"Did you buy me a present?" Lin Mochen had the cheek to ask for it.

He didn’t receive the credit card cancellation record today and wanted to know something about her.
"…" Lu sorrow telling the truth "no, today is Su Man’s credit card"
"Remember to buy me a copy after shopping." Lin Mochen told her that she was afraid that she would not give up money. "Then I won’t bother you to rest. You can rest and see you tomorrow."
"See you every day …" Lu Sorrow also responded smoothly.
She lay in bed staring at the ceiling.
It’s Chi Yiming’s engagement ceremony, and she will do well.
Come on, Lu you!
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It’s the engagement ceremony. Living up to expectations must be scum abuse that won’t let us worry about it.
☆ 5 It’s the first time I saw this gift.
Chi Jia and Song Jia are both famous giants in Baijing City. This marriage is suspected to be a powerful combination.
Chi Yiming and Song Yabei chose the romantic seaside Fuli Hotel in a quiet suburb as the wedding venue, which belongs to the city hotel giant Fuli Tuanqi.
Look at the vast fairyland of heaven and man at a glance
Outside the hotel, all kinds of luxury cars are parked. At the entrance, there are dozens of meters of red carpets and beautiful wedding photos of Chi Yiming and Song Yabei. In the photos, they are in a fairyland-like forest, and their faces are full of happiness, smiles and envy others.
The entrance is dressed in black, and the scene is rigorous. It is a law to enter without an invitation.
Lu You didn’t drive today, but took a taxi.
She just arrived and received Su Man’s words "Little Worry, have you arrived?"
"I just arrived at the hotel door. What can I do for you?" Lu sorrow watching from passing by are big shots.
"Little worry about me, sign-in desk. Come in and I’ll wait for you." There was a little excitement in Su Man’s tone.
"Good" Lu You put away your mobile phone but go inside.
Pass by the door and make sure that she delivers the invitation in her hand and goes in smoothly.
Lu sorrow to sign-in desk in the hall.
Sue diffuse first saw her and went over to hold her to the corner.
Su Man is wearing a big red one-shoulder gift today, which makes her white and snowy, and her skirt is like a rose flower in full bloom. She outlines her elegant and exquisite figure, and her wavy curly hair hangs down at will. Every strand reveals that women are hot and hot.
Lu sorrow not white Sue diffuse pulled her aside to do "long you a person? What about Mr. Gu? "
She didn’t come with Gu Na. Why didn’t she stay with Manager Gu? She was alone.
"He was talked around by those people and ignored me." Su Man looked around and no one spoke, and then lowered his voice. "Little Worry today is Chi Yiming’s engagement day in love rat. He hurt you so much that I can laugh it off. I said I would not let him feel better. I must get him back from the shame department. Today is a good time. Little Worry must give him an unforgettable engagement memory."
Lu sorrow listened but didn’t speak.
"Little worry, don’t you want to be cruel to him?" Su Man stared at the silent sorrow of Lu.
"It’s not what you think, but I don’t think it’s necessary to get entangled with him anymore." Lu You doesn’t want to get into trouble again
"Little worry, this is not an entanglement, but a little evil drama." Su Man, otherwise, "didn’t they give you an invitation just to invite you to see their happiness? This is to show off to you. You have to hit them in the face! Don’t make men and women feel better about dogs! Also let them know that you are not a good bully! "
Lu sorrow thought of Chi Yiming’s callousness to him, and Song Yabei’s hypocrisy made her feel a little willing.
"You have a good idea?"
Sue diffuse a smile and then leaned over to raise my hand against her ear with red lips.
The smile in her eyes rippled away like ripples.
Lu sorrow listening to the beautiful eyes wide open, she turned to look at has been very happy with laughter Su Man "long so good? Kui you want to come out such a point "
"Of course, I didn’t think of this method until I asked a lot of friends. It’s neither rude nor rude, and it can make them hold their breath! I feel Japanese when I think about that picture! " Su Man gritted his teeth. "How about a little worry?"
Lu sorrow smiled and gave her a thumbs-up sign.
They say action is action. When Su Man spoke, a driver-like man brought a bag over and respectfully said "Miss Su"
"Well, let’s go." Su Man painted a bright red mouth and lips like a burning flame. It was beautiful and attractive.
She took care of Lu and comforted her. "Don’t be afraid that I have it. I won’t let you suffer. Even if I can’t help you, Gu always pays him back. Anyone will sell him a few points."
"I’m not afraid of them." Lu Youwei stood up and looked straight at the preface.
She saw sign-in desk greet the guests, Chi Yiming and Song Yabei, both dressed in white gifts and wedding dresses, with handsome men and delicate women.
As soon as the guests came to congratulate them, they smiled and smiled back.
桑拿会所Thought landing sorrow and Su Man have reached the front of Chi Yiming and Song Yabei.
Chi Yiming looked at Lu’s sad and handsome face before him, and the original smile gradually gathered his eyes. The light was slightly cold, and there was a wave shaking at the bottom of the pool. He stared at her tightly and frowned lightly. It didn’t seem that he was satisfied to see her coming.
Song Yabei felt uncomfortable when she saw that Chi Yiming had behaved differently in front of Lu’s sorrow, but today is their big day, and she still wants to keep her elegance.
She took Chi Yiming affectionately and said, "Yi Ming, don’t mention it when you see that Miss Lu is an old friend."
"Naturally, you’re welcome. A little ceremony will not pay tribute." Lu Sorrow ignored Chi Yiming’s complicated eyes and smiled. "Congratulations on the engagement between Chi Er Shao and Miss Song Er! A hundred years of harmony! "
Su Man winked at the driver behind him. The driver put his hands in his pockets in the previous step.
The receptionist reached out and took the bag. The other person didn’t expect it to be too heavy. The whole person bent down and almost missed him. His face was a little embarrassed.
They looked at all curious about Lu sorrow with what gift.
"I think you should count well." Su Man also smiled. "The number is very auspicious."
Su Man said, reaching out to push the bag, the mouth of the bag tilted, and dimes rolled out from the inside and fell to the table …
Chi Yiming and Song Yabei didn’t expect Lu You to change the gift money into coins and it was a dime. It was just a deliberate embarrassment to them!
All one leng and feel funny.