There are two people walking lightly across the winding corridor in the whole palace.

I went straight back to Yunge Shuiyun Hibiscus, and hurriedly bought it back with a huge amount of money. Baby was careful. My wrist was almost broken all the way. Looking at the table, I suddenly thought of something. Looking at sitting at the table and drinking tea calmly, Huangfuda really lingered on. She still remembers that everyone helped him early and she said that she would throw all his things into the opposite lake.
But only one day later, she even lost her first kiss, and she knew more about his thoughts and feelings.
"It’s so late to have tea. Do you want to sit here all night?" Shuiyun Park went to the table and complained discontentedly. She just didn’t like him, so she was carefree and could think of anything.
桑拿按摩  title="I’m hungry." Huangfuda raised her eyebrows and smiled picturesque, and her eyebrows were moist and jade-like.
Shuiyunjin suddenly turned supercilious look. She doesn’t seem to be such a big child.
"It’s so late, where can I find you something to eat?"
Huangfuda said nothing, but smiled and the eyes of Mo Yu were sparkling.
"What are you laughing at? I’m not as big as you, so I can change it." Shuiyun Park frowned.
"I know that when I was in the teahouse, I was afraid that you would eat less when you were hungry. Now it’s very late. You can go to bed regardless of me." Huangfuda smiled gently
Nima Shuiyunjin suddenly wanted to hit the wall. This is an ancestor.
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Chapter 67 Adai and Noodles (beg)
If he is hungry, let’s see what he says. If she can sleep, she will really be heartless and ungrateful. Is he acting so pathetic?
I really want to stun him with a punch. Forget it. I secretly scolded him. I’ll get you something to eat. Don’t abuse you like I can’t finish it. I want you to look good.
Huangfuda’s thin lips smiled and looked at Shuiyunjin’s angry and uneven back. The eyes of Moyu seemed to be dyed with the glow of the glow.
"Sit as a big ye, don’t hurry to follow the thugs." Shuiyun Park turned around and saw a smiling suspection.i da grumpily dismissed.
Huangfuda raised her eyebrows slightly and followed Shuiyunjin towards the front yard dining room.
The faint light, Shuiyunjin, looked through the food available in the kitchen and thought that it was too late to eat too greasy. I thought it was the fastest and most convenient to cook noodles.
"Wash your hands"
Huang Fuda, who just stepped in, smiled and went to wash her hands according to her words.
"Come and mix noodles" Shuiyunjin orders Huangfudan.
Huangfuda couldn’t help frowning at the good noodles and water in the basin after cleaning her hands, which really stumped him.
"I won’t"
"If you can’t learn from Lan Wangfu Gong, you can make a living." Shui Yunxi taught that he stretched out his hand and rolled up his sleeves and elbows to raise his eyebrows, indicating that Huangfuda would start work quickly.
"No man wants to learn to knead dough." Huangfuda smiled wryly, clinging to the person in front of her eyes with a motionless gesture, becoming more and more lazy.
Shuiyunjin otherwise hummed, "What’s the big deal about a man with a big man’s accent? If you live like this, you will be killed sooner or later."
Huangfu Lida smiled naively. When did he become a "mother society"?
"Don’t talk nonsense. It’s not good for you to know too much. A man should get out of the kitchen, get out of the hall and get into the bedroom. After my man washes and cooks, cleans up the house and takes care of the children, he must be proficient in everything and sell him if he can’t do it."
Shuiyunjin solemnly said that he couldn’t see where his little mind was whisking away from his arms.
Huangfuda suddenly smiled bitterly. It was the first time he had heard that women sold men, but he agreed with her that especially the sentence that she got into the bedroom and was interested in the one in front of him. She just liked him to learn, and she didn’t find it difficult to knead dough. Anyway, she could knead it together.
Shuiyunjin was relieved to see that he agreed with his point of view, and he didn’t care about his rusty hands. He picked up some vegetables and mushrooms left over from cooking during the day and washed them together.
Outside, Yesen and Jiqing carefully sneaked into the room and watched his family go into the dining room to knead dough. It’s just that the sun can scare people to death when it comes out from the west.
Behind them, they hurried. Looking back, they were like a harp. Presumably, they heard the noise and came to serve, but they were stopped by Jiqing before saying anything.
In the room, Shuiyunjin taught Huangfuda to roll noodles and cut noodles. Fortunately, this disciple is not stupid. It will save her a lot of effort.
In the past, Shuiyunjin also liked to eat noodles because it was quick and easy. This life’s craftsmanship was good, and the taste was not bad. I tasted a mouthful of satisfaction and nodded. I found a bowl with a big bowl on the ground and turned to look at Huangfudi behind me. "Eat and remember to eat."
Huangfuda raised her eyebrows. That’s a soup pot. Does this little woman want him to eat this meal for three days?
"You want me to eat here and take it to my room."
Words fall turned and walked out of the house.
Shuiyunjin’s language is dragged like an uncle and treats her like a maid. I can’t finish eating it before I want him to look good. Just after I left the house, I saw three pairs of eyes staring at myself.
"I still want to eat in the pot."
"Mrs. Xie, you’re welcome." JiQing smiled from ear to ear. He really wanted to taste what it was like to knead the noodles.
"Little lady handmaiden to end" such as piano ready and way.
"No, you can go to sleep after eating and packing." Shuiyun Park smiled.
Slowly, I went to the drawing room and saw my eyes leisurely. Since Huangfuda grumpily sniffed, it was indeed your husband who suddenly put the pot in front of him a few steps ago and sat next to him. She wanted to watch him finish eating.
"Look at you, how can I swallow like a man-eater?" Huangfuda smiled shallowly. Where did he think that the watertight hibiscus was deliberately written with a little thought?
"It’s going to be bright if things are delayed any longer." Shuiyun Park replied that it was a bit relaxed.
Huangfuda picked up chopsticks slowly and gracefully, stirred up two noodles slowly, and watched Shuiyunjin want to get angry. He ate like this and went to a pot to eat until the sun mountain tossed for a day and a night. At this time, he felt really sleepy when he sat down and climbed the table to support him. His eyes were still open.
I don’t know how long it took, but Shuiyunjin couldn’t bear being sleepy any longer. After blinking a few times, she climbed the table and slept. She could hear clearly with a slight breath.
Huangfuda also put chopsticks at this time, looked at the eyes and fell asleep. Shuiyunjin looked at the eyes and left half a basin. He raised his eyebrows and smiled, and sure enough, no matter how delicious things are, they have to be in moderation.
Got up and tasikmalaya picked up Shuiyunjin and walked towards the room.
Early the next day, the emperor flew into a furious rage and rebuked the Beijing guards and Jing Zhaoyin for five days to find the people behind the scenes, or else they were dismissed and severely punished, and ordered the Pingnan general Gu Qingan to station his troops to search outside the capital day and night. Once suspicious people were found, princes, ministers and civilians should be reported on the spot.
Who can bear the consequences of this edict that shocked the ruling and opposition parties and angered the emperor, and let Gu Chengjing deal with it? It’s a hard nut to crack. Even the emperor can’t get something from him, but it’s harder than going to heaven.
After all, which government didn’t raise eleven dead people for nursing home, but suddenly such a big accident is bound to be implicated. I hope this storm will pass quickly and never wave to my head.
Huangfuyu’s face was gloomy at the palace gate. He couldn’t imagine that such a thorough plan would fall. He made arrangements for everything. He wanted to quietly carry out Qingyuan Mountain’s strength, but he couldn’t escape from his palm. Who wanted to lose nearly a hundred confidants and almost lost his life? Now even the bodies are closely guarded, which makes my father even more angry. It’s really a mistake to find out what went wrong behind the scenes.
The middle-aged man behind him also looked solemn. "The temple must also worry that although the plan failed, fortunately, there was a thrilling honing report, and it was equally successful."
Huangfuyu cold hum a "he won’t put the palace in the eyes of his father’s pet over the years. His ambition is that if he gets it this time, it will be great."
"The temple said that some things should be planned early." The middle-aged man’s face was heavy
"Now the palace is most worried about those bodies. Last night, you couldn’t make moves before Jingzhaoyin found the bodies." Huangfuyu sink a tone and show more reprimand. How dare those people in Jingzhaoyin stop today’s Chu report?
"When the old minister received the tip-off, he immediately took the government guard to go, but it was too late. So many pairs of eyes stared at the outcry in Beijing, and even if he wanted to hide it, he counted." The middle-aged man looked calm and didn’t see any embarrassment