Lu Wenbin said, "Do you have any suggestions?"

Lu Chongxin paused for a moment and then said, "You know I am an old fan of Inter Milan. After losing to Hoffenheim in the Champions League final, Inter Milan once again lost the chance to touch the Champions League trophy. Do you think it is possible to consider moving to Inter Milan and try to help them win a Champions League? Moratti and us old fans will help Inter Milan win a Champions League dream, and I won’t interfere after your transfer?"
Lu Wenbin turned a positive tunnel in his mind. "Dad, don’t say that. I am also a small fan of Inter Milan. I like football. You took me to watch Serie A and watch the start of Inter Milan. Then I will transfer to Inter Milan this year and try to help Inter Milan win a Champions League."
Lu Chongxin immediately happy way "thank you"
桑拿按摩After hanging up with his father, Lu Wenbin called Mendes about the horse and told him that he was ready to move to Inter Milan.
Schmendez hopes that Lu Wenbin will move to Real Madrid. After all, Real Madrid has a bigger name and more successful commercial development.
But it is still Lu Wenbin’s main Mendes who dare not interfere too much.
Now Lu Wenbin is his cash cow, and he won’t go against Lu Wenbin.
Therefore, Mendesma agreed to come and then began to contact the general manager of Inter Milan, Ernesto paolillo, about the specific transfer and signing.
After several days of discussion, Inter Milan, Hoffenheim and Lu Wenbin completed the negotiation on the transfer of Lu Wenbin.
On May 5th, 21st, Inter Milan held a press conference to announce that Lu Wenbin, winner of European Golden Boot, Champions League Golden Boot and Triple Crown, officially transferred from Bundesliga Hoffenheim to Serie A Inter Milan for 100 million euros.
In fact, this 100 million euros is the liquidated damages of Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim.
The transfer of 100 million euros surpassed last year’s transfer of 940,000 euros from Romania to Real Madrid, officially becoming the world’s first football player and the first player to transfer over 100 million euros.
At the same time, although Inter Milan did not announce it, Lu Wenbin’s annual salary was also dug up by the media and exposed.
The annual salary of 160,000 euros far exceeds Romania’s 120,000, making it the highest salary in world football.
As soon as the news broke out, it immediately sensationalized the world. Even the report that Spain won the World Cup gave way to Lu Wenbin.
Of course, it is also because the heat of the World Cup has decreased a lot with the passage of time.
However, how to say that the first football transfer worth over 100 million yuan, the world’s first annual salary in football and so on all made Lu Wenbin full of news.
The world sports media, newspapers, internet and radio have all reported for a long time, and they are almost the headlines.
Lu Wenbin’s transfer of 100 million euros to Inter Milan became the first price in football.
The first transfer of world football has exceeded 100 million yuan from Lu Wenbin.
European football officially entered the transfer of 100 million yuan.
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Lu Wenbin transferred 100 million euros to Inter Milan to become a real 100 million euros sir.
Lu Wenbin’s annual salary of 160,000 euros is far ahead of that of Mr. Golden Ball. Can Luo, Messi and Kaka Moratti get a return on their investment?
The head of Moratti’s family said that this was the last time that Moratti was funded by a family consortium to help him buy a superstar.
Moratti finally gambled on whether the first salary in football can bring Inter Milan a Champions League.
Ordinary fans can look up and marvel at this transfer, but Inter Milan and Hoffenheim fans are two worlds apart.
Although Lu Wenbin had a premonition that he would leave the Bundesliga, Hoffenheim fans were still very sad when the day came.
Several people poured into Hoffenheim official website to express their anger at the club and questioned whether the club had left Lu Wenbin.
There are also radical fans who burn Lu Wenbin’s jerseys at the entrance of the club and outside his residence in Rheinkar County to vent their anger.
Less than an hour after the news broke out, Hoffenheim official website was crowded into Hoffenheim fans and collapsed.
But no matter how they do it, the transfer is irreversible.
Lu Wenbin published a thank-you letter through the media, thanking dietmar Hope for his kindness, thanking Ralph for his kindness, and thanking Hoffenheim fans for their support in recent years.
Finally, he wished Hoffenheim a healthy development into a real giant in the Bundesliga in the day after tomorrow.
Chapter 395 Abnormal hiding
On June 6th, dozens of media witnessed Lu Wenbin’s completion of the physical examination and officially became a member of Inter Milan’s jersey number 6.
Lu Wenbin completed the unification from the club number to the national team number to the personal nickname.
And he also hired a professional manager, China, and registered the "666" personal brand and trademark with many economically developed or populous countries.
Some countries have been registered by others and tried to buy trademarks.
One step, Lu Wenbin will set up his own personal brand company and start to invest. The first step is to get a sports brand in China.
After all, China is the nickname of Lu Wenbin’s Camp 666, which was first shouted by China fans and became popular.
Lu Wenbin’s 666 personal card China is the most recognized.
China opened its market before entering overseas.
Of course, Lu Wenbin’s main energy is to hand over the personal brand company to the professional manager to take care of Kate Lu Wenbin’s financial supervision on behalf of the company’s deputy general manager.
For Lu Wenbin, he pays more attention to completing the medical examination and officially joining Inter Milan.
21 Italian Super Cup champion
Asked to lead Inter Milan to win the 21-year Italian Super Cup.
Reward 50,000 experience and 5 skill points
22 Italian Cup champion
Asked to lead Inter Milan to win the Italian Football Association Cup in 21211.
Reward 50,000 experience and 5 skill points
23 Serie A champion
Asked to lead Inter Milan to win the Italian Serie A championship in 21211 season.
Reward 10,000 experience and 1 skill point.
24 champions league champion
Asked to lead Inter Milan to win the 21211 Champions League.
Reward 30,000 experience and 3 skill points
25 quadruple crown
It is required to complete 21, 22, 23 and 24 at the same time to automatically complete the quadruple.
Reward 3 skill points for opening the hidden skill "long shot"
These awards are almost the same as the Bundesliga awards. There is nothing special about them.
To Lu Wenbin’s surprise, when he completed his medical examination and officially joined Inter Milan, in addition to these routines and rewards, he also generated an original hidden "club main line" and displayed it at the top.
According to the unified explanation, this hidden main line will only appear when certain conditions are met.
Because the conditions are not met and there are no hidden conflicts, it is certain that one item will be completed by the law.
Only when Lu Wenbin chooses to meet certain conditions will it be opened.