Mu Yicheng glanced at her coldly and shouted, "Don’t talk!"

He pinched the man and walked out step by step. "Don’t come here. Who dares to step in the previous step? I will kill her immediately! Prepare a car cruise for me! "
No one outside the house moved or spoke.
Mu Yicheng’s fierce eyes glanced at the crowd and added, "Immediately."
I would like to be your eternal sunshine.
In the dark night, Mu Yicheng held Mu Xiao hostage and walked out step by step.
Muchuan took Lin Ya’s hand outside the gate to stop her.
Say "Let her go" at Mu Yicheng.
Muchuan loosened Lin Ya’s hand and walked towards the people inside.
桑拿网"Don’t move again!" Mu Yicheng’s gun is close to Mu Xiao’s cold drink a way
Muchuan’s footsteps stood still and the people inside didn’t come out again. In the dark and quiet night, Muxiao was left crying in a low voice.
Not because of fear, but because of sadness.
Tears can’t stop pouring out like a floodgate. "Brother, turn yourself in and I’ll accompany you."
Yu Wei looked at him and said, "Let go of your people and I’ll let you out!"
"Hum" longed for a sincere sneer at "I let her go, can you still let me out? Don’t kid me! Do as I say and get ready for what I want! "
I don’t remember how he got here, but now he wants to leave! What if he gives in to those people behind him?
No, he has already lost the qualification for compromise!
"Elder brother …" MuXiao low call.
Mu Yicheng trapped people tightly and said, "Don’t talk, let alone resist!"
"Cough!" MuXiao couldn’t help coughing.
Soon Yu Wei prepared a good car for him as he said.
Mu Yicheng Li Muxiao let the people in the house get on the bus smoothly and look at Yu Wei. "Where’s the boat?"
The man said with a calm face, "Just the beach behind your house."
Smell speech longed for a sincere one eye signal driver to drive away.
Fifteen minutes later, Mu Yicheng took the people to the cruise ship.
Mu Xiao clearly knows the consequences of his escape, and she knows that he can’t escape.
The facts proved as she expected. After Mu Yicheng held Mu Xiao’s boat hostage, she found that everyone else was controlled by Yu Wei’s boatman!
Section 272
"Mu Yicheng, stop dying."
Coast Yu Wei shouted there.
Deck MuYiCheng still holding MuXiao they are surrounded by several guns.
YinZhi eyes swept the handfuls of guns, and he never felt so desperate in life.
The sky is turning white and a new day is about to begin, but he feels desperate.
Mu Xiao suddenly shouted to the people around him, "Go away, all of you, or I will jump from here!"
That several people Zheng Mu Yicheng is also Zheng.
MuXiao roar loud "go! Leave me alone and go, or I will die in front of you immediately! "
Speaking, she raised her hand and held Mu Yicheng’s gun and moved the wrench!
The men looked at each other. The man’s face sank and said, "Get out!"
Soon the ship will be left with him and her.
Mu Yicheng quickly let go. She looked at her and said, "You also go."
"I’m not leaving, I’m not leaving!" MuXiao cried and shook his head.
"Go!" Mu Yicheng roared
"Brother, I will accompany you to wander around the world, and I will go wherever you go, okay?" MuXiao out of control grabbed his arm and said
Mu Yicheng sneered "Wandering around the world? Do you know what you will get if you follow me away? "
"Darkness! From then on, there will be marginal darkness in your life! "
Mu Xiao roared, "I don’t care. I want you to live!" "
She didn’t want him to turn himself in, not even anything!
Mu Xiao cried and forgot myself. "Brother, please take me with you. I will be your hostage for a generation!"
"Hey!" Mu Yicheng’s eyes flashed with inexplicable pain.
"Elder brother you are quick to sail! Let’s go! Get out of here! Never come back! " She lost control and grabbed his arm.
Mu Yicheng was unmoved. Mu Xiao panicked. "Why don’t you go? Why don’t you go?"
He looked at the crazy person in front of him, who was his favorite. His sister had been holding her hand and caring for her. He asked himself, Are you willing to admire Yicheng?
Lin Ya, on the coast, cried hysterically, "Mu Xiao, come quickly!"
Mu Xiaojia’s cotton skirt was wrapped in the sea breeze, and her slender figure fluttered in the wind. She was so thin that a gust of wind could roll her into the bottomless ocean.
She laughed and cried there.
Laughing and crying like a mess
She said, "Sister-in-law, leave me alone. I want to be with my brother. If he wants hell, I will accompany him. I will accompany him everywhere in hell!"
"Mu Xiao!" Lin Ya heartache called her walking towards the deck.
Deck MuXiao grabbed MuYiCheng hand gun pointed at himself "he won’t hurt me! But if you dare to take the previous step again, I will die in front of you immediately! "