Before approaching, she found that Jiang Ning’s fiance had also come out.

Yu Tingchuan and Jiang Fu stopped outside the gate to bid farewell to Shen Zhi’s hands in the cloister, and like her, they were staring at the two men outside.
If qi zhou gets close, he can hear Yu Tingchuan talking to Jiang Fu now.
Father Jiang just asked, "Why didn’t you inform everyone about such an important event as marriage?"
I heard that Yu Tingchuan smiled for a while before explaining that "I am much younger than me and I am still studying at school. I am not an ordinary working class. Once a public wedding is held, it will bring more disadvantages than benefits. If you want to make a fuss about it, I am afraid it will seriously affect her life. She is not willing to be detained, and she will have to complain at home."
I don’t want to see her wronged because I am really relieved.
The more I mean, the more I want to protect her.
Jiang’s father understood this truth, and Yu Tingchuan would tell him this, not because he was intimate with him, but because he wanted to convey this meaning.
"Difficult depression always wants to be so considerate."
Jiang Fu’s words are full of feelings.
Yu Tingchuan said that "thoughtful talk does not expect her to be safe in this world."
Voice not far from the car also opened the door.
The disabled party is slow, and it hasn’t been completed until 9: 20 in the morning of 6 thousand days.
☆ Chapter 39 It’s hard to be clingy after pregnancy (2 more)
There is a cute wife at home!
Song City saw Yu Tingchuan in the car and saw the middle-aged man around him. She waited patiently for a while before the gate of Yuanquan Villa, and guessed that the middle-aged man was an elder of the Chiang family.
Waiting always seems long, especially after seeing each other.
For a few minutes, she felt it for a long time.
It’s hard to talk and urge, but it’s unbearable to simply push the door open.
Song Qingcheng just steadied beside the car, and Yutingchuan seemed to feel something. The line of sight crossed Jiang Fu’s eyes and Jiang Fu followed him and turned his head, then he saw a girl standing with her hand on the door.
The sun shines on her hairline, and the black hair is soft and golden halo. The side of Liu Hai braided hair hangs aside and adds a white face. It has a fresh literary beauty, which makes people feel comfortable at first glance. She wears a crocheted short-sleeved chiffon shirt and sees the slender calf and those white bee embroidered low-cut sneakers because the door is blocked.
At this moment, Jiang Fu had an idea in his mind-
Yutingchuan didn’t lie to him. Mrs Yu is really young.
Jiang Fu is not an ignorant person. He laughed when he saw it. "It seems that Mrs. Yu is anxious, but it is not good for me to continue dragging Mr. Yu to talk."
Yu Tingchuan smiled at the corner of his mouth. "It’s hard to be clingy after pregnancy."
This doesn’t sound impatient, but rather spoiled.
Jiang’s father said that he understood the nodding words and was polite. "Then I won’t keep anyone."
It didn’t take long for Yu Tingchuan to bid farewell to the middle-aged man in the whole Song Dynasty. Looking at him coming towards himself, he suddenly felt that the sun was getting more and more fierce.
When I approached Yu Tingchuan, I said, "Why didn’t I let you stay at home?"
It seems to blame her, but it’s full of bosom.
Song whole corners of the mouth can’t help but hook up looking at his own excuse "I’ll come and see"
"See what?" Yu Tingchuan chuckled.
"Don’t look at anything"
Song city four looked "just have a look"
After the car, Yu Tingchuan reached for the car door and Song Qingcheng sat next to him and looked back at the man’s face. "Did you leave the engagement party like this?"
Listen to her words contain worry about YuTingChuan don’t have to JieQiang voice slowly "now know how to ask just now importune"
Song Qingcheng replied, "I really want to see you just now. I can’t help it."
Smell speech YuTingChuan corners of the mouth and smile.
"If you want to sleep, I will come."
Earlier, Lao Zhao was amused to hear his wife’s words, but his boss seemed to believe the truth and heard General Manager Yu ask his wife, "Did you buy yourself a bunch of food?"
"Passing by to buy" Song Qingcheng paused. "Did I just see Xu Assistant waiting for him?"
Yu Tingchuan said, "He will come when he goes to get the chariots and horses."
"Did you smoke just now?"
Song city suddenly asked.
Then she said to herself, "It’s understandable that someone will hand you a cigarette on this occasion."
Did Yu Tingchuan laugh?
Just then someone knocked at the back window outside.
When the window slowly lowered, the whole Song Dynasty also looked at each other. The other party was a woman wearing an apricot dress. At first glance, the whole Song Dynasty didn’t recognize it, and then the second eye remembered Shen Che’s speech. Then the woman’s face and the photos of the net zhou ying overlapped.
It is said that the actress is different from ordinary people without makeup, but qi zhou suspects beauty, whether it is the outline of facial features or the tall figure. When she smiles, her charm is even more assured.
When Song Qingcheng looked at qi zhou, qi zhou also looked at her.
Qi zhou knew it was rash to come here like this.
品茶论坛But after all, she didn’t suppress her curiosity.
Perhaps more accurately, it is competitive.
It’s not that she didn’t rely on speculating vases. After years of hard work, her position in the entertainment circle in China has long been replaced casually. Even if she doesn’t shoot for two or three years, her film price is still 10 million.
It is precisely because of this strength that she wants to know whether Yu Tingchuan’s mouth is sacred after being rejected by Yu Tingchuan.
Turns out it wasn’t a girl without makeup.
There is no exquisite makeup to wear, and it’s not like customizing famous brands. The most expensive body should be those gui white sneakers.
Qi zhou bent down and saw the girl’s feet through the window.
Anyway, it’s beyond her simplest imagination
Section 36
Qi zhou looked at Yu Tingchuan and said hello, "Is manager Yu ready to go back?"