Maybe at first, he was annoying and dreamy, but after a long time, he liked the sound, and sometimes he listened attentively to her recite something. If he recited it wrong, he would secretly hide his lips and laugh.

Her spirit infected him, which made him afraid to relax his lessons. He was not as good as her, but he was an indispensable talent.
Everything in life has returned to normal. The two students are still studying separately, but a little different has happened on campus. The school knows that she is Helian Yin’s sister, and the students in the 36-degree reversal class are kind enough to greet her in a friendly way.
She remained indifferent and watched from her seat.
Yi Chen dare not provoke her again. As He Lianyin said, Yi Chen can’t afford to offend He Lianyin. He shouldered all the blame and was remembered by the teacher once, and removed from the duties of the Sports Commission.
In order to live a stable campus life, Yi Chen and Jiang Wu also wrote an apology letter to He Lianyin. It is said that this is an order of He Lianyin, or it will be done or things will not end.
Yi Chen and Jiang Wu read the crooked apology letter and made HeLianYin laugh. She bowed her head and gave birth to flowers on her colorful lips.
She is the younger sister of He Lianyin. After two days of sensation on campus, it was covered by a shocking news story. The news client was her deskmate Xia Jinren.
Xia Jin lost her diary!
Section 13
Xia Jin’s diary was found by tangsic!
Then Xia Jin’s diary was spilled out
It is said that there are several diaries like this. Xia Jin’s diary repeatedly wrote-
Diary 1: What are you arguing about? Mom, please don’t say it’s me! Divorce if you want. I have long wanted to leave this house!
Diary 2 Please keep your words! Stop torturing me and leave me alone.
Diary 3 Mom and Dad, why don’t you get divorced? What’s giving birth to me? If you didn’t love each other, there wouldn’t be me in this world.
Chapter 2 enemies of the school
However, these diaries are not the worst!
The most serious-
It was her puppy love.
According to the national education point of view, if you have a dark crush on loved one during the semester and want to be found out, it is called puppy love, whether you are four or five years old or fourteen or five years old.
Xia Jin likes her classmate in grade one, who has all the advantages that girls love, excellent, tall, handsome, elegant, humorous and can play basketball, which is simply the male god in all girls’ minds.
This male student is Han Luoxiao, a good brother of He Lianyin.
Xia Jin wrote in her diary that in her junior high school, boys often stuck their feet out of her desk to trip her up because of a run on her. Sometimes she got up to answer questions, and the boys would secretly move her chair and let her fall to the ground.
For a long time, she developed a sense of fear for boys, and she dared not touch boys or talk to them. Every time she passed the aisle, if a boy blocked her, she waited quietly until the boy noticed that she dared not let the boy borrow her.
桑拿会所Until that winter, when the fog gathered up, she was blocked by a fat classmate, who was talking with Han Luoxiao several people without realizing Xia Jin.
Suddenly Han Luoxiao, who was laughing and laughing, kicked the fat ass. Get out of the way if you want to feed others!
It was the first time that someone gave her a helping hand. Although it was such a trivial sentence, Xia Jin touched her heart and felt warm. She also felt that this boy was very reliable and safe.
After the fat ducked, Xia Jin bowed her head and walked to her position for a while before she dared to raise her head. She silently looked at the elegant figure of the man and mixed it with the crowd.
I forgot to thank you, she thought to herself
It may take just one second for one person to project an image into another’s mind.
In the days to come, she couldn’t help but pay attention to his eyes. He seemed to be doing the happiest thing every day.
She secretly watched him and listened to the female classmates talking about him sitting on the court. He cheered silently, and every move and word was not reflected in her eyes and engraved in her heart.
Who doesn’t stir in youth?
Although Xia Jin feels inferior, there will be ripples in the minds of teenagers, but she knows that she is an inconspicuous green leaf and will not indulge in it. A humble girl like her is not worthy of liking him. She has not shown any difference in her studies and has no influence.
But the throbbing age is beyond her control. She misses him so much that she always thinks that even if he smiles at her, his boring study life can be embellished from now on.
Youth is turbulent, not asking why, not asking right or wrong, because of casual dripping. From then on, my heart secretly promised that wind and rain would not change.
That man is so charming in her heart that even the tip of her eyes is full of pride that she can’t take her eyes off. She has to pin everything on her diary.
She is confused and hopes to share this beautiful secret, but she has no friends, teachers and even less likely to be scolded by her family.
At this time, Xia Jin is sensitive, fragile, sweet and sad. She didn’t want a result and wanted a place to talk. It’s good to like it secretly.
But Xia Jin didn’t think that her diary was lost or not lost, but was stolen by tangsic.
Her diary caused an uproar in the campus. tangsic also gave her diary to the teacher. She was invited. In her diary, she cursed her parents for getting divorced quickly, and Xia Jin’s mother saw it.
Mom slapped Xia Jin in the face in the teaching department!
Xia Jin was as pale as a dead man as if he had been struck by a huge lightning strike.
Mom threw the diary on Xia Jin’s chest. This shabby diary was filled with too much pain and lamented.
I dragged you up so hard that you cursed me for divorcing your father! You are shameless and enterprising! I told you to study hard and repay your parents in the future, not to hate your parents and watch men around! Do you know how to write the word reserved? Are you shameless? Do you know? The most important thing for a girl is a face. How can you be so …
Mom speaks in an orderly way, like a cold knife with a handle. All the teachers and classmates watched Xia Jin’s bloody wound being stripped of sunshine and sprinkled with sea salt.