She sat without saying a word, biting her teeth and enduring the pain, hanging her eyes and not knowing where her eyes fell.

Lin Mo squatted down to check her injury, pushed aside her forehead hair, and the forehead injury was not serious. Then she wiped her leg and straightened it, and she felt cold sweat on her forehead.
"Ink minister, I am in pain …" Tang poetry bit his lip that lost color.
"Do you dare to rush in front of the car when you know the pain?" Lin Mochen severely scolded her, "Do you do this and I will be soft-hearted? Don’t be naive about Tang poetry. I’m married. Please don’t bother me or her. "
"I didn’t. I just wanted to see you." Tang poetry piteously sipped his lips and his eyes were full of moisture. "I haven’t been able to sleep since I returned to China. I don’t know where I’m going, but I haven’t seen you go in here once. I didn’t expect you to come back today. Even if you get married, can’t I see you?"
It’s not far from Tang Villa to Mo Garden, but it’s not too close. It takes half an hour to walk, and it’s really rare for a delicate lady like Tang Poetry to walk like this.
"There are some things in Tang poetry that you know in your heart. I don’t want to discover it. I want to leave you a trace of dignity. There are some things in Tang poetry that don’t play with me!" Lin Mo Chen got up and reached for his mobile phone. "I called Mo Yang and asked him to take you to the hospital."
Tang poetry saw that he took out his mobile phone to call Lin Moyang. She was so anxious that she couldn’t take care of her leg pain. She strengthened her car with one hand and then reached out and "snapped" his mobile phone. In the anger of Tang poetry, some of her strength was unguarded, and Lin Mochen’s mobile phone hit the enclave.
"I don’t want you to call Moyang!" Tang poetry roared, "I am injured and Moyang is not at all. Will you trouble him? You’re the one who hit me and sent me to the hospital, and it should be you! But it’s better to let the blood bleed to death than to live in such pain. I will never see you so indifferent to me again! "
品茶论坛Section 9
Tang poetry turned and left.
She gritted her teeth and tiptoed away. It was very inconvenient to move, and she couldn’t balance her body. The whole person fell down and felt full of pain, but she just stubbornly refused to lose, got up again, staggered and continued to want to move forward.
Lin Mo-chen has a face of nai. He picked up the mobile phone screen and it is intact, but no matter how you press it, it is a black screen.
It seems that Fa called Lin Moyang.
He put his mobile phone into his pocket and hurried to chase Tang poetry. Tang poetry held the car body and reached the rear of the car. Lin Mochen grabbed her wrist. "Tang poetry, don’t move if you don’t want that leg to be ruined! I’ll take you to the hospital. "
Looking at the wounded and bleeding Tang poetry, Lin Mo-chen couldn’t abandon it.
He can’t watch her bleed all the time. Blood has dripped from her small bar, and her beige dress is dyed red.
Lin Mochen held the Tang poetry and she did not move.
"If you still want to be beautiful, don’t be stubborn." Lin Mochen pulled open the door and helped her sit in.
It’s good for Tang poetry to reject Lin Mo-chen, even if his heart is not sincere, she feels that it’s good for her to surge in her heart.
Lin Mo-chen put on a seat belt for her, and then she backed the car out, went through the gate and drove to the hospital.
When I got to the hospital, the Tang poetry may have been dizzy and unstable because of excessive blood loss.
Lin Mochen picked her up horizontally and sent her to the emergency department.
Just today, Chuheng Hospital saw Lin Mochen rushing in with a woman in her arms.
His face also changed a little, and he hurried to see that the woman in his arms was a Tang poem. "What happened to Tang poetry?"
"Hit by a car, hurry and see" Lin Mo Chen’s heavy eyebrows are slightly twisted.
Chu Heng asked the nurse to push the bed quickly. Lin Mo-chen carefully put the Tang poetry on the bed.
Tang semi-comatose reached for his palm and begged, "Don’t go with me …"
"Don’t talk now to keep your strength." Lin Mochen patted the back of her hand. "Chu Heng, you will be fine here."
"No, I don’t need people. I want you …" Tang poetry has been dependent on him for a long time.
"I won’t go," Lin Mochen told her, pulling her hand. "Get in!"
Tang poets were pulled away and caught a few times, and one was caught.
Before being pushed into the emergency room by the nurse, her eyes were still sad and painful.
Chu Heng looked at Lin Mo-chen’s clothes stained with blood. "Did Tang poetry return to China?"
He didn’t know anything about the Tang poetry’s thoughts on Lin Mo-chen, and everyone in their small circle knew it.
"Can’t you see with your eyes?" Lin Mo-chen twisted his eyebrows. "Look at her injuries quickly. It’s wordy here."
Lin Mo-chen sat outside to rest and find a chair, and waited with his hands clasped.
Suddenly, he took out his mobile phone from his pocket and remembered that his mobile phone had been broken. At this point, he also sent a message to Lu You to report that he was safe.
Lu you should be asleep at this time, right?
Lu sorrow came out after taking a shower and didn’t see Lin Mo Chen send her a message thinking that he might not be home yet.
While she was lying in bed waiting, she passed unconsciously and there was still no news of him.
She hesitated for a moment and took the initiative to send a WeChat message. In the past, Lin Mo-chen did not move.
Lu sorrow couldn’t sleep in bed, and then he called, but it was a chance in the past
How can I miss the plane? Lu sorrow holding a mobile phone is a mystery, even if he wants the machine, he will tell her.
She must have lost his cell phone, right? When he charges it, he will contact her.
If you want to land like this, hold your mobile phone and close your eyes and rest.
While waiting for the Tang poetry to come out, Lin Mo-chen saw the emergency room door pushed open from the inside and the Tang poetry came out from the inside.
Her eyes were eagerly looking for Lin Mo-chen, and she breathed a sigh of relief after seeing his tall figure. There was a little joy in her heart.
Lin Mochen really didn’t leave, so he didn’t really feel affection for her.
When he was a child, he should also like himself a little.
It is now that he is married that he has a responsibility to resist his closeness.
It must be so. Tang poetry comforted itself like this.
At this thought, she felt that her body hurts less.
Tang Shi was first pushed to the ward by the nurse.
Chuheng and Lin Mochen went into the ladder together.
"Is the Tang poem all right?" Lin Mochen asked him
"It’s nothing serious. There are two stitches on my forehead and my leg bones, but don’t walk on the road bed during this period." Chu Heng confessed, "How did Tang Poetry have an accident?"
Lin Mo-chen was relieved to hear that Tang poetry was not seriously injured.
He told the story of Tang poetry once.
"Does Lu You know?" Chu Heng explored his tone. Lin Mochen was very unhappy, but nodded truthfully.
Chu Heng gloated a little. "Look, it’s bothering you."
"Can you be dumb without saying a word?" Lin Mochen gave ChuHeng a discontented stare.
"Poke to your sore spot, just like that? Is it interesting? " Chuheng put his hands in the pockets of his white gown. "Think about what to do, woman. War is terrible!"
Something big will happen tomorrow.
☆ 13 Real Mrs. Lin was accused of being a mistress.
Lin Mo-chen looked at a face of schadenfreude, with a cold face, while the latter’s beautiful and handsome face was still a faint smile and a faint ridicule.