Sitting opposite Yulin River, Mu Guyue let go. The file in her hand is still a strong woman’s posture. Her long hair looks like she is over forty, but the fine lines in her eyes reveal the traces of time. However, she can’t hide the mature and unique charm of her body.

Mu Guyue’s original surname was Gu, and her husband’s surname was crowned before her name when she married Mu Jia.
It’s quite normal in this noble family.
Suddenly it was quiet in the office.
Mu Guyue spoke first. "I have roughly read the whole plan. It’s no big problem. I’ll wait a few days after I go back to Beiqi Xu."
It is not feasible for Hengyuan to share a piece of China’s automobile market, even with Japanese technical support, there are already five major automobile groups in mainland China. At present, the smartest choice is for China to find a large automobile enterprise with all aspects formed and take this first step by combining with each other.
BAIC joined the project development before the board of directors passed the plan of automobile industrial park.
Yulinjiang nodded and put the teacup back on the table at the same time. "The focus of Hengyuan’s development has always been long. In the north of Jiangnan, there are some people who can’t do it. I have to bother you too much."
Mu Guyue’s brow slackened. "I dare not say that since I was dragged into this project, this is what I should do."
Yu Guang glanced at Yu Tingchuan sitting on the other side.
After the conversation, Yu Tingchuan looked as usual. At the moment, he was reading the document with his head down, his arms and elbows propped up on the edge of the sofa armrest, wearing a wrist watch, his left hand and fingers gently rubbing his thin-lipped suit and tie, and both the light blue shirt and the pocket towel on the chest of the suit gave people a visual impression of’ this is a mature man’.
In business, no businessman is impulsive and usually puts interests first.
Even if Mu Jia and Yu Jia’s in-laws have already been interrupted, the business should still be combined, and it will not be true that you will not be in contact with each other because you can’t be in-laws.
Besides, it was a peaceful divorce.
People with real brains are not only business, but often don’t block the back road.
Mu Guyue looked at this ex-son-in-law, and it was hard to imagine that her daughter from far away Australia picked up her cup of tea and blew on the tea stalks on the water surface, and then said like chatting, "I had a video conversation with Qingyu yesterday. In December, the weather in Australia turned hot, and joie went to play with water every day, and she had some colds these two days."
Several senior executives in the technical department met the boss, and they began to talk about family affairs, no longer bothering them, and left after packing up.
When the office door was taken, Yu Linjiang asked, "Did you ask the family doctor to come over? That child is weak and sick when he comes, so he should be taken care of more carefully. "
"I invited three meals a day to take medicine," Muguyue replied.
Said and turned to see YuTingChuan again.
Yu Tingchuan’s face didn’t show too much expression when he heard the news of the child. I don’t know what to say. cool thin is by nature or he really doesn’t care about the mother’s life abroad.
So thinking of Muguyue doesn’t intend to stay long.
约茶She let go of the untouched cup of tea and took the handbag beside her. "It’s getting late and I’m going back to the capital in two days. I have an appointment for dinner tonight and I have to leave first."
Yu Linjiang got up and sent him away, then turned to Yu Tingchuan and said, "I won’t go downstairs. Please send Mu Zong for me."
Smell speech YuTingChuan lose hand file and then get up.
Mu Guyue took a bag and looked at the son-in-law next to her eyes to break the silence. "Qingyu has told me more than once that joie is getting older and will hide her mind more and more. She won’t tell her that she ignored her for several days because of school problems when she just returned to Australia in September."
"Has the semester been transferred to school?" Yu Tingchuan began to ask
"I am in contact with the school."
Muguyue listened to what he said, but he didn’t want to talk much. He looked up at Yutingchuan through the smooth surface of the ladder and saw that he was watching the beating floor numbers with his hands in his trousers pockets.
Men who are nearly thirty-five years old are different from women of this age. Their skin shows no signs of relaxation and aging, but they have an increasingly attractive taste.
