"Su Lixia, you and I will be afraid of you." Qin Ran shouted falsely, "I will never let go. I will definitely fight you to the end."

"I’m always ready" long summer from responding to her.
Looking at long summer far away as if with sarcasm and contempt for pretty figure, Qin Ran couldn’t help but clench his fist, and the hatred flame in his eyes grew stronger and stronger. "Su Lixia, I’m not finished with you. If Yu Enze is destined not to be me, I’d rather be with you."
桑拿论坛The night is deep, quiet and depressing.
After returning to the residence, long summer has been frowning and silent in front of the French window
"long summer, don’t worry." Seeing long summer’s worries, Yu Enze walked over and gently took long summer into his arms. "Qin Ran made things so bad that I won’t work with her again. I’ll let Qin Ran take the initiative to submit his resignation."
"That’s not what I’m worried about." long summer turned and looked at Yu Enze with a melancholy expression. "Qin Ran has become obsessed with love and hate and completely lost her mind. I’m worried that she will do something even more outrageous. Is she really hopeless?"
"We all tried our best, but she didn’t want to face the reality." Yu Enzenai sighed. "If she won’t save herself, who can save her?"
"It’s hard to reward the bees, but it’s hard to understand people’s sufferings. Yan Er doesn’t understand that people’s old feelings can’t go away. How long will it take to rest now?" long summer couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.
Yu Enze said that he would call Qin Ran to his office as soon as he arrived at the company the next day. Because of the feelings of his colleagues for many years, Yu Enze did not let the administrative department dismiss him, but asked her to resign voluntarily. Considering that she had achieved fruitful results in Yu’s real estate, Yu Enze promised to give her an extra pension, which was enough for her to live a luxurious life.
As if Qin Ran’s natural law was accepted by her from a bolt from the blue, Yu Enze suddenly decided that she didn’t expect Yu Enze to be so rude. Just because she liked him, he left behind the fact that they had worked together to create the bit by bit department of Yu Jiangshan, taking it for granted that money would easily sweep her out of the house.
"Yu Enze, do you really want to kick me out?" Qin Ran looked at Yu Enze in disbelief, and his heart ached like a drop of blood.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
"I’m not trying to get rid of you, but I’ve tried to work with you now." Yu Enze locked Qin Ran’s reddish eyes and his tone was cold and hard
Qin Ran was disappointed to see Yu Enze’s resentment and tears streaming down. "A sly rabbit is a dead stooge, and you cooked Yu Enze. That Su Lixia did such a thing to me."
Yu Enze’s calm voice restored calm. "You have been carried away by love and hate. If you go on like this, you will harm yourself sooner or later. It’s only good for you, me and long summer to let you leave Yu."
"Are you willing to part with or use Yu Enze?" Tears streaming down her face, Qin Ran still looked at Yu Enze intently, and she questioned him. "Do you know that once I leave Yu’s real estate, I will inevitably lose 30% of the shares? This is not a small number. How much shock will its absence cause to Yu’s real estate? You are not unclear. Are you really willing to part with or use it?"
"The only thing I can’t give up is long summer," Yu Enze told Qin Ran with certainty.
This sentence returned to Qin Ran’s heartbreak. She collapsed on the cold floor and giggled. "For so many years, all my youth has been dedicated to Yu’s real estate because of you. In the end, I am not as good as a nothing. You have paid Su Lixia Qin Ran, Qin Ran. You lost after all. You lost."
"Qin Ran, let’s accept the reality. The last thing you can do in this world is feelings. Even if your computer doesn’t belong to you, it won’t belong to you." Yu Enze walked over to help Qin Ran, who was crying, advised her to be dead.
"Enze, I finally want to ask you a question." Qin Ran always calmed down. She stared at Yu Enze with tearful eyes, and there was a last glimmer of hope in her affectionate eyes. "If you hadn’t met Su Lixia, would you like me?"
"No" Yu Enze answered simply.
"Tell me what" A heart has been broken beyond recognition, but she still doesn’t want to believe that he really doesn’t like her for so many years. She needs to know why.
"If you don’t like it, it’s nothing." Yu Enze answered truthfully and calmly.
At this moment, Qin Ran finally determined that there was no place for Yu Enze in her heart from beginning to end, and there was nothing at all. It was just her wishful thinking, that she lived by herself, that she couldn’t stop weaving the illusion of love, and that it was still herself.
"Ok, I promise you." It took Qin Ran a long time to hear his pale voice. "From today on, I will leave Yu’s real estate and will never appear in front of you."
"Take care of Qin Ran" At this time, Yu Enze can also say this sentence to Qin Ran.
"After the session", Qin Ran turned around and walked out of Yu Enze’s office without looking back.
Looking at Qin Ran’s sad figure gradually disappearing, Yu Enze left a sigh in the bustling crowd.
It’s over, but Qin Ran still refuses to let it go. No one expected that she would finally push long summer into the abyss of perdition.
Jiang Yushi is going back to Africa. One morning, long summer and Ouyang went to the airport to see her off. On the way back to the workshop, a coffee shop in long summer stopped and bought a cappuccino to take back to the workshop. She came out of the store with coffee and was going to the parking lot not far ahead. When driving, a yellow sports car suddenly rushed towards her.
Qin Ran was completely blinded by hatred. She wanted to let long summer die. She drove the speed to the limit.
Long summer root didn’t have a chance to dodge. He was hit by Qin Ran and flew to the side of the road. The bright red blood flowed out continuously and almost dyed long summer’s body red. She was already unconscious.
As for Qin Ran’s own success, long summer disappeared from this world forever because she was complacent. She ignored her sports car and drove to a big truck on the opposite side of the retrograde road. By the time Qin Ran reacted, it was too late. Her speed had reached the limit and she lost control. Inevitably, another terrible car accident happened.
Yu Enze rushed to the hospital immediately after receiving the news of Xiaowa.
Five hours have passed, and long summer and his injured people are still undergoing surgery inside.
Yu Enze kept walking back and forth in the hospital corridor in fear and trembling.
"Sister long summer, the boss of Yu, will she be all right? I’m really worried about Sister long summer after such a long time." When Xiaowa saw it, the doctor still didn’t come out of the operating room, and her heart became more and more nervous.
"long summer, she is blessed and deadly, she will be fine." Yu Enze clenched Xiaowa’s shoulder and forced her not to have an unknown expectation
At this time, the lights went out in the operating room and the doctors came out from it one after another.
"Doctor, doctor, please tell me if long summer is okay." Yu Enze rushed forward to ask about long summer.
The 40th chapter with sighs
"I have made it clear to her that you have to say something to her again. Listen to me. The horse will come with me." Yu Enze did not listen and still took long summer to the door.
Long summer insisted on his position: "Enze, I told Qin Ran that I wanted to talk to her, so you go out first."
Yu Enze ao however long summer stubborn a person and went out.
See the house at this time left himself and long summer Qin Ran became more presumptuous. "Su Lixia, if you don’t quit, I will definitely die in front of you." Qin Ran said as she quickly pulled out her hand and infused her carotid artery.
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Long summer corners of the mouth suddenly raised a mocking and charming smile with unquestionable confidence. She leaned over and slowly bullied her face. Qin Ran’s nose was about to meet her. Her quiet black eyes locked her cold sound. "Qin Ran is enough. Don’t you think you’ve gone too far in acting?" With her, she snatched the infusion needle from Qin Ran’s hand and threw it aside directly.
Long summer gently lifted Qin Ranba’s mouth with a sarcastic smile. "If you really want to die, you will have to work so hard to send self-portrait photos to me and Enze. I can’t see that you pay great attention to the shooting angle and deliberately make the photos into a scene."
Qin Ran stupefied looking at the calm long summer accident, she vaguely aware that everything seems to be slowly escaping from her control.
Long summer walked slowly to the window. She turned her back on Qin Ran and exposed the intrigues of Qin Ran one by one. "You naturally know that Enze will definitely come immediately after seeing the photos and then take you to the hospital for emergency treatment as soon as possible.
Normally, Enze’s residence is ten minutes’ drive from your home, and the hospital is five minutes’ drive from your home. But today, the whole process from Enze’s arrival at your home to sending you to the hospital takes no more than fifteen minutes.
In less than 15 minutes, your consciousness has not disappeared, which is just the right time for the doctor to save you adequately, and your life will not be threatened at all. Look, you have calculated everything accurately, but your acting skills are too poor. "
Long summer’s caution, subtlety, keen insight, and hidden wisdom made Qin Ran startled. She felt a chill in her back. It turned out that Su Lixia was really not simple.
Long summer went to Qin Ran’s bedside, and she came close to her again. Her eyes flashed with cold light. "Qin Ran, you can threaten me by playing a bitter plan, crying, making two noises and hanging three plays. You are so naive to tell you that if I fight back, you are doomed to lose."
"Su Lixia, you and I will be afraid of you." Qin Ran shouted falsely, "I will never let go. I will definitely fight you to the end."
"I’m always ready" long summer from responding to her.
Looking at long summer far away as if with sarcasm and contempt for pretty figure, Qin Ran couldn’t help but clench his fist, and the hatred flame in his eyes grew stronger and stronger. "Su Lixia, I’m not finished with you. If Yu Enze is destined not to be me, I’d rather be with you."
The night is deep, quiet and depressing.