asked the nurse to push the bed quickly. Lin Mo-chen carefully put the Tang poetry on the bed.
Tang semi-comatose reached for his palm and begged, "Don’t go with me …"
"Don’t talk now to keep your strength." Lin Mochen patted the back of her hand. "Chu Heng, you will be fine here."
"No, I don’t need people. I want you …" Tang poetry has been dependent on him for a long time.
"I won’t go," Lin Mochen told her, pulling her hand. "Get in!"
Tang poets were pulled away and caught a few times, and one was caught.
Before being pushed into the emergency room by the nurse, her eyes were still sad and painful.
Chu Heng looked at Lin Mo-chen’s clothes stained with blood. "Did Tang poetry return to China?"
He didn’t know anything about the Tang poetry’s thoughts on Lin Mo-chen, and everyone in their small circle knew it.
"Can’t you see with your eyes?" Lin Mo-chen twisted his eyebrows. "Look at her injuries quickly. It’s wordy here."
Lin Mo-chen sat outside to rest and find a chair, and waited with his hands clasped.
Suddenly, he took out his mobile phone from his pocket and remembered that his mobile phone had been broken. At this point, he also sent a message to Lu You to report that he was safe.
Lu you should be asleep at this time, right?
Lu sorrow came out after taking a shower and didn’t see Lin Mo Chen send her a message thinking that he might not be home yet.
While she was lying in bed waiting, she passed unconsciously and there was still no news of him.
She hesitated for a moment and took the initiative to send a WeChat message. In the past, Lin Mo-chen did not move.
Lu sorrow couldn’t sleep in bed, and then he called, but it was a chance in the past
How can I miss the plane? Lu sorrow holding a mobile phone is a mystery, even if he wants the machine, he will tell her.
She must have lost his cell phone, right? When he charges it, he will contact her.
If you want to land like this, hold your mobile phone and close your eyes and rest.
While waiting for the Tang poetry to come out, Lin Mo-chen saw the emergency room door pushed open from the inside and the Tang poetry came out from the inside.
Her eyes were eagerly looking for Lin Mo-chen, and she breathed a sigh of relief after seeing his tall figure. There was a little joy in her heart.
Lin Mochen really didn’t leave, so he didn’t really feel affection for her.
When he was a child, he should also like himself a little.
It is now that he is married that he has a responsibility to resist his closeness.
It must be so. Tang poetry comforted itself like this.
At this thought, she felt that her body hurts less.
Tang Shi was first pushed to the ward by the nurse.
Chuheng and Lin Mochen went into the ladder together.
"Is the Tang poem all right?" Lin Mochen asked him
"It’s nothing serious. There are two stitches on my forehead and my leg bones, but don’t walk on the road bed during this period." Chu Heng confessed, "How did Tang Poetry have an accident?"
Lin Mo-chen was relieved to hear that Tang poetry was not seriously injured.
He told the story of Tang poetry once.
"Does Lu You know?" Chu Heng explored his tone. Lin Mochen was very unhappy, but nodded truthfully.
Chu Heng gloated a little. "Look, it’s bothering you."
"Can you be dumb without saying a word?" Lin Mochen gave ChuHeng a discontented stare.
"Poke to your sore spot, just like that? Is it interesting? " Chuheng put his hands in the pockets of his white gown. "Think about what to do, woman. War is terrible!"
Something big will happen tomorrow.
☆ 13 Real Mrs. Lin was accused of being a mistress.
Lin Mo-chen looked at a face of schadenfreude, with a cold face, while the latter’s beautiful and handsome face was still a faint smile and a faint ridicule.