Che Chenghao handed Jimuyao the dirty armani handbag.

Jimu Yao has dried his tears, with a messy long hair face and several ferocious mouths and forehead. The wound has been bloody and kept looking outside at the blood. It’s really shocking.
She took out the cosmetic mirror in her bag and opened it to look at her face.
桑拿按摩After screaming, she suddenly threw the cosmetic mirror out. "Damn woman, she ruined my face!" "
"Be quiet!" Ji Chenghao looked at her grumpily. "It’s just some skin injuries. It’ll be all right once you go to the hospital."
"…" Jimu Yao looked up and looked a little calm, but soon tears came out of her eyes again, pathetic and said, "Eldest brother, go to Feng ‘an Hospital."
As its name implies, Feng ‘an Hospital belongs to the private general hospital in Fengjia, D. Feng ‘an Hospital not only has a good reputation, but also has many famous doctors and advanced equipment. All major cities in Qi have opened chain hospitals one after another. The most important thing is that hospitals pay attention to patients. * * Many celebrities and even celebrities like to go there for medical treatment.
If Feng Jia is also a doctor’s family, he has been a doctor for generations. If it weren’t for Jimu Yao’s many broken things, Qi Jia originally planned to fix her up and seal the boss.
When Ji Chenghao thought about it, he looked pale and told the doctor to drive the car to Feng ‘an Hospital, then he said, "Don’t go to the company for a while, take a good look at yourself."
"Good" Jimuyao also dare not refuse to promise.
After all, her face is ruined, and she doesn’t want to go to the company again.
"Big Brother," she began cautiously, "What are you going to do with that woman?"
"…" Qi Chenghao gave her a faint look. "What do you want to do?"
Jimu Yao blinked and said lightly, "eldest brother, can you not tell your parents about this?" And that woman is not as good as … Just let her go. "
"…" JiChengHao looked at her not to talk.
Jimu Yao was a little stressed by his eyes and bowed his head and gently explained, "Anyway, this matter is also because of me. You may not know that Qian Jiangchao came to see me and said that he wanted me to give him 50,000 yuan in compensation because I didn’t promise this Jiang Mengyi. They just wanted some money to compensate me, so I also thought about it. I’ll give them all the money when I turn around. Just don’t bother me again after this 50,000 yuan is bought as a peace of mind …"
"Do you want money?" Qi Chenghao couldn’t help interrupting her. "It’s like you’ve been beaten and injured now. Won’t your parents be sad when they know?"
"…" Jimu Yao wait for a while looked at him at a loss.
Didn’t Jiang Chao and Jiang Mengyi just look for her if they wanted money?
"Mu Yao, you are not young now. When will you be mature?" Qi Chenghao looked at her angrily. "Do you know that because of your bad words and deeds, a couple broke up and a five-month-old baby died, and a man was reared his head in front of all D city people! Put yourself in your shoes and think about what your parents will think if this happens to you. I believe … what they can do then will definitely be even worse than what Jiang Mengyi did today! "
Jimu Yao "…"
She turned pale, bit her lip and gradually clenched her hands for a long time before she said in a low voice, "I was wrong, big brother. I shouldn’t have said that."
Ji Chenghao heaved a sigh and twisted his eyebrows to look out of the window.
Finally, I arrived at the gate of Fengan Hospital and drove in, then I saw Fengchen wearing it from a distance.
Far away, I saw Feng Chen ‘an dressed in a white coat, tall and handsome, and in front of the outpatient building, there was a little nurse with a red face.
Ji Chenghao shook his head with Jimu Yao’s car.
The little nurse soon took Jimu Yao in to deal with the wound, and when the two figures disappeared, Feng Chen ‘an asked with a low divination, "Hao Ge, what’s wrong with this?" Hurt so badly. "
Ji Chenghao frowned and didn’t want to wash his dirty linen in public.
Who knows …
"The hair is so messy and there are so many crossings that it should be a woman’s fault …" Feng Chen ‘an wrinkled two eyebrows and thought a little, then clapped his hands. "I know, is it time Pu and her?"
Qi Chenghao "…"
"No, no, Time Pu just had a miscarriage. It hasn’t been a month yet …" Feng Chenan said to himself.
"…" Qi Chenghao looked at him in an impatient tone. "Come on, don’t guess it’s Gu Bei’s mother."
"psst!" Feng Chen’ an suddenly stare big clear eyes and a pink mouth with a look of surprise.
Qi Chenghao’s eyes disliked "a fly flew in"
"Well," Feng Chen-an was so frightened that he stretched out his hand over his mouth.
"Chat" JiChengHao threw this two word directly turned around and lifted his feet and walked towards the building.
Ji Chenghao also came in after the doctor treated Ji Muyao’s face and forehead wounds.
"The forehead wound is a little deep," the doctor said, pointing to Jimu Yao’s forehead.
Qi Muyao’s face has been cleaned except for those wounds on his cheeks, and his forehead has been covered with gauze because it is too serious. As soon as she heard the doctor’s words, she quickly asked, "Will you leave a scar, doctor?"
The doctor nodded. "Well, you may leave a scar on his place when the time comes …"
"What? So serious! " Jimuyao turned white with fear.
"It’s just a little bit, and you’ll be fine when your hair is covered," the doctor reassured.
"How much is a little?" Jimu Yao chased and asked
The doctor’s hand is about the size of a fingernail.