"Good-looking" Gao Xiaobai carefully stretched out his small hand and touched the lace mouth of the skirt, slightly bending up.

"Are you satisfied?" Han Zhen asked again
Gao Xiaobai smiled, "I am very satisfied."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Isn’t the attitude change too fast before and after this?
After a long day’s tossing, I went back to Ruiyuan, Gao Xiaoxiao was tired, and fell asleep directly.
Han Shan touched her head and kissed her soft cheek twice before she got up, changed her clothes and left.
From childhood to adulthood, in the eyes of outsiders, Han has a wide range of interests, likes to play, and is especially good at playing. He is smart, intelligent and quick-witted, and everything he learns is easy to change hands.
But in fact, since he was with Gao Xiaoxiao, he gradually lost interest in some things and rarely went out to socialize unless he had to.
After more than half an hour, Ji Chenghao was really startled when he sat in a semi-leisure suit with a sun umbrella leaning against the back of the chair and stretching his legs to leisurely drink the soda water in his hand.
"Wow, Yan Shao is so handsome!" Not far from the woman JiaoChen sweet greasy sound.
Yan Nansheng seems to be very proud of his own skills. He dumped his head smartly and whistled loudly, which attracted women to scream and be angry again and again.
"It’s great to miss your ball!"
"Yan, play one less ball and let people see it."
"It’s just too handsome, Yan Shao!"
"It’s really grandiose." Han Shu disliked the tone of scorn.
"Ha ha, if I remember correctly, you seem to be less grandiose than Yan." Qi Chenghao couldn’t help but start joking when he heard this.
"You remember wrong" Han Shu picked an eyebrow and refused to admit it.
"Really?" Qi Chenghao smiled and raised his glass and touched his soda water. "Since you don’t play ball or drink, what are you doing here? Don’t you take care of Xiao Xiao at home? "
"Let’s look at the excitement." Han Shu finished raising his eyebrows and looked at two familiar figures who were coming back from the field.
Qi Muyao is wearing a pink self-cultivation exercise, the same pink cap, a cute and friendly smile on his face, and he is particularly young and energetic.
桑拿按摩Beside her, she is dressed in a dark, casual look, with a north temperament, handsome features and a tall and slender figure. At first glance, men and women are very beautiful.
"…" Qi Chenghao looked at the past along the line of sight of Han Shao and then struck the table. "What nonsense!"
With a married man
I just wanted to get up and go over there, and behind the lazy voice of Han Shu slowly sounded, "Come on, people are just playing a ball together. Can you not be so dirty!"
Qi Chenghao "…"
Gu Bei saw at a glance that I didn’t know when to sit there. His eyes moved and his face didn’t change much.
"When Brother Yi Han comes to the north, shall we go and say hello?" JiMuYao cocked his little head charming is spruce but person said
Gu raised his left wrist to the north and looked at it. "It’s already four o’clock in the afternoon. Miss Qi has played ball and talked about things. I have to go back first."
"Oh, can you stop being so serious? We have been together for so long, and we are still alumni Guangpu and my classmates and good friends. Can you stop calling me Miss Qi so welcome?"
Jimuyao pursed her lips and said, "And where is my eldest brother? Are you sure you don’t want to say hello to me? "
Seeing Gu’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled to the north, it seems that he really wants to leave Jimuyao and sip his lips and say, "I secretly tell you that my father will announce his retirement in two years, and the company will be the eldest brother sooner or later."
Gu north "…"
Before he opens his mouth, Jimuyao has raised his hand with a smile "eldest brother! Han Dage! "
Gu north light is wrinkly to knit the eyebrow good followed.
In the distance, Yan Nansheng heard the sound, turned around, threw a beautiful woman directly, and quickly came over … Watching the fun!