"…" Yu Wen gave her a look and said after a while, "I can take it to the police."

Chang Huan Yan "poof"
It was really thunderous.
However, it will take a long time for him to get well anyway, and it will definitely take some days to hear from the doctor that it may affect the re-examination of basic exercises.
Chang Huan Yan thought I looked at his left hand.
At the moment, you can’t see the injury without talking, but if you really can’t recover after thinking about it … She pursed her lips and said, "Let’s wait until you get well."
Yu met "well" with a big hand and touched the root number three times.
Get the double luck of the host and the hostess. The root number Sanshu squinted and kept putting his mouth into their legs. He was still excited by the hot air.
At noon, Mrs. Yu and her entourage returned from Baota Temple.
"Come on, come on, this is for me to ask for a chain for Mohe and Shengxiao to bless my great-grandchildren and great-granddaughters to be healthy and healthy, and they will all be promising in the future." Old lady Yu held two red chains to wear wrists for the two little guys respectively.
There is a little golden bell on the red chain, and the bell will sound crisp at every move.
Xiao Sheng Xiao kept waving his little hands with his eyes wide open like glass, so I don’t know if it was because of curiosity or happiness.
Compared with my sister, Xiaomo will be much calmer. Anyway, my sister rings the bell to give herself as one pleases music and squints there to rest.
Yang Xi looked at the two little guys and walked over and said, "Mo’s character is as quiet as when he was a child."
Words just say that finish next to the YuJin deep "wow" a cry.
Han Minxia cried with a sad face, "Husband, husband, come to Jin Shen quickly. He cried again."
There is no way for Yu Chengyan to talk in the main room. When he heard this, he immediately rushed out with his mobile phone and picked up his son. He walked there and coaxed him.
"Is Mom Jin Shen’s personality the same as that of his second brother when he was a child?" Yu Yuting decisively fell into the well.
Yang Xi "…"
Yu Chengyan "Hehe"-"You were no better than me when you were a child. Fortunately, I was alone, but there were three."
Yu Yuting "…"
You Xiaoqiao is also a corner of his mouth.
Is it because she loves to make noise when she has three children?
Facts have proved that … some things are doomed to be inviolable.
Of course, these are another story.
At noon, Song Xiaoshou finally got a message.
But there is no good news.
"Huan Yan, this yellow soft address is hard to find. Huang Bo is quite protective of this sister. I can’t ask too directly. People will definitely doubt me."
Chang Huan Yan nai turned supercilious look "really not! It’s almost three days, and you can’t get an address? "
"Hey, hey, although I didn’t get the address, I have a better suggestion. Do you want to listen to it?" Song Xiao said with a grin.
"If you have something to say, say it quickly." Chang Huanyan is a little impatient.
The plan came out by herself, but so far there has been no progress at all. To tell the truth, she is in a hurry, especially when she is going to report the working day to the company.
"I think since you also said that readers of your magazine are mainly women, is it better to start with men? What’s the point of that yellow softness? Digging again is nothing more than being kept or hidden rules … This kind of thing is too much to explode and it’s not attractive at all. "
"I’d like to find small fresh meat. Isn’t there no way?"
"Who said no? I think it’s meaningless that all these star artists have been touched. Do you know what everyone is most concerned about now?"
"Of course, it’s a real life in the giant circle. For example, if you interview a brother-in-law, do you think it will be more attractive? Now, all the small fresh meat is white-cut chicken, and there is nothing manly like my brother-in-law. He has such a good figure and muscles, plus his parents and Interpol status. I want you to take some photos of him wearing police. That’s the * * naked temptation. Otherwise, he will wear boxers with a larger scale. Lulu’s abdominal muscles will definitely be enough for women to spray nosebleeds when he puts them in magazines … "
Nosebleed …
When I heard these three words, I couldn’t help but think of a terrible cough last night. She spat at the other end and said, "Get out of my husband’s mind."
"What do you mean! I am your advice and wronged good people! " Song Xiao kept yelling at that end.
"Don’t, I don’t know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it just that I’m afraid that I’ll burst the yellow soft material and delay you from getting the dividend at the end of the year from Huang Bo?" Chang Huan-yan hit the nail on the head.
Really think she’s stupid?
"Ahem, ahem" It’s Song Xiaoshou’s turn to be embarrassed. "You know, it’s hard not to tear it down."
"…" Chang Huanyan smiled smugly. "But your advice is not bad. Thanks to your bad idea, I have an idea now."
"Really? What do you think? " Song Xiaoshou asked
桑拿会所"I won’t tell you!" Chang Huan Yan finished and hung up directly.
Then she quickly called Qiao Jinyu.
"Oh, Huanyan, you finally called me. What’s the progress? If you don’t call, I’m embarrassed to rush you." As soon as Qiao Jinyu was connected, he finally asked.
Chang Huan Yan smiled and said with confidence, "Jin Yu, I was just about to talk to you about this matter. I have already decided to make a special topic on’ Your Male’. You and the two of us in our group said that you will continue to be responsible for the previous manuscript for a week. Oh, and for the long-term development of our group, you and Editor Bai should apply for a continuous recruitment. Remember that this time you must recruit men, preferably younger and with good physical quality."
"Uh, what do you mean? What expensive male? And … what do you want to recruit men for? " Qiao Jinyu is not white.
Chang Huanyan said with a smile, "It’s not convenient to elaborate in words, so you will naturally know when I go to the company for a meeting in the afternoon."
Section 63
"All right, then."
After hanging up, I often smile. The whole person is already a little eager.
I haven’t felt so energetic and excited for a long time.
She opened her notes and opened a word document, and her face began to crack.
It took me more than two hours to finish the "Guigong" project.
When I saw my eyes, I got up and went upstairs to find my husband!
As a result, I found no one in the villa, and finally I found the man who was walking the dog at the back of the yard.
When I saw her, the root number three gave a loud howl. It was very strong, and I wanted to rush at her. As a result, the neck chain was pulled by Yu Yu and failed.
Chang Huan Yan smiled and trotted over at once.