"Mom, I’m back!" Night Xi Han Ying!

"You don’t say anything before you come back!"
"Mom wants to surprise you and dad!" Night Xi Han Xiao
The night mother looked at Muling Tiandao. "It’s amazing!"
"You sit mom to prepare dinner!" Although angry with him, the night mother is still happy.
"Mom, I’ll help you!"
"yes! Mom just has something to tell you! "
Night city han saw MuLingTian followed night mother went to the kitchen, not for a while night father is called MuLingTian followed him to the room.
The night mother in the kitchen said, "Why didn’t you come and say anything? Just really scared me! "
"it was his idea!"
"Real mom is very hated him! I didn’t give him a face just now, but I looked at you! "
Section 291
"Mom, he proposed to me!"
"really?" Night mother is a little excited.
"hmm!" Night Xihan nodded and reached over.
"It’s really thoughtful of you to be small. This ring really matches my daughter!" Night mother smiled and said, "Look at this ring. It won’t be too difficult for mom for a while."
Night Xihan laughed, "Mom, I think this ring is so exaggerated! A little too big … "
"Exaggerated? Then you have to buy the best and the biggest to get my daughter! "
She suddenly opened her eyes gently and her eyes were slightly wet. "Mom, thank you …"
"Silly child … parents are looking forward to your happiness in this life!"
"Mom, I didn’t expect this day!" Yexihan is close to the shoulder of the night mother.
"Xihan, when are you going to tell the children?"
"I don’t know! A little worried that children can’t accept it … "
"Look at two children is not generally like him! I think it’s unnecessary for you to worry about this! "
"Mom, I am also very strange!"
"This mix is really a blessing!"
Mother and daughter laugh from time to time in the kitchen, but the room is serious.
Night father sighed, "Mr. Mu, if you don’t really care about my daughter, please don’t hit my daughter’s idea as soon as possible!"
Mu Lingtian looked at the night father and said firmly, "Uncle, I am serious this time!"
"Mr. Mu, you cheated my daughter so badly in the past. This child’s heart is easy to soften. You can coax her in a few words, but we parents are different and we won’t let you cheat again and again!"
品茶"Uncle, I’m sorry for the past, but please believe me again. I will cherish Xihan this time!"
Night father there for a long time didn’t speak.
Night Xihan came out of the kitchen and saw two children playing on the sofa, but he didn’t see Mu Lingtian and Night Father.
She was surprised that when she walked over and didn’t open her mouth, the two children compared the room position. "Uncle Mom was recruited by my grandfather to talk!"
"Talk?" Night Xihan looked at the closed door of the room and the heart tightened.
Night Xihan and night mother cook and cook together, and it takes almost forty minutes to get it done.
When I came out of the kitchen again, night father and Mu Lingtian had already sat on the sofa and started chatting.
Ye Xihan was surprised to see that they seemed to be chatting well! And I don’t know what Mulingtian said. Father laughed happily at night.