In particular, Zhou Zheng’s appearance and good fortune are more likely to become a diamond ""qing ren"" in the eyes of women of different ages.
It is impossible to think that Mu Guyue has no idea about her daughter’s life now.
The ladder quickly arrived at the underground parking garage.
Coming out of the ladder, Mu Guyue spoke again. "Next month is the Spring Festival. I’m going to let their mother come back for the Spring Festival. You haven’t been to Australia to see joie this year, have you? You will no longer come to Beijing for a few days during the Spring Festival. When you divorced, your children were young and now you know more, and your heart is more sensitive. Anyway, he also told you to spend more time with him as long as your father could."
In the past few years, after joie came to Nancheng for the summer vacation, Yu Tingchuan would personally send people back to Australia.
And then stay in Australia for a while
But not this year.
After living in Nancheng for some time, the child was sent to Mu’s home in the capital by him.
Mu Guyue doesn’t pay attention to this son-in-law’s private affairs, but she knows more about it than ordinary people. Back to the little girl who was clamoring for marriage, she heard that the baby had dropped.
Mu Guyue seems to be a good thing.
Will Yu Tingchuan pay more attention to joie when he has it?
When I heard Mu Guyue’s words, Yu Tingchuan didn’t say, "Australia won’t start school until next March. If joie wants to stay in Nancheng, I will send someone to pick him up in Beijing."
Mu Guyue is not stupid and naturally sees that he declined.
Over the years, both Mu Guyue and Mu family have had the idea of letting Yu Tingchuan remarry Mu Qingyu.
After all, two people never remarried separately.
Now I see that Yu Tingchuan doesn’t want to get back together. Obviously, Mu Guyue is that kind of arrogant and hard-tempered, and he is a little unhappy. Then he thinks that when Yu Tingchuan raised that little "Qingren", joie didn’t go to Nancheng, but it didn’t take long to be sent to Mu’s house.
From the emotional point of view, Mu Guyue doesn’t quite believe that Yu Tingchuan would be so’ tired of playing with things’. He’s a man of several decades old, and he’s not fifteen or sixteen years old. Is it really necessary to play house with a little girl with no hair yet?
However, some details are slightly related to a couple’s findings, and many of them are connected.
Section 166
It is reasonable to say that the former mother-in-law has no position to take care of the affairs of her former son-in-law, especially the problem of not remarrying.
But it’s hard for her daughter to plan more when she loses her leg as a mother.
Thinking of this, Mu Guyue slightly converged and thought that the secret had come to drive the car door not far away, but she stopped and turned to look at Yu Tingchuan. "I listened to your father’s meaning and hoped that you would marry Gu’s daughter. I remember that Gu Shouye had a son who was close to you. What’s your plan?"
Yu Tingchuan would avoid talking about it, but as a result, he was honest.
"I have remarried, but I am not a family member."
Muguyue smell speech frowned.
Yu Tingchuan unhurried her doubts and said, "I’ve seen it in the jewelry store and just returned to Nancheng with me yesterday. If nothing happens, I will go to the civil affairs office first these days."
I’ve met that student who is not his adopted daughter.
Mu Guyue looks good but has to control his emotions. "Is that your niece’s classmate?"
Yu Tingchuan did not deny it.
"…" Muguyue didn’t know what to say.
This incident has brought her a big shock. When he was playing, he was already going to get a certificate from the other party or his niece and classmate. If he is older, it is simply’ old disrespect’.
Mu Guyue took a deep breath. "You don’t care about your name when you marry your niece and classmates."
This is a bit heavy.
It is also true that I don’t agree with Yu Tingchuan’s line, which has a faint anger of forbearance.
Yu Tingchuan’s face didn’t change. It didn’t seem that Mu Guyue didn’t understand the Adam’s apple fretting when he opened his mouth at ease. "I have long lost this kind of thing myself."
When he divorced Mu Qingyu, the public opinion was one-sided.
At that time, Mu Jia also kept putting pressure on it.
However, in the past 67 years, it was a good talk for people to have fun after dinner.