Yu Xiaoye Jin has been asking me to hold her from the car to the bag.

Ye Wen laughed. "Second, Xiao Jin seems to like Ding Jie very much. He has always been a little cool baby and doesn’t talk much."
Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes fell on me like "hmm"
I "…"
Actually, I think it’s amazing, too. It seems that I hit it off with Xiao Yejin for the first time, and Xiao Yejin stuck to me so much, but I’m not a kid, but I just like him.
Ye Wen teased Xiao Ye Jin, "Do you like this aunt?"
Xiao Ye Jin nodded. "She will be my aunt."
I "…"
What does this mean?
Ye Wen seems to be surprised and turns to Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan wiped Ye Jin’s mouth, and the soup was quiet and said, "Eat."
I have a big wave in my heart, but I don’t ask much in front of Ye Wen and the children.
It’s already two o’clock in the afternoon after dinner. Xiao Ye Jin fell asleep in her arms when she took a nap.
Ye Xiangyuan held his face and could not say how soft it was.
I thought about it and decided to break such a beautiful thing. "Although I am very grateful for that … I still hope you will stay out of it …"
Ye Xiangyuan looked at Ye Wen.
Ye Wen took out an envelope and handed it to me. "This is Er Shao. Let me search for something that may be useful to you."
品茶When I opened it, the information in it was impressively what I was looking for, and it was even more detailed than what I had collected during this period.
I can’t help seeing Ye Xiangyuan.
He still looks calm and can’t see what his mood is.
Ye Wen said, "Actually, it’s just a word from my family …"
I quickly shook my head and interrupted him "Don’t bother to thank you"
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly looked at me and "marry me"
No one dares to touch you after chapter 26.
Section 22
I’m completely stunned.
Look at Ye Wen in an instant. He is more shocked than me.
Is it because Ye Xiangyuan listened to Xiao Ye Jin’s words that he improvised?
Ye Jia Er Shao, the most prominent person in the imperial city, proposed to me, but I was not surprised at all. I had an idea in my heart that I would politely refuse his proposal without causing him dissatisfaction.
I thought for a moment and said, "I don’t want to get married yet …"
Ye Xiangyuan directly interrupted me, "Think again and don’t rush to give an answer."
He was unhurried as if I refused what he expected, and he didn’t care whether I promised or not, as if he was sure that I would promise him eventually.
I bit my lip tightly.
He glanced at me and said, "No one dares to touch you after becoming my wife."
I gently droop my eyelids.
Of course, no one dares to bother me, but who can guarantee it privately? Just like Xiaoyan said that she has several ways to make me disappear.
Ye Xiangyuan, however, has no feelings for me because he thinks I am suitable to get married. In the future, if I am in danger, he may not be able to save me.
If something really happens to me, he will probably look for another shield.
I can’t help thinking about the girl who is truly beautiful. Why doesn’t Ye Xiangyuan marry her?
But now is not a good time to explore. I was silent for a while and sincerely said, "Professor Ye will definitely marry a wife who is more in your heart."
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t say anything more, holding the sleeping little Ye Jin up and saying, "Let’s go."
I’m not sure whether he was told by me or whether he didn’t want to listen to my excuses any more.