Well, Ms. Lu was used to saying that one ear went into the left ear and the other ear went out.

Answer to the floor.
Suddenly, not far from the stairs, Mu Yi seemed to think of something and generally said, By the way, Miss Lu Jin has just come back.
Smell speech Lu Jin footsteps a meal couldn’t help turning eyes to MuYi.
Chapter 49 What logic is this?
Seeing this, Lu Jin couldn’t help asking, What’s the matter?
Li Fu is back. What’s the matter …
Wen Yan Mu Yi frowned slightly and said forget it after a long time.
Say no more and turn away.
Lu Jin took a sip of her lips and didn’t think much about it. I was a little annoyed. At this time, I unconsciously thought about just Mu Yi’s awkward words. What happened to Li Fu?
I don’t know what happened. When I arrived in Li Fu, I couldn’t help thinking that although the man had a bad temper, he had been very kind to her as a fake fiancee. Somehow, his heart rose a little, and the bitterness faded a little.
Section 63
Just halfway through the building, I heard the steady footsteps and couldn’t help looking up to see that the man was just coming out of the room at the railing on the second floor. His face was as ink as a painting, and his expression was very bleak.
I’ve seen this sample, and I’m always angry with it …
She was a little surprised and couldn’t help calling Li Fu?
The words sound just fell on the man’s zhanhe eyes. I don’t know if she thinks too much and thinks those eyes are much sharper than usual.
Unconsciously withdrew the line of sight and left the pie mouth. Rain or shine, the Great Devil was in a bad mood again.
At this time, I have reached the man’s side.
Li Fu’s eyes always kept her cool and said, Did you just go out?
Um … something …
Until just now, she thought of saving Mo Yao, which caused something, and her eyes flashed a bit, and she was worried about Mo Yao.
桑拿会所Slightly low head, but this kind of man seems to mean something else.
Something? Have something to love outside?
Thinking of this man’s eyes narrowed slightly, his heart was faintly angry.
I don’t know where the anger comes from
But the face is not obvious, but the eyes are a little cold.
Come back with Fu Yunian? The man’s eyes gradually darkened her.
Smell speech she one leng way you see? Well, it’s … something …
Are you tired when you come back after a good time? He raised his eyebrows and his face showed no emotion.
She answered at random with a guilty conscience. It was really fun. She even kicked the old man. Maybe she was so strong that her calf still hurts a little now …
The words sound just fell but the man seemed to sneer and said, I’m not happy today.
Goodlooking thin lips slightly evoked a Gherardini and continued, I’m not happy and I don’t like others being cool.
What is the logic of Lu’s one leng … Well, being looked at Lu by Li Fu has a creepy feeling.
You …
She opened her mouth and was about to say something. She looked up and saw the man wind her eyes. She said, I remember Gu Mei gave you a fiancee agreement.
The words paused and said, Learn that agreement by heart in one night.
Say directly turned to leave the handsome face is instantly sank when turned around.
Smell speech Lu Jin immediately took a deep breath, of course, quit, and told her to carry a ghost agreement!
Li Fu! You’re holding up! I don’t carry anyone who loves to carry it! She stared at the man hin long tall and straight figure cried
Smell speech man steps a turn eyes looked at her coldly and said don’t back day fiancee identity exposure.
You …
She felt a sudden surge of sour feeling in her heart, which was stronger than when she just saw Mo Yao being bullied.
Just now, the image of this man has collapsed in my heart. You … you are threatening people. Why should you punish me?
If she usually scolds Li Fu in her heart, forget it, but she just talks back when she is in a bad mood today.
talk back? The man lifted his eyes and looked at her, then smiled, Are you really a fiancee? Have you forgotten your employer and employment status now?
Smell speech Lu Jin body suddenly froze.
Looking at the man’s cool eyes for an instant, he felt embarrassed, embarrassed and humiliated.
Li Fu’s words are like a thorn, pulling her from this falsehood to reality.
It’s right for them to hire and play his fiancee. He is good to himself and his fiancee. She enjoys all the benefits and helps because she is a fake fiancee …
Suddenly, she felt bored in her heart. She bit her lip. Without her usual expression, she hung her eyes and said, Okay, I’ll recite every word tonight, Mr. Li.
Smell speech man face a stiff.
With that, Ms. Lu turned and ran back to her room directly.
Li Fu looked at Ms. Lu and ran back to the room. Zhang Jun’s face tightened and some metal gray.
My thin lips moved slightly to say something, but people have already entered.
I lifted my foot and couldn’t pull my face to settle there.
See this building MuYi look slightly frown in the past master this person has always been a knife mouth and a heart, especially to miss landing China always speak insincerely, and finally can’t pull face …
Mu Yi couldn’t help walking over and saying, Master, I’ll advise Miss Lu Jin. That agreement is very thick, so you can’t really recite every word for one night.
Say so is to give Li Fu a step.
Wen Yan Li Fu’s calm face thought of just Lu Jin and Fu Yu’s eyes sinking outside.
Liang Liang said, Tell her to carry it.
Section 64
Seeing this, Mu Yi shook her head slightly in her heart and watched Li Fu grow up. She still knew …
Lu Jin didn’t come out for dinner that night. Li Fu said nothing, but her aura seemed to freeze to death.
Later, Mu Yi went to Lu Jin’s room to persuade her, but this Miss Lu Jin was also stubborn and said that she would really go back.
Li Fu didn’t say a word about it.
A Zhang Jun face in addition to a little cold, there is no expression that makes people guess what they think.