"Ahem …"

She coughed desperately, clutching her neck.
However, before she could breathe more fresh air, he kissed her passionately.
Yin Anran consciousness to push him but there is no place.
A passionate kiss lingers on …
He possessed her at all costs.
"Dye dye … don’t leave me, don’t love me … please …"
Kiss her lips finely
Yin Anran’s hands were forced to buckle tightly with him.
桑拿  title=Fingers clenched …
This is the method of shaking hands with loved ones …
She couldn’t help crying, and he kissed her.
"Dye me dye …"
Thin night and Meng Yichen video call when I saw his face tired "what is this? How long has it been since I video with you? How did you become like this? "
Meng Yichen looks very tired, and Xiao Xiao can’t figure it out. It’s reasonable to say that Meng Yichen is popular in business. If something really happens, Xiao Xiao can’t be ignorant here.
Love is rare, but they are very sweet.
He looked at Meng Yichen this kind of some elusive.
Meng Yichen rubbed his eyebrows. "When will you come back?"
"I can’t come back for a short time. Her mother’s operation has not been completely finished. Even if she is finished, she will have to observe it again." Bo Xiao said, "I said, what the hell happened to Chen?"
Meng Yichen took a sip of his lip and simply said things and thin night during this period.
Thin night slightly raised an eyebrow and nodded his head.
He knew that he was a little surprised when he met Yin Anran for the first time. To be honest, he also felt that Achen had found a woman who looked like rebeccalu, but he was just playing for more than two months and would be tired of it. After all, people are not like that person after all.
However, I didn’t expect that Meng Yichen and Yin Anran were far beyond his expectation, and Meng Yichen’s attitude towards Yin Anran made Bo Xiao gradually feel that maybe Chen really loved Yin Anran instead of just Yin Anran looking for a beautiful shadow.
"So she knows? Want to leave you? Are you so upset? "
Meng Yichen lightly replied, "I won’t let her leave me!"
Bo Xiao squinted slightly and had a bad feeling, "Chen, what did you do to her?"
Meng Yichen didn’t speak, but Xiao Xiao guessed something …
"Chen, you can’t do this. The more you do this to her, the more resistant she is," said Bo Xiao.
He frowned. "What did I do to her? !”
"Uh-huh, what do you say? !”
Bo Xiao is a bold guess, but … Look at Chen’s reaction, the more he feels that his guess is right.
"You can’t be hard on a woman. If you are hard on her, she will be afraid of you and the more she wants to escape from you. It may be much better if you are a little soft on her."
Meng Yichen looked at Bo Xiao as if he were a love expert, as if he were good at handling this emotional matter.
"Light said I you? I think you seem to be very hard on your woman, too. "
"I am not the same as you!"
"What’s the difference? Don’t tell me you don’t like her? Don’t like her. Did you make her mother run around sick? Still accompanying you to England? "
Like being debunked, Xiao Xiao touched his nose. "Who said I like it! I … Enough is interest! It’s normal for me to help her when I’m still interested in her! "