Lu Xishan went to get the teacup and looked up at his niece.

The word’ Hengyuan’ sounded like thunder on the ground.
Lu Xishan, of course, denied that Song Qingcheng was in love with Hengyuan’s small staff, not to mention this famous watch at the present table and the luxury car parked outside Lujiamen that evening when he came back from the family birthday party. Song Qingcheng also said,’ Didn’t uncle already meet him tonight?’
Gu Lao’s birthday party can be attended by prominent figures in Nancheng.
Lu Xishan flashed a person in his mind and felt that it was impossible, both in age and in terms of it, even if Song Qingcheng had a good face.
The most important thing in this world is beautiful women.
But I don’t know if I’m in the mood to look at that watch again, but I feel that I saw the man wearing it far away.
What step do men and women have to take to leave their personal belongings with each other …
Song Qingcheng has a sip of water and a faint tunnel. "Come and think about it, wait and wait until it is completely stable, and then tell your uncle how to say it. It’s both two things. I’m not good at advocating my uncle alone, don’t you think?"
Lu Xishan pondered for a moment and said his own guess, "Is the person who borrowed your suit that night Hengyuan boss Yu Tingchuan?"
Song Qingcheng smiles in disguise by default.
It took Lu Xishan a long time to ask, "How do you know Yu Tingchuan?"
"He is my classmate’s elder"
Song Qingcheng looked at Lu Xishan quickly. "Uncle doesn’t want it to be him?"
Lu Xishan’s heart was full of twists and turns, but he was more relieved. He slowly laughed. "Be good to you, no matter who your uncle is, you don’t object."
Song Qingcheng heard a faint smile on his lips. "He is very kind to me, uncle. Don’t worry, I won’t let go easily this time. After all, I take care of my man like him. I’m afraid I won’t meet him again."
Song Qingcheng went back to the inpatient department alone after lunch.
Grandma is knitting with reading glasses by the bedside. The old man is much better these days. When she hears the door opening, she looks behind Song Qingcheng. "Is your uncle back?"
"Well" Song Qingcheng backhand gently closed the door "Uncle just got the message and went back to the company first"
The old man put the needle and thread on the bedside table and sat by the bed of Song Qingcheng. He looked at it carefully and smiled kindly and asked, "Have you been seeing someone recently?"
☆, Chapter 64 The importance of the right door.
Song Qingcheng turned her cheeks and eyes with both hands and jokingly asked, "Is it that obvious?"
"Don’t joke with me." The old man criticised and stretched out his hand and smoothed his hair, which was wet with sweat, and said, "I always dream about you these days."
Song Qingcheng held the old man’s hand and said, "You just think too much. I am only a few years old now, and I am not married at the age of 30 in big cities."
"I didn’t ask you to get married immediately and find a boyfriend first." The old man took a step back. "After the year, you will be 23 years old, which is not too young. Learning is to seize lifelong events and can’t delay grandma. She is not an old fogey and won’t let you fall in love after graduating from college. At that time, good boys have long been robbed."
"…" Song whole heart white old man what would be in such a hurry.
At my age, I should be graduating from college, not a sophomore.
No matter what she does now, she is one step behind others
The old man said, "This floor is cleaned. Aunt Xu asked me yesterday if the little girl who often comes to see you is your granddaughter. I said that it was my granddaughter. She asked the little girl if she had a date. I said no, what happened? She said that her family had a nephew who graduated from college at the age of 24 and didn’t find a girlfriend. She was worried at home."
Grandma took out a photo from the pillow, which seems to be ready.
"This is a photo that Aunt Xu gave to the young man. A mechanical equipment factory has a monthly salary of more than 4,000. It is estimated that he will be transferred to the company after this year, and the salary will be pulled out."
Song city took the photo but glanced at it roughly.
The old man has been observing her, seeing her lack of interest and earnest words. "Grandma won’t harm you. You are young and don’t know the importance of proper name. People like Aunt Xu are ordinary. Maybe you can’t live a luxurious life, but at least you won’t be angry when you get married."
Hearing this, the whole Song Dynasty looked at the photos again and didn’t know what to think.
A moment later, she looked up and said to the old man, "Then ask that aunt Xu. I can do it at any time."
"See you in the same opinion?" Grandma asked
Song city light smile to nod should be a.
The old man was very efficient, so he called that night to explain the place where he met.
The next day, Song Qingcheng was transferred to work with others and went out late to date.
When Yu Jing called, Song Qingcheng tried to go out in front of the mirror to meet Yi Yujing. It was a surprise to learn that Song Qingcheng was going on a blind date. "Your family is too anxious. What business marriage do you want?"
Song Qingcheng changed her mobile phone from her right hand to her left hand, picked up a sleeve shirt and compared it with "knowing more friends when we meet normally"
"If you see the right eye, are you going to associate?" Yujing divination to ask again.
Song city thought for a few seconds and smiled. "After all, this plan is for my grandmother to see Chinese and foreign grandsons."
After the phone call, she threw her cell phone back into bed.
At the same time, I also chose a quietly elegant dress.
Song Qingcheng is the kind of beauty that makes people feel amazing at the first sight. Her skin is very white, ivory white. Before going out at night, she put on a light makeup, tied her long hair into a pill head, revealing a full and clean forehead sleeve chiffon shirt and dress with light blue floral A-line skirt or those white shoes look light and simple.