"What are you going to continue to be Qin Miaomiao?"

"Of course not."
Shirley from catching her had more tight some folded way
"Can you really accept being a stranger’s wife and living with him?"
Qin Miao Miao was a heavy cold way
"You are wrong. Lu Qing is not a stranger. He is my husband and my lover."
Li Li sneered, "How long have you loved him? Can you guarantee that he is not the second Chu Yunhao? Don’t forget that he is much more terrible than Chu Yunhao."
Qin Miao Miao hard to hand back light way
"He’s not blind to me once, and he’ll never be blind again. I’m not that stupid."
Shirley from looking at her face hand gradually tighten sink a way
"No matter what, I have no chance, right?"
"Sorry, Aly"
Shirley stood up and stared at her face for half a ring. "Don’t say sorry to me. Go."
He wants something, even if he means it, he will fight for it. No, others have said sorry to him.
"Goodbye, Aly, if we can still be friends?"
Shirley shook her head "no"
He’s been a friend for too long. He wants to be a friend:
Chapter 29 Nine lords win this game
Back in Liyuan, Lu Qingzheng and Uncle Jiu played chess and were eaten to death. The situation was very good.
Nine ye drink a mouthful of puer slightly meaning way
"Give up, Xiao."
"Uncle Jiu, if I win this game, I will take Simon home."
Nine masters sneered at "try winning a game without shame"
Lu Qing, holding a white bone joint with a slight warmth, immediately fell to the corner of the chessboard and the whole game came to life immediately.
桑拿会所"Nine uncle will continue?"
Nine ye sneer at ha ha two "originally you already even if good, you are careful enough"
"Be polite. Can I pick Simon up and go home?"
At Lu Qing, Master Jiu gave him a slight dislike. "Pick it up. It’s annoying to look at you every day."
Qin Miao Miao looked at the bickering at the door. Two people unconsciously lifted their corners of the mouth and felt warm in their chest.
Those cruel and dark past will finally be released. From then on, she is no longer Su Jin who is full of resentment. She is Qin Miaomiao, and there are many people who love her.
The years are quiet, and she wants to cherish it.
"What’s Xiao Brocade doing at the door to accompany Jiu Shu for a game?"
Qin Miao Miao came up behind nine ye single-handedly kneading his shoulder light way
"I can’t beat my legs and shoulders in chess, but I can."
"Your hand is healed."
"No, I’m still good at it."
Nine ye patted her hand and smiled faintly. "No, I don’t bully the wounded. Forget it. Just go back with the little one, but I’ll tell you that you bully others outside. Anyone who bullies you is giving me a hard time, understand?"
Qin Miaomiao put his head on his shoulder and put his hands around him. He murmured, "It’s good to know that Uncle Jiu loves Uncle Jiu."
Lu Qing got up and carried her collar to her arms. Her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and she was very dissatisfied. She looked at her and said, "Hold another man in front of me when I am dead."
Nine ye also got up and pulled the cuffs with a sneer.
"My little Brocade is close to me, and you dare to take care of your life."
Lu Qing sneered, "Why do you want to make gestures? Who’s afraid of who?"
Come on, this time, she can’t stop it, and she’s not going to stop it.
After 300 rounds of the two men’s war, Master Jiu won by a narrow margin. This time, it’s still a matter of time. From the face of it, it’s not hard.
Master Jiu looked smug. "You lost."
Although his ribs hurt a little, why is the skin so thick and painful? I can’t do it. I have to hold on in front of Brocade, and I must not reveal it.
"Let’s have another game."
The old man was so skillful that he made a mistake. If he had known, he should not have taken it lightly.
Nine Ye sneered, "If you want to make a comeback, you have to get out of here when it gets dark."
One more game and he’ll lose. His ribs hurt. This bastard will take care of him next time.
Looking at two people walking out of the door, Nine Ye suddenly felt a little overwhelmed, clutching his chest and thinking about whether it was necessary to find some masters to cure him.
"The housekeeper brought me a bottle of battered wine."
"Nine ye, you are hurt."
Nonsense, how could I get hurt? I’m a mosquito;
Chapter 29 Someone is secretly black
The reincarnation shooting entered the end and entered the tense post-production. This is the director’s editing. Qin Miao Miao did not participate, but released a trailer to the network, which immediately attracted many fans, especially Lan Fan. In addition, the director’s appeal is beyond doubt
After all, he is an Oscar-winning director, but many people question that reincarnation is not a general literary film or a purely commercial film. This kind of criminal theme is not easy to shoot, and it is even more rare to shoot new ideas.
Moreover, the appearance of this haze as an anti-angle has also caused many people to question it.
"I don’t feel good after watching the trailer. The tone is very dull and unsightly."
"How can the film emperor take this kind of play? Is it because he ran out of money and made a mountain? The company seems to be average. It is still a new company and feels that it is very likely that the play will be successful?"
"Isn’t the company that is about to go bankrupt and finally turned to the film and television investment system because of the capital injection of Longting Group? The boss is still a woman. How good can a woman have?"
"It’s a pity that the director Gao Hu has had such a good fight with the film winner, but it is possible to make a bad film."
"Nonsense, we film winners never make bad movies."