It’s a pity that chicken is so good.

Before Han Jingjing walked over, Lingyu ran away, crying and leaving her. Lingyu watched her leave disconsolately behind her.
After a long time
She looked at the door of the north house again, and he didn’t even bother to look at the most beautiful jade in the village. So if it was her, she would be humiliated and laughed at, right?
Jing-jing han preoccupied with low head.
In this encounter, Han Jingjing was the first to be tempted. Although Gao Ze’s personality was a little bad, he was really filial to her and grandpa. Han Jingjing had never tasted being cherished since she was a child, but Gao Ze cherished her, which made her heart that had never throbbed jump slightly.
But she also knows that she is not worthy of him. He is so beautiful and rich that she can’t afford everyone in her generation.
After Lingyu left, Han Jingjing was never happy. She sat on the swing in the courtyard to bask in the sun. This swing was built by Gao Ze cutting wood himself. It was said that it would add some fun to her life. Han Jingjing gently swung on the swing, from frugality to extravagance, and from extravagance to extravagance. After Gao Ze came here, their lives improved a lot. She wondered what they would do if Grandpa spent 50 thousand. You can’t be attached to Takazawa forever, can you? He will leave one day.
Han Jingjing thought for a long time. Finally, if she wants to quit school, she should go to work early. The 50,000 yuan will be left to grandpa to see a doctor and provide for her old age. She has hands and feet and must be able to support herself.
Takazawa gets up at one o’clock in the afternoon.
He sat in the pit for a long time, his head was in a mess, and then he got dressed in bed and wore slippers to wash in the yard.
When Han Jingjing saw him coming out, she gave him a well, leaned over to him and told him her thoughts.
Gao Ze toothbrush to a half stopped twist a head to see her incredibly twisted eyebrows "what did you say? Want to drop out of school to work? "
His mouth is full of foam and his face is terrible.
Jing-jing han got a fright and gently nodded "well"
"Say it once" Gao Ze looks at her steadily, and her eyes are getting colder and colder. But he regards Han Jingjing as his own sister. His sister is going to drop out of school to work. Can he agree?
"I think so. Grandpa is old now. Leave the money to grandpa for retirement. I am still young and have hands and feet to support myself." She moved her eyelashes and dared not look up.
"Hehe, I can’t." The overhead sound is cold and there is no temperature
Jing-jing han zheng terrier neck "what? Aren’t you leaving us sooner or later? We’ll be different then. Should we work hard? I just want to be early. It’s my decision. "
"What’s wrong with your generation?" Gao Ze was holding a toothbrush and the sun couldn’t shine into his eyes. He said coldly, "Don’t drop out of school. Grandpa hopes that you will be all right. You have to finish high school and enter a good university to show your face to Grandpa. If you don’t worry about studying, you will have to pay one million yuan a year."
"We’re not real brothers and sisters. You must be so kind to us?"
"Because I have regarded you as my relatives, you are my sister in my eyes, and I forbid you to drop out of school. If you regard me as your brother, listen to me."
He is so overbearing that no one disobeys a word.
He never gives you the time to leave, but when you don’t leave, you are absolutely desperate. Han Jingjing stares at his face and she can’t say a word. She dare not say that she likes him. She dare not say that she is immersed in his tenderness because she doesn’t deserve it.
Jing-Jing Han didn’t say a word. She slammed the door and left with a cold expression.
She ran to the mountain alone and sat in granite with a stabbing pain in her heart.
burning sun
She doesn’t know what to think about, and she is full of boundless space.
No one has ever been so kind to her. She can’t resist his kindness. She likes him, but at the same time she knows that she doesn’t deserve it. She dare not tell him. But the cruelest answer is that I regard you as my own sister. Han Jingjing can’t accept this sentence. She doesn’t want to be his sister. Maybe she is ugly, maybe she is poor, but she also has dignity.
half an hour later
Dressed up, Gao Zeshan came to see her. He took a bag of boiled eggs in his hand and slowly approached Han Jingjing and handed them over. "Grandpa and Zhang Ma don’t know how to cook, so I got some boiled eggs for you to eat. Aren’t you villagers hungry when you are right? It’s a little past one now. Don’t be hungry. "
Jing-Jing Han ignored him and looked at the scenery stubbornly.
Gao Ze sighed and sat next to her. The sound was light. "I will tell you that you and grandpa have planned for you in the future. When I get back to Beijing, I will try to take you over and let you live in the city. Then we can learn together."
夜生活As soon as Han Jingjing’s back froze, tears came up unwillingly.
Gao Ze took out a card and handed it to her. "There are 900,000 in this card, which I kept for you. This money is for your life after you arrive in Beijing. I dare not tell Grandpa because I know that Grandpa will definitely not want it. I intend to put it here for you to keep."
Han Jingjing looked up with a shock. "I don’t want it!"
She pushed away his hand and shook her head.
Take it, this is my investment in you, and you have to repay me. Read hard and don’t let me down.
"No, I can make my own money. I can support myself."
"How many years do you have to work on your own? The years will never come back. You gave up this opportunity today, and you will be able to live in the future. The bottom of society is far behind everything you want. "
Jing-Jing Han didn’t speak.
for a long time
She asked faintly, "Don’t look forward to it?"
"It’s hopeless that you don’t accept my funding. It’s conceivable that you will find some low-level jobs after dropping out of school, work so hard forever, marry a man with almost ordinary wealth, and then live like this all the time. There is no end and no way out, and if you accept my funding, maybe you will be changed and enter a different world. You will be excellent and beautiful, and marry a rich elite for a happy life."
"Happy life?" Han Jingjing looked at him stupefied. "Do you think I can be happy all my life?"
"Don’t give up the chance to change your destiny, maybe you will get a completely different life."
Jing-jing han apex with a shudder.
What will different lives be like? She is also very curious …
Han Jingjing accepted his card that day. If she can really change her life, she will repay Gao Ze for the next generation …
Recall here
Han Jingjing blinked gently and said to Yin, "He has changed everything in my life. Even if he doesn’t love me, I am willing to protect him all my life."
Without Takazawa, there would be no Han Jingjing today.
Look at Yin and sigh with emotion. "I didn’t expect you to have such a relationship